Chapter 1347 – God Attainment Altar


The fluctuation from the 36th restriction drew the attention of Shi Yu and the others as well.

“Shit! They’ve broken out of the restriction!” Shi Yu frowned while his eyes were filled with a serious expression. This scene had occurred too swiftly. They’d just arrived here for less than ten minutes of time, yet Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao had broken out of the restriction, and this had exceeded Shi Yu’s expectations.

“There’s no time to wait. Let’s go!” Xiangliu Li practically didn’t hesitate at all before she decided.

According to Dian Dian’s suggestion from before, Shi Yu, Heaven Trampler, and her would set out to compete with the Sovereign Sect, whereas Dian Dian would stay behind instead and look after Chen Xi who was breaking through.

This was something that they’d agreed on earlier. At this moment, when they saw the auras of Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao vanish from within the Divine Restriction, they didn’t dare hesitate and intended to head out together.


However, before Shi Yu could activate the Five Color Rock, Chen Xi who was originally breaking through had suddenly stood up, and his entire body emanated a strand of a shapeless and strange fluctuation that swept towards the surroundings.

This scene was too sudden. No one had expected that Chen Xi who was in the middle of breaking through would actually take such action at this moment, and for a time, all of them had slightly astounded expressions.

However, something that was even more unbelievable to them occurred. Chen Xi actually walked towards the 36th Divine Restriction!

Not one of them had ever seen something that went against convention like this!

Chen Xi was breaking through! It was a moment of life and death, and the slightest disturbance would cause him to suffer from qi deviation or even perish. Yet Chen Xi actually stepped into the final restriction while breaking through!

However, they were unaware that Chen Xi had already broken through to the Saint Immortal Realm a long time ago, and he just didn’t have the time to consolidate his cultivation before his aura was once again completely enveloped by the River Diagram fragments, causing his mind and soul to once again fall into that strange state.

But no matter how astounded and puzzled they were, after Shi Yu and the others noticed that Chen Xi didn’t show any signs of suffering from qi deviation, they were still extremely happy in their hearts.

Because passing through the final restriction under Chen Xi’s lead was something that would be completed in a matter of moments.

Even though they were still a step slower than Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, it was already sufficient to make up for this gap. After all, if they were to overcome the restriction themselves, it would probably waste even more time.

After a short moment, it was just as Shi Yu and the others had expected. Under Chen Xi’s lead, they overcame the final restriction without any effort at all, and their figures flashed before they appeared within an expanse of boundless chaotic space.

Only an altar stood towering within the boundless space.

It towered into the sky and was completely pitch black, and it was like a pathway that led to the world outside the three dimensions.

This altar was solemn, silent, and extremely ancient, and it seemed to have been standing here for innumerable years. When looked at from afar, it caused a wisp of reverence and devotion to arise in the hearts of all.

When they saw this scene, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler’s bodies shook simultaneously while their eyes erupted with divine radiance, and it was impossible to conceal their excitement and happiness.

The God Attainment Altar!

They’d finally arrived here!

From the Godslaughter Bloodlands, to the boundless space that was called the Immortal King Burial, to the God Attainment Palace, and finally through the 36 Restrictions of the Gods. They’d experienced countless dangers and calamities, and they’d finally safely arrived before the God Attainment Altar and were about to search for the secret technique to attain the Dao and become a god. At this moment, how could they not be excited?

“Look over there! Quickly!” Suddenly, Xiangliu Li spoke while pointing toward the God Attainment Altar in the distance.

When they looked towards the direction she pointed at, Shi Yu and the others noticed that there were two figures at the bottom of the God Attainment Altar that were ascending it step by step. Surprisingly, it was Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.

In an instant, the excitement and happiness in their eyes was completely replaced by a wisp of a ghastly and murderous expression. They were very clearly aware that the only barrier between them and the method to become a god was these two disciples of the Sovereign Sect.

“We can finally take revenge…” Xiangliu Li muttered while her voice revealed a strand of hatred.

“Of course. We aren’t just going to find the method to become a god this time, we’ll also annihilate these two damnable bastards here!” Shi Yu gnashed his teeth with hatred as well.

As they spoke with each other, they were just about to make a move when they suddenly felt a wave of fluctuation come from behind them.

“What happened? Could it be the help of the gods?”

“How unbelievable! Truly unbelievable! Who could have imagined that the Restrictions of the Gods within the God Attainment Palace would actually suddenly lose all their might? It actually seemed as if half of it was completely wiped out by someone.”

“Haha! Isn’t that for the best?”

“Look! Quickly! Isn’t that the God Attainment Altar?”

A wave of clamorous voice that contained pleasant surprise resounded. Along with these voices, the figure of Yi Ranfeng, Sun Wuhen, and the other two Immortal Kings just flashed over and just happened to stand by the side of Shi Yu and the others.

A wisp of shock, surprise, and pleasant surprise still remained on their faces, and they seemed to find everything before their eyes slightly difficult to believe.

Earlier, they were originally fighting in the Shaman Python Restriction, and they were in a precarious situation. They were about to lose hope in being able to overcome the restriction when an unexpected event occurred abruptly.

