Chapter 134 – Luo Xiu

Chapter 134 – Luo Xiu

Chen Xi!

Xie Zhan’s loud laughter stopped abruptly, and his eyes contained a shocked expression when he saw Chen Xi who walked out from the forest. Motherfucker! Isn’t this too much of a coincidence? Why have I been transported to the same location as this maleficent existence?

Chen Xi’s current reputation in Dragon Lake City could simply be said to be like the sun in the sky. He’d leaped across realms to kill six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator of the Su Clan. Then he defeated the 8th level Violet Palace Realm Lin Shaoqi at the Immortal Assembling Pavilion before annihilating a genius figure that was at the 3rd level of the Violet Palace Realm in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement. These brilliant combat achievements had spread into the ears of every cultivator throughout Dragon Lake City, and he’d become the hottest after food topic in the streets and lanes of Dragon Lake City.

Seventeen years old.

6th level of the Violet Palace Realm.

Eight top-grade yellow-rank flying swords.

Cultivation in the Martial Dao at the Dao Insight Stage.

This information was unearthed and disseminated by some scheming people, causing Chen Xi to become the most dazzling genius in the younger generation overnight, and he’d also become the center of attention of the various powers. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi having completely offended the Su Clan and sown enmity with the Xie Clan, he would have been probably been drawn over with great effort by the various powers and accepted by them.

Although Xie Zhan acted arrogantly and had even hated Chen Xi to the extreme limit, when he saw Chen Xi appear before him at this moment, he still felt a wave of terror and uneasiness.

When he recalled how it was precisely because of him revealing Chen Xi’s identity outside the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda that caused Chen Xi to be exposed under the gazes of everyone, and a trace of coldness couldn’t help but emerge within his heart. Hasn’t retribution come too quickly?

These thoughts flashed within Xie Zhan’s mind. When he saw Chen Xi walking over step by step towards him, he couldn’t endure the fear in his heart, and he shouted out in a grim voice. “Chen Xi, you’ve already promised my brother that we wouldn’t attack each other. If you dare attack me, then don’t blame my Xie Clan for taking you to be a complete enemy!”

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi appear, the four disciples of the Xie Clan gathered around Xie Zhan with serious expressions, and they seemed as if they were confronted by a formidable enemy.

“This is the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, it’s the Hidden Dragon Rankings. If I don’t bash all of you out of here, how would I enter the second layer?” As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure fluttered as he attacked fiercely, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords tore through the sky while carrying peerless Sword Insight that was fierce and swift as they shot explosively towards the five of them.

This was the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, cultivators were transported in at every moment and every second. Whereas Chen Xi had already become the thorn in the flesh of most people, and if he wanted to pass through to the end, then he had to swiftly decide the end of battles by killing everyone ruthlessly and resolutely. Once he was delayed by someone, he would surely be noticed by the nearby cultivators, and when they surrounded him to jointly attack, his situation would be critical.

So, when Chen Xi made a move at this moment, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest. The eight Netherezim Flying Swords formed the first level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation, and the sword lights were like the tide as they tore out ear piercing sharp howls in the air.

“Dammit! Xie Feng, Xie Heng, Xie Shan, Xie Zhong, stop this fellow!” Xie Zhan shouted out explosively, and as he spoke, his figure swayed yet he’d flashed out explosively in retreat backward.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The instant that Chen Xi made a move, the reactions of the four Xie Clan disciples were extremely swift as well. They didn’t hesitate in the slightest to draw their own flying swords before pinching their hands in a certain style to utilize their sword techniques, and their flying swords struck towards the eight flying swords that were flying straight towards them.

Since these four people were able to participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings, they were obviously all top disciples of the Xie Clan, and the facts were indeed so. The ages of the four of them were all around 20, their cultivations around the 6th star of the Violet Palace Realm, and they could be said to be young and promising individuals who possessed limitless potential.

At this moment, when the four of them joined forces, their confidence was boosted greatly, and they’d already planned to seize this opportunity to kill Chen Xi and properly reveal their ability before the Young Master, Xie Zhan. If they were able to obtain the generous rewards of the Su Clan as well, then it couldn’t be better.

Unfortunately, their wishful thinking this time had come to nothing.

Crack! Crack!

Under the combination of the eight Netherezim Flying Swords, the first level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation that was able to annihilate an ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator had directly crushed the flying swords of Xie Feng and the other four, and then it didn’t lose momentum as it swiped towards their heads.

“Shit! This fellow is too formidable!”

“High-grade yellow-rank flying swords were crushed by him, this…”

“Retreat! We aren’t a match for him, if we continue fighting then it will surely end with a loss!”

