Chapter 1331 – Divine Mountains Flying Over

Regretfully, Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li were in low spirits at this moment, so no one gave Chen Xi an explanation about what sort of treasure the Boundless World Mirror was.

However, even then, Chen Xi was still able to determine that even though existences at the Immortal King Realm seemed as if they hadn’t met each other, yet they actually executed various abilities in order to scheme against and compete with each other.

Obviously, based on the current circumstances, Shi Yu and the others were a step behind, and the Sovereign Sect’s group had entered the God Attainment Region before them.

“There’s no time to lose. We must take action as soon as possible because everything would be too late if they arrive at the God Attainment Altar before us…” Shi Yu frowned as he spoke.

“I presume both of you are aware. Once we enter the God Attainment Region, the Laws of the Heaven Dao and energy of karma within there won’t be in our control any longer. Since the ancient times until now, most of the Immortal Kings that enter have perished, and only a mere small portion of Immortal Kings were able to obtain the secret to attaining the Dao and becoming a god.” Dian Dian’s clear eyes were suffused with a heavy expression as she said slowly, “Under such circumstances, it can be said that our lives are on the line and killing intent is lying in ambush all around us. So in my opinion, it’s better if we act carefully, and we shouldn’t allow the Sovereign Sect to disrupt our plans.”

“I agree with Dian Dian’s opinion. This time, the Prehistoric Ruins has become the place where the upheaval of the three dimensions begins, and the God Attainment Region that has been silent through the years has emerged once more into the world. It can be said that fortune and disaster come hand in hand. Even though those bastards from the Sovereign Sect might have entered before us, they may not necessarily be able to avoid the danger and killing intent within it.” Xiangliu Li spoke in a light voice, and her fair and smooth forehead flickered with a glow of wisdom. “So after we enter the God Attainment Region, the most important thing for us is to arrive safely at the God Attainment Altar first, and it’s not to concentrate on scheming and going against the Sovereign Sect’s group.”

The principle behind this was very simple, so Shi Yu naturally understood as well.

He pondered for a moment before he said, “Then it’s decided.”

All of them immediately didn’t hesitate to act. They flashed through the deathly silent sea of blood and went through the two enormous bronze doors that towered into the sky, and they vanished without a trace.


Right when they just left, a wave of lightning suddenly trembled violently in space, and then a tall and robust figure appeared out of thin air.

“Dammit! It actually opened up beforehand! Master really didn’t deceive me. It’s filled with variables this time, and the greater the fortune, the greater the tribulation… But if that little fellow entered, then I won’t be able to pull him back out…” This person was Heaven Trampler. His eyes stared at the two enormous bronze doors at the center of the sea of blood, and his rugged and ferocious face couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of worry.

“Alas. Nevermind, I’ve already fucking waited for so many years. If I’m still unable to become a god, then living will truly be too boring…” In the end, he sighed once more and stamped his feet before he transformed into a wisp of dark lightning once more, and he swiftly entered through the door that led to the God Attainment Region.

This was a vast expanse of space that was suffused with chaotic mist, and there were countless enormous stars floating about, causing it to be like a chaotic universe.

When Chen Xi saw this scene before his eyes clearly, his heart couldn’t help but be fiercely shocked.

This was absolutely not the starry sky in the universe, yet it wasn’t any different. It was completely filled with chaotic qi, and not only were there countless stars in space, there were even expanse after expanse of floating masses of land, divine mountains, and rivers!

Every single floating mass of land lay across countless stars, and it was unbelievably enormous. The numerous divine mountains seemed as if they stood towering within the universe, and they were lofty and vast. The rivers surged violently through the starry sky, and it was like the river of fate that flowed for eternity!

It was grand!

It was boundless!

It was suffused with chaotic qi!

All of this exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination.

This was the God Attainment Region!

An expanse of a mysterious and boundless space, and place of fortune that had drawn over countless Immortal Kings since the beginning of the prehistoric times to search for the path to becoming a god!

At the same time, Chen Xi noticed that all the floating stars, masses of land, and divine mountains were growing with numerous precious divine herbs. They emanated strands of divine radiance and were enveloped with a layer of chaotic qi while they emanated glows of all sorts of colors. Divine radiance filled the sky, and they were filled with matchless temptation.

However, there was no lack of strands of terrifying auras suffused amongst them. Obviously, the expanse of boundless space was filled with all sorts of killing intent, and it was extremely dangerous.


Right when thoughts were flying swiftly through Chen Xi’s mind, a terrifying aura surged over from a distant star. It covered the heavens and the earth as it enveloped over. Surprisingly, it was an extremely enormous flying beast. Its wings blotted out the sky and covered an area of over 50,000km, and its eyes were like two crimson red and enormous stars.

A Darkroc Hawk!

A primeval variant beast that swallowed the essence of the heavens and the earth and excreted Netherezim Water!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded in his heart when he saw this Darkroc Hawk appear. We encountered such a terrifying primeval ferocious beast right after we entered? What sort of terrifying existences reside within the depths of this God Attainment Region?

“Nice! A Darkroc Hawk! Even though it has been dead for countless years, its soul still remains, and it can be utilized as a superb divine material.”


Suddenly, Shi Yu moved through the air and stretch out his hand before grabbing fiercely. A shapeless hand tore through the sky and enveloped an entire area of over 50,000km, and it actually instantaneously captured the Darkroc Hawk!


