Chapter 1334 – Clear Sword Lotuses

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The screen of light formed from the Five Color Rock suffered attacks without end, and it trembled violently while rumbling.

Shi Yu’s countenance was pale and covered in a serious expression. His entire body seemed as if it was blazing while he forcefully utilized the Five Color Rock in his hand, and it created a five colored screen of light that forcefully resisted the attacks that came from all directions.

At his side, Xiangliu Li activated the Nine Clarity Jade Crown and resisted the attacks with all her might. Her face was even paler than Shi Yu and was on the verge of turning translucent while strands of golden blood seeped out from the corners of her mouth at this moment. Moreover, her entire body was trembling slightly.

Obviously, an Immortal King like her had suffered a certain amount of injuries while putting up such a resistance.

All of this was because of the Boundless World Mirror!

Earlier, they could be said to have been advancing without difficulty under the lead of Shi Yu that utilized the Five Color Rock to open up a path, and they were about to kill their way out of the divine formation. Yet never had they imagined that an unexpected event would arise abruptly, the Boundless World Mirror actually flew out of the formation and caught them off guard, and it heavily injured them in one go.

If Shi Yu didn’t react extremely swiftly and obstruct it with all his might via the Five Color Rock, they would have almost been obliterated by this strike!

Now, even though they’d escaped that threat to their lives, they were merely able to rely on their own cultivations to resist the formation with all their might, and they were unable to charge out from it.

It felt as if they were beasts in a cage that had fallen into a hopeless situation. If this sort of situation were to continue, then they would definitely be crushed on the spot from exhaustion!


Within the formation, the divine light of calamity poured down like a rainstorm, and it enveloped the heavens and the earth. These divine lights of calamity revealed an obscure and pitch black color, and they were thick like buckets. It descended like ferocious divine lightning as it poured down and completely blocked off their paths of retreat.

On the other hand, Shi Yu and the others who stood beneath the screen of light emanated from the Five Color Rock seemed as if they were alone and helpless beneath a heavy rainstorm. Moreover, they suffered endless attacks at all times. Once the Five Color Rock’s screen of light was destroyed, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

It wasn’t just that, a dense mass of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses was ceaselessly charging towards them from all directions, and there were even four Ancient Immortal King Corpses present amongst them.

These ancient corpses had originally been annihilated by them, yet they’d recovered after being repaired by the aura of calamity and blood of Immortal Kings. Moreover, their combat strength was more than two times stronger.

All of this brought boundless pressure down upon Shi Yu and the others!

“What should we do?” At this moment, a wisp of anxiousness couldn’t help but appear between Xiangliu Li’s brows. “The Boundless World Mirror is a treasure that belongs to the Master of the Sovereign Sect. It’s capable of disturbing the workings of the heavens and concealing karma. With this mirror residing at the foundation of the formation, we’re utterly unable to find a path to break through this formation. If this continues, then we can only wait helplessly for death to arrive!”

When looking for her point of view, there was a bronze ancient mirror floating in midair extremely far away. It was only around the size of a palm and was completely round in shape, and the surface of the mirror was suffused with surging strands of an obscure glow that illuminated the heavens and the earth while emanating strands of divine light of calamity.

This was the Boundless World Mirror!

A supreme divine treasure that possessed monstrous might and was extremely terrifying.

It wasn’t just capable of disturbing the workings of the heavens and concealing karma, it was also capable of creating layer upon layer of ‘Mirror Planes’ that were like overlapping pockets of space that densely covered every inch of space.

These ‘Mirror Planes’ were able to convert the attacks of others into divine light of calamity, and the stronger the attacks were, the divine light of calamity would be even more terrifying and greater in number.

Early on at the beginning of the prehistoric times, the Sovereign Sect had relied on this treasure to slaughter countless gods and trap innumerable extraordinary figures, creating an illustrious and ferocious reputation for itself.

Presently, Suiren Ting hadn’t just set up the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, he’d made a blood sacrifice of two Immortal Kings and even utilized the Boundless World Mirror as the foundation of the formation. This string of events could be said to be filled with killing intent and perfect. Obviously, Suiren Ting intended to completely crush and annihilate them here.

Under such circumstances, how could Xiangliu Li not be anxious?

“If there really isn’t any other way… Then I’ll send all of you out of this formation later even if I have to risk my life!” Shi Yu went silent for a long time before a wisp of a resolute expression suddenly flashed on his cold and proud face. He was very clearly aware that even if they’d made sufficient preparations this time, they’d still underestimated the ruthless methods of the Sovereign Sect.

No matter who it was, that person would probably have never expected that the Sovereign Sect would actually pay such a heavy price even before arriving at the God Attainment Altar and intended to annihilate all of them in one go.

This had really exceeded their expectations indeed, and it had caught them by surprise because of this.

Yet it was too late now, and the only choice they had now seemed to be risking their lives!

Risking their lives means sacrifice!

If they weren’t forced into a hopeless situation, no Immortal King would be willing to act in this way.

When she heard Shi Yu’s resolute words, Xiangliu Li was stunned on the spot while her heart sank to rock bottom. She was both sorrowful and furious, and the feelings in her heart were complicated to the extreme.

“Chen Xi… Chen Xi… Quickly wake up… Quickly wake up…” At the side, Dian Dian’s voice resounded, and it carried anxiousness and a wisp of fear.

At this moment, her countenance was ghastly pale while her clothes were dyed red with blood. The space between her brows was filled with concern and anxiousness as she looked at Chen Xi who stood by her side, and she was actually slightly flustered.

When she noticed this, Xiangliu Li’s heart was even greater chaos.

Earlier, while they were charging forward, they’d been caught off guard by the Boundless World Mirror, and even Midnight Immortal King had suffered an injury, so it naturally affected Chen Xi as well.