The flying swords being shattered caused the minds of Xie Feng and the others to be affected as well, and their bodies trembled abruptly as their expressions became one of extreme terror and ghastly paleness. Under the strong motivation of their will to live, the four of them didn’t hesitate in the slightest to crush the jade talisman in their hands.


Four strange sounds resounded out at almost the exact same time, then the figures of Xie Feng and the others were instantly dragged into the black hole that had appeared in the sky, and they were transported away in the blink of an eye.

My full forced attack is something even a Golden Hall Realm cultivator is unable to withstand. These fellows are really cunning to flee so swiftly. Unfortunately, I was unable to make them leave their command tokens. Chen Xi’s figure flashed out explosively as he thought, and he was like a gust of wind as the chased up towards Xie Zhan who was extremely far in the distance. This fellow caused me to become a target for everyone. If I don’t kill him then I’m afraid he will gather a batch of Xie Clan disciples and make a move against me…

Xie Zhan had been scared out of his wits since long ago. Compared to when he saw Chen Xi half a month ago, he clearly noticed that Chen Xi strength had obviously increased now, and Chen Xi had actually caused his four clansmen to be unable to hold their own against Chen Xi in the slightest. How terrifying a cultivation was this?

Dammit! Why did I offend a maleficent existence like this!? How good would it be if my brother was here!? Xie Zhan was practically regretful to the point his intestines would soon turn green, and he gritted his teeth as he exerted all his strength to flee for his life. He didn’t dare turn around as he was deeply afraid that Chen Xi would catch up during the time he turned around to look.“Still want to flee?” Accompanied by the icy cold and indifferent voice was a figure that abruptly appeared 30m before him, and to his shock, it was Chen Xi!

Xie Zhan’s pupils swiftly constricted, and he was terrified to the point his soul almost emerged from his body. He turned around to fly towards the sky as he cried out frenziedly in his heart. So long as I fly up to midair, I’ll surely be seen by the others. At that time, this fellow Chen Xi would surely not dare chase after me…

“Hmph!” Chen Xi snorted coldly, then directly grabbed out with his hand, and his boundless True Essence transformed into an enormous hand that fiercely grabbed onto Xie Zhan’s body and dragged him back. After that, Chen Xi swung out his hand with a slap, and it directly struck onto Xie Zhan’s face.


Struck by Chen Xi’s slap, Xie Zhan was slapped to the ground, and then he cried out before spitting out a large mouthful front teeth and blood.

“Chen Xi! You, you actually dare violate the agreement with my brother. You’ve already completely offended the Su Clan now, could it be that you aren’t afraid of offending my Xie Clan as well?” Xie Zhan roared with a savage expression. The reason he didn’t crush the jade talisman and flee was that he was unwilling to leave because if the fact that the Hidden Dragon Rankings had only just begun yet he was blasted out by someone were to spread out, it would be too embarrassing.

“Do you have any other methods besides using these third-rate things to threaten me?” Chen Xi directly stomped his foot on Xie Zhan’s face, fiercely stomping Xie Zhan’s face to the point it was pressed to the ground. Xie Zhan emitted whimpers yet was unable to speak, and it was useless no matter how he circulated his True Essence.

“Look! That’s Chen Xi!”

“Everyone join forces and kill him first!”

“Right, we’ll compete fairly after we kill him!”

At the side of the faraway river, another 10 plus cultivators were transported over once again, and when they saw Chen Xi who was 300m away, all of them revealed greatly delighted expressions as they shouted out loudly and flashed over towards Chen Xi.

“Looks like you don’t intend to flee anymore!” Chen Xi glanced into the distance and his killing intent gushed out explosively, and then he raised his hand to slap it towards Xie Zhan’s head. If this palm were to hit its target, then even a rock would be shattered into powder.


Xie Zhan crushed his jade talisman with extreme unwillingness, and at the moment he was about to be transported by the black hole in the sky, the palm Chen Xi slapped down suddenly transformed into a claw that pulled down the storage belt on Xie Zhan’s waist.

“Chen Xi, I won’t let you off….” The voice came to an abrupt stop as Xie Zhan had already vanished.


Chen Xi didn’t have the time to size up the storage belt in his hand before executing his Divine Windwing Flight, emitting a whoosh as he instantly vanished into the boundlessly vast forest like a streak of light.

“Fuck! That fellow has escaped!”

“The rumors are really true, this kid’s movement technique is indeed swift like a bolt of lightning. It’s utterly impossible to kill him in the forest.”

“It’s indeed so. There are too many places to hide in the forest, and this fellow’s speed is too swift. We’ll be in danger if we chase him in there.”

Those ten plus cultivators chased to the edge of the forest before starting to discuss with unwillingness in their hearts.

