Chapter 1339 – Chaos Between The Sects

Bang! Bang!

The battle was intense, and various blazing light filled the surroundings.

A battle between two Immortal Kings was a scene that could be described as capable of shacking the universe.

“You lousy Devil Roar Dragon, you’ve been unable to best me for so many years, yet you’ve actually found someone else to help you deal with me. You’ve really become capable!” Heaven Trampler shouted loudly like a thunderclap. In his hand, the dark and enormous axe chopped horizontally to deal with all his opponent’s attacks.

“Hmph! Stupid cow! You’ve been hiding in the Divine Abyss of Darkness all these years, and I was indeed unable to do anything to you while you had the protection of your master. But now that your master isn’t around, let me see how long you can continue struggling for!” Qiu Qianlin grunted coldly.

As he spoke, his actions weren’t slow at all. The golden trident gave rise to a myriad of layers of light and carried violent Immortal King Laws as it smashed down fiercely at Heaven Trampler.

It forced Heaven Trampler to appear inferior in comparison, and he could only resist passively, causing him to be in a truly aggrieving situation.

“Wu Xiangchi! Get the fuck out here! Stop launching sneak attacks from the shadows like a coward!” Heaven Trampler roared furiously. This battle was truly too aggrieving to him, and he was very clearly aware that if this continued, then he might really perish here.

“Hehe! Stupid cow, it’s no use no matter how you shout! This is the God Attainment Region! The Heaven Dao here is in chaos and karma is hidden. It’s impossible even for your master to come save you!” Qiu Qianlin laughed coldly as his figure flashed, and the golden trident smashed down through the sky.


A divine radiance tore through the sky, and it struck Heaven Trampler to the point his figure staggered back.

Before the latter could make any reaction, the golden trident swept out horizontally once more.


It smashed onto Heaven Trampler’s body, and it caused him to suddenly spit out a mouthful of brilliant gold blood.

“Dammit! Wu Xiangchi, it’s you again! I’ll kill you bastard! Even if I have to give up my life!” Heaven Trampler was infuriated when he saw himself being struck to the point of spitting blood, and his eyes were bloodshot. He roared furiously like a divine ox and actually disregarded the pursuit of Qiu Qianlin as he turned around, and then he chopped down towards the space at the side with the dark and enormous axe in his hand.


However, before his figure could move, a shapeless fluctuation arose abruptly, and it was like a gentle whip that confined his figure once more, causing him to miss before his attack could even be completed.

Qiu Qianlin seized this opportunity to charge over explosively once more. His extremely robust figure crushed the stars before him, and the golden trident in his hand even surged explosively with a myriad of strands of golden radiance, causing the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.


A world shaking collision resounded, and then Heaven Trampler’s body shook as if he’d been struck by lightning. He spat out another mouthful of blood while his rugged face turned ghastly pale.

However, his expression was frenzied as before.

“There’s no need to struggle. If Wu Xiangchi and I can’t kill a stupid cow like you while working together, then we can directly knock a wall and take our own lives.” Qiu Qianlin glanced arrogantly at Heaven Trampler, and then his figure charged once more while emanating rumbling.

He seemed as if he intended to exterminate Heaven Trampler.


However, right at this moment, an extremely vast sword qi of light tore through the layers of space and passed through countless stars, and it carried a supreme might as it slashed down.

“Who is it!” Qiu Qianlin was shocked. He couldn’t be bothered to pursue Heaven Trampler, and he waved the trident to meet the wisp of sword qi head-on.


Light erupted, and it was like two volcanoes had collided in midair, causing the impetus of it to be extremely astounding.

Qiu Qianlin suddenly moved backwards from the force of this strike, and everywhere his figure passed, stars were crushed into pieces while his expression was extremely unsightly.

“God Mystery Sword!” He shouted with shock and fury, and he recognized the identity of the person that launched this attack.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Before he could launch a counterattack, nine multicolored rays of immortal light tore through the sky. They swayed and seemed dream-like as they swished over, and they actually bound Qiu Qianlin’s figure that was tall like the sky.

“Nine Clarity Jade Crown!” Qiu Qianlin cried out involuntarily with shock and fury once more, and a wisp of terror surged onto his face. His entire body shook, and he broke open the restraints of the Nine Clarity Divinelight before intending to flee.

However, right at this moment, a violet battle axe that seemed like a crescent moon swished as it tore through the sky, and then it directly severed his throat at an unbelievably swift speed!


A rain of golden blood covered the sky and rained down, whereas Qiu Qianlin, the Master of Origin Clarity Sect and a descendant of the Primeval Devil Roar Dragon had perished on the spot. He’s died instantaneously and without any room to struggle.

Because it was the joint attacks of three Immortal Kings that struck him earlier!

This scene caused Heaven Trampler to be shocked, and then he came to a complete understanding. However, he couldn’t be bothered about all of this at this moment, and he let out a savage laughter as he suddenly charged to the side.

“Wu Xiangchi! Fucking continue hiding!”


The dark and enormous axe tore through the sky and forcefully tore open an enormous rift in space 500,000km away, and then a figure suddenly charged out from the end of the rift.

This figure was practically translucent and shaped like a winding tree branch that swayed without end, and it was extremely strange. However, as soon as he appeared, he swiftly transformed into a middle aged man with violet hair, violet lips, and in violet clothes.

Obviously, he was Wu Xiangchi.

“Hmph! I’ll let you off for now. The time we meet at the God Attainment Altar will be the time of your death!” The violet clothed middle aged man grunted coldly before his figure flashed, and he actually flew through the sky.


A strand of Light Sword Qi, nine multicolored immortal lights, and a violet battle axe appeared out of thin air at the same time, and they smashed down at him.