Even though Midnight had helped him obstruct this lethal strike at the critical moment of life and death, because his cultivation was too weak, the energy of calamity and Immortal King blood had charged into his body. Presently, the vital energy within his entire body was in chaos while he shouted endlessly with pain, and he might perish at any moment!

“Could it be that…we’re bound to be doomed this time?” The feelings in Xiangliu Li’s heart was complicated to the extreme while for no rhyme or reason, she recalled that this path that led to the God Attainment Altar was originally called Immortal King Burial…

Since the ancient times until now, countless Immortal Kings had perished here.

But Xiangliu Li had never expected that she would actually suffer this bitter experience as well…


Right at this moment, a wave of a violent force surged over, and it shook the five colored screen of light to the point of wailing and shaking violently, causing Shi Yu to be unable to help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, his face was ghastly pale and unsightly.

“We can’t wait any longer. Junior Sister Li, I’ll give it my all later and carve out a path of blood. Seize this opportunity to leave with Midnight and Chen Xi!” Shi Yu turned around and stared at Xiangliu Li with a firm gaze.

“Senior Brother…” Xiangliu Li felt suffocated, and her heart hurt to the extreme.

“It’s decided. Remember, you must enter the God Attainment Altar and help me complete my wish to attain the Dao and become a god!” A wisp of a smile curved up onto the corners of Shi Yu’s mouth, and he revealed two rows of snow white teeth.

After that, his expression suddenly turned solemn while the space between his brows was filled with a wisp of a resolute and firm expression. However, right when he was about to sacrifice himself to break through this predicament before them, an unexpected event occurred abruptly!


A shapeless and terrifying fluctuation suddenly stretched out. At that instant, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian’s entire bodies couldn’t help but stiffen while a trace of coldness spread throughout their bodies.

Before they could recover from their shock, they heard a wave of strange droning resound through the heavens and the earth.

In an instant, numerous clear colored lotus flowers suddenly bloomed in the heavens and the earth. Every single lotus flower was translucent, crystalline, and had 36 petals, and they overlapped perfectly with each other.

Moreover, the lotus petals were clear, misty, and seemed to be shaped like swords. When combined together, they were like numerous clear lotus swords that emanated an extraordinary and supreme might.

This scene was too shocking. Countless clear colored sword lotuses had descended from the sky and suffused every single inch of space in the heavens and the earth, and they dyed this expanse of the heavens and the earth to the point it seemed sacred and grand.

“What’s this?” Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian were stunned in unison, and their eyes erupted with strands of divine radiance.

Swish! Swish!

In their fields of vision, the clear colored sword lotuses bloomed in the heavens and the earth and emanated strands of terrifying radiances of divinity, and they actually completely devoured the divine light of calamity that filled the sky!

When looked at from afar, it was like the divine lights of calamity were rivers that surged into numerous deep black holes made of lotus flowers, and it was so natural and easy.

From the beginning until the end, the divine light of calamity wasn’t just unable to damage the clear sword lotus at all, it was even like a myriad of streams returning to its source and surged into the embrace of the latter!

And the ‘source’…


The gazes of Shi Yu and the others shot towards the side in unison and descended onto Chen Xi, and then a wisp of shock couldn’t help but suffuse their faces.

Because to their surprise, they actually saw a sword!

The sword was over a meter long, a crimson red sword of blood. Numerous ancient and exuberant lotus flowers were branded within the body of the sword. Every single lotus flower carried strands of chaotic qi drifting about within them, and these strands of chaotic qi sometimes transformed into old men in ancient clothes and high crowns who were reading scriptures and sometimes transformed into beautiful young women that were dancing about with thousands of postures. It was miraculous and otherworldly.

However, in the eyes of Shi Yu and the others, they saw an expanse of a vast bloody battlefield. The gods were roaring furiously and howling sorrowfully while a rain of blood poured down from the sky, and the ground was covered in poles of corpses and bones!

At this moment, this sword was emanating its aura from within Chen Xi’s body. A bloody glow rose while strands of terrifying and shapeless force surged out from within it, and it spread throughout the heavens and the earth before transforming into clear sword lotuses that covered the sky!

“The Dao Calamity Sword!” In an instant, Shi Yu and the others recognized the sword, and their expressions were filled with realization. After that, a wisp of shock surged onto their faces as they seemed to have never expected that this sword would actually be in Chen Xi’s possession!

“Hahaha! The heavens haven’t given up on us!” Shi Yu couldn’t help but roar with laughter that shook the surroundings.

He’d already decided earlier to give up his life in exchange for the lives of the others, yet never had he expected that a trace of an opportunity to live would actually appear at this critical moment!

Xiangliu Li smiled lightly as well, and her face was filled with happiness. “The Dao Calamity Sword. This divine weapon is the greatest headache for the Sovereign Sect!” When she spoke up to here, she looked at Dian Dian while seeming as if she’d thought of something, and she said with a smile, “No wonder you insisted on bringing Little Brother Chen Xi along with us. Could it be that you expected all of this since the beginning?”

At this moment, Dian Dian was extremely happy, and her face was covered in smiles because she noticed that the injuries within Chen Xi’s body had already completely recovered and calmed down at this moment. It wasn’t violent and chaotic as it was before, and he wasn’t on the verge of death any longer.

However, when she heard Xiangliu Li, Dian Dian was slightly stunned, and then she puckered her lips and said with a smile, “I’m unable to deduce all of this. However, I’m clearly aware that this fellow isn’t ordinary.”

“He really isn’t ordinary. Which Golden Immortal in this world is actually capable of saving the lives of three Immortal Kings?” Shi Yu roared with laughter, and he didn’t conceal his admiration of Chen Xi at all.

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