Chapter 1346 – Unexpected Advancement

There were a total of 36 Restrictions of the Gods in the God Attainment Palace.

They were like barriers that others could only wait behind while someone was challenging it, and it was impossible to take a step forward.

So even though they’d guessed that it was the Sovereign Sect’s Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao who were within the final restriction, Shi Yu and the others could only wait, and they were unable to disturb them at all.

However, this sort of wait wouldn’t go on for long because every single restriction had a fixed amount of time, and those who exceeded that time and were unable to pass through the restriction would be trapped within it. Moreover, it would be impossible for them to escape it after that.

For example, the 36th restriction before their eyes, the Stoneplate Restriction, had time restriction of six hours!

“I never expected that these two fellows would pass through the restrictions rather quickly.” Shi Yu laughed coldly while his gaze was completely icy cold, and a wisp of killing intent uncontrollably surged out from his heart.

“The God Attainment Altar is right after the Stoneplate Restriction. If they arrive there before us and take the method to become a god from the altar, then the situation would be bad.” Xiangliu Li’s considerations were much more comprehensive, and her beautiful brows knit together as she spoke.

The God Attainment Altar could hold up the sky and had stood there through the ages, whereas the method to attain the Dao and become a god was hidden on the altar. Presently, they were already a step slower than Suiren Ting’s group, and the situation wasn’t promising.

“There’s no need to worry, it isn’t so easy to ascend the God Attainment Altar. If the God Attainment Palace was said to be a test of an Immortal King’s strength, then the God Attainment Altar is a test of the Immortal King Laws. When the time comes, we’ll still have an extremely great chance to turn the situation around if we spare no efforts.” Dian Dian smiled from the side, and then her gaze descended onto Chen Xi. “Not to mention that we have Brother Chen Xi’s assistance. So this 36th Restriction of the Gods exists only in name to us, and it won’t be long before we’ll be able to catch up to the Sovereign Sect’s footsteps.”

“Hmm? This little fellow seems as if he’s about to break through?” Right at this moment, Heaven Trampler suddenly exclaimed with shock.

All of them looked over. Sure enough, they saw that the vital energy in Chen Xi’s entire body was surging and pulsing, and his entire body was emanating violent divine radiance. It was actually the sign that he was about to advance into the Saint Immortal Realm!

He’s actually advancing now? All of them were stunned, and they felt slight disbelief.

Since the ancient times until now, Chen Xi is probably the first little fellow that advanced in the God Attainment Palace, right?

Before they could continue sighing with emotion, Chen Xi suddenly sat down cross-legged on the ground while the space between his brows carried a calm and composed expression. On the other hand, the essence, energy, and spirit in his entire body erupted like a volcano, and it started to surge, blaze, seethe, rumble. It was a rather magnificent sight.

As existences that had experienced this in the past, Shi Yu and the others were naturally clearly aware that Chen Xi was about to charge into the Saint Immortal Realm. This was the barrier to step into the path towards becoming a god, and no disturbance could be tolerated at this moment.

“The situation is probably taking a turn for the worse now. Normally, advancing to the Saint Immortal Realm requires at least a few hours or even three to five days. In this way, we’ll probably be unable to catch up to the Sovereign Sect any longer.” Xiangliu Li frowned as she spoke.

This was a problem indeed. Because Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao were currently fighting their way through the final Restriction of the Gods with all their strengths, so they had to make the best use of their time and immediately enter the final restriction as soon as Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao passed through it.

But it just so happened that Chen Xi had actually started to break through at this moment!

In this way, it would definitely affect their forward pace, and it was even to the extent that it might cause them to miss the chance to enter the God Attainment Altar and obtain the secret to become a god.

Shi Yu and Heaven Trampler frowned as well, and they felt that the situation was slightly difficult to deal with.

“We would probably still be struggling at the first few restrictions now if we didn’t have Chen Xi’s help, and it would be utterly impossible for us to arrive here in such a short period of time.” Dian Dian had a calm expression instead and spoke slowly. “So all of you don’t have to feel anxious. If there’s really no other choice, then once Suiren Ting’s group passes through the final restriction, you three can immediately head forward to challenge the restriction, whereas I’ll stay here to protect Chen Xi so as to avoid him being disturbed.”

“This…” Even though Shi Yu and the others were very clearly aware that Dian Dian’s suggestion was the most rational, they faintly felt terrible in their hearts when they thought about how Chen Xi had helped them arrive here, yet they were about to leave in advance.

“It’s decided. It’s impossible for Chen Xi to attain the Dao and become a god, but to us Immortal Kings, once we miss this chance, then we may not necessarily be able to encounter it in the future.” Dian Dian said with a smile, “Of course, if all of you obtained the method to become a god, then give me a copy as well.”

“Of course.” Shi Yu and the others were clearly aware that they couldn’t hesitate at this moment, and they decided immediately.

Unfortunately, even then, they were still slightly worried in their hearts. After all, the reason they were able to arrive here so swiftly was entirely because of Chen Xi.

Now, they wondered how long they would spend to pass through the final restriction without Chen Xi’s help.

