Chapter 1334 – Clear Sword Lotuses

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The screen of light formed from the Five Color Rock suffered attacks without end, and it trembled violently while rumbling.

Shi Yu’s countenance was pale and covered in a serious expression. His entire body seemed as if it was blazing while he forcefully utilized the Five Color Rock in his hand, and it created a five colored screen of light that forcefully resisted the attacks that came from all directions.

At his side, Xiangliu Li activated the Nine Clarity Jade Crown and resisted the attacks with all her might. Her face was even paler than Shi Yu and was on the verge of turning translucent while strands of golden blood seeped out from the corners of her mouth at this moment. Moreover, her entire body was trembling slightly.

Obviously, an Immortal King like her had suffered a certain amount of injuries while putting up such a resistance.

All of this was because of the Boundless World Mirror!

Earlier, they could be said to have been advancing without difficulty under the lead of Shi Yu that utilized the Five Color Rock to open up a path, and they were about to kill their way out of the divine formation. Yet never had they imagined that an unexpected event would arise abruptly, the Boundless World Mirror actually flew out of the formation and caught them off guard, and it heavily injured them in one go.

If Shi Yu didn’t react extremely swiftly and...

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