Chapter 1337 – Mysterious Eye

Strands of golden light drifted and transformed into strands of mysterious Dao markings that enshrouded the surroundings.

A tiny person with clear features and seemed like an infant sat cross-legged within his Dao Heart while meditating. It glowed lustrously and was completely suffused with a pure and flawless aura.

Along with the breathing of this tiny person, strands of pure, thick, and seemingly material Heart Energy circulated without end, and they transformed into strands of golden light that drifted about and seethed, causing the tiny person to seem like a god.

The Heart Infant Realm!

In an instant, Chen Xi determined that his cultivation in the Dao Heart had actually transformed from the Heart Soul Realm into the Heart Infant Realm at this moment!

This was precisely the reason why Chen Xi was dumbstruck.

The realms of Heart Energy were divided into Heart Qi, Heart Core, Heart Soul, and Heart Infant.

Because this energy was too unreal and incorporeal, there were very few techniques in the world to cultivate Heart Energy. For example, in the Mortal Dimension, the myriad of living beings there mostly didn’t know what Heart Energy was.

Even if they knew about Heart Energy, most of them only had a simple understanding that one could only condense Heart Energy by killing great villains, and it was impossible to cultivate it with any other way.

If Chen Xi hadn’t obtained the Immeasurable Virtue technique in the Grand Deduction Tower of the Talisman Dimension, then he would be utterly unable to attain the Heart Soul Realm in his Heart Energy.

Unfortunately, even if he possessed a technique to cultivate Heart Energy, Chen Xi was still at the Heart Soul Realm until moments ago, and this obviously showed how difficult it was to cultivate Heart Energy.

Yet now, his cultivation in Heart Energy had actually broken through to the next realm, the Heart Infant Realm. Moreover, he didn’t have a clue that it was advancing during this entire process, so how could Chen Xi not be shocked?

It was the Heart Infant Realm!

According to Chen Xi’s understanding from before, if he wanted to advance into the Immortal King Realm and grasp the Grand Dao of Immortal Kings, then the precondition was that he possessed a cultivation in Heart Energy at the Heart Infant Realm while seizing the karmic luck of the Heaven Dao and condensing the body of an Immortal King was only the secondary condition!

It could be said that merely this threshold had obstructed the footsteps of countless Half-step Immortal Kings, let alone seizing the karmic luck of the heavens and condensing the body of an Immortal King.

Yet now, Chen Xi had already grasped the Heart Infant Realm while only at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, so even he was surprised and shocked.

If news of this matter were to be spread, then it would probably even shock the jaws off of seniors at the Half-step Immortal King Realm because it was simply world shocking!

All of this is definitely the contribution of the River Diagram fragments… In next to no time, Chen Xi calmed down, and he roughly understood that it was the benefit he received after fusing with the sixth River Diagram fragment.

At this moment, the state he was in was extremely strange. His consciousness had clearly recovered, yet he was unable to open his eyes. The vital energy within his entire body was actually in a strange circulating state, and he seemed like he was meditating yet also seemed like he was comprehending the Dao.

Most importantly, Chen Xi was actually unable to stop all of this!

It seemed like there was a shapeless force that was leading the essence, spirit, and energy within his body to circulate in a natural manner, and it didn’t cause him to feel uncomfortable at all. Moreover, he felt as if he was bathing under a spring breeze and had returned to the embrace of nature instead.

Amidst this strange and indescribable state, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that his cultivation was actually quickly rising steadily like a ship rising with the tide!

The Immortal Force in his body surged, cheered, and rose explosively.

The vital energy in his entire body seethed, rumbled, and transformed at a shocking speed.

Yet it just so happened that it didn’t feel uncomfortable to Chen Xi at all. His foundation was still thick and solid as before while his aura didn’t become chaotic from the explosive rise in his strength…

All of this seemed to be occurring without any extra effort because the conditions were ripe.

It was unbelievable!

After all, it had only been less than half a year since Chen Xi advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. Yet right at this moment, his cultivation was rising successively like a bamboo shoot rising up after the rain, and in merely the time for a few breaths, his cultivation had actually started moving towards a solid, flawless, and perfect state. Moreover, it faintly showed a slight sign of being on the verge of breaking through!

Could…could this be the benefits given by the River Diagram fragments…? At this moment, Chen Xi was dazed. Just moments ago, his cultivation in Heart Energy had broken through to the Heart Infant Realm. Now, his own cultivation had attained a state of perfection and faintly showed signs of advancing into the Saint Immortal Realm. All of this was too surprising.

He couldn’t help but move his attention away and stare at the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness.

Sure enough, he noticed that the sixth River Diagram fragment had fused with the rest. At this moment, its ancient and dark surface was actually faintly suffused with a light translucent glow, and it floated there silently and circulated while emanating an incorporeal glow.

Since he’d entered the God Attainment Region, the River Diagram fragments had been undergoing unexpected changes. First, it silently took away his Daospirit Pearls, then it assisted Chen Xi to deal with the assault of Immortal King blood in his body while he was within the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, and later on, the River Diagram fragments took away the Immortal King Saint Heart…

In the end, after he fused with the sixth River Diagram fragment, everything seemed to have undergone a transformation, and it surprised Chen Xi with all sorts of pleasant surprises.

Heart Energy at the Heart Infant Realm!

His cultivation rose repeatedly!

