Chapter 1329 – Ancient Bloodgod Corpse

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he raised his eyes to look at Dian Dian.

Dian Dian seemed to be lost in thought and said instead, “I thought that your mind had been invaded by the aura of the Godslaughter Bloodlands, and I was just about to jolt you awake from it. Yet I never expected that you would completely come around so quickly.”

When she spoke up to here, she reminded. “The energy in this Godslaughter Bloodlands even affects Half-step Immortal Kings. It invades the mind and might even cause qi deviation. You shouldn’t size up the surroundings.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and nodded in agreement.

Because there were three Immortal Kings defending against everything all around him, he hadn’t considered this. At this moment, when he thought about it, he felt his actions from before were slightly rash indeed.

Fortunately, the River Diagram fragments had assisted him in a timely manner, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. After all, the scene of a monstrous sea of blood and piles of bones was truly too terrifying.

“Watch out! Ancient Bloodgod Corpses have appeared!” Suddenly, Shi Yu’s voice sounded out from ahead, and his voice carried a trace of a murderous aura.


Before his voice could finish resounding through the air, a wave of extremely sharp howls suddenly resounded from the depths of the Godslaughter Bloodlands.


In the next moment, it seemed like a powerful army was dashing over from afar, causing the earth to quake while the chaotic sky instantly became blood red.

After that, numerous figures tore through the sky towards them, and they completely blocked off the path ahead.

Amongst these figures were some ferocious beasts that were 30km tall. Their eyes were empty and blazed with surging blood red flames. Every single inch of their bones were covered in a layer of thick dark red colored blood, and they seemed as if they’d walked out of an ocean of blood.

There were also figures that wore broken bronze armor. They seemed like gods, yet seemed like demons. Their skin was withered while their muscles had shriveled up, and their entire bodies flowed with dark red blood, causing them to be extremely terrifying.

They couldn’t be considered as living beings any longer. Their entire bodies were covered in a bloody aura and boundless divine might that seemed like an abyss of purgatory that covered every inch of space around them, causing others to tremble before them.

When facing these existences, Chen Xi felt that he was tiny like a speck of dust, and he would be blown away by a gust of wind.

“These are Ancient Bloodgod Corpses, and they’re the corpses of the gods that fell here during the prehistoric times and endured innumerable years of time without perishing. They’ve lost all intelligence and only possess an instinct to kill and a ruthless aura.” Dian Dian’s voice transmission sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. “Their strengths are roughly equivalent to a Half-step Immortal King, and some formidable existences amongst them are even capable of attaining a strength at the Immortal King Realm. But it’s very rare for that to happen.”

As she spoke, Shi Yu suddenly let out a long howl and said, “All of you help me hold our ground, I’ll kill these corpses!”

His voice was like a thunderclap and was filled with the might of an Immortal King as it reverberated through the surroundings.

Along with his voice, strands of sword qi that shot into the nine heavens surged out from Shi Yu, and they illuminated the heavens and the earth while emanating a murderous and fierce aura filled with peerless divine might.

All the strands of sword qi contained the supreme Laws of Immortal Kings. They froze space and slowed down time, and they were like a myriad of brilliant and dazzling flowing rays of light that whistled through the surroundings.

Swish! Swish!

Sword qi surged violently. At that instant, they covered the entire world with peerless brilliance.

Chen Xi felt a piercing pain in his eyes while he was extremely astounded in his heart. This is the might of an Immortal King? Isn’t it a bit too terrifying!?

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The Ancient Bloodgod Corpses hadn’t even approached them when they were drowned by the boundless strands of sword qi. The corpses were penetrated, shattered, and transformed into clumps of bloody rain that exploded in the sky.

In merely a blink of the eye, the ten plus Ancient Bloodgod Corpses were actually annihilated by Shi Yu in one go!

Chen Xi was astounded by this sight. Those were all existences at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, yet they actually couldn’t resist a single blow from Shi Yu and weren’t able to counterattack at all! It was simply as if they were utterly useless!

Of course, Chen Xi was clearly aware that this didn’t prove that the Ancient Bloodgod Corpses were very weak, and it could only show that as an Immortal King, Shi Yu’s might was truly too formidable and exceeded Chen Xi’s imagination.

Moreover, it was the first time he’d witnessed an Immortal King fight from such a close distance, and it was so shocking that it was indescribable with words.

Sword qi rumbled before gradually falling to silence. Shi Yu who stood in midair was like a king of the sword that looked down upon the world and was peerlessly mighty.

He turned around and returned to the group while numerous thumb sized blood colored pearls were held within his palm. All of them glowed brilliantly, and they emanated a strand of a dense and obscure aura.

“Our luck wasn’t bad this time. I gathered seven Daospirit Pearls.” Shi Yu smiled lightly. He distributed two pearls each to Xiangliu Li and Dian Dian before he himself kept two more, and then he passed the last pearl to Chen Xi. “This pearl contains the energy of a god, and it’s the essence of the entire cultivation of the primeval gods that fell here. It’s greatly beneficial to the cultivation of an Immortal King. However, you’re restricted by your cultivation now, so it’s best if you don’t absorb it now. It wouldn’t be too late to absorb it after you’ve advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm.”

Chen Xi was just about to refuse when he heard Dian Dian. “Keep it. All that participate get a share, these are the rules.”

“Haha. There’s no need to be shy. There are many more treasures in this bloodland. Unfortunately, most of them are slightly useful to Immortal Kings like us, so Little Brother Chen Xi has to make the best use of your time and cultivate. Otherwise, no matter how many treasures you possess, you can only look helplessly at them.” Xiangliu Li smiled lightly as well, and her voice carried a slight teasing tone.

