Chapter 1336 – Fusing With The Sixth River Diagram Fragment

Even though he was embarrassed, Chen Xi was still extremely happy in his heart because of the favor and appreciation of these three Immortal Kings. He was able to clearly sense that after they experienced that shocking unexpected event, the relationship between them had grown a step closer.

There was a little bit less courtesy from before and a little bit more of a true friendly relationship.

This was the thing that made Chen Xi the happiest.

“A great disturbance just occurred here. Thus, in order to avoid any mishaps from occurring, we should first find a secluded place to rest and reorganize, and it wouldn’t be too late for us to set out after that.” After they asked about Chen Xi briefly and found out that he was fine, Shi Yu immediately decided.

Obviously, after they experienced the unexpected event from before, it caused Shi Yu to realize that ensuring their safety was the first priority in this God Attainment Region that was filled with danger.

As for the fortune that lay within the God Attainment Altar, it was sufficient if they tried their best to obtain it, and they absolutely couldn’t lose their lives just for the sake of a fortuitous encounter because it wouldn’t be worth it.

Everyone immediately flashed and left under Shi Yu’s...

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