Everything was so sudden, yet it happened so easily without any extra effort.

Moreover, all of this allowed Chen Xi to realize that the changes in the River Diagram fragments this time was definitely not so simple. Perhaps… I’ll be able to break through into the Saint Immortal Realm under the assistance of the River Diagram fragments?


Right when this thought arose in Chen Xi’s heart, his sea of consciousness felt as if it was struck by lightning while his entire body trembled. In the next moment, a grand, ancient, and extremely mysterious picture surged into appearance within his mind!

It was an altar!

It stood within the chaotic space and towered into the sky. It was completely pitch black, and it was like a path that led to the world outside the three dimensions.

As he stood before it, he felt tiny like an ant, and as he looked up to it, he was actually unable to see the end of it!

The altar was too ancient and seemed to have stood in the chaotic space for innumerable years. It was solemn and silent, and it seemed to have watched the changes of the worlds in the three dimensions, causing others to involuntarily arouse devoted and reverent feelings while wishing for nothing more than to kneel down in worship.

This…this wouldn’t be that altar, right? A flash of inspiration appeared in Chen Xi’s mind. In the next moment, his field of vision appeared atop the altar. It was completely in chaos, grey and blurry, and it seemed like beginning of the universe when the entire world was still in a chaotic state.

After that, Chen Xi saw a bright golden chart. It was like a picture scroll that lay across the chaos, and it just happened to lay across the two ends of the heavens!

However, because it was covered by the chaos, even if Chen Xi tried with all his might, he was actually unable to view the true appearance of the chart, let alone see exactly what was recorded on it.

What is this? The God Attainment Chart? Chen Xi was stunned.


After that, an eye suddenly opened up in the chaos.

At the instant when he met the gaze of this eye, Chen Xi’s entire body felt as if it had fallen into an icy pit as his body was completely icy cold, and he couldn’t help but shudder.

What sort of eye was that?

It was pitch black, deep, icy cold, and indifferent. It seemed as if countless talisman markings were flickering within it, and it seemed like the rise and fall of the heavens and the earth, the movements of the stars, the passage of time, the changes in the universe… Everything was revealed within it.

When he looked at it from afar, Chen Xi had the terrifying feeling that his heart, past, and present had been seen through.

What is that?

The Eye of the Heaven Dao?

Or is it the eye of a terrifying existence?

This caused Chen Xi to feel horrified and even arouse a feeling of extreme detest, rage, and ruthlessness. He wished for nothing more than to smash that eye into pieces with his fist!


Right when Chen Xi was furious to the extreme, had bloodshot eyes, and had clenched his fists tightly with the intention of attacking, a droning sound arose in his mind. After that, all the scenes before his eyes transformed into shattered torrents that vanished into nothingness.

“AH!!” Chen Xi suddenly shouted reflexively. In the next moment, he opened his eyes and awakened completely.

“What is it?”

“Little Brother Chen Xi, you wouldn’t have encounter inner demons in your cultivation, right?”

A wave of concerned voices resounded. Chen Xi raised his eyes and saw that Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li were all by his side at this moment, and their expressions more or less carried a trace of worry.

However, all of them instantly heaved sighs of relief when they saw Chen Xi had returned completely to his senses.

Earlier, Chen Xi’s state was too strange. He was clearly sitting cross-legged and cultivating in meditation, yet his expression was sometimes surprised and sometimes revealed a frown. In the end, it instantly became savage, and even his aura became heavy and seemed as if he was suffering from qi deviation.

This naturally drew the attention of Shi Yu and the others.

“I’m fine.” Chen Xi let out a long sigh, and then he spoke with a smile. However, a wisp of rage still remained in his heart, but it was quickly suppressed by him.

“The path of cultivation is unfathomably dangerous, so you must not be impatient. A single unsteady step will cause inner demons to be easily planted in your heart, and it will cause all sorts of disturbances while you cultivate. It’s very harmful to you.” Shi Yu noticed with a single glance that Chen Xi’s cultivation had actually improved greatly in this short period of time, and he couldn’t help but frown as he thought the strange state Chen Xi experienced earlier was caused by Chen Xi being too impatient in his cultivation.

“Thank you for your guidance, Brother Shi Yu.” Chen Xi nodded. At this moment, his mind was in chaos, and his expression couldn’t help but be slightly dazed.

When she noticed this scene, Dian Dian immediately instructed and said, “It’s alright so long as you’re fine. Calm your heart and regulate your breathing for some time. We won’t disturb you for now, and we’ll set out to the God Attainment Altar once you’re recovered completely.”

As she spoke, she shot a glance at Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li, and then they turned around and left.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but take a few more deep breaths, and only now did his mind completely recover its calm.

The scenes I saw earlier were simply mysterious, unfathomable, and bizarre. Why did my heart actually become so furious and ruthless when I saw that eye?

Besides that, is that towering altar the God Attainment Altar? Then what’s the chart that is concealed in the chaotic space above the altar and lays across it?

Strange, all of this was definitely a reaction caused by the River Diagram fragments… But, why would it reveal such a scene to me?

Numerous questions surged into Chen Xi’s heart, and it caused his pitch black and slanted brows to be unable to help but slowly knit together.

In the next, he wasn’t able to figure anything out.

This was something that couldn’t be helped. Perhaps, he would be able to obtain an answer after they really arrived at the God Attainment Altar…

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