Chapter 1332 – Sacrificing Immortal Kings

The divine mountains tore through the sky and arrived here with an extraordinarily heavy imposing aura, and they resided in all four directions to completely block off their paths of retreat.

Just like the divine mountain they saw earlier, the other three divine mountains were respectively carried by over 1,000 300m tall Ancient Bloodgod Corpses, whereas each divine mountain had an Ancient Immortal King Corpse residing atop it!

This scene was too sudden, and it caused the expressions of Shi Yu and the others to change slightly.

Such a force was sufficient to be a threat to them!

“The situation isn’t good. We seem to have fallen into an ambush!” Divine flames flowed with Shi Yu’s eyes as they blinked, and his entire body erupted with dazzling and blazing divine radiance.

The appearance of such a scene was too strange, and it seemed as if it had been waiting for them since a long time ago, causing them to feel a trace of uneasiness in their hearts.

As for the dense mass of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses and the four Ancient Immortal King Corpses, they didn’t give these three Immortal Kings much pressure because they could safely escape this encirclement by fighting for a while.

The only thing that worried them was whether all of this was an ambush that had been planned since the beginning?

“This path towards the God Attainment Altar is called the Immortal King’s Burial. Since we’re clearly aware of it, then the Sovereign Sect is probably clearly aware as well, and it’s entirely possible that they entered beforehand and laid an ambush here.” Xiangliu Li spoke swiftly as she circulated her cultivation, and her entire body was enveloped beneath the dreamlike and illusory Nine Clarity Divinelight.

“However, the only thing that puzzles me is how could the Sovereign Sect possibly control these Ancient Immortal King Corpses?” Dian Dian’s beautiful brows knit together slightly while her beautiful eyes were suffused with a piercingly cold divine light.

“A formation!” This time, it was Chen Xi that answered him instead. After he recovered from his shock, he instantly determined that the location of these four divine mountains fitted together closely and perfectly, and it had enveloped and completely locked down the surroundings while they cooperated with each other from a distance to a form a complete whole.

This was what was visible on the surface, so Shi Yu and the others were able to determine this as well.

However, the formation Chen Xi mentioned wasn’t this, and it was instead a wave of fluctuations from a formation outside the four divine mountains. Even though it was shapeless and immaterial, how could it possibly escape his eyes?

The current situation was that the formation that enveloped them from outside was the source that controlled everything before them.

When they heard Chen Xi’s explanation, Shi Yu and the others practically instantly came to an understanding, and their faces sank. Doesn’t this mean that even if we annihilate all these corpses before us, we might still suffer the attacks of others?




Right when Chen Xi and the others were swiftly deducing the situation, a wave of loud shouts that shook the heavens suddenly resounded. It was completed in an orderly manner and seemed like the shouts of Fiendgods, and it resounded at the same time while a murderous and blood aura shook the surroundings.


Beneath the four divine mountains, row after row of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses in bronze armor moved out. They tore through space as they shot over explosively from all directions.

In an instant, the entire heavens and earth had transformed into a sea of blood, and boundless baleful qi surged through the air while they emanated a terrifying aura that almost incinerated the heavens and the earth.

This scene was truly too terrifying!

Chen Xi felt that if he was all alone here, then he probably didn’t have to struggle at all before directly being annihilated.

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone.


A wisp of pale white and vast sword qi shot into the sky. It contained the supreme Immortal King Laws and seemed like a blade that could tear the sky apart as it swept towards the surroundings.

“We can’t hesitate any longer. Let’s kill them first!” At the same time, Shi Yu let out a long howl while his long hair fluttered, and his entire body was matchlessly dazzling. He was like a peerless monarch, and he tore through the sky with the God Mystery Sword in hand.

