Chapter 1341 – Combat King Restriction

As soon as Xiangliu Li said this, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly nervous.

According to his limited knowledge, he was able to infer that the method to attain the Dao and become a god that these Immortal Kings risked their lives to come here and look for was hidden on the God Attainment Altar.

Now, if the Sovereign Sect were to obtain it before them, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Yi Ranfeng nodded and said, “That should be the case.”

When they obtained a definite answer, the hearts of Shi Yu and the others couldn’t help but sink, and they felt urgency in their hearts.

“We can’t wait any longer. Let’s set out at once.” Xiangliu Li spoke frankly.

“Alright!” Without giving it any further thought, Shi Yu, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler agreed successively.

As for Chen Xi, he had to follow by their sides regardless of whether he agreed or not.

“Wait.” Yi Ranfeng hurriedly said when he saw this, “We were discussing joining forces to enter the God Attainment Palace together earlier. If all of you don’t mind, then why don’t you join us?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it drew the agreement of the others.

“Yeah. The God Attainment Palace is densely covered in the Restrictions of the Gods, and it’s vast like a maze. Moreover, it’s filled with innumerable dangers. Only by working together and converging our strengths would we be able to deal with these dangers.”

“This palace is the test to become a god, and it’s filled with dangers. It can be said that we only have a slim chance of survival. Everyone, you must not act rashly. Why don’t all of you act together with all of us? How about we set out after we discuss and form a superb strategy?”

Shi Yu swept the others with his gaze upon hearing this, and then he shook his head and refused in the end. “There’s no need. Compared to the dangers within the palace, I’m even more worried about the people by my side harboring ill intent.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d already led Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, Heaven Trampler, and Chen Xi to step into the door of the palace, and they vanished in an instant.

“What does he mean by that?”

“Could it be that he suspects that we would harm him?”

“Dammit! These heirs of Nuwa’s Dao Palace are truly arrogant!”

When they heard Shi Yu’s frank refusal, their faces sank, and they were extremely displeased.

Only Yi Ranfeng spoke calmly. “He wasn’t wrong. Even though we shouldn’t have the intention to harm others, yet we have to be on guard against others.”

All of the others grunted coldly without end when they heard this. Obviously, they didn’t agree with Yi Ranfeng.

“However, it’s good that they acted before us. It just happens that they can point out a path for us, and perhaps we can avoid a great deal of trouble by following closely behind them.” Yi Ranfeng suddenly changed the topic and laughed lightly.

The others instantly came to an understanding when they heard this. Indeed. If we have Shi Yu and the others to lead the way, then even if we encounter some dangers, we can use them as cannon fodder.

One of them couldn’t help but say. “Since it’s like that, then let’s set out quickly.”

“Exactly. If we’re a step slower, then I’m afraid that even if we enter the God Attainment Altar, the secret technique to become a god will be seized by the others.” The others chimed in successively.

Yi Ranfeng immediately nodded when he heard this, and then he turned around and walked towards the palace.

The others hurriedly followed up to him.

Sun Wuhen walked at the very back, and he gazed at Yi Ranfeng’s back while seeming to be lost in thought. He said in his heart, Why do I feel that this fellow seems to have been waiting for Heaven Trampler and the others to make an appearance…

After that, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

The God Attainment Hall was filled with killing intent, so he couldn’t let his thoughts run wild.

When Chen Xi and the others entered the God Attainment Palace, a wisp of dazzling and resplendent light pierced their eyes, and when Chen Xi saw the scene before his eyes, he was extremely shocked in his heart!

There was actually a large world within the God Attainment Palace!

This world had mountains, lakes, a sun, a moon, stars, living beings… At this moment, they were standing in an expanse of space, and they were looking down at this boundless world.

They were able to clearly see that there was a long limestone path at the center of the world, and it started from right beneath their feet and extended boundlessly into the distance.

“Grand Dao Foundation Stone!” Shi Yu recognized this path, and his expression was completely solemn. “Everyone, you must be careful. Once we step foot on this path, then we have to face numerous dangers and killing intent. We absolutely can’t be careless and negligent at all.”

Everyone felt their hearts shudder, and they withdrew the strongest Immortal Artifacts in their possession.


The Five Color Rock glowed with a multicolored light, and it carried all of them to arrive at the limestone path that was called ‘Grand Dao Foundation Stone.’

Hmm? As soon as he stepped foot on it, Chen Xi’s pupils instantly constricted slightly while his gaze was drawn by a part of the limestone path.

There was a footprint there, and it was deeply imprinted onto the limestone path. It looked to be ordinary, yet when Chen Xi’s gaze swept over, he clearly sensed a terrifying aura that was sharp and murderous like a blade, and it effused out from within the footprint.

What sort of person would actually be able to imprint their footprint within this God Attainment Palace and allow it to remain after experiencing the passage of countless years?

Unfortunately, Chen Xi was unable to guess the identity of this person.

This implied meaning behind this footprint wasn’t a proof of strength, and it represented that an Immortal King had instantly perished here upon taking his first step into the God Attainment Palace!

Shi Yu and the others were naturally clearly aware of this, so when they saw that footprint, their expressions were already heavy to the extreme. The vital energy in their entire bodies rumbled while they circulated it with all their strength, and they didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.


Shi Yu took a deep breath while a wisp of a resolute and murderous expression flashed in the space between his brows. He utilized the Five Color Rock to cover all of them as they took a step forward in unison.