“Everyone, Chen Xi has fled, so should we…” Suddenly, a young man with braided hair spoke out unhurriedly, and as he spoke, a jade green axe lightly swung out in his hand, directly breaking open the back of a cultivator before him, and dark red blood mixed with internal organs sprayed out.

After killing this person, the young man with braided her didn’t hold back in the slightest, turning around and pouncing like a fierce tiger that sprang down from the mountains, and his jade green axe swept out horizontally, causing another three cultivators to be caught off guard and chopped into two by the sharp blade of the axe.

“Luo Xiu!”

“Shit! This fellow is the Comet Gorge’s Luo Xiu that’s bloodthirsty like a devil!”

When the other cultivators saw the appearance of the young man with braided hair clearly, their faces instantly went pale, and all of them flew in escape towards every direction as if they were avoiding venomous animals.


Luo Xiu didn’t chase after them, he stretched out his scarlet red tongue to lick the crimson red pearls of blood on his face, and he had an intoxicated expression on his face as he emitted a moan that was like a venomous snake flicking its tongue.


“So formidable! Forcing four Xie Clan top disciples to retreat with a single strike! This Chen Xi is really a formidable person!”

“The profound-rank Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation! I’ve seen this sword formation in the Misty Sea City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion! This sword formation isn’t complete, and there’s only the cultivation technique for the first two levels, but… This is a profound-rank sword formation that only a Golden Hall Realm cultivator is able to execute! How could a Violet Palace Realm fellow like him possibly execute it?”

“Hiss, this fellow is so brazen. Slapping the face of the Xie Clan’s Young Master to the point it resounded, the young are truly terrifying!”

Outside the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, more than half of the gazes from the people present had completely seen the battle between Chen Xi and Xie Zhan, they instantly burst into an uproar, and the crowd buzzed in discussion.

On the jade platform, when a middle aged man in a gorgeous black robe that was embroidered with gold threads heard the discussions from the surroundings, then recalled the scene he saw earlier, his dense brows tightly pressed together, and his expression was extremely gloomy.

He was the Patriarch of one of the six great clans of Dragon Lake City, the Xie Clan, and Xie Zhan was his youngest son. When he saw Chen Xi easily blast out Xie Chan and the other Xie Clan disciples from the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda as if he was sweeping out dead leaves, Xie Kui’s expression was extremely unsightly.

“Brother Xie, that little fellow Chen Xi is too detestable. He doesn’t respect us entirely. How about our clans join forces to annihilate this kid together?” A voice sounded out by his ear, and when Xie Kui glanced over, Xie Kui saw the Su Clan’s Patriarch, Su Zhentian, had a smile on his face as he looked over.

Xie Kui’s expression remained unchanged as he replied indifferently. “During the Hidden Dragon Rankings, victory and defeat is a common occurrence. My youngest son’s skills were inferior to another, and he deserves to be driven out.”

Su Zhentian shook his head and said no more. He originally held an indifferent attitude when he probed Xie Kui, and when he saw Xie Kui remained unmoved, he naturally didn’t continue to pester Xie Kui.

“Brother Helian, this disciple of your Comet Gorge is a bit too despicable and shameless!” At another side of the jade platform, the Jade Flower Sect’s Leader, Madam Xing Yun, had an expression that was like ice as she spoke. Amongst the people the young man with braided hair, Luo Xiu, had killed earlier, there just happened to be a Jade Flower Sect disciple, and she couldn’t help but be enraged.

“Death can’t be avoided in the Hidden Dragon Rankings. Luo Xiu kills resolutely, and he possesses both bravery and wisdom. I feel it’s extremely normal.” The Sect Master of Comet Gorge, Helian Shui, laughed loudly as he spoke, and complacency that was difficult to conceal was present on his aged face.

He was indeed extremely proud. Luo Xue was an Elite Disciple he thought extremely highly of. Luo Xiu had just turned 19 when he attained the 9th level of the Violet Palace Realm, and Luo Xiu’s cultivation in the Martial Dao had comprehended Dao Insight as well. Coupled with Luo Xiu having just returned from the desolate and sanguinary lands, his live battle experience had been tempered to the point it was extremely abundant long ago. How could Helian Shui not be proud when he possessed a genius disciple like this?

He even believed that there would surely be a place of Luo Xiu in the top ten ranks in the Hidden Dragon Ranking this time!

“Look quickly! Luo Xiu has gone to chase after Chen Xi!” However, it was at this moment that an exclaim of surprise abruptly sounded out from within the ground, and it interrupted Helian Shui’s thoughts, causing his expression to instantly become gloomy.

Why did Luo Xiu chase after Chen Xi without letting up?

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