The violet clothed middle aged man revealed a strange smile when facing these attacks, and then his figure shattered with a bang. His body transformed into a myriad of droplets of light that surged off in all directions.

With the might of the joint attacks of Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian, they were merely able to destroy most of the droplets of light, and there was still a small portion that vanished in the boundless space.

Heaven Trampler couldn’t help but spit when he saw this, and he was slightly disgruntled.

“Big Brother Heaven Trampler.” Meanwhile, Shi Yu and the others had rushed over, and Chen Xi immediately moved over to greet Heaven Trampler.

“Alas, it really is you, little fellow. Why did you come here? Aren’t you afraid of death?” Heaven Trampler’s figure flashed before he transformed into a 27m tall figure. He first took a glance at Shi Yu and the others before his gaze descended onto the young man before him, and then his brows knit together as he let out a long sigh.

Chen Xi was stunned as he’d never expected that the first thing Heaven Trampler would say after meeting him would be so blunt. However, he was able to discern that Heaven Trampler was concerned about his safety and had no ill intent.

“You old cow! We saved you yet you don’t even give us any thanks?” said Shi Yu with a smile.

“Hmph! If it wasn’t for this kid, would all of you help me? If I’m going to thank someone, then I should thank him!” Heaven Trampler pointed at Chen Xi and spoke as a matter of course.

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li exchanged glances, and both of them were speechless. This old cow is actually still so unreasonable.

“Right, Big Brother Heaven Trampler, why did you get into a fight with them?” Chen Xi hurriedly changed the topic. He was able to discern that Heaven Trampler didn’t really acknowledge Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li, so he was naturally unwilling to see them enter into an argument.

On the other hand, from the beginning until the end, Dian Dian gazed at Heaven Trampler while seeming to be lost in thought and didn’t say anything.

“Alas, the Prehistoric Sects have fallen into chaos.” Heaven Trampler sighed, and he didn’t conceal the reason at all.

It turned out that along with the Prehistoric Ruins becoming the place where the upheaval of the three dimensions began, all the Prehistoric Sects were worried for their own safety and were anxiously choosing a method to escape calamity, so they placed their targets onto the outside world.

Some sects intended to establish a new sect in the Immortal Dimension while some were roped in by the Sovereign Sect, and they chose to join the Sovereign Sect’s forces.

During this trip to the God Attainment Region, those Prehistoric Sects that didn’t join the Sovereign Sect suffered the full forced repression of the Sovereign Sect.

For example, it was precisely under such circumstances that Heaven Trampler suffered the joint pursuit of Qiu Qianlin and Wu Xiangchi that were respectively the masters of the Origin Clarity Sect and Devil Spirit Sect.

These two powers had joined the Sovereign Sect.

Shi Yu and the others frowned when they heard this, and they felt the situation was slightly bad.

Originally, Shi Yu and the others thought that the Sovereign Sect had only sent Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao here, and they would at most be able to obtain the cooperation of two or three Prehistoric Sects. Never had they imagined that the situation would actually be severe to such an extent.

“Exactly how many Prehistoric Sects have joined the Sovereign Sect’s forces?” asked Shi Yu with a frown.

Heaven Trampler puckered his lips with a depressed expression and said, “If I knew, then how could I have possibly been deceived by those two bastards?”

It turned out that he was suppressed earlier because he’d been deceived by Qiu Qianlin and Wu Xiangchi, and he’d never expected that they’d sought refuge with the Sovereign Sect. So, he instantly fell into dire straits after being caught off guard by them.

“Looks like the situation really is bad.” A wisp of a heavy expression filled the space between Shi Yu’s brows. Earlier, he was already aware that the Void Heaven Sect’s Le Qianchou and Myriad Sect’s Bei Haoling were working together with the Sovereign Sect to annihilate their group. However, in the end, they were sacrificed by Suiren Ting, and it almost allowed Suiren Ting to succeed in annihilating them.

Now, if the Immortal Kings of a few more Prehistoric Sects were working together with the Sovereign Sect, then it would truly be troublesome.

That day, Chen Xi had helped them deal with the disaster that was about to take their lives, but what about the next time?

“However, according to my knowledge, there are roughly nine Prehistoric Sects that have come to the God Attainment Region this time. Besides the Integration Sect that I represent, there are another eight more Prehistoric Sects.” Heaven Trampler knew that the situation was severe when he saw their brows knit together tightly, and he said immediately, “In the worse case scenario, all of them are working together with the Sovereign Sect.”

“Wait. Presently, the masters of Void Heaven Sect, Myriad Sect, and Origin Clarity Sect have fallen. So, only five more Prehistoric Sects remain. Amongst these sects, we can confirm that the Devil Spirit Sect’s master, Wu Xiangchi, has already joined the forces of the Sovereign Sect. In other words, there are another four Prehistoric Sects that we can’t distinguish which side they’re on.” Xiangliu Li said in a light voice, “So according to the worse case scenario, Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao have at most roped in five more Immortal Kings.”

She paused for a moment and continued. “On the other hand, if we add Fellow Daoist Heaven Trampler in, then we have four Immortal Kings. So even though the situation is severe, we may not necessarily be unable to resist them.”

After they heard Xiangliu Li’s analysis, Shi Yu and Dian Dian nodded as well, and their expressions eased up greatly.

Heaven Trampler puckered his lips instead and said, “When did I fucking say that I would work together with all of you?”

“Big Brother Heaven Trampler, if you act by yourself…” Chen Xi spoke with worry.

Before he could finish speaking, Heaven Trampler knew what he was about to say and instantly said angrily, “Alright, alright! I’ll listen to you, kid, alright?”

Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian smiled. They were naturally able to discern that Heaven Trampler wasn’t unwilling to agree to this, and he just didn’t want to lose face, whereas Chen Xi’s words naturally gave him an opportunity to agree without losing face.

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