Chapter 1333 – Unexpected Event

Swish! Swish!

As he spoke, Suiren Ting flicked his sleeve, and the ancient and black jade pagoda revolved. Strands of bright golden blood of Immortal Kings surged out from within it, and it transformed into a river that shot through the sky.

The golden blood contained strands of Immortal King Laws and emanated a terrifying and monstrous imposing aura, and when it converged into a river, it was bright like a brilliant scorching sun that illuminated the ages. It was a horrifying sight.

This blood came from the two Immortal Kings, Le Qianchou and Bei Haoling!

Earlier, they were the Masters of two Prehistoric Sects, the exalt in a sect, yet now, they’d instantly lost their lives at the hands of Suiren Ting. Moreover, even if they’d perished, their bodies, soul, blood, and cultivation had been completely made into an offering. It was simply extraordinarily sad.

These were the methods of the Sovereign Sect!

Emotionless, cruel, and stopping at nothing to achieve their objective!


As he watched the bright golden blood river of Immortal Kings transform into a ray of light that traversed the boundless space and surged into the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation that he’d set up a long time ago, Suiren Ting heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Luckily, we had the assistance of the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda this time, otherwise we’d have to exhaust some hard work in order to kill those two fellows,” said Suiren Ting with a smile.

“It was only two idiots whose Dao Hearts had been fooled by greed. As soon as they heard they could become gods, they were instantly reduced to our pawns. They truly are pitiable.” Jiang Lingxiao spoke with disdain.

After that, her beautiful brows knit together slightly. “However, Senior Brother Suiren, even though the Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation received the offering of the lives of two Immortal Kings, it still is slightly insufficient to annihilate Shi Yu and the others.”

“Don’t worry Junior Sister. Before we came to the Prehistoric Ruins this time, Master deduced the treasures Nuwa’s Dao Palace would prepare. So he especially allowed me to carry the Boundless World Mirror.” Suiren Ting’s expression was covered in pride and confidence. “Presently, I’ve already placed this divine artifact within the divine formation, so annihilating three existences at the Immortal King Realm is as easy as turning over my palm. What we have to do now is wait silently for the outcome.”

When he spoke up to here, his eyes suddenly surged with a trace of a burning glow. “At that time, the various treasures in their possessions will be ours. Hahaha!”

As he finished speaking, he was unable to restrain himself from roaring with laughter.

Jiang Lingxiao puckered her lips and chuckled without end as well, and her bearing became even more gentle and modest. However, her starry eyes were completely indifferent and emotionless.

After an unknown period of time, when Chen Xi recovered his senses, the battle had already calmed down.

In his field of vision, blood corpses, blood, skeletons, and shattered expanses of space floated about all over the surroundings… The violent spatial turbulence was recovering its calm, yet the blood and murderous aura that covered the heavens and the earth couldn’t be eliminated in a short period of time.

It has ended?

The few tens of thousands of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses and the four Ancient Immortal King Corpses have all been annihilated?

Chen Xi opened his eyes wide, and he still didn’t dare believe the scene before his eyes.

Logically speaking, he should feel happy, yet when his gaze descended onto Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li, his heart jerked instead.

Because their expressions were extremely heavy at this moment, and it was even more grim than it was before the battle. Moreover, the space between their brows was covered in a heavy expression.

Could it be that…the battle hasn’t ended?

Right, it hasn’t!

In next to no time, Chen Xi noticed that even though the ancient corpses had been wiped out, the four divine mountains still floated in the surroundings. Moreover, the damaged corpses, scarlet red blood, and piles of bones that covered the sky hadn’t dispersed at this moment, and they were enveloped by a shapeless force and were gradually wriggling.

The force was obscure and jet black in color, and strands of it creeped through every single inch of space in the surroundings while emanating a strand of the aura of the terrifying energy of calamity.

“This is…” Chen Xi was horrified while terror that was impossible to restrain spread throughout his body. He seemed as if he was about to suffer a horrible calamity.

“The Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation, one of the ancient divine formations of the Sovereign Sect that was passed down since the ancient times. It’s capable of crushing gods and destroying the Grand Dao, and it’s said that death will be endless until the calamity ends.” Dian Dian’s voice sounded out by his ear, and her voice carried a heavy tone that was impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, yet a tempestuous wave arose in his heart. All of this really was done by the Sovereign Sect, and based on the current situation, they actually intend to make a clean sweep of us and annihilate us here!

“Why aren’t we…breaking through the formation?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask when he saw the three Immortal Kings standing on the spot.

“Action taken by the Sovereign Sect’s won’t be so simple. Let’s wait and see first.” Shi Yu answered calmly. “Rashly taking action at this moment will probably cause us to fall deeply into the grand formation. At the time, we’ll be in danger.”

Chen Xi frowned, and he didn’t agree with their opinion that was akin to waiting for death to arrive.

He raised his head while he deduced silently in his heart. In the end, he helplessly noticed that this ancient divine formation from the Sovereign Sect contained an obscure force, and it wasn’t something he could deduce and see through at all.

It wasn’t that his cultivation in the Dao of Talismans was insufficient, and it was because his cultivation realm itself was too low. He was utterly unfamiliar with the force within the formation, so he wasn’t able to deduce anything at all.


Right at this moment, a bright golden rainstorm actually poured down from the entire sky at this moment. The raindrops were bright golden, translucent, and crystalline. They contained a supreme and terrifying might, and every single raindrop contained a terrifyingly vast and powerful might. Now that it had transformed into a rainstorm that poured down, the scene before their eyes wasn’t something that the words terrifying and extraordinary could describe.

