Chapter 1327 – The Secret To Attaining The Dao And Becoming A God

This Phoenix Spirit Hairpin was obviously a rare treasure, and it was suffused with auspicious qi.

Chen Xi was able to sense a strand of pure and thick auspicious qi assault his face from afar, and it caused his mind and heart to become relaxed. If he were to wear it, then it would definitely be able to gather luck and ward off danger.

This caused Chen Xi to feel slight disbelief because once one attained the Immortal King Realm, one’s lifespan was long to a practically eternal length. Why would they still remember trivial matters like birthdays?

Moreover, based on Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li’s expressions, they seemed to attach great importance to it.

“Thank you, Big Sister Midnight.” Xiangliu Li received the brilliant gold colored jade hairpin and smiled with delight.

“I originally intended to give you my gift later. But now it would seem like I can only do it now.” As he spoke, Shi Yu casually flipped his hand, and a translucent and jade-like pearl appeared on his palm. It was the size of an infant’s fist and circle after circle of divine radiance floated about with it, and these radiances interweaved together to transform into three ancient symbols — Fortune, Enjoyment, Longevity.

As soon as this pearl appeared, it emanated three shocking auras. One was the aura of fortune, one was the aura of enjoyment, and the last was the aura of longevity. All of these auras seemed material as they shone brilliantly and interweaved together in midair, and they emanated strands of clear, gold, and black colored flowers that enveloped the heavens and the earth. A unique fragrance drifted out from them and assaulted the nose, and they faintly emanated the sound of nature as they slowly spread towards the surroundings.

Chen Xi was dumbstruck by this sight. It was the first time that he’d seen such a precious treasure that was actually capable of completely accommodating fortune, enjoyment, and longevity. It could be considered as an unparalleled treasure.

Isn’t this birthday being celebrated too grandly?

If it’s like this every single year, then this Immortal King Xiangliu Li would probably be unable to finish accepting all her gifts…

“Haha. I knew Daoist Brother Shi Yu would have prepared something a long time ago. This Triple Auspicious Pearl was a precious treasure in the hands of the Outerealm’s Treasurelight World’s Master. Could it be that you killed that dark and stupid elephant?” Dian Dian seemed to be lost in thought as she looked at Shi Yu.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi heard this, he suddenly recalled that when he participated in the inner court exam that day, he’d noticed an Immortal King battling an enormous black jade elephant in the depths of the river that separated the Immortal Dimension and the Outerealm. With a wave of their hands, stars were shattered into pieces while the sun and moon were on the verge of collapse, and such a great scene was still branded in Chen Xi’s mind until now.

When he thought about it now, Chen Xi instantly noticed to his astonishment. That Immortal King from that day was probably this number one disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Shi Yu, right?

“You really killed that black elephant?” Xiangliu Li held the pearl with both hands while she stared at Shi Yu with happiness.

Shi Yu glanced at Chen Xi before he said with slight helplessness. “Kinda.”

That day in the Outerealm Battlefield, the third senior brother of Oracle Mountain, Li Fuyao, had stopped him from forcefully seizing Chen Xi’s fortune, and for the sake of apologizing, Li Fuyao had fought his way deep into the river and annihilated the Master of Treasurelight World, the Black Emperor Hellphant, before giving this pearl to him.

It was precisely because of this that Shi Yu couldn’t help but feel slightly depressed. Even though he’d given the treasure to her, it wasn’t personally obtained by him, so he naturally felt slightly regretful.

“It’s fine so long as it is.” Xiangliu Li smiled lightly and was extremely happy, and her clear eyes carried a wisp of affection.

Chen Xi finally came to an understanding at this moment. There seemed to be some sort of relationship between Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li, and they might have become Dao Companions a long time ago…

But right after that, he didn’t dare continue letting his thoughts run wild because everyone had given her a birthday present, so he had to present her with something as well, right? But… I’m only a Golden Immortal, would an Immortal King even take my gift seriously?

Chen Xi couldn’t help but hesitate slightly.

“Didn’t we gather a great deal of immortal materials all along the way? I heard that you’re a Supreme Grandmaster Spirit Chef. Why don’t you cook some food now, and you can take it as giving Miss Li a birthday gift.” Dian Dian grinned as she spoke to Chen Xi, and she seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts.

As soon as these words were spoken, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li were both stunned, and then they understood the situation Chen Xi was in right now, causing both of them to burst with laughter.

“Alright. Then I have to try this Young Brother Chen Xi’s cooking.” Xiangliu Li was very kind and didn’t make it embarrassing for Chen Xi.

After all, they’d only met for the first time. Even though she was an Immortal Realm, she still had to give Midnight Immortal King face, so she couldn’t make it embarrassing for Chen Xi.

“Alright, then we’ll taste Brother Chen Xi’s cooking.” Shi Yu laughed lightheartedly. He suddenly noticed that being able to make a disciple of Oracle Mountain cook food for them could be considered as an extremely rare enjoyment, and it wasn’t going too far to say that it could only be chanced upon by luck.

Because he was very clearly aware that all those fellows from Oracle Mountain were extremely proud, and it was simply impossible to make them lower themselves to cooking something for him.

Of course, Shi Yu didn’t have any ill intent, and it was just a different way of ‘hunting for novelty.’

Chen Xi was naturally unable to guess Xiangliu Li and Shi Yu’s thoughts, and he didn’t feel there was anything wrong with Dian Dian’s instructions. When he saw that these three Immortal Kings seemed to rather look forward to his culinary skill, he felt slightly proud instead.

After all, not just any Supreme Grandmaster Spirit Chef in the world was able to personally cook for three Immortal Kings…

Especially when Shi Yu had actually addressed him as Brother Chen Xi and didn’t utilize his seniority. This caused Chen Xi to feel rather comfortable.

