Chapter 133 – What a Coincidence!

Chapter 133 – What a Coincidence!

Fifteen years old!

7th level of the Violet Palace Realm!

Cultivation in the Martial Dao at the Dao Insight Stage!

Presently, it wasn’t just Duanmu Ze who was completely stunned, even Du Qingxi and Song Lin had astonished expressions, and they looked at Chen Hao with strange gazes.

A Freak!

The older brother being so ferocious is already impossible to accept, yet the younger brother is so formidable as well. There’s simply no justice in the world!

Not to mention Du Qingxi’s group of three, even Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart. He’d just seen Chen Hao half a month ago. At that time, Chen Hao’s True Essence was sealed, his body damaged, and that miserable appearance caused Chen Xi’s heart to ache without end.

Only a few days have passed since then, and his cultivation has already attained the 7th level of the Violet Palace Realm?

“Chen Xi, the Righteous Sword Dao your younger brother cultivates is derived from the bloodline of a king of sages in the primordial era. The might of the sword is vast, mighty, and righteous. It’s an extraordinary Supreme Sword Dao in the world! In terms of might, it’s on par with the Nirvana Sword Dao I possess now, and it’s extremely formidable.” Ling Bai exclaimed with admiration via voice transmission.

“So it turns out that Chen Hao is already so formidable…” Pride suddenly arose within Chen Xi’s hearts as he felt that the price he paid during these past few years was worth it.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

It was at this moment that the rings of a bell sounded out slowly, and after they resounded out for three times, it abruptly stopped. The remaining sounds lingered in the air, carrying a force that calmed the hearts of others, and the entire surroundings of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda instantly went silent, perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

On the jade platform, the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect who wore azure clothes, Ling Kongzi, stood up. His gaze swept out, causing everyone to feel as if he was staring at them and not dare meet his gaze, and just this move revealed Ling Kongzi’s deep cultivation.

“The Hidden Dragon Rankings is a grand occasion of the cultivation world of our southern territory, I presume that all the disciples are already clear of the rules. I only hope all of you will be sure to bring out your true ability in the test, and you’re not allowed to pretend to be weak. The generous rewards provided by the various sects, institutions, and clans will only be bestowed upon young people that are brave and wise. Alright, begin!” After this announcement, the 17 leaders of the various powers stood up in unison and faced towards the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda. Their hands formed a myriad of techniques in unison, and they shot out like waterfalls that were crimson, azure, blue, and black. Various profound techniques carried terrifying energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate as they gushed into the door of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda.


The tightly closed ancient door opened up slowly, five different colors revolved within it, seeming to be like a whirlpool that was suffused with a dreamlike sheen, and it caused one to be unable to see clearly what exactly was within it.

“Disciples that are participating in the competition, quickly enter!” Ling Kongzi suddenly shouted out explosively.


Right when Ling Kongzi had just finished speaking, a blue clothed young man covered in a layer of a water barrier easily entered through the door.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

When the others saw this, they weren’t willing to be left behind, and they transformed into blazing flames, had sword lights protect their bodies, or executed various flying techniques as they gushed through the door like tidewater.

Those that dared take the lead to enter the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda were all people who had absolute confidence in their own strength.

Exclamations of surprise frequently sounded out within the crowd.

“It’s Qiu Leng! The Incorporeal Sword, Qiu Leng!”

“Look quickly! Look quickly! That’s the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Fei Lengcui, the goddess in my heart!”

“AH! Luo Xiu! Didn’t this fellow go to the desolate and sanguinary grounds to cultivate? Why has he come here as well?!”

Outstanding figures of the younger generation appeared one after the other, causing the atmosphere to arrive at a minor climax. When they heard these discussions, the various leaders on the jade platform revealed a trace of a smile. Because most of these outstanding figures were from their own sects, institutions, and clans.

“Big Brother, let’s go in as well.” Chen Hao was burning with eagerness.