Chen Xi immediately accepted it from Shi Yu.


However, before he could look at it carefully, a strange fluctuation suddenly surged out from within him, and it instantly took away the Daospirit Pearl in his hand.

Chen Xi was stunned before his brows suddenly raised because it was actually the River Diagram fragments!

Could it be that…it needs the energy within the Daospirit Pearls?

Dian Dian acutely noticed the changes in Chen Xi’s expression, and she couldn’t help but ask. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Chen Xi shook his head. He naturally wouldn’t tell her that the pearl he just obtained had been taken by the River Diagram fragments. Moreover, it was the first time that the River Diagram fragments had taken the initiative to take something from him, so he couldn’t help but be slightly shocked.

Dian Dian smiled. She thought Chen Xi felt uneasy from taking the pearl from Shi Yu, and she explained warmly right away. “Even though this Daospirit Pearl is the essence of a primeval god, countless years have passed, so these essences have mostly been lost. Only a small portion is left behind within these pearls, so it can’t be considered to be really precious.”

Only now did Chen Xi understand that the these Daospirit Pearls contained dense Dao Origin Energy of the gods yet didn’t contain the profundities to becoming a god that Immortal Kings urgently required, so it naturally couldn’t be considered as precious.

However, to the Half-step Immortal King Realm, these pearls were rare and priceless treasures, and they were extremely beneficial to charging into the Immortal King Realm.

As for Chen Xi, no matter how rare and precious the Daospirit Pearls were, he couldn’t use them for now. It couldn’t be helped, his cultivation was too low, and that was the reason why his heart didn’t ache when it was taken away by the River Diagram fragments.

As they talked, they’d continued forward and headed towards the depths of the bloodlands.

This deathly silent and desolate plains seemed to be boundless. Moreover, the deeper they went, the slower Shi Yu’s speed became, and he seemed as if he’d felt some sort of pressure.

Of course, no matter how great the pressure was, Chen Xi was unable to sense it at all now.

Because the Daospirit Pearl had been taken away by the River Diagram fragments, he’d been observing the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness all along the way, yet he didn’t discover anything, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly perturbed because of this.

What’s going on?

Why had the River Diagram fragments never done this in the past, yet they just happened to suddenly do this after we entered the Prehistoric Ruins’ Godslaughter Bloodlands?

Not only had it resisted the terrifying aura within the bloodlands for me, allowing me to avoid the calamity of having my mind being invaded, it even took away my Daospirit Pearl now. These successive actions are slightly strange…

But in next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to think about all of this.

Because numerous terrifying Ancient Bloodgod Corpses had once again appeared from the depths of the bloodlands. Most importantly, they were actually over a hundred times the amount, and there was no less than a thousand of them.

Everywhere that met the eye, a bloody glow shot into the sky while corpses covered the surroundings. They covered the entire ground, and they seemed like an expanse of a blood red ocean that was filled with an extremely oppressive and terrifying bloody and baleful aura.

Over a thousand!

In other words, it was equivalent to over a thousand Half-step Immortal King opponents were waiting for them in the distance!

At this moment, even if it was Shi Yu, he couldn’t help but frown and mutter. “Something unexpected seems to have occurred. Unfortunately, I’m unable to deduce the cause.”

“It’s probably the Sovereign Sect’s Suiren Ting who utilized the Overlord Sage Path Pagoda’s might to conceal all their karma, causing us to be unable to deduce the reason.” Xiangliu Li spoke in a light voice, and her clear and beautiful eyes flickered with a sheen of wisdom. “However, there’s no need to worry. I’ve similarly utilized the strength of the Nine Clarity Jade Crown earlier to completely conceal everything related to us. So they’re similarly unable to deduce our actions.”

“Perhaps it’s only a coincidence. In my opinion, Suiren Ting and the others wouldn’t act recklessly before entering the God Attainment Region, otherwise it would be extremely disadvantageous to them as well.” Dian Dian gestured casually, and the Emperor Divine Battle Axe flew into her palm before she smiled lightly. “No matter what, let’s deal with these ugly things before us first.”

Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li both nodded when they heard this.


Strand after strand of brilliant and extraordinary sword qi shot out violently from Shi Yu once more, and they filled the sky!

Om~ Om~

At the same time, Xiangliu Li formed a divine seal with her hand, and the Nine Clarity Jade Crown on her head emanated a myriad of strands of nine colored immortal glows. It was like numerous divine rays of light that surged towards the group of Ancient Bloodgod Corpses in the distance.

“Watch from the side. Be calm alright? Don’t allow them to deter your Dao Heart, otherwise it’ll be harmful to your cultivation.” Dian Dian grinned as she instructed Chen Xi.

In the next moment, a wisp of an arrogant and imposing expression suddenly surged onto her face. She gestured with her fair hand and the violet battle axe soared into the sky, and then it instantly emanated numerous crescent moon shaped arcs of light.

Every single arc of light contained a strand of Immortal King Laws.

A myriad of arcs of light converged together, and it just happened to seem like a violent crescent moon in midair. Moreover, it seemed as if it was about to tear a hole in the world!

Even if he’d received Dian Dian’s instructions earlier, Chen Xi’s pupils still couldn’t help but constrict upon witnessing this shocking scene, and he gasped.

The three Immortal Kings attacked at the same time!

How many people in the entire three dimensions were able to personally witness a grand and world shocking scene like this?

The battle erupted!

Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, and Dian Dian’s attacks were like a whirlwind that forcefully tore the thousand plus Ancient Bloodgod Corpses apart into three groups. Moreover, their attacks were all-powerful like they were sweeping through dry leaves, and it was shocking and terrifying to the extreme.

The might of Immortal Kings was vividly displayed at this moment.

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