Chapter 1345 – Shocked Immortal Kings


A shapeless and obscure fluctuation stretched out like a ripple. It wasn’t really strong, yet when it swept past the bodies of Shi Yu and the others, it caused a chill to run down their spines while their expressions instantly changed slightly.

With their cultivations, they were actually unable to resist this fluctuation at all. Moreover, when the fluctuation flashed past their bodies, all of them felt as if the secrets in their hearts had been seen through!

This sort of feeling seemed to be harmless, yet it was actually the most terrifying. It caused all of these Immortal Kings to be unable to help but reveal grim expressions while they became vigilant to the extreme.

But right after that, their gazes were drawn over to Chen Xi.

Because they noticed to their shock that this fluctuation had stretched out from Chen Xi’s body!

What’s going on?

Could it be that Chen Xi has suffered some sort of harm?

At this moment, Chen Xi’s handsome face was calm, his eyes were clear and deep, and his entire body was enveloped by an obscure fluctuation, causing others to feel as if he was a terrifying and unfathomable abyss.

It was like he’d instantaneously become a different person, and the aura that covered his entire body caused Shi Yu and the other Immortal Kings to feel indescribably pressured.

Before they could figure out everything that was happening before their eyes, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly moved slightly, and he actually strode forward with the intention of walking towards the next Restriction of the Gods.

This caused Dian Dian to be shocked, and she intended to hurriedly move over and stop him.

Because she was very clearly aware that entering the Restrictions of the Gods was an extremely dangerous thing. Earlier, Shi Yu and the others had no choice but to rely on the Five Color Rock in Shi Yu’s possession in order to deal with the terrifying attacks within the Divine Restrictions.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was only at the Golden Immortal Realm now. So not to mention resisting the force of the Divine Restriction, even slightly touching it would cause his entire body to be instantly turned into ash and perish on the spot.

However, before Dian Dian could move to obstruct Chen Xi, she was simultaneously stopped by Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li.


“Little Brother Chen Xi will be fine!”

Both of them spoke at the same time because they suddenly noticed that at the instant Chen Xi took that stride, the 9th restriction, the Turtle King Restriction, had suddenly activated by itself!

It felt as if the restriction had taken the initiative to welcome Chen Xi into it…

Such an unexpected event caused Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler to be dumbstruck. With their supreme experiences as Immortal Kings, they were still slightly unable to figure out everything that was occurring before their eyes.


A wave of fluctuation resounded. In the next moment, the scene before their eyes flashed, and they’d entered into the Turtle King Restriction.

The Turtle King Restriction was a vast desert that was filled with countless primeval variant beasts, Herculean Turtle Kings.

Herculean Turtle Kings were claimed to be the ancestors of the ‘Barbaric Herculean God,’ and every single one of them covered an area of 50,000km. According to legend, they were capable of moving while carrying a large world, and they possessed boundless strength and were peerlessly ferocious.

There was even a true king turtle with the blood of the gods amongst them, and its strength was no different than that of a true god.

If it was like before, then Shi Yu and the others wouldn’t be able to avoid a fierce battle after arriving here.

Yet now, when they arrived within the Turtle King Restriction under Chen Xi’s lead, they noticed to their astonishment that before they could launch any attacks, all the Herculean Turtle Kings in the boundless desert were collapsing while sorrowful howls filled the surroundings and blood dyed the sky red!

When looked at from afar, it was like a shapeless hand had flashed through the desert, and everywhere it passed, none could bear the brunt of its might!

This scene caused Shi Yu and the others to be dumbstruck on the spot.

Actually, with their current ability and Dao Hearts, they’d experienced all sorts of shocking and dangerous incidents in the three dimensions, yet the scene before their eyes had exceeded their expectations.

After all, this was the Restriction of the Gods. It caused even Immortal Kings to face countless dangers upon entering it and have no choice but to tread carefully because they were deeply afraid that the slightest mistake would bring disaster down upon them.

Yet who would have expected that the Restrictions of the Gods that they took to be a dreadful monster would actually be wiped out so easily at this moment?

It was precisely because this contrast was too great that Shi Yu and the others were shocked and surprised.

“What exactly is going on?”

“I don’t know.”

“Could it be that Little Brother Chen Xi is an expert that concealed his strength?”

Shi Yu and the others were surprised and bewildered as they discussed animatedly. Because at this moment, there was nothing for them to do, and they’d been reduced to becoming bystanders…

Only Dian Dian puckered her lips and kept silent while her clear and beautiful eyes stared at Chen Xi who seemed to have become a completely different person.

She faintly guessed that perhaps this was arranged by Oracle Mountain’s Youngest Senior Sister, Li Yang, or perhaps it was related to that River Diagram fragment…


A wave of strange fluctuations resounded. Before Shi Yu and the others could form a conclusion from their discussion, they’d already left the Turtle King Restriction and had returned onto the limestone path.

This time, Chen Xi didn’t stop, and he continued towards the next Restriction of the Gods as soon as they appeared on the limestone path…

Thus, in the following period of time, Shi Yu and the others became utterly free. They easily passed through restriction after restriction under Chen Xi’s lead, and it was practically easier than blowing off dust.

During this entire process, the gazes Shi Yu and the others shot at Chen Xi became more and more strange. If they weren’t deeply afraid of disturbing Chen Xi, they would wish for nothing more than to press this fellow down to the ground and question him properly about everything that was happening at this moment.

