Chapter 1330 – Unexpected Change In The River Diagram

Ten minutes later, the slaughter ended. Over a thousand Ancient Bloodgod Corpses were annihilated into pieces, and they formed a horrifying river of blood on the ground.

However, just when Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian intended to gather the Daospirit Pearls on the ground, an unexpected event occurred!

A wisp of a black shadow suddenly appeared out of thin air. It flapped its wings, causing green light to fill the sky as it forcefully seized away more than half of the Daospirit Pearls, and then its wings flapped once more with the intention of leaving.

“A Prehistoric Heaven Devouring Bat? Hmph! You’re simply courting death by trying to seize these treasures right before my eyes!” Shi Yu suddenly grunted coldly as he slashed out with his sword, and a wisp of pale white and thick sword qi tore through the sky. In the next moment, it appeared 5,000km away, and it slashed down towards the wisp of a black shadow.

This sword strike seemed as if it had penetrated through the river of time, and it was swift to the point Chen Xi was unable to react before he heard a shrill howl resound extremely far away.

“Bone Divinesky Dao! You really are bastards from Nuwa’s Dao Palace! All of you just wait, the God Attainment Region will be your burial grounds!” This voice was extremely resentful and filled with a monstrously evil aura. It rumbled through the heavens and the earth while the wisp of a black shadow had vanished without a trace.

“Hmph! That damnable bastard! He’s obviously an heir of the Prehistoric Sect, Myriad Sect, yet he actually dared to threaten us. I’ll go take his life right now!” Xiangliu Li grunted coldly and intended to teleport away in pursuit yet was stopped by Shi Yu.

“There’s no need to pursue him. Heaven Devouring Bats are born in the Prehistoric Sects, and it’s much more familiar with the Prehistoric Ruins. Perhaps it’s only a pawn that’s intentionally drawing us over.” Shi Yu frowned as he spoke.

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and waved, and he gathered the remaining Daospirit Pearls.

During this entire process, Dian Dian had always been standing on guard by Chen Xi’s side. She didn’t seek to kill their enemies but to ensure Chen Xi’s safety, and this obviously showed that in her heart, Chen Xi was at least more important than killing her enemies.

This caused Chen Xi who recovered from his shock to feel warm in his heart because it was indeed extremely moving when an Immortal King treated him in this way.

“What sort of existence is that Prehistoric Heaven Devouring Bat?” Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from asking.

“A prehistoric variant beast, and it’s said to be one of the ten ferocious beasts. During the prehistoric times, it was a clan that couldn’t be underestimated, and it established the renowned Prehistoric Sect, Myriad Sect. However, along with the establishment of the three dimensions, the Myriad Sect suffered a huge disaster, and the Heaven Devouring Bat Clan was practically annihilated. Its fate was roughly similar to the Void Heaven Sect.” Dian Dian spoke swiftly. “That fellow that made an appearance earlier was at the Immortal King Realm, so he was presumably the Sect Master of Myriad Sect, Bei Haoling.”

Bei Haoling! When Chen Xi thought about it carefully, this was probably the seventh Immortal King he’d heard of since stepping foot into the Prehistoric Ruins.

This caused him to sigh with emotion in his heart. If I didn’t make this trip here, I would simply not dare believe that there were actually so many Immortal Kings in this world that were appearing successively around me.

“The situation really isn’t good. Even though that animal from before suffered a sword strike of mine, it wasn’t heavily injured, so its strength can be considered to be strong. I suspect that they’ve joined forces with the Suiren Ting and the others from the Sovereign Sect just like the Void Heaven Sect’s Master, Le Qianchou, has done.” Shi Yu frowned as he pondered deeply. “After all, Junior Sister Li and I weren’t able to deduce this disaster when we tried deducing the future together. Obviously, someone is concealing some karma from the shadows.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Moreover, concealing karma isn’t something an ordinary Immortal King can accomplish. Even if it’s Junior Sister Li, she can only rely on the Nine Clarity Jade Crown passed down by the sect in order to accomplish this.”

“So in this way, it’s definitely Suiren Ting that relied on the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda’s might to assist Bei Haoling from the shadows?” Dian Dian’s brows raised as she spoke.

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li exchanged glances before they both nodded. “That’s right.”

A wisp of heaviness appeared in the space between Dian Dian’s brows. “Looks like for the sake of the fortune here, the Sovereign Sect has made sufficient preparations. However, in my opinion, those members of the Prehistoric Sects might not necessarily be working together sincerely with the Sovereign Sect.”

Chen Xi nodded and said when he heard this, “Exactly. When facing fortuitous encounters, every single person desires to take possession of it, so it’s impossible to avoid disputes and conflicts. Only when the time comes will we be able to determine exactly who the situation benefits.”

After he finished speaking, Chen Xi was instantly slightly embarrassed and said shyly. “I was rambling, don’t mind me.”

However, he never expected that as soon as these words were spoken, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian’s eyes lit up, and they seemed to have thought of something.

“Haha! Well said! What’s there to mind about that?” Shi Yu said with a blazing gaze. “We were indeed worrying too much earlier. We’ve become accustomed to deducing the secrets of the heavens to determine if we’ll have good or bad luck, yet we’ve forgotten that the most variable thing in this world is the hearts of man! So since the heart of man is incomprehensible, how could we possibly judge it based on deductions?”

Xiangliu Li and Dian Dian nodded with smiles on their faces as well.

Chen Xi was surprised, and he was rather happy in his heart. He was naturally very understanding and was clearly aware that it wasn’t his words that were extremely profound, and it was merely that all these Immortal Kings had never taken attached importance to these minor details.