The Shaman Python Restriction they resided in actually collapsed and disintegrated into nothingness in an instant.

It wasn’t just that, when they returned from the Shaman Python Restriction, all the other restrictions on the limestone path vanished in an instant before their eyes, and it was as if someone had forcefully wiped out all the restrictions, causing not even a trace of its aura to remain.

This naturally made them feel surprised, shocked, and pleasantly surprised. Because along with the Restrictions of the Gods vanishing, they’d instantly passed through the God Attainment Palace and arrived here. The entire process was so easy as if they were taking an idle stroll through a courtyard, and it caused them to be slightly unable to believe it even until now.

However, when they saw Shi Yu and the others who stood by their sides, their voices instantly stopped abruptly while their expressions calmed down and was replaced by a wisp of vigilance.

Even then, Shi Yu and the others still heard their conversations clearly, causing Shi Yu and the others to instantly sigh. They understood that all of this was perhaps related to the fact that Chen Xi had broken through the final restriction.

The facts were indeed so. Even though Chen Xi had advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm in an absurd and bizarre way, the unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments still hadn’t ended. Especially after he walked into the final restriction, the River Diagram fragments seemed as if they’d been infuriated, causing the strange fluctuation it emanated to grow stronger and stronger. So, Shi Yu and the others didn’t even have to do anything before the restriction was completely destroyed!

The destruction of the final restriction was like the straw that broke the camel’s back, and it caused all of the restrictions in the God Attainment Palace to lose their might.

Shi Yu and the others became vigilant when facing Yi Ranfeng and the others who’d suddenly appeared here. Their gazes met with each other, and all of them revealed a wisp of hostility.

The atmosphere became silent and confrontational.

However, from the beginning until the end, no one noticed that at this moment, as Chen Xi looked towards the distant God Attainment Altar and the chaotic space above the altar, his clear and deep eyes flickered with wisps of surging flames of rage.

At this moment, his consciousness had regained its clarity, and he was naturally able to perceive that he seemed to have seen the God Attainment Altar and the chaotic space before him in the past!

It was after he’d fused with the sixth River Diagram fragment that Dian Dian gave him. A fluctuation arose in his sea of consciousness before numerous mysterious and grand scenes appeared before his eyes.

Amongst them was an ancient altar that towered into the sky.

There was also a chart that seemed like a picture scroll, and it lay across the chaotic space above the altar. It was concealed by the mist, and he wasn’t able to see it clearly.

Most importantly, there was a mysterious eye within the chaotic space!

That eye was pitch black, icy cold, and indifferent. It seemed as if countless talismans were flickering within it, and it revealed the scenes of the rise and fall of the heavens and the earth, the movements of the stars, the passage of time, the changes in the universe…

Chen Xi still remembered feeling as if his entire body had gone cold from falling into an icy pit, and the rage, detest, and ruthlessness he felt upon looking at that mysterious eye.

At this moment, he finally dared confirm that the ancient altar he’d seen that day was the God Attainment Altar of legend!

All of this allowed Chen Xi to understand that the River Diagram fragments he possessed were definitely related to this God Attainment Altar, otherwise he would have absolutely not been able to witness the scene at this place within his sea of consciousness before he even arrived here.

Moreover, at this moment, as he looked at the God Attainment Altar from afar and recalled the mysterious eye that he’d seen in his sea of consciousness, an uncontrollable strand of rage and detest surged into Chen Xi’s heart once more.

This sort of feeling was extremely strange. It was as if his mind and heart suddenly had another layer of feelings, and it hadn’t occupied his mind, yet directly affected his actions and will.

Chen Xi didn’t resist it, and he couldn’t feel any intent to go against it. It was as if he should possess these unfamiliar feelings.

This allowed him to faintly guess that perhaps all of this came from the River Diagram fragments!

“Let’s go!” Right amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, Shi Yu suddenly withdrew his gaze and instructed in a low voice.

Before they ascended to the peak of the God Attainment Altar, it wasn’t suitable for them to fight with their rivals yet. Coupled with the fact that Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao were approaching the peak of the God Attainment Altar in the distance. Such circumstances didn’t allow them to start a fight and go against Yi Ranfeng’s group.

Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler were naturally clearly aware of this. So when Shi Yu made this decision, they’d decided to leave as well.

“Let’s go as well.” Yi Ranfeng and the others heaved sighs of relief when they heard this. Perhaps they could still talk with Shi Yu’s group while they were still outside the God Attainment Palace because there was no conflict between their groups.

But when they were before the God Attainment Altar, they were each other’s competition. Competition meant that they weren’t on the same side, and it was even to the extent that conflicts might be impossible to avoid.

But these sort of conflicts wouldn’t occur right now. After all, they hadn’t ascended the God Attainment Altar yet. So engaging in conflict at this moment would only benefit Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, and it was utterly disadvantageous to them.

Both sides immediately turned around at the same time with tacit understanding and flashed towards the God Attainment Altar in the distance.

It was also at this moment that Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and this inadvertent glance of his actually noticed an icy cold, indifferent, and mysterious eye flash within the chaotic space that enveloped the sky.

Who exactly does that eye belong to? This question couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart, and the flames of rage in his eyes burned even more brightly…

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