Moreover, the longer they spent, the worse the situation they were in would be, and it would instead be even more beneficial for Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao…

This was something that couldn’t be helped.

They could only act in this way.

Chen Xi was unaware of all of this.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had completely lost his perception towards the surroundings after he walked out of the 8th restriction, the Clear Obliteration Restriction.

Because at that time, the unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments had arrived at its most intense moment, and the strange fluctuations emanated by it enveloped his entire mind, body, and soul, causing him to fall completely into a strange state.

Under this sort of state, various talismans ceaselessly flashed into appearance within his mind. They twisted about like worms and tadpoles, and they were mysterious and obscure as they spun about without end in his mind.

Chen Xi was utterly unaware that he’d led all of them through numerous Restrictions of the Gods, but he was able to clearly sense that more and more mysterious talismans were surging into his body while his consciousness grew more and more hazy…

Amongst those talismans that surged endlessly into his body, besides a small portion that transformed into the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao for him to absorb, the rest were completely absorbed by the River Diagram fragments.

Otherwise, with his current cultivation, he would be utterly unable to contain such a huge amount of terrifying and powerful energy.

Even then, the small portion of quintessence energy of the Grand Dao were like potent medicine that completely condensed the Immortal Force within the world in his body.

It was originally bright gold in color, yet it now carried a clear color that seemed like the color of a lake…

It was precisely under such circumstances that Chen Xi suddenly felt the arrival of a critical factor to advance, and he didn’t even have the time to react before he’d fallen into a state of advancement!

Rumble! Rumble!

It was like thunderclaps were resounding and volcanoes were erupting in his body. After his terrifying Immortal Force contained countless amounts of quintessence energy of the Grand Dao, it had already started seething and blazing to the limit.

When looked at from afar, his entire body emanated golden light and surging divine flames. Moreover, strands of obscure and mysterious auras of the Dao drifted out from every single pore on his body.

This sort of state didn’t continue for long, and it was practically completed in an instant.

After that, he heard a bang resound. Chen Xi’s entire body seemed as if it had received sudden enlightenment. The essence, energy, spirit, soul, and Dao Heart in his body suddenly and simultaneously underwent a shocking transformation at this instant.

His imposing aura was rising steadily.

His cultivation was improving madly.

His Immortal Force was condensing without end.

His soul was strengthening swiftly.

The path towards becoming a god came from the quintessence of the Dao.

Because whether one obtained the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao determined if a Saint Immortal was natural or artificial.

No matter if it was the strength they possessed or the sects they created in the future, Artificial Saint Immortals couldn’t compare to Natural Saint Immortals.

This was like the difference between the Half-step Immortal King Realm and the Immortal King Realm, the only difference was that Half-step Immortal Kings still had the chance to charge into the Immortal King Realm, whereas Artificial Saint Immortals could only stop there on their path towards the Dao, and it was impossible for them to attain the Immortal King Realm.

Moreover, because of the scarcity of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao, practically 90% of Saint Immortals in the Immortal Dimension were Artificial Saint Immortals.

However, Chen Xi was different. Early on when he’d just advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, he’d obtain a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao from the River Diagram fragments, and it was sufficient for him to advance into the ranks of Natural Saint Immortals.

Now, after he entered the God Attainment Palace and under the unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments, he didn’t just condense all the Laws he possessed into Allheaven Divine Crests, he’d even attained perfection in his grasp of every single Allheaven Divine Crest.

Up until now, he’d even absorbed a steady flow of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao from the talismans that surged endlessly into his body. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to not advance even if he didn’t want to.

It couldn’t be helped. It was extremely difficult for others to obtain even a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao, yet to Chen Xi, his entire body was currently immersed in the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao. So when the two were compared, the disparity was instantly obvious.

Most importantly, the energy emanated by River Diagram fragments was too strange, it didn’t just absorb the energy of the talismans within the Restrictions of the Gods, it even gave extraordinary benefits to Chen Xi.

So when he advanced at this moment, it was practically as easy as breaking through a piece of window paper, and he stepped into the Saint Immortal Realm without any effort at all.

If this scene were to be seen by those cultivators that bitterly pursued the Saint Immortal Realm, they would definitely spit blood from their envy and cry. Isn’t this a bit too easy!?

Once one advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm, one’s Immortal Force would transform into a pure and translucent clear color. It was like a clear sky, and it was boundlessly vast. It was called Saint Immortal Force.

For example, since they started cultivation, Innate Saints already possessed energy of such level, and this obviously showed how formidable the strength they revealed would be.


Right when Chen Xi advanced, a strand of fluctuation suddenly arose from the final restriction, and then Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao’s figures walked out from within it.

Both of them were in an extremely sorry state. Their countenance was completely pale, yet the excitement and delight in the space between their brows was impossible to conceal because they’d finally passed through the God Attainment Palace!

Both of them raised their eyes and looked up, and then an ancient and towering altar instantly occupied their field of vision and minds.

The God Attainment Altar!

Suiren Ting’s eyes glowed brightly, and it shot out like a bolt of lightning while he couldn’t restrain himself from roaring with laughter any longer. “Becoming a god! Becoming a god! I’ve waited too long for this day!”

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