Chapter 1338 – Saint Dao Laws

Fortunately, all of this wasn’t a hallucination.

Chen Xi sensed that his cultivation in Heart Energy that was in the Heart Infant Realm and cultivation that had attain perfection in the Golden Immortal Realm, and he instantly felt really at ease.

The only regret he had was perhaps he didn’t seize this chance to advance and break through into the Saint Immortal Realm in one go. However, Chen Xi was already very satisfied.

One day later, Shi Yu and the other’s injuries had completely recovered. They immediately stopped wasting time here and left this floating mass of land.


In the boundless chaotic space, Shi Yu took the lead and led all of them forward at full speed.

They flashed past numerous floating masses of land and passed over countless stars, and they flew without stopping or resting for over a month.

All along the way, they’d encountered all sorts of dangers at practically every single moment. There were assaults from Ancient Bloodgod Corpses, there were spatial turbulence that swept over, and there were even many occasions where they mistakenly entered the Restrictions of the Gods that had existed for countless years, and they utilized all their ability in order to escape the restriction.

During this entire process, Chen Xi wasn’t affected by any danger because all the danger and killing intent had been dealt with by the three Immortal Kings.

But even then, as a bystander, Chen Xi still sensed that as the deeper they headed into the boundless space, the more terrifying the dangers they encountered became, and it was even to the extent that the three Immortal King Realm experts had no choice but to be on high alert and treat it with caution.

As for the gains, it wasn’t much.

After all, Shi Yu and the others didn’t place their attention on gathering treasures, and they wholeheartedly desired to arrive at the God Attainment Altar as soon as possible.

On this day, they were slowly flying above an ocean of stars.

This ocean of stars was rather dense. Meteorites flowed within it while the stars circulated, and a multicolored divine light rose from it. It was like a boundless multicolored ocean, and it was an extremely magnificent scene.

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li stood side by side at the front, and they were on high alert towards the surroundings while they whispered in discussion. They were discussing their following course of action.

Because according to their inference, they’d arrive before the God Attainment Altar in less than three days. At that time, they had to consider how they should compete with their other opponents in order to locate the technique to attain the Dao and become a god.

It definitely wouldn’t just be the Sovereign Sect that would participate in this because the various sects of the prehistoric Ruins would certainly send their members over. This was something that was extremely obvious.

On the other side, Chen Xi was modestly asking Dian Dian for guidance on the profundities of the Saint Immortal Realm.

Dian Dian was an existence at the Immortal King Realm, and her knowledge was something that stood proudly at the peak of the three dimensions, so how could Chen Xi possibly let such a superb opportunity slip by?

All along this way, besides travelling and dealing with the dangers they faced, Chen Xi had always been asking Dian Dian for guidance in matters concerned with cultivation, and he’d obtained great gains and frequently felt enlightened.

“Fuse the Dao?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when the condensing of Laws was mentioned.

“Yes, Saint Immortal Realm experts must completely fuse the Golden Immortal Laws they possess and transform it into a Grand Dao of their own.” Dian Dian guided casually. “The Saint Immortal Realm has already stepped onto the path that leads to becoming a god, and the reason a Saint Immortal can spread the Dao throughout the world is because a Saint Immortal possesses a Grand Dao of his own.”

“When one fuses the Dao, the more Golden Immortal Laws one possesses, the greater its might would be. Similarly, the stronger the Golden Immortal Laws contained within it were, the greater its might would be after it was fused into a Grand Dao.

“After the Dao is fused, it’s called Saint Dao Laws.”

“The Saint Dao Laws possessed by ordinary Saint Immortal Realm experts are mostly fused with the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, or other similar Grand Dao Laws as the primary Grand Dao. For example, the Fire Saint Dao, the Water Saint Dao, and so on and so forth.”

When she spoke up to here, Dian Dian puckered her lips while looking at Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li that stood in the distance and said, “The first choice for disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace like them when they fused the Dao is the Light Saint Dao. It is to completely fuse all the Golden Immortal Laws they possess into the Grand Dao of Light, thus creating a Light Saint Dao of their own.”

“Because every single one of them possesses different Golden Immortal Laws that are of varying strengths, even though all of them possess the Light Saint Dao, its might and attributes are completely different.”

“In other words, after arriving at the Saint Immortal Realm, the Saint Dao Laws grasped by every Saint Immortal seemed to have a similar name, yet they’re all unique because…it’s your own Dao.”

After he heard Dian Dian’s explanation, Chen Xi finally understood that cultivating in the Saint Immortal Realm actually stressed upon so many things.

“Then what about the Immortal King Realm?” asked Chen Xi.

Dian Dian couldn’t help but smile when she heard this. “The only method to advance into the Immortal King Realm is to verify the Dao by utilizing the Saint Dao one possesses to seize karmic luck from the heavens. The stronger one’s Saint Dao is, the greater one’s karmic luck would be, and only then would one be able to step into the threshold of the Immortal King Realm. As for cultivating in the Immortal King Realm, it’s extremely complicated to explain, and you’ll naturally understand once you arrive at that realm.”

Chen Xi nodded, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. On the path to the Grand Dao, it becomes more and more difficult and obscure the further one travels on it. Even though I’ve already attained perfection in the Golden Immortal Realm, I still haven’t stridden through the thresholds of the Saint Immortal Realm and Immortal King Realm. I wonder how much time I’ll have to spend and how much dangers I’ll have to experience before I can attain this step.

If I include the Godrank Realm of legend, then I really don’t know when I’ll be able to attain it…

Of course, the precondition to all of this is to — survive!

