Chapter 1344 – Successive Unexpected Changes In The Situation

Jiang Lingxiao was clearly aware of Suiren Ting’s plan.

Earlier, every time they passed through a Restriction of the Gods after they entered the God Attainment Palace, they would utilize a type of calamity secret technique of the Sovereign Sect and smeared sacrificial blood to completely activate the might of the restrictions they’d just passed through.

Up until now, they’d passed the 34th restriction, and they’d paid a price of 34 Divine Artifacts!

Even though the Sovereign Sect had a long-standing foundation and didn’t lack a few Divine Artifacts, sacrificing so many at one go still caused Jiang Lingxiao to feel pain from the loss.

Divine Artifacts were existences that exceeded the scope of Void Grade Immortal Artifacts!

“Is paying such a hefty price worth it?” Jiang Lingxiao couldn’t help but ask while she meditated and recovered her strength.

“So long as we’re able to completely annihilate the competition, then this price is nothing, right?” Suiren Ting said indifferently, “Not to mention that these Divine Artifacts were mostly obtained from those members of the Prehistoric Sects that perished along the way. Even if we waste all of them, it couldn’t be considered to be a loss at all.”

Jiang Lingxiao was stunned, and then went silent.

Suiren Ting seemed to have thought of something instead and said, “How long have we spent since the first restriction until now?”

“Almost sixteen hours.” Jiang Lingxiao pondered for a moment before she answered.

“It’s slightly slow.” Suiren Ting frowned slightly. “All those years ago when our Sect Master arrived here, he’d only utilized twelve hours of time.”

Jiang Lingxiao was stunned, and then she smiled while she thought in her heart. Comparing ourselves with the Sect Master from all those years ago? You’re obviously looking to make a fool of yourself.

“Perhaps, when we obtain the method to become a god and break through from the Immortal King Realm, it will be sufficient for us to pursue the footsteps of the Sect Master…” Suiren Ting didn’t notice the indifference in Jiang Lingxiao’s expression, and as he finished speaking, his expression even faintly revealed a trace of fervor.

The Master of the Sovereign Sect!

That was a supreme existence that had changed his entire life!


The Combat King Restriction was broken open, and numerous figures that were in a sorry state surged out from within.

“Dammit! What’s going on? When did the Combat King Restriction become so formidable? According to the pattern of the past, after those fellows from Nuwa’s Dao Palace experienced the assault of the ‘strongest’ Combat King, the obstruction we encounter should have been the weakest. Yet now, we actually lost two of our members!” Yi Ranfeng was in a sorry state. His countenance was pale while he revealed an extremely unsightly expression, and the space between his brows still carried a wisp of terror.

At his side, Sun Wuhen and the others had similar expression, and they seemed like survivors of a disaster.

Originally, they thought that if they followed behind the group from Nuwa’s Dao Palace and entered the God Attainment Palace, then the might of the Restrictions of the Gods that they encountered would definitely become weak.

Never had they imagined that they would actually lose two of their companions in the first restriction!

When they recalled the scene at that time, even if they were existences at the Immortal King Realm, coldness still couldn’t help but emerge from their hearts because the strength of that Combat King was simply too terrifying!

Presently, there was only four of them left including Yi Ranfeng and Sun Wuhen!

Yet at this moment, they’d only passed the first of the 36 restrictions in the God Attainment Palace…

“Why don’t we turn back? The Restrictions of the Gods seem to have undergone some sort of unexpected change this time. The odds aren’t in our favor.” One of them couldn’t help but speak in a low voice and felt like withdrawing.

“Perhaps the second restriction, the Shaman Python Restriction, wouldn’t possess such a formidable might. I suggest we give it another try.” One of them wasn’t willing to return just like this instead.

In the end, it was Yi Ranfeng who made the decision for all of them to give it another try. If the might of the Shaman Python Restriction was still formidable as the first restriction, then they would directly withdraw themselves from this vie for the secrets to become a god.

After all, compared to the secret to become a god, they cared more about their own lives.

If they didn’t even have their lives, then how could they seek to become gods?

On the long limestone path that seemed boundless.

Shi Yu and the others wracked their heads yet were unable to figure it out, and they could only attribute all of this to luck.

They didn’t dare stay here any longer and immediately headed into the third restriction under Shi Yu’s lead.


The heavens and the earth were overturned as the scene before their eyes instantly changed once more.

Their group appeared within a deep abyss that was completely pitch black and enveloped by black mist. Even if it was Shi Yu and the others, they were actually only able to sense an area of less than 500km in the surroundings.


A sharp divine arrow tore through the sky and tore apart the black mist. It was like a dazzling flowing light that carried an extremely terrifying force as it shot over like a bolt of lightning.

Its speed was too swift!

It was swift to the point Chen Xi had just opened his eyes and didn’t have the time to react at all.

After that, he heard an enormous bang rumble by his ear, and it shook his to the point he was dazed while his vital blood roiled without end.

“Sundrop Abyss!”

“The Grand Sagittarius Restriction!”

“Watch out!”

The expression of Shi Yu and the others instantly turned grim. Even though that attack from before had been obstructed by Shi Yu, the terrifying impact of that divine arrow shook his arm to the point it became slightly numb.


Suddenly, Xiangliu Li activated the Nine Clarity Jade Crown, causing Nine Clarity Divinelight to sweep towards the surroundings. It completely dispelled the black mist that enveloped the boundless abyss, revealing an empty space that was around 500,000km in diameter.

After that, everyone clearly noticed that numerous figures that wore robes made of skin and were branded with all sorts of ancient totem tattoos were actually standing in the surroundings.