“Come, let’s continue!” Shi Yu flicked his sleeve and led everyone to continue swiftly towards the depths of the Godslaughter Bloodlands.

On the way, Shi Yu distributed the over sixty Daospirit Pearls he gathered earlier to all of them. Chen Xi obtained fourteen of them. However, as soon as he received them, they were immediately taken by the River Diagram fragments once more, and not a single pearl was left behind!

This caused Chen Xi to be speechless.

Exactly…what’s going on?

It was precisely because of this unexpected event that Chen Xi had once again placed his attention onto the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness all along the way, and he observed it carefully.

Presently, he possessed five River Diagram fragments, and he was only lacking four more to complete it.

At present, he was aware that the sixth River Diagram fragment was stored within Dao Emperor Academy, and the seventh was in Dian Dian’s possession. As for the remaining two, he had no information related to them for now.

However, even then, Chen Xi had already obtained too many benefits from the River Diagram fragments. But he’d never expected that the River Diagram fragments would actually take things from his as well.

This scene that occurred before him right now naturally caused him to be extremely surprised. He faintly felt that the unexpected change in the River Diagram fragments was probably related to the Godslaughter Bloodlands…

Hmm? Right when Chen Xi’s thoughts were flashing in his mind, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be no change in the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness, yet they seemed to be even more integrated together.

In the past, even though the five River Diagram fragments had joined together, there were traces of cracks in between them, so they seemed to not be complete in the end. However, at this moment, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that even though these traces of cracks still existed, they’d obviously closed up greatly when compared to before.

This sort of changes was extremely tiny, and if he didn’t observe it carefully, it would be utterly impossible for Chen Xi to notice it.

Could it be that the energy contained within the Daospirit Pearls are capable of fusing the River Diagram fragments together? Chen Xi frowned as he faintly felt that it probably wouldn’t be so simple.

Even if it was only a very slight change, a change in a divine treasure like this might cause unexpected wonders to occur!

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, these Daospirit Pearls were the essence of the primeval gods that were left behind after their deaths. This sort of energy was extremely unfamiliar to him, but according to what Shi Yu said, the Daospirit Pearls were greatly beneficial to one’s cultivation in the Immortal King Realm, and it was extremely tempting to Half-step Immortal Kings as well. So it was definitely not anything ordinary.

Now, based on the reaction of the River Diagram fragments, this was even more obvious.

No matter how it changes, I have to gather more Daospirit Pearls because perhaps the River Diagram fragments might undergo some sort of transformation… Chen Xi pondered for a long time before he placed his attention onto the Daospirit Pearls in the end.

Unfortunately, he was restricted by his cultivation, and he could only wait for them to encounter even more Ancient Bloodgod Corpses before Shi Yu and the others would annihilate them and distribute some to him…

Needless to say, this was very troublesome, but it couldn’t be helped because he couldn’t do anything about his cultivation being only at the Golden Immortal Realm!

Especially disappointing to Chen Xi was that up until the point they arrived at the end of the Godslaughter Bloodlands, they actually didn’t encounter another Ancient Bloodgod Corpse!

This caused Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian to be slightly surprised as well because such a situation was strange. The Godslaughter Bloodlands was the burial grounds of the gods, and it was abundant with Ancient Bloodgod Corpses.

Yet now, they’d only encountered two groups of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses all along the way, and this was slightly unexpected.

“Looks like someone has swept through the Godslaughter Bloodlands before us, and it might be those fellows from the Sovereign Sect…” Shi Yu spoke in a low voice.

Everyone deeply agreed when they heard this.

In the next moment, all of them shot their gazes towards the distance.

The end of the Godslaughter Bloodlands was a sea of blood!

The sea of blood was boundless, yet it was deathly silent and completely calm, whereas there was actually two enormous bronze doors that towered into the sky standing at the center of the sea!

The enormous bronze doors shot into the sky and was drowned beneath the chaotic and obscure sky. When looked at from afar, it was lofty and imposing. It was of an ancient make, and it was like a door that led to a mysterious place.

Dense and mysterious markings were inscribed on the doors, and it remained intact after experiencing the passage of innumerable years. It emanated a heavy, thick, ancient, aged, and eternal aura.

At this moment, a gap of over 30m had been opened between the two bronze doors, and it faintly emanated strands of obscure light from within.

The light was obscure like chaos, and it was utterly blurry. It caused the bronze doors to seem like the entrance that led to hell, and it seemed as if it intended to swallow its prey, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

“It has actually already been opened beforehand!” Suddenly, Shi Yu’s face sank while his cold and proud face was covered in a murderous expression, and it caused the surrounding space to drone, wail, and tremble.

It wasn’t just him, Xiangliu Li and Dian Dian’s expressions changed slightly as well. They seemed to have never expected that the door which was supposed to be opened three days from now would actually open beforehand!

Chen Xi was slightly stunned. However, when he noticed the reactions of these three Immortal Kings, he roughly understood that the entrance towards the God Attainment Region was definitely behind the enormous bronze doors.

Yet now, this entrance had opened before the predetermined time for some unknown reason.

“Looks like we’ve been schemed against by those bastards from the Sovereign Sect. Not only did they bring the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda along, they even brought the Sovereign Sect’s Boundless World Mirror, and it imperceptibly disturbed our ability of deduction!” Shi Yu spoke with an emotionless expression while his eyes were utterly icy cold.

“The Boundless World Mirror? Isn’t that a treasure that belongs to the Master of the Sovereign Sect?” Dian Dian and Xiangliu Li were shocked as well, and then their faces sank as they understood everything.

Only Chen Xi was bewildered. The Boundless World Mirror? What grade is that treasure at?

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