He was very clearly aware of how great the difference was in identity and status between a Golden Immortal and Immortal King.

Kui Ox tendons that were thick like a bowl, Azure Pheasant meat that was densely and finely covered in Dao markings, winged fish, jade like and fragrant Taowu bone marrow…

Under the surprised gazes of Dian Dian, Shi Yu, and Xiangliu Li, various rare immortal materials transformed into ingredients in Chen Xi’s hands, and they were either fried, stir-fried, stewed, dry braised…

This string of actions were carried out smoothly and in one go, and it was filled with an indescribable sense of beauty that gladdened the heart and pleased the eyes.

“Outstanding! Attaining such a state in the Culinary Dao is truly rare.” Shi Yu evaluated and was rather surprised that Chen Xi was actually a Supreme Grandmaster Spirit Chef as well because his culinary skill had already attained the state of infusing a strand of the aura of the Dao within his cooking, and it wasn’t something an ordinary spirit chef could accomplish.

“It’s not bad indeed. I remember that a great figure of the Taotie Clan from a million years ago utilized a five element immortal wok to forcefully cook all the living beings in the Outerealm’s Darkdove World, and it was called the Myriad Soulfeed Banquet, causing him to become renowned throughout the world. Young Brother Chen Xi is restricted by his cultivation now, otherwise he would definitely not be inferior to that great figure of the Taotie Clan from all those years ago.” Xiangliu Li smiled and praised as well.

Dian Dian puckered her lips and smiled lightly when facing this, yet she didn’t speak. However, she was actually extremely happy for Chen Xi in her heart because this was the praise of two Immortal Kings, and it was impossible for an ordinary Golden Immortal to obtain!

In next to no time, a delicious fragrance drifted out and suffused the air, and it made their mouths water.

Dish after dish was placed properly before everyone took their seats. Shi Yu withdrew a bottle of divine wine and filled the cups of everyone. Supposedly, it was a precious treasure refined using Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Creation Furnace, and it possessed supreme effects and was priceless.

Xiangliu Li withdrew some rare immortal fruits of various colors, and she let Chen Xi and Dian Dian taste them one by one. All of them were rare precious treasures in the three dimensions.

After all, it came from the personal storage of an Immortal King, so how could it possibly be ordinary? Not to mention Chen Xi, even the other cultivators of the Immortal Dimension would probably have never enjoyed such treatment.

Before long, all of them were chatting while eating, and it was a scene that overflowed with joy. It seemed as if they’d taken the Prehistoric Ruins that was filled with danger to be a camping spot…

Through their conversations, Chen Xi became familiar with Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li. Even though they couldn’t be considered to have any relationship with each other, at the very least, they weren’t strangers any longer.

This made Chen Xi feel very satisfied.

These were two Immortal Kings and being able to associate with them was already an extraordinary fortune in itself because no matter how lofty one’s status was, it was impossible to obtain such an opportunity.

Chen Xi was very clearly aware of the path he had to take in the future. No matter if it was taking revenge from the Zuoqiu Clan or going against the Sovereign Sect, it was impossible to accomplish by himself.

So he’d gone to Dao Emperor Academy. Through his successive outstanding performances, he’d obtained the praise, good impression, and support of numerous seniors in the academy, and he’d obtained the good impression and admiration of countless seniors and juniors. At the same time, he’d established a society of his own, the Star Alliance.

It could be said that his reputation in Dao Emperor Academy now seemed to already be on par with Ye Tang and Ling Qingwu, and it might even be slightly higher.

Perhaps the might of all these forces couldn’t be determined for now, but once he decided to take action and seek revenge, then it would bring forth an unimaginable might.

This was the strength of one’s network, relationships, and background!

Of course, all of this was established on his own strength and ability. At the same time, it was something he strived to obtain step by step through his own hard work, and it wasn’t related to luck at all.

Especially the relationship he formed now with the Midnight Immortal King, Dian Dian, and the heirs of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li. It allowed him to imperceptibly possess a network of relationships with figures of a higher level. So when he roamed through the three dimensions in the future, then perhaps it would be able to reveal its value.

As they continued on with their conversations, Chen Xi wasn’t able to restrain himself in the end, and he asked about the God Attainment Region.

Dian Dian smiled and glanced at Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li before she told him about its secrets.

It turned out that it wasn’t just the world energy from the prehistoric times that was maintained within the Prehistoric Ruins, there were all sorts of fortunes scattered all over it. These fortunes consisted of those left behind by the Prehistoric Sects that were obliterated in the annals of history, and the treasures of the gods and sages of the prehistoric times…

Amongst all these fortunes, the only one that could draw the attention of experts at the Immortal King Realm was the God Attainment Region.

According to rumor, the God Attainment Region contained the supreme secret to becoming a god. Since the prehistoric times, all experts that had attained the Immortal King Realm had stepped foot into the God Attainment Region to search for the method to attain the Dao and become a god. The most famous amongst these Immortal Kings were the founding ancestors of Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect!

Of course, there was no lack of others like the ancestors of some ancient clans like the Suiren Clan, Youchao Clan, and Xiangliu Clan, and some Fiendgods and spirits that were born from within the chaos at the beginning of the world.

However, after one entered the God Attainment Region, one may not necessarily be able to obtain the technique to attain the Dao and become a god. However, so long as one obtained this technique, then one would definitely step into a realm above the Immortal King Realm, escape the three dimensions, and become a true supreme existence!

This was the reason why the God Attainment Region was capable of arousing the interest of all existences at the Immortal King Realm.

Becoming a god!

It was the realm of the Grand Dao that all Immortal Kings pursued!

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