“Alright!” Chen Xi nodded.

“Chen Xi, the Eight-Directions Layer is extremely vast, it’s an entire 5,000 km. Everyone will be transported to different places by the energy of the pagoda after entering, you have to be careful,” Du Qingxi said swiftly.

Chen Xi who was just about to move forward couldn’t help but be stunned. Wouldn’t this mean that I’ll be separated from Chen Hao after entering?

Chen Hao raised his head up as he said firmly, “Don’t worry Big Brother, I’ll first go look for you after entering. It’s only a distance of 5,000 km, I’ll surely be able to find you.”

“We can only do that.” Chen Xi raised his head and looked at Du Qingxi’s group of three. “All of you be careful.”

“Alright, if it’s one on one, who’s afraid of who? Even if it’s a group fight, we have many clansmen behind us. Which ignorant fellow would dare jointly attack us? I’ll be going first.” Duanmu Ze laughed in disdain, then cupped his hands before taking the lead to flash towards the pagoda’s door.

Du Qingxi shook her head as she said, “This fellow’s really short tempered. Let’s go as well. The more people that go in, the more dangerous it is.”

Chen Xi’s group flashed towards the pagoda’s door and entered through right away.


“Young Miss, they’ve gone in,” said a Su Clan disciple.

“Mmm, let’s prepare to take action as well.” Su Jiao’s gaze swept past the surrounding 132 Su Clan disciples and said slowly via voice transmission, “All of you are the pillars of my Su Clan and have limitless futures. When all of you go in this time, you must not let your guards down. Remember, follow according to what was agreed upon earlier. After you enter the pagoda, use the Soulsound Pearl as means of communication and swiftly converge with me, and then we’ll kill Chen Xi and Chen Hao together!”

“Yes!” The mass of Su Clan disciples respectfully received their orders.

Su Jiao nodded to herself. For the sake of annihilating Chen Xi and Chen Hao in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda this time, almost all the top disciples in the younger generation of the clan have been brought out. Moreover, all of them have been provided with top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures. If they’re unable to kill Chen Xi when joined together, then the heavens are really blind.

“Right, Su Tong, how is the thing I asked you to do?” Su Jiao suddenly thought of something and asked the tall and thin young man by her side.

“Don’t worry Young Miss, I’ve already passed the news of the death of Chai Letian, Yu Haobai, Cang Bin, and Murong Wei to the Starnet Palace, Myriadcloud Institution, Cang Clan, and the Azurewood Institution. Besides the Azurewood Institution, all the other powers have agreed that they will send disciples to assist my Su Clan during the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time.” Su Tong smiled as a vicious and ruthless sheen appeared in his eyes. “This time, no matter if it was Chen Xi who killed them or not, these powers have already taken him as an enemy, and this tub of foul water can be considered to have been completely splashed on Chen Xi.”

“You’ve done well.” Su Jiao praised, then she seemed lost in thought as she said, “But, I really do suspect that Chai Letian and the others were killed by Chen Xi. Unfortunately, the depths of that Southern Barbaric Mountain Range is truly too dangerous and we are unable to investigate and verify it. Otherwise, if we’re able to find some proof and send it to these powers, Chen Xi would probably have died a thousand times over already.”

“Come, let’s enter.” Su Jiao didn’t say anything further, and she led all of them that were like a ball of dark clouds that gushed into the pagoda’s door.

When he saw them enter the door, Su Zhentian couldn’t help but feel faint anticipation. This time, Chen Xi and Chen Hao will probably be unable to escape this calamity, right?

“Brother Su, what’re you thinking about?” A clear and warm voice sounded out.

Su Zhentian turned around to look, he saw it was the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi, that spoke to him, and his expression remained unchanged as he said, “I’m thinking of exactly which power will obtain the number one rank in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time.”

