Chapter 1343 – Shaman Python Restriction

Grand Dao Foundation Stone.

This was the name Shi Yu and the others called the limestone path before them.

According to legend, there were thirty six Restrictions of the Gods set up on this limestone path, and every single restriction contained different killing intent and dangers that were extremely difficult to surmount.

Since the prehistoric times until now, countless Immortal Kings had stepped foot on this path, yet merely a small portion of them passed through this limestone path, whereas the rest perished on it.

They either fell into the restrictions and were trapped alive within them, or they were directly crushed by the restrictions.

However, no matter how dangerous this place was, it still couldn’t stop the Immortal Kings from stepping foot into this place because the God Attainment Altar was at the end of this limestone path.

The secrets to attaining the Dao and becoming a god was hidden on the God Attainment Altar!

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all of this.

At this moment, countless questions arose in his heart as he looked at the limestone path.

Everything he experienced within the Combat King Restriction earlier was too unbelievable. The River Diagram fragments had emanated a fluctuation that didn’t just allow him to view the true appearance of the Combat King Restriction, he even obtained extraordinarily great benefits.

It a short period of less than ten minutes, he’d actually successfully condensed the Enduring Divine Crest, the Taichi Divine Crest, and the Risefall Divine Crest!

Moreover, every single one of them was an extremely rare and supreme Divine Crest.

For example, the Enduring Divine Crest contained the rare Grand Dao profundities of Eternal, Creation, and Devour.

For example, the Taichi Divine Crest contained the Grand Dao Laws of Light, Darkness, Yin, and Yang.

If it was said that Chen Xi was barely able to stay sane when facing these two Allheaven Divine Crests, then the Risefall Divine Crest truly shocked him greatly.

After all, this Divine Crest was condensed into form from the supreme Grand Dao Laws of the Netherworld, the Grand Daos of Paramita and Oblivion, and it was related to the profundities of rebirth. Originally, Chen Xi hadn’t intended to utilize these two Grand Dao Laws at all. Yet never had he imagined that he would condense them successfully by coincidence.

The only thing that made Chen Xi feel at ease was that he hadn’t comprehended the Grand Dao of Terminus. Otherwise, once it was condensed, then it would definitely emanate the aura of ‘Samsara.’ That was a great taboo, and once it was condensed successfully, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Besides that, the energy of the talismans in the Combat King Restriction shocked Chen Xi as well, and they allowed Chen Xi to see through and comprehend the method of ‘fusing the Dao’ that only Saint Immortals could comprehend.

Chen Xi was very confident that when he advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm, he would absolutely be able to smoothly fuse the Dao by relying on the comprehensions he obtained here, allowing him to establish a Saint Dao Law of his own.

All of this came from the River Diagram fragments!

This caused Chen Xi to have an even better understanding that the River Diagram fragments were definitely greatly related to the God Attainment Region, otherwise it would absolutely impossible for the River Diagram fragments to awaken successively and take him by surprise.

“Strange, wasn’t that Combat King a little too easy to kill? I originally thought that even if the four of us joined forces, it would be impossible to finish him in a short period of time. Yet never had I imagined that when we truly made a move against him, it was as easy as blowing off dust.” Heaven Trampler spoke with a rumbling voice, and he was still unable to figure it out.

“Is it bad that the Combat King was extremely weak?” Dian Dian couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

Actually, she felt it was slightly strange as well. Earlier, when they killed the Combat King in the ancient battlefield, it was too easy indeed. It was as if the Combat King’s strength had been completely extracted, and he existed merely in appearance.

Chen Xi thought in his heart when he heard this. Since everything within that ancient battlefield was formed from the Restrictions of the Gods, then the Combat King is naturally no exception. So, could the talismans that surged into my body because of the River Diagram fragments have imperceptibly weakened that Combat King’s strength?

He was unable to confirm his suspicions, yet he faintly felt that it was probably the truth.

“Alright, let’s make the best use of our time and continue forward.” Shi Yu spoke while his expression had become solemn. He covered all of them with the Five Color Rock before taking another step on the limestone path.

It seemed like a simple step, yet it actually passed through layer upon layer of space, and the heavens and the earth instantly changed intensely once more.

Raging winds howled furiously while tempestuous waves surged.


Wave after wave of extremely rancid seawater transformed into tempestuous waves that slapped over without end.

This was a boundless sea. Bone piercingly cold winds blew through the surface of the black colored sea, and Chen Xi could faintly see that dark red colored blood that was filled with the dense stench of blood was surging within the seawater.

As soon as Shi Yu and the others appeared here, a wave of beast roars that shook the heavens instantly erupted from the distant surface of the sea, and it was like a roaring thunderclap that reverberated through the surroundings.

Numerous nine headed snakes that were lofty like mountains charged out from the sea. Their bodies were like floating masses of land that twisted and wound about while floating up and down on the surface of the sea. Moreover, their entire bodies were suffused with a terrifying and bloody baleful aura.

Besides that, at the utmost back of the group of nine headed snakes was a figure that was an entire 300m tall and emanated an extremely terrifying and monstrous imposing aura. His skin was dark green and covered in scales, and he had an extremely enormous snake head with blood red eyes that illuminated the heavens and the earth like lanterns.

The Shaman Python Restriction!

Nine headed snakes!

The Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python!

In an instant, the expressions of Shi Yu and the others became extremely heavy.

They naturally recognized the nine headed snakes as primeval variant beasts that innately grasped the energy of nine Grand Dao. Moreover, they controlled the energy of wind, lightning, water, and electricity, and they possessed almost monstrous Divine Abilities.