“Then I’ll trouble Senior Brother Shi Yu to deal with two Ancient Immortal King Corpses while I and Miss Midnight will each deal with one. As for the remaining Ancient Bloodgod Corpses, it wouldn’t be late to annihilate them later!” Xiangliu Li spoke swiftly while her beautiful face surged with a proud, mighty, and emotionless expression at this moment. She flicked her sleeve lightly before her figure had already charged onto one of the divine mountains.

“That’s for the best!” Dian Dian moved out as well. Of course, she brought Chen Xi along with her.

She did this because she was worried that misfortune might befall Chen Xi. After all, Chen Xi was currently weak like an ant in a battle of such level, and only a single Ancient Bloodgod Corpse would be sufficient to easily take his life.


The terrifying battle erupted with a bang. Divine radiance erupted while a bloody and baleful aura shot into the sky. It caused the heavens and the earth to tremble and dim down, and it was like they’d fallen into the final calamity that was the end of the world.

This was a battle between Immortal Kings!

With a wave of the hand, the heavens and the earth were overturned, the sun and moon fell, and the stars shattered. If it was in the outside world, then even an entire continent might be instantly obliterated!

When facing a battle of such a level, Chen Xi had completely lost all his senses, and all he felt was an expanse of piercing pain. He couldn’t sense anything, and he could only feel that his body was ceaselessly moving and soaring along with Dian Dian…

This caused him to be extremely shocked in his heart. He didn’t dare imagine how miserable the situation he was in would be if these three Immortal Kings weren’t present here.

At the same time, 50,000km away from where this battle erupted, was a few figures that were enveloped in divine halos and possessed supremely arrogant bearings.

There was a total of four people.

However, they seemed like the rulers of the heavens and the earth. As they stood there casually, they naturally emanated a kingly air that looked down upon all living beings and commanded the world.

These four people were exactly Void Heaven Sect’s Le Qianchou, Myriad Sect’s Bei Haoling, and the Sovereign Sect’s Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao that were respectively ranked at the 2nd and 5th amongst the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect.

Every single one of them was an existence at the Immortal King Realm!

“The Sovereign Sect’s Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation really is extraordinary. It’s actually capable of utilizing the energy of calamity to control the Ancient Bloodgod Corpses. It’s simply indescribably brilliant,” said Le Qianchou. He had grey hair, a benevolent and kind appearance, and he held a glittering green bamboo cane. As he spoke, his words were rather filled with flattery towards Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.

“It’s nothing great. I only hope that it’s able to annihilate that Midnight Immortal King and Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li. Then our operation this time will definitely go smoothly and unhindered.” Suiren Ting spoke indifferently. His hair was crimson red like fire while he had an extremely handsome appearance, and he wore a Daoist robe that was fiery red like blood. He seemed like a king of fire that controlled all flames in the world!

He was a descendant of the primeval tribe, the Suiren Clan, and his body flowed with the bloodline of the gods. Coupled with his status as the 2nd ranked Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, it caused every single word of his to be filled with a commanding, mighty, and supreme imposing aura.

“Haha! Fellow Daoist, you’re being modest.” Le Qianchou roared with laughter, and his attitude was rather fervent.

Suiren Ting glanced at him, and then he frowned and sighed. “It’s just a pity.”

Le Qianchou was stunned. “What’s a pity?”

“Even though this Nine Heaven Calamity Dao Annihilation Divine Formation has been set up and the fish have entered the net, there’s still a trace of a flaw causing it to be impossible for it to attain perfection.” It was Jiang Lingxiao that answered him. She wore plain clothes while her hair was coiled up into a simple bun, and her appearance was delicate and pretty. As she spoke, the corners of her mouth always carried a trace of a smile, and it caused others to unconsciously have a good impression of her.

“What flaw?” Le Qianchou frowned.

Suiren Ting glanced at him with deep meaning. “You really want to know?”

At this instant, Le Qianchou’s heart constricted for no reason, and his entire body emanated a trace of a terrified aura that couldn’t be restrained. This caused his expression to change, and he forced out a smile. “If it’s something I shouldn’t know, then it’s fine if Fellow Daoist doesn’t tell me.”