Ling Kongzi smiled and seemed as if he spoke inadvertently. “There are too many top figures in the younger generation that are participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time, and it’s filled with various variables. Perhaps it’s an outcome beyond the expectations of you and me.”

Hmm? What does this old fellow mean? Su Zhentian was stunned, when he wanted to understand it a step further, he instead noticed that Ling Kongzi had already turned around and raised his head to look at the surface of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda.

At this moment, the 10,000 plus disciples that were participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings had all entered within the pagoda, and the door that multi-colored flowing lights gushed about on had closed tightly. The mass of people present didn’t leave but instead raised their heads and looked towards the surface of the pagoda like Ling Kongzi.

On the surface of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda that extremely tall and had a width of 300m2, boundless amounts of flowing light appeared abruptly and undulated like water ripples as they instantly formed numerous screens. There were mountains, rivers, gorges, forests… All the scenes were lifelike as if they were close at hand, and they were extremely clear.

Numerous figures appeared on these screens. The instant they dropped to the ground, they vigilantly dashed towards the surroundings to find a safe spot to conceal themselves, and all of them seemed to be exceedingly experiences and vigilant.

It turned out that the surface of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda was actually able to show all the cultivators that had entered the pagoda to participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings!


When he’d just stepped through the door, Chen Xi felt an energy that was impossible to resist cover him, then his vision went blanks, and he’d already been instantly transported. He didn’t know how long had passed when his body suddenly sank, and when he opened his eyes, he’d already appeared before a river.

This river was 300m wide, its water clear and turbulent, and it roiled as it flowed. It emitted a rumbling sound of waves hitting each other as they gushed, and it was exceedingly magnificent. Whereas on the other side of the river was instead a luxuriant forest with trees that towered to the sky.

Chen Xi’s gaze swept the surroundings, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that only he was present within an area of 5km. The tip of his feet instantly tapped the ground, and his figure was like a gust of wind as it flashed towards the luxuriant forest at the other side of the river.

The forest was undoubtedly the best choice to cover up one’s tracks. This forest was vast without end, and it covered an unknown amount of kilometers of area. Even if he were to battle in the forest, Chen Xi wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

Because when he was in Pine Mist City, he’d once followed Ji Yu to cultivate within the southern barbaric forest. He’s seen many bizarre and vicious demon beasts and had sneak attacks launched on him by various vicious demon beasts that were adept in concealment. Life and death battles like this had long ago tempered Chen Xi’s experience to the point it was extremely abundant, and he naturally had a type of advantage towards forest battles.

Whereas flying in the sky would cause him to become extremely conspicuous. After all, the first layer of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, the Eight-Directions Layer was only 5,000 km in size. Now that a dense amount of over 10,000 cultivators had entered, it was possible that these cultivators were at almost every corner. So long as one wasn’t an idiot, no one would choose to fly in midair as it would cause one to become a target for all, and the person’s end would surely be extremely tragic.


In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had already arrived at the other side of the river. The instant he entered the forest, he was just about to move forward when he seemed to have noticed something, and he turned his head to look at the side of the river behind him. A figure had appeared in the sky 10m above the side of the river. Besides that, at the other side, another four figures appeared successively!

Obviously, these people were transported here like Chen Xi.

“Where is this?”

“Eh! Young Master!”

“Young Master? Haha! Xie Feng, Xie Heng, Xie Shan. Our luck is good! We’ve actually been transported to the Young Master.” All these five people wore dark green clothes, and when they looked at each other, all of them rejoiced greatly. Especially when they saw the young man with an imposing build, it was precisely their Young Master, Xie Zhan!

“Haha! What a coincidence! With all of you here this time, we can move about together, and our certainty to persist until the end will be even greater.” Xie Zhan laughed loudly without end.

“It’s quite a coincidence indeed. Unfortunately, all of you have to fuck on out today.” It was at this moment that Chen Xi walked out unhurriedly from the forest, and he has a smile on his face as he looked at Xie Zhan.

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