Unfortunately, before Shi Yu could subdue it, the Darkroc Hawk suddenly let out a cry that shot into the sky. Its enormous figure rumbled as it blazed with surging black flames, and then it exploded into pieces.


Once the beast perished, the black flames that covered its entire body raged through space like a torrent, and it shattered countless stars before vanishing into nothingness.

Shi Yu wasn’t surprised by this, and a wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth instead. Because he’d already extracted the strand of the Darkroc Hawk’s soul that still remained, and he’d sealed it up.

On the other hand, Chen Xi finally understood that the Darkroc Hawk he saw earlier was still an Ancient Bloodgod Corpse. However, based on its appearance, its strength was obviously much more formidable than the Ancient Bloodgod Corpses on Godslaughter Bloodlands.

“I’ll be keeping this thing, and once we enter the region and encounter other treasures, I’ll distribute it to everyone else,” said Shi Yu with a smile.

Dian Dian and Xiangliu Li smiled and nodded, whereas Chen Xi naturally had no objections.

“Come, we’ll probably encounter numerous Restrictions of the Gods, Ancient Bloodgod Corpses, and some terrifying and dangerous existences all along the way. We must be careful.” Shi Yu seemed to have studied everything about the God Attainment Region before coming here, and he briefly sized up his surroundings before he led Chen Xi and the others towards the depths of the space before them.

According to Shi Yu, the God Attainment Altar was at the center of the God Attainment Region, and the legendary secret to attaining the Dao and becoming a god was hidden on the God Attainment Altar.

However, it wasn’t easy to arrive there.

Because this expanse of boundless space was filled with chaotic qi that concealed karma and the energy of the Heaven Dao, causing Immortal Kings to be unable to deduce any signs or luck.

Since the beginning of the prehistoric times, countless Immortal Kings had stepped foot into the God Attainment Region, yet practically more than half had fallen on this journey, and only a mere small group of Immortal Kings had arrived before the God Attainment Altar.

So this journey was called ‘Immortal King’s Burial!’

Its meaning was obvious. It naturally meant that even Immortal Kings would perish here if they were careless and encountered danger!

All along the way, their speed forward wasn’t swift. Naturally, it was in comparison because in Chen Xi’s opinion, Shi Yu and the others’ speed was comparable to teleportation at this moment.

Throughout this entire process, they’d passed by numerous enormous stars, floating masses of land, and towering and lofty divine mountains.

However, they didn’t stop at any of these places. Even though these places were covered in numerous extraordinarily rare immortal herbs and immortal materials, existences at the Immortal King Realm like Shi Yu and the others weren’t interested in ordinary treasures any longer. So they naturally didn’t attach any importance to all of this.

On the other hand, even though Chen Xi was extremely tempted by the numerous treasures that he noticed all along the way, he was clearly aware that their objective was the God Attainment Altar, and it was impossible for them to specially provide him time to gather treasures.

Just like this, they flew for the time an entire incense stick took to burn.

Suddenly, Shi Yu who led the way ahead stopped, and it was at this moment that an extremely lofty divine mountain in the distance actually moved abruptly at this moment.

When Chen Xi looked carefully, there was surprisingly numerous 300m tall Ancient Bloodgod Corpses beneath the divine mountain!

There was around over ten thousand of them. All of them wore bronze armor while their exposed skin was already dried up since a long time ago. Moreover, their muscles had withered a long time ago as well, yet it was hard like eternal rocks. Their divine might still remained, and it was deep like an abyss!

When looked at from afar, it was like a primeval army in bronze armor, and the divine mountain was surprisingly being carried on their shoulders!

An army of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses that had fallen during the prehistoric times, and they were carrying on their shoulders a divine mountain that towered into space. Such a scene was simply world shocking.

Especially terrifying to Chen Xi was that there was actually a mighty figure that was an entire 3km tall and suffused with a chaotic aura sitting cross-legged on the divine mountain. Even though Chen Xi couldn’t see the figure’s appearance clearly, merely the terrifying imposing aura emanated from the figure was more than a hundred times more terrifying than the other Ancient Bloodgod Corpses!

“An Ancient Immortal King’s Corpse! I never expected that we would still encounter such an existence…” Shi Yu’s expression instantly became heavy.

He was very clearly aware that the figure sitting cross-legged on the mountain was formed from a corpse of an Immortal King that fell in the God Attainment Region, and it was much more terrifying than the other Ancient Bloodgod Corpses!

“There’s a difference in strength even between Ancient Immortal King Corpses. This one before our eyes probably possesses a might at the intermediate-stage of the Immortal King Realm, so it can’t be considered to be difficult to deal with. I can deal with it by myself.” Xiangliu Li spoke slowly, and she didn’t seem to be nervous at all.

Their path ahead had been completely obstructed by the divine mountain, and if they wanted to pass through, then they couldn’t avoid a battle.

“End it quickly. We can’t stay here for too long, otherwise others might seize this opportunity. Miss Midnight, you take care of Brother Chen Xi, Junior Sister Li and I will deal with that Ancient Immortal King Corpse!” Shi Yu had a murderous and decisive disposition, and he immediately made a decided.


However, before they could act, another three more divine mountains actually appeared out of thin air from the distance, and they respectively pressed down from the other three directions.

At this instant, four divine mountains resided in all four directions, and the divine mountains actually completely locked down their paths of escape!

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