The rainstorm poured down like a waterfall throughout the heavens and the earth.

After the bright golden rain poured onto the damaged corpses and bones, a shocking scene appeared.

Numerous Ancient Bloodgod Corpses were condensed into form once again. However, at this moment, they were different from before, and their entire bodies were covered in strands of a golden bloody glow and the grey aura of calamity. Their imposing aura were more than double than what they were before this!

Moreover, the four Ancient Immortal King Corpses that were originally destroyed into pieces actually started to condense into form and recover, and they were completely suffused with the golden rain and aura of calamity.

At this moment, Chen Xi felt suffocated as he was able to clearly sense that even if a single raindrop touched him, then it would be sufficient to take his life!

“The blood of Immortal Kings!”

“As expected, the Sovereign Sect utilized cruel and merciless sacrificial techniques again! Looks like they’ve already killed the members of the Prehistoric Sects that were working together with them!”

At practically the exact same time, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li spoke while their expressions became even more heavier.

“We can’t wait any longer. We must break through the formation!” Dian Dian frowned and spoke resolutely.

This was exactly what Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li thought.

“Hmph! Suiren Ting thinks he can wipe us all out with this little bit of ability? Isn’t he too naïve!?” Shi Yu grunted coldly before he flipped his palm casually, and a gorgeous five colored rock actually appeared at the center of his palm. As soon as it appeared, it shot out strands of multicolored divine light that shot into the sky.

Five Color Rock!

At the beginning of the prehistoric times, the four poles were crippled, the nine continents were split apart, and the heavens and the earth were on the verge of collapse. Calamities of the heavens and the earth were occurring successively, and it was extremely difficult for the myriad of living beings and races in the world to survive. So, the Master of Nuwa’s Dao Palace utilized the Five Color Rock to mends the sky and utilized supreme and extraordinary might to hold down the karmic luck of all races!

This was a legend, but it obviously showed how shocking the Five Color Rock was. It was capable of mending the sky and perfection the Heaven Dao Laws, so how could it be ordinary?

Yet now, when they saw Shi Yu withdraw this divine treasure, Dian Dian couldn’t help but exclaim with surprise. “I never expected that you would prepare such a trump card this time.”

Shi Yu smiled, and then he revealed a solemn expression as he said, “Now, please follow closely behind me and allow me to take the lead. We must break through this grand formation in one go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and suddenly soared into the sky. The Five Color Rock in his hand transformed into divine radiance that covered the sky as it drifted and poured towards the surroundings. It actually dissolves the golden rain that covered the sky and emanated ear piercing hissing sounds.

At the same time, Dian Dian, Xiangliu Li, and Chen Xi followed closely behind him and charged over.


The battle erupted once more. Divine radiance covered the sky while terrifying and monstrous force drowned an area of 50,000km.

On the other hand, Chen Xi once again had the misfortune of losing all his senses. He wasn’t able to see anything, and he could only sense that this fierce battle was even more terrifying and intense than the last. If Dian Dian didn’t separate a portion of her strength to protect him, he would probably instantly be evaporated in this vast battlefield.

This sort of feeling was extremely uncomfortable!

It was like his fate was shackled and at the will of others, and he was powerless to resist in the slightest.

Chen Xi didn’t like this sort of feeling, and he detested it from the bottom of his heart. However, he was similarly clearly aware that without these three Immortal Kings by his side, then he would truly be no different than a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Strength! A voice resounded in Chen Xi’s heart. Even though it was only a single word, it vividly described his desire because only strength could change everything, and it was able to allow him to stop experiencing this feeling of being powerless to resist!

“Shit! This is the might of the Boundless World Mirror!”

“What? That bastard, Suiren Ting, actually utilized the Boundless World Mirror as the foundation of this formation!”

“Watch out!!!”

Suddenly, Shi Yu, Dian Dian, and Xiangliu Li’s extremely shocked and furious voices sounded out by his ears, and it jolted Chen Xi back to his senses.


Before he could completely recover his senses, he felt his entire body shake fiercely while the bones in his entire body felt as if they’d been hammered into pieces and incinerated. Matchless aura of calamity and the blood of Immortal Kings surged into his entire body like wild horses, and they raged about while an indescribably intense feeling of pain rumbled and surged throughout his body. It tortured him to the point he couldn’t restrain himself from shouting in pain.

At this instant, Chen Xi felt as if his entire body was about to explode!


At this critical moment, a wave of strange fluctuation suddenly stretched out from his sea of consciousness. It swiftly spread throughout his body like tidewater, and it was actually like a shark that had smelled blood as it swept away all the blood of the Immortal Kings that was raging about within his body.

In this way, the intense pain in Chen Xi’s entire body reduced slightly, yet the aura of calamity still remained, and it was even to the extent that it intended to corrode his Dao Foundation and annihilate his soul!

However, at practically the exact same instant that the River Diagram fragments emanated the fluctuations, the Dao Calamity Sword that had always laid silently without moving in the Buddha’s Pagoda within Chen Xi’s body had suddenly started droning as well. The glow of blood flowed on the body of the sword, and then overlapping layers of a dense lotus flower pattern bloomed from it.


When the lotus flower pattern was completely condensed into form, a terrifying fluctuating aura didn’t just completely swallow the aura of calamity within Chen Xi’s body, it even rumbled as it charged out of his body!

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