Chapter 1328 – Godslaughter Bloodlands

In the three dimensions, Immortal Kings were like supreme existences that were practically eternal.

However, even if they were supreme, they weren’t necessarily paramount.

The gazes of the Immortal Kings in the world had long since looked past the scope of the three dimensions, and they were looking towards a higher level.

The Godrank Realm was the higher realm that Immortal Kings pursued.

As it was said, gods were like the sun and moon that illuminated the ages, they were eternal and thus existed everywhere.

For example, in the mortal world, it was said that gods were amongst men, and it meant that the gods were everywhere. A single thought of the gods allowed the gods to sense the karma of the world.

During the early beginning of the world, the living beings and Fiendgods born from the chaos could all be considered as gods. At that time, the gods fought for supremacy in the world, and it could be said to be the most dazzling period of history in the world.

However, along with the prehistoric world’s destruction and the establishment of the three dimensions, it was very rare for gods to appear. The reason was that it was too difficult to traverse into the realm of gods.

Of course, the gods of the mortal world were mostly ‘river gods,’ ‘temple gods,’ ‘fire gods,’ and other similar gods, and they were unlike the gods in the eyes of the Immortal Kings.

Because after they surpassed the Immortal King Realm and attained the Godrank Realm, they could be called ‘Chaos Gods!’

After he finished listening to all these secrets, Chen Xi’s heart and mind shook, and he was unable to recover from his shock for a long time.

He’d originally thought that the Immortal King Realm was already the supreme and highest realm in the three dimensions, and they were capable of accomplishing anything. Yet never had he imagined that one could still become a god after attaining the Immortal King Realm…

Exactly how far is the path towards the Dao?

Is the Godrank Realm the end?

All of this was too far away from Chen Xi, causing him to not dare rashly make a conclusion, and it was even to the extent that he suspected even Immortal Kings like Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li didn’t dare confirm where the end of the Grand Dao lay.

Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “Are there known Godrank Realm existences in this world?”

Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li smiled when they heard this.

“Of course.” This was their unanimous answer.

Chen Xi was stunned. When he thought about it carefully, he realized that it was the truth indeed. Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li were from one of the supreme sects of the three dimensions, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and they were at the Immortal King Realm.

However, they were merely heirs, so how could an existence capable of teaching such disciples possibly be merely at the Immortal King Realm?

Chen Xi didn’t know these secrets in the past, or perhaps it could be said that he never thought about it carefully. Now that he’d coincidentally found about all of this from these three Immortal Kings, it was like listening to numerous shocking secrets, so tempestuous waves couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

This was the restriction of his field of vision.

Without the guidance of these Immortal Kings, how could a Golden Immortal like him possibly know all of this?

When one’s field of vision was different, the way one looked at things was different as well. Perhaps when Chen Xi returned to the Immortal Dimension after the end of this trip, his gaze wouldn’t be restricted to only his peers, and he would look higher and further…

“Let’s set out. Our journey won’t be peaceful.” After the banquet ended, Shi Yu stood up, and as his eyes blinked, divine flames surged. He suddenly gazed towards extremely far in the distance, and along with his voice resounding, his face instantly recovered its cold and proud expression.

“I’ve already deduced that our journey will be obstructed by many disasters, and it’s probably because of the Sovereign Sect. Looks like they’re already slightly impatient…”

Xiangliu Li smiled lightly while her entire body emanated strands of silver radiance, and it enveloped her while the space between her brows was filled with a flowing glow of wisdom.

“From now on, you only have to follow by my side. Perhaps you’ll be able to witness a battle between gods.” Dian Dian blinked at Chen Xi with a relaxed expression, and she wasn’t fearful at all.

Chen Xi could only nod, yet he sighed in his heart. A battle between gods? Even if I want to interfere in a battle of that level, I’ll probably be unable to accomplish it.

“Let’s go!” Shi Yu flicked his sleeve, and his entire body suddenly erupted with dazzling divine brilliance. He shot into the sky like a god of flames, and in the blink of an eye, he’d vanished on the spot along with Dian Dian, Xiangliu Li, and Chen Xi.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground quaked and shook the surroundings.

A tall and mighty figure that seemed to be tall like the heavens appeared in the distant wilderness. The layer of clouds merely arrived at his waist, and his upper body was above the clouds!

He was truly too tall. Every single step he took caused mountain after mountain to be easily flattened while lake after lake were crushed into deep abysses. Everywhere he passed, the earth cracked open into ruined rifts, and it was an extremely shocking scene.

Suddenly, an enormous hand that blotted out the sky stretched out from within the deep abyss, and it was covered in ancient Dao markings. Its fingers were like pillars that could hold up the sky, and it grabbed fiercely towards the tall figure.

“Damnable Bastard! Do you have no eyes?” A rumbling shout resounded from above the clouds. Along with this voice, the tall figure suddenly raised his leg and suddenly stepped onto the enormous hand that blotted out the sky.


The ground rumbled as it collapsed, and then rocks shattered while rivers were broken apart in an area of 50,000km. It was like a terrifying earthquake had occurred.

On the other hand, the enormous hand was even stomped on to the point it was mangled. Its bones were faintly visible while it struggled violently without end.

“Roar!!! Great Sage Heaven Trampler, forgive me. My eyes were blinded by the Grand Dao, my heart was filled with bloodthirst, and I’ve been trapped here for a million years. I didn’t know it was Great Sage that had come, I realize my mistake now!” Suddenly, a plea for forgiveness that was filled with pain shook through the heavens from within the deep abyss, and it resounded throughout the surroundings.

“Hmph! Stinking worm! I’ll let you off for now out of consideration for your ancestor that has passed away!” A cold grunt sounded out from above the clouds, and then the figure that was as tall as the heavens raised his leg before moving towards the distance.