When I fuse the Dao, the more Golden Immortal Laws I possess, the greater its might would be. Looks like I first have to condense all the Grand Dao Laws I possess into Golden Immortal Laws… Chen Xi pondered silently. As far as he was concerned, his path was extremely clear. Even if it was fusing the Dao, he would definitely completely fuse all the Golden Immortal Laws he possessed into the Talisman Dao and grasp a Talisman Saint Dao of his own.


Suddenly, a terrifying wave of the fluctuations of battle swept over from extremely far in the distance, and it caused the stars in the space around them to shake violently.

“Haha! There are actually Immortal Kings in battle…” Shi Yu, who was in the lead, stopped abruptly before he raised his head and looked far into the distance. His eyes surged with divine flames, and it seemed to see through the scenes behind the layer upon layers of space.

“Unfortunately, it isn’t the Sovereign Sect’s Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.” Xiangliu Li similarly looked towards the distance and puckered her lips while speaking with a slightly resentful tone. Even until now, she was still holding a grudge for the Sovereign Sect’s ambush that day, so she naturally wished for nothing more than to see Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Dian Dian and Chen Xi had stopped talking and looked over as well.

Unfortunately, even if he utilized the Eye of Divine Truth, he was still unable to see the battle that was occurring far away in the distance.

It wasn’t that the Eye of Divine Truth was too weak, and it was his main body’s body refinement cultivation that was too weak, and it caused the area he could view to be extremely limited. If it was his clone that utilized the Eye of Divine Truth, then the situation would be different.

“One of the parties to the battle is Qiu Qianlin, the Master of one of the Prehistoric Sects, the Origin Clarity Sect, and he’s an existence at the Immortal King Realm. He’s a descendant of the primeval ferocious beast, the Devil Roar Dragon.” Dian Dian explained to Chen Xi in a low voice. “As for the other party to the battle, it’s the Integration Sect’s Heaven Trampler. Early on in the prehistoric times, the Integration Sect was a colossus that could rival Nuwa’s Dao Palace. One grasped light while the other grasped darkness. Unfortunately, the Integration Sect suffered a great calamity when the three dimensions were established, and it fell into complete decline…”

Dian Dian completely didn’t notice that when Chen Xi heard the words Heaven Trampler, his expression had suddenly changed. As for the second half of what Dian Dian said, Chen Xi didn’t hear it at all.

Heaven Trampler!

Isn’t that Zhen Liuqing’s Senior Brother?

What’s he doing here?

Could it be that he came for the secret to becoming a god as well?

In an instant, countless thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s mind.

“Wait. I know that old cow from the Integration Sect. His strength is formidable to the point he’s absolutely not someone that Devil Roar Dragon can suppress and pin down. Yet now, this old cow is actually slightly unable to resist that Devil Roar Dragon…” In the front, Shi Yu’s brows suddenly raised as he seemed to have sensed something.

“Someone is helping from the shadows!” Dian Dian and Xiangliu Li spoke simultaneously.

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but constrict when he heard this, and he couldn’t refrain himself and asked, “Can…all of you help Heaven Trampler?”


In the next moment, the gazes of everyone descended onto Chen Xi in unison.

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li revealed a wisp of astonishment, and they seemed to be slightly puzzled.

Dian Dian on the other hand was clearly aware of why they would reveal such reactions, and she hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi. “Did you forget what I said earlier? During the prehistoric times, the relationship between Nuwa’s Dao Palace and the Integration Sect was like the relationship between light and darkness. They opposed each other.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and he instantly realized that he’d spoken foolishly earlier. Heaven Trampler is from the Integration Sect yet I asked Shi Yu and the others to help him. It was obviously foolish of me.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, Shi Yu seemed to as if he’d thought of something and said, “Brother Chen Xi, you have a good relationship with that old cow?”

Chen Xi didn’t conceal it and spoke truthfully. “All those years ago when I was still in the Mortal Dimension, Heaven Trampler once helped me greatly.”

When they heard this reason, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li exchanged glances before they immediately nodded with smiles on their faces. “Since it’s like this, then we’ll help him.”

Chen Xi was stunned and slightly puzzled.

Xiangliu Li smiled lightly and said instead, “Even though light and darkness have been unable to coexist since the ancient times, if there’s no darkness, then how would there be light? Being on the opposite side doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re enemies.”

As she spoke, they’d already traversed the multicolored ocean of stars beneath them, and they were flashing over at extreme speed.


Terrifying fluctuations resounded through the chaotic space.

As they grew closer, Chen Xi finally clearly sensed that Heaven Trampler’s figure that was as tall as the heavens was extremely far in the distance, and he was moving about between numerous stars.

He held a dark and enormous axe in hand, and every single swing of the axe would definitely shatter numerous stars, causing them to explode with an extremely ferocious and oppressive impetus.

His opponent was like a primeval Devil Roar Dragon. Its entire body was pitch black, and it had long fangs and a terrifying appearance. Moreover, its height was actually comparable to Heaven Trampler.

Obviously, this Devil Roar Dragon was the Master of Origin Clarity Sect, Qiu Qianlin, that Dian Dian mentioned earlier.

He held a golden trident, and it surged with golden radiance that swept towards the surroundings. He actually suppressed Heaven Trampler to the point of being unable to teleport.

The scene before him was that of two imposing Immortal Kings battling in the boundless space, and the terrifying aftershocks from the battle shattered and destroyed the stars and meteors in an area of 500,000km, causing it to be an extremely shocking sight.

However, it was obvious that Heaven Trampler was in a suppressed state. Every time he tried to break out of this situation, a shapeless force would entangle itself onto his body, causing him to be instantly suppressed once more.

The state of the battle was extremely disadvantageous to him!

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