Chen Xi felt his mind suddenly rumble before the heavens and the earth around him revolved while his field of vision spun, and then a terrifying and enormous bang resounded, causing his mind to feel dazed.

When his vision recovered once more, Chen Xi was instantly astounded.

Because he noticed to his surprise that he’d actually appeared on an ancient battlefield. Blood was flowing everywhere while bones piled up on the ground, and the smoke of war shot into the sky.

On the battlefield, there were numerous tall figures in bronze armor and holding various weapons. The entire bodies of these tall figures emanated a blood red divine radiance, and they’d encircled their group!

These figures simply seemed to have covered the heavens and the earth. Everywhere that met the eyes was a dense mass of these tall figures, and they filled every single corner of this ancient battlefield. They possessed monstrous auras, and they emanated extremely fierce killing intent that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, every single figure in bronze armor had an aura that actually wasn’t inferior to an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

Besides that, at the center of the ancient battlefield was a terrifying towering figure that was an entire 30km tall. This figure’s aura was deep like an abyss, his blood red hair hung loosely down like a waterfall, and he wore a blood colored cape.

His eyes were like two lakes, and he was looking at them with an icy cold gaze. His gaze was extremely terrifying, and it seemed like merely a single gaze was capable of obliterating the soul of a peerless expert!

He was absolutely an existence at the Immortal King Realm, and he was the type of Immortal King that possessed an extremely terrifying strength!

Because Chen Xi noticed that when they saw this tall figure with blood red hair, the expressions of Shi Yu and the others changed slightly and became rather unsightly.

However, because he had Shi Yu and the others defending him, Chen Xi didn’t feel any terrifying oppressive aura from this tall figure, and it allowed him to clearly witness everything before his eyes.

Otherwise, if he’d come here by himself, then he would have probably been instantly crushed by the terrifying imposing aura of this ancient battlefield.

“The Perfection-stage of the Immortal King Realm! He’s only a sliver away from touching the Godrank Realm!”

“There are 100,000 Half-step Immortal King Realm ‘Bronze Combat Troops’!”

“This is probably the God Attainment Palace’s Combat King Restriction, and it’s a supreme Divine Restriction. We must annihilate that ‘Combat King’ that’s in command in this ancient battlefield within the time for an incense stick to burn in order to pass through this restriction!”

“But it’s strange. Isn’t the aura of this ‘Combat King’ too terrifying? This is only the first restriction of the God Attainment Palace.”

“Hmph! There’s a pattern to the changes of the Combat King Restriction. If I’m not wrong, the Combat King encountered by the Sovereign Sect’s group was probably the weakest in the Immortal King Realm, yet when it’s our turn, it was transformed into the strongest Combat King!”

“No wonder that old monkey and the others didn’t enter this palace for so long. So, it turns out that they were waiting for us to take the lead, and then the Combat King they encountered after us would be the weakest once more. They really know how to take advantage…”

“There’s no time to think about all of that now. We must kill that Combat King within the time for an incense stick to burn, otherwise we won’t be able to leave this Divine Restriction anymore!”

In an instant, Shi Yu and the others had conversed via their thoughts, and their expressions were covered in a wisp of killing intent.


Shi Yu held the Five Color Rock in his left hand while holding the God Mystery Sword in his right, and he led all of them to swiftly charge out. He slashed out with a terrifying sword light that instantly killed over a hundred Bronze Combat Troops.

At the same time, Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian, and Heaven Trampler attacked as well, and they joined forced with Shi Yu to charge forward through the enemy ranks.

For a time, severed limbs shot into the surroundings while blood filled the sky.

At the instant Shi Yu and the others attacked, the entire vast ancient battlefield seemed as if it had come to life, and then the sounds of drums, roars, and battle cries resounded and shook the heavens…

The smoke of war raged while the dense mass of Bronze Combat Troops surged over from all directions.

At the center of the ancient battlefield, the Combat King stood there without moving, and he looked over with an icy cold and indifferent gaze. He was like a king that was commanding his powerful army and commanding the battlefield.




At this moment, Shi Yu and the others didn’t hold back at all. Divine radiance erupted from their entire bodies, and it was filled with a supreme divine might. Every single time they attacked, it would definitely reap the lives of over a thousand Bronze Combat Troops, and they killed to the point blood flowed into rivers, the ground was completely scarlet red, and the sky dimmed down.

These were Bronze Combat Troops that were comparable to the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

Yet an Immortal King was actually able to annihilate over a thousand of these Bronze Combat Troops with a wave of the hand. This scene flabbergasted Chen Xi, and he finally completely understood the gap between the Immortal King Realm and Half-step Immortal King Realm. It was simply like the difference between the heavens and the earth, one was high above while the other low on the ground, and they couldn’t be compared at all.

Of course, no matter how weak these Bronze Combat Troops were, killing a Golden Immortal like Chen Xi was as easy as killing an ant.

This was the gap in their cultivation realms, and it was impossible to surmount.

Because Shi Yu and the others were charging through the enemy ranks and coupled with the protection of the Five Color Rock, Chen Xi didn’t encounter any danger, yet he was similarly unable to be of any help as well.

At this moment, he could only watch everything that was occurring before him, and he was powerless to do anything.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel depressed, and he couldn’t help but arouse a feeling of doubt. Why would Senior Sister Li Yang arrange for me to take part in this? From the beginning until the end, I’ve been no different from a burden, so exactly what’s the point of this?

Chen Xi was completely unaware that the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness seemed as if it had noticed something at this moment, and it awakened once more from silence before it emanated a trace of an imperceptible fluctuation…

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