Of course, compared to this bit of curiosity, boundless happiness and excitement surged in all their hearts.

“Originally, I was worried that since we were a step slower than Suiren Ting’s group, they’d probably obtain the method to become a god from the God Attainment Altar before us. Now it would seem like my worries were unnecessary.” Shi Yu roared with laughter, and he was extremely delighted.

“Indeed. Earlier, after we entered the God Attainment Region, we overlooked Little Brother Chen Xi’s existence as we we’re concentrating on dealing with the various dangers we faced. Now, the roles have been switched. He has become the leader, and we’ve become bystanders that have nothing to do.” Xiangliu Li smiled lightly. She seemed to be using a teasing tone, yet her words actually revealed boundless surprise, admiration, and happiness, and she didn’t conceal her admiration towards Chen Xi at all.

“It isn’t just all of you. Earlier, when I noticed that this kid actually dared to run wild and come to the God Attainment Region, it truly shocked me, and I was even thinking about how I should get him out of here. Now, this kid actually helped all of us greatly. Hahaha! The matters of the world really are unpredictable.” Heaven Trampler roared with laughter. How could he not be happy when the restrictions within the God Attainment Palace weren’t of any threat to him?

“He was naturally not running wild. Don’t forget that Chen Xi relied on the Dao Calamity Sword to save us when we were trapped in the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation that day.” Dian Dian puckered her lips and grinned because she felt proud of Chen Xi’s performance.

“Oh? Something like that actually happened?” Heaven Trampler wasn’t aware of this, so he couldn’t help but be extremely surprised.

Shi Yu immediately described the situation at that time, and it caused Heaven Trampler to exclaim endlessly with surprise while even the gaze he shot at Chen Xi changed.

As they spoke with each other, they’d already passed through numerous restrictions under Chen Xi’s lead. Moreover, the further they went, the easier it became, and it caused them to seem like an extremely relaxed group of tourists that were taking a brief look at the scenery while chatting.

If this scene were to be seen by the other Immortal Kings, it would definitely anger them to the point of spitting blood. Because the Restrictions of the Gods that they felt were terrifying like a natural chasm was actually extremely easy to pass through for them, so how could anyone not be disgruntled?

“Right, Miss Midnight, could it be that you brought Brother Chen Xi along this time because you expected all of this?” asked Shi Yu abruptly. This was already the second time he’s asked such a question. The first time was after the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation was destroyed, because he was extremely surprised when Chen Xi utilized the Dao Calamity Sword to turn the situation around.

Yet now, he clearly sensed that the obscure aura that enveloped Chen Xi wasn’t the energy of the Dao Calamity Sword, but it was even more miraculous than the Dao Calamity Sword. It seemed as if it innately countered the Restrictions of the Gods that were set-up here.

This naturally caused Shi Yu to suspect that Chen Xi had made sufficient preparations to deal with this dangerous place.

Moreover, Chen Xi was brought over by Midnight Immortal King, and that was the reason why Shi Yu asked this question.

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused Xiangliu Li and Heaven Trampler to look at Dian Dian in unison.

Under such circumstances, Dian Dian was clearly aware that she couldn’t conceal some things any longer. So she said frankly, “I didn’t know much about Chen Xi before this, and the reason I asked him to work together with me was because a friend asked me to.”

“Who?” The spirits of Shi Yu and the others were refreshed, and they revealed curious expressions.

“Oracle Mountain’s Youngest Senior Sister, Li Yang.” Dian Dian answered readily.

Oracle Mountain’s Li Yang!

In an instant, Shi Yu immediately came to an understanding. If it’s like this, then all of this is easily explainable.

“Could it be that Chen Xi is a disciple of Oracle Mountain?” Xiangliu Li didn’t know of Chen Xi’s identity, so she couldn’t refrain from asking.

Shi Yu immediately explained everything that happened in the Outerealm Battlefield to Xiangliu Li, and then he sighed with emotion. “No wonder Master always said that if it’s in terms of having the deepest comprehension of the workings of the heavens, then Oracle Mountain is number one in the three dimensions. Now it would seem like Oracle Mountain really deserves its reputation.”

The others sighed endlessly with emotion as well upon hearing this.

Indeed. Amongst the three supreme sects, Oracle Mountain had the least disciples, but all of them possessed the most mysterious and formidable strengths, and it was extremely difficult to find a trace of them in the world.

Nuwa’s Dao Palace on the other hand was renowned for ‘Dao Techniques,’ and it was said to possess various rare and profound techniques from the primeval times until now.

As for the Sovereign Sect, it was obvious. They pursued the Dao of emotionlessness. They severed all emotion and desire, and they were the sect amongst the three supreme sects that possessed the most disciples.

Suddenly, Chen Xi stopped moving forward, and it drew the attention of Shi Yu and the others.

Only now did they notice that they’d actually unknowingly arrived before the 36th restriction within the God Attainment Palace, and it was the final restriction in the God Attainment Palace!

So long as they passed through it, then they would be able to see the God Attainment Altar!

Shi Yu and the others instantly stopped talking while their attention moved towards Chen Xi that stood there without moving.

“No wonder. So, it turns out that there’s someone within the 36th restriction.” After they observed the situation for a moment, Xiangliu Li guessed the reason why Chen Xi was standing still, and the grudges and enmity within her surged into her heart. “It’s probably the Sovereign Sect’s group!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the gazes of Shi Yu, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler turned cold as well, and they revealed a wisp of undisguised killing intent.

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