Presently, even though the nine headed snakes that appeared before them merely possessed strengths at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, they were much more difficult to kill than the Bronze Combat Troops in the Combat King Restriction.

Especially the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python, he was a variant amongst Fiendgods from the beginning of the world when the chaos was split apart, and he was called the Spirit of the Ancestral Shaman. Even though he was a variant, even the primeval gods were afraid of his strength!

“Dammit! When did the Restrictions of the Gods in this God Attainment Palace become so abnormal? Why would it be an existence like the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python? This is only the second Restriction of the Gods!” Heaven Trampler cursed with an unsightly expression.

“It really shouldn’t appear here. According to the examples of the past, only the descendant of the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python would appear in the Shaman Python Restriction.” Xiangliu Li’s expression became slightly unsightly as well.

“I’m worried that if it continues according to this sort of circumstances, then the Restrictions of the Gods will only become more and more terrifying, and we’ll probably only be able to pass through a few before…” Dian Dian spoke with a heavy expression, and she couldn’t bear to finish her sentence.

However, everyone understood what she meant.

Indeed, this was only the second Restriction of the Gods, yet the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python had appeared. Then what about the restrictions after this? What would they do if existences that were even more terrifying than the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python appeared?

“No matter what, let’s kill our way over there first. Even though the time restriction for this second restriction is double that of the first restriction, we don’t know how long it’ll take…to kill that Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python!” Shi Yu took a deep breath and restrained the surprise and bewilderment in his heart, and the space between his brows was filled with a murderous expression.

“That’s the only thing we can do!”

“Move out!”

The others weren’t irresolute and hesitant people as well, and they immediately made their decisions.

Bang! Bang!

Shi Yu led all of them to swiftly charge towards the distance.

For a time, the entire black colored sea was once again filled with boundless divine radiance while various Immortal Artifacts soared through the sky, and they emanated terrifying fluctuations that shook the heavens.

From the beginning until the end, no one noticed that as soon as he stepped foot into the Shaman Python Restriction, Chen Xi had once again fallen into that strange state from before.

The River Diagram fragments were droning!

The nine headed snakes, the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python, the heavens, the earth, the sea… The entire world before his eyes had transformed into various obscure and mysterious talismans.

However, this time, the scenes of ‘fusing the Dao’ didn’t appear before Chen Xi’s field of vision, and it directly created a force that started to devour the talismans that surged over from all directions!

Om~ Om~

The River Diagram fragments droned without end, and the talismans that surged into Chen Xi’s body grew in number.

It wasn’t long before he noticed that his grasp towards the Five Element Divine Crest had attained perfection, and it was impossible to improve any longer!

This meant that he’d already attained the most perfect grasp of the energy of the Grand Dao contained within the Five Element Divine Crest.

All of this seemed to be simple, yet there were actually too many transformations that occurred in this extremely short period of time, and the speed of these transformations even caused Chen Xi to have no time to understand it in detail.

Everything occurred just like it had in the Combat King Restriction, it was like an unbelievable dream that caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to believe it, and he stood stunned on the spot as if he’d been possessed.

It couldn’t be helped, the transformation came too quickly, and he didn’t even have the chance to be surprised or feel pleasantly surprised.

At the instant that Chen Xi attained perfection in his grasp of the Five Element Divine Crest, a wave of surprised and bewildered voices resounded by his ears.

“What happened?”

“Weak! Truly too weak!”

“Less than ten minutes have passed, yet this Shaman Python Restriction seems to have weakened too greatly…”

“Hahaha! Fucking trash that looks imposing but is worthless! You made me fucking worry for no reason!”

Along with this voices of conversation, Chen Xi instantly returned to his senses. He raised his eyes to look over and noticed that he’d actually left the Shaman Python Restriction and had returned once more to the limestone path.

Everything happened too quickly!

From the beginning until the end, not even ten minutes had passed.

Up until now, Shi Yu and the others still didn’t dare believe that they’d actually annihilated the Grand Fiendgod Shaman Python so easily and easily passed through the second Restriction of the Gods.

Exactly what’s going on?

Shi Yu and the others didn’t hurry to move forward once more, and they started to ponder carefully instead. Because this matter was too strange, and it caused them to faintly have a slightly anxious feeling in their hearts.

Only Chen Xi was clearly aware that all of this was the contribution of the River Diagram fragments, whereas he’d obtained extraordinary benefits from it. However, he didn’t know how to explain it to all of them.

Could it be that I should say that the Shaman Python Restriction weakened because I’m an existence at the Golden Immortal Realm?

If I really speak these words, then they’d definitely think I’m an idiot…

So at this moment, Chen Xi could only act indifferent and silently reap the benefits.

At the same time, Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao walked out of the 34th Restriction of the Gods. Both their figures were in a slightly sorry state, and their countenances were slightly pale. Obviously, they’d just experienced an extremely difficult battle.

However, when they walked out of the restriction, both of them heaved long sighs of relief while a wisp of a relaxed expression appeared on their faces.

“Junior Sister Jiang, make every second count and recover your strength. We only have to pass through two more restrictions before we’ll be the first to arrive before the God Attainment Altar. At that time, the secret technique to attain the Dao and become a god will be ours!” Suiren Ting turned around and looked at the end of the limestone path from afar, and then a wisp of coldness suffused the corners of his mouth. “As for the others. Hmph! It’s probably impossible for them to leave the God Attainment Region with their lives this time!”

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