All of them held divine bows in their hands and possessed ferocious imposing auras. They were like numerous divine archers, and they gave others the terrifying feeling of being targeted by a hunter.

Descendants of the Grand Sagittarius!

Everywhere that met the eye, countless divine archers like these were standing in the boundless abyss. Especially within the dense black mist at the bottom of the deep abyss, there was even an extremely terrifying aura effusing out from there.

Obviously, a terrifying existence with monstrous strength was hidden there.

“Merely the first attack was strenuous for me to block. It’s probably not easy to annihilate that Grand Sagittarius Fiendgod in the time for three incense sticks to burn…” Shi Yu frowned, yet didn’t act rashly because the attack from before caused his mood to suddenly become heavy.

“It has become strong indeed, and I feel like a chill is running up my spine. It feels like I’m the prey, and I’ve been completely locked onto by a group of hunters…” Xiangliu Li’s beautiful brows knit together tightly.

“Since we’ve come here, then let’s kill to our heart’s content. How can we be indecisive and hesitant?” Heaven Trampler grunted coldly.

“Eh! Have all of you noticed? All the energy in the surroundings is weakening at a shocking speed!” Suddenly, Dian Dian who’d remained silent earlier suddenly exclaimed with shock.

Before her voice could finish resounding through the air, the others acutely noticed this sort of change, and all of them couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

It’s weakening again?

Earlier, when they were in the Combat King Restriction, they originally thought that an arduous battle couldn’t be avoided in order to kill the Combat King, yet he fell with a single strike in the end.

In the Shaman Python Restriction, they’d even crushed the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python in less than ten minutes of time.

Now, they’d just stepped foot into the Grand Sagittarius Restriction and hadn’t even started a violent battle when the strength of their opponents was actually weakening at a rapid pace. This caused Shi Yu and the others to be bewildered, and they had a stronger feeling that all of this was too strange.

When something strange occurred, then there was definitely a reason!

Shi Yu and the others were Immortal Kings, so they were naturally very clearly aware that any slight unusual change definitely had a reason to it. Unfortunately, they were unable to deduce the reason.

Because they were in the God Attainment Region where the Heaven Dao was in chaos and karma was concealed. It caused them to be utterly unable to rely on their abilities of deducing the Heaven Dao to see through the secrets of this unusual change.

“It’s weakening again! My god! Those bastards are even inferior to Half-step Immortal Kings now! What’re all of you standing there for? Quickly kill these bastards first!” Heaven Trampler suddenly cried out loudly with pleasant surprise, and he didn’t wait for the others to agree before charged out with the black and enormous axe in hand.


As he swung the enormous axe, countless Grand Sagittarius Descendants were crushed into pieces in an instant, and he was like a whirlwind that didn’t encounter any obstructive force at all.

When they saw this, Shi Yu and the others exchanged glances and couldn’t be bothered to think about anything else before moving out successively.

Around an eighth of an hour later, their group had successfully walked out of the Grand Sagittarius Restriction!

This sort of swift efficiency in clearing the restrictions caused Shi Yu and the others to feel slight disbelief. For a time, they stood on the limestone path while slightly hesitating.

Only the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth carried a wisp of an indistinct smile. Under the assistance of the River Diagram fragments, he’d attained perfection in his grasp of the Tempest Divine Crest while within the Grand Sagittarius Restriction!

Needless to say, the unexpected changes in the River Diagram fragments had truly started to give Chen Xi pleasant surprises when he entered this God Attainment Palace. Earlier, no matter if it was the Godslaughter Bloodlands or while they traversed the path called Immortal King Burial, the River Diagram fragments had always been taking away the Daospirit Pearl and Immortal King Saint Hearts he obtained.

Yet now, this sort of unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments was undoubtedly a type of ‘return’ to him.

This sort of feeling was too amazing!

After experiencing the bewilderment and surprise at the beginning, Chen Xi had finally calmed down and accepted this. But he couldn’t avoid feeling pleasantly surprised.

“Let’s go. I hope our luck will continue to be good like this…” Shi Yu and the others pondered and discussed about it for some time, yet were still unable to figure it out, so they could only restrain the bewilderment in their hearts and continue towards the next Restriction of the Gods.

The 4th restriction was the Dragonlair Restriction.

The 5th restriction was the Scorching Phoenix Restriction.

The 6th restriction was the Xiezhi Restriction. [1]

As they continued through restriction after restriction, the speed and time that they utilized to pass through them grew quicker and quicker, and it was even to the extent that as time passed, Shi Yu and the others felt that the restrictions weren’t threatening and challenging at all.

This caused the wonder in their hearts to grow, and they wondered if they’d taken the wrong path and hadn’t entered the true God Attainment Palace.

On the other hand, during this entire process, Chen Xi benefitted over and over again. He successively attained a perfect grasp of the Star Obliteration Divine Crest, Taichi Divine Crest, Enduring Divine Crest, and Risefall Divine Crest!

However, the only regret he had was that the Spatial Divine Crest still remained at the fourth level, Spatial Tide, and it didn’t receive any benefits from the River Diagram fragments.

This slightly puzzled Chen Xi.

When Chen Xi entered the 8th restriction, the Clear Obliteration Restriction, Chen Xi didn’t receive any further benefits. However, the unexpected awakening of the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness had arrived at its most intense state since he entered the God Attainment Palace.

When their group walked out from the 8th restriction, Chen Xi’s mind droned before his entire body emanated a strange fluctuation that immediately caused the expressions of Shi Yu and the others to change.

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