Rumble! Rumble!

Along with the heaven shaking sounds of footsteps, Heaven Trampler vanished in the distance.

On the other hand, beneath the deep abyss, there was a Primeval Dragonturtle groaning in pain while gasping without end. Its figure was an entire 500,000km in size, and numerous chains that were covered in mysterious Dao marking had shackled its limbs, causing it to be unable to move.

“Hmph! The God Attainment Region! All those years ago, that ancestor of mine wholeheartedly desired to obtain the method to become a god, yet he perished unfortunately. How could such a dangerous place be somewhere that you, Heaven Trampler, can step foot in? It’s best if all of you die there!” The Primeval Dragonturtle’s eyes were suffused with a glow of resentment.

Hmm? Looks like Midnight Immortal King and the Fellow Daoists from Nuwa’s Dao Palace have left already. Heaven Trampler’s towering figure suddenly flashed before Darkbale Divine Ridge, and he transformed into an imposing man that was 3m tall, and he descended onto the peak of the mountain.

He swept the ground with his gaze before he silently deduced in his heart, and then he suddenly revealed a slightly shocked expression. He revealed a wisp of surprise and bewilderment as he said, What a familiar aura… It wouldn’t be that little fellow who has come as well, right?

“Dammit!” Heaven Trampler’s face sank abruptly as he cursed. “That’s the God Attainment Region. Since the ancient times until now, countless Immortal Kings have fallen there. How could this kid be so stupid to dare participate in this dangerous fortuitous encounter?”

“Nevermind, I’ll go over and have a look…” Amidst his restless sighs, Heaven Trampler stopped walking on foot, and he transformed into a wisp of black lightning instead before he vanished on the spot with a swish.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Because their speed was too swift, it caused the space before them to warp and change rapidly while a sharp and ear piercing sound resounded. They were like a flash of light, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to see anything clearly.

When his vision recovered its clarity once more, he’d already arrived on a desolate plain.

This plain seemed as if it was boundless, and he couldn’t see the end of it. It was completely desolate and dry while the earth was covered in narrow cracks that seemed like spiderwebs. It was like a desolate ruin.

The sky here was completely chaotic while the ground seemed as if it had been bathed in blood and was completely dark red. The air was suffused with a horrifying aura that was ancient, deathly silent, and desolate. It caused them to feel extremely oppressed.

“This is Godslaughter Bloodlands. All the blood on the ground were from the primeval gods, and the entrance to the God Attainment Region is at the end of the Godslaughter Bloodlands.” Shi Yu introduced this place casually while his expression had already become serious and murderous. “Everyone, be careful. There are probably many people laying in ambush here now. If anyone obstructs us later, then kill without mercy!”


As he spoke, the bone immortal sword that was fine like a needle and hung on his ear suddenly flew up and revolved around the tip of his finger without end.

God Mystery Sword!

It was Shi Yu’s Void Grade Immortal Artifact. It was passed down since the primeval times, and it was one of the ancient inheritance swords of Nuwa’s Dao Palace!


Even though Xiangliu Li didn’t move, the exquisite and beautiful crown of flowers above her head suddenly emanated strands of thick divine light. It completely enveloped her body, and it seemed illusory and dreamlike while it emanated supreme divine might.

This was another Void Grade Immortal Artifact, and it was called Nine Clarity Jade Crown. It was filled with Nine Clarity Divinelight that separated clear from muddy, and it was impermeable to all evil and possessed boundless abilities.

Dian Dian smiled when she saw this, and then she casually made a tossing movement with her hand. A violet battle axe that seemed like a crescent moon revolved around her body, and it surged with violet qi. It was mysterious, powerful, and possessed boundless might, and it was called the Emperor Divine Battle Axe.

The three Immortal Kings had withdrawn immortal artifacts at the same time. In an instant, strands of terrifying might swept out from them. It disturbed the workings of the heavens and enveloped the surroundings, and it instantly dispelled the oppressive aura that filled the Godslaughter Bloodlands.

“Let’s go!” Shi Yu took the lead, and he flashed towards the depths of Godslaughter Bloodlands.

He’d obviously slowed down greatly as if this Godslaughter Bloodlands was filled with some sort of danger that caused even an Immortal King like him to be rather fearful.

Xiangliu Li followed closely behind him. The Nine Clarity Jade Crown on her head emanated nine clear glows that were respectively the Upper Clarity, Jade Clarity, Grand Clarity, Origin Clarity, Void Clarity, Essence Clarity, Spirit Clarity, Order Clarity, and Dark Clarity divine lights, and these divine lights enveloped their entire group.

Dian Dian resided at the back of the group. The Emperor Divine Battle Axe soared through the sky was revolving, and it emanated violet divine radiance as it remained prepared for combat. Dian Dian didn’t dare be careless at all either.

Only Chen Xi was unoccupied because he was utterly unable to be of any help while under the protection of these three Immortal Kings, and he could only utilize the Eye of Divine Truth to investigate the surroundings.

Investigating wasn’t the problem, but as soon as he did, an expanse of a dense sea of blood instantly assaulted his face, and it surged into the Eye of Divine Truth’s field of vision. The sea of blood was covered in bones and corpses, and it was filled with boundless killing intent and resentment.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s heart and mind trembled with fear, and he was horrified. He sensed an indescribably terrifying aura oppress him to the point he couldn’t catch his breath. It seemed as if he would be drowned by the sea of blood and perish in the next moment…


However, right at this moment, the River Diagram fragments in his sea of consciousness emanated a strange fluctuation, and it was like a storm that completely dispelled and annihilated the sea of blood, bones, and corpses!

“Eh?” Before Chen Xi could even catch his breath, Dian Dian’s exclaim of surprise sounded out by his ears.

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