He secretly decided in his heart that once they entered the God Attainment Altar, he would definitely instantly separate himself from these emotionless monsters of the Sovereign Sect, otherwise he wouldn’t even realize before his death arrived.

“Since you’ve asked, then how could I not tell you?” Suiren Ting smiled lightly, yet his smile was completely indifferent and emotionless. Along with his voice, a black and ancient jade pagoda suddenly floated up into appearance, and it enveloped down towards Le Qianchou!

This scene occurred too quickly and suddenly. Coupled with Suiren Ting’s strength being firmly superior to Le Qianchou, it instantly caught Le Qianchou by surprise at this moment. Before Le Qianchou could make any reaction, his entire body was already enveloped by the jade pagoda.

“Fellow Daoist Suiren…what…what’re you doing? Dammit! You…you actually intend to kill me to keep me silent? Dammit! Your Sovereign Sect really does change its attitude frequently. You’re a bunch of cruel, unscrupulous, and emotionless animals!” Le Qianchou’s shocked and furious voice emanated out as he roared without end.

This sudden scene caused the expression of the Master of the Myriad Sect, Bei Haoling, who stood at the side to turn grim and reveal extreme terror while he stared at Suiren Ting with disbelief.

This fellow intends to kill an Immortal King like Le Qianchou merely because of a single question?


Before Bei Haoling could recover from his shock, the black and ancient jade pagoda suddenly erupted with an enormous jet black glow, and it rumbled as it circulated before emanating an extremely terrifying radiance of divinity.

After that, a shrill cry that of impending death that was extremely miserable resounded out, and then it fell to silence.

Le Qianchou, an Immortal King, was actually crushed to death!


Bei Haoling’s reaction was extremely swift when he saw this. He didn’t ask Suiren Ting about the reason for Suiren Ting’s actions at all before his figure flashed, and he transformed into a wisp of a black shadow that fled towards the distance.

How could he not be aware that it was impossible for him to survive once Le Qianchou had died?!

He didn’t dare arouse any hope at all when facing the emotionless bastards from the Sovereign Sect.

“Fellow Daoist, don’t you want to know what the trace of a flaw is?” However, Bei Haoling’s heart sank before his path was obstructed by Jiang Lingxiao as soon as he made a move. She had a trace of a smile on the corners of her mouth, and it seemed to be a gentle smile, yet when it entered into his eyes, it was completely indifferent and emotionless. It was like she was staring at a corpse…

In an instant, Bei Haoling’s expression became extremely unsightly. He forced out a stiff smile as he said, “I have urgent matters to attend to, so I won’t disturb Fellow Daoists any longer…”

As he spoke, a wisp of a ruthless expression suddenly flashed through his eyes. His entire body rumbled as it emanated a large expanse of black colored baleful mist, and then he stretched out his hands. His hands tore through space as they struck fiercely towards Jiang Lingxiao’s throat!

This space had locked down space and time, and it was extremely ruthless.

However, Jiang Lingxiao didn’t seem to have moved when a terrifying and powerful force suddenly enveloped down towards him, and it caused Bei Haoling’s figure to stiffen and seem as if it had been frozen.

After that, he saw a black and ancient jade pagoda envelop him completely…


The black jade pagoda glowed while the body of the pagoda actually became crimson red like blood. As it activated, waves of shrill and miserable cries sounded out from it, but it wasn’t long before everything fell into silence once more.

At this point, another Immortal King had been crushed on the spot!

If this scene were to be spread to the outside world, then it would definitely stir the three dimensions. But to Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, it was like they’d completed an insignificant matter, and their expressions were indifferent, emotionless, and calm.

“We utilized the lives of two Immortal Kings as sacrifice. This time, it’s sufficient to kill those fellows, right?” Amidst his cold and indifferent voice, Suiren Ting’s gaze looked over far into the distance. At the end of his gaze, a fierce battle was still going on.

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