Chapter 1326 – God Attainment Region

These two figures stood at the top of the ancient peak.

One was robust and tall, brilliant and mighty. He was like a blazing flame that was more dazzling than the stars, more resplendent than the moon. He was brilliant to the point it was impossible to focus one’s gaze upon him.

The other figure was slender and graceful. Her dress fluttered with the wind while her jet black hair was coiled into a bun, and she wore an exquisite crown of flowers. Her body was suffused with strands of silver light that made her seem like a picturesque celestial maiden.

No matter if it was the man or the woman, both of their bodies carried grand and boundless auras that shook the sky. They were like two kings that stood amidst the heavens and the earth while looking down upon the world, and they were matchlessly mighty.

Without a doubt, they were definitely the heirs of Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

The true cause for Chen Xi’s shock was that the man had actually called Dian Dian as Midnight earlier! Doesn’t this mean that this peerless and otherworldly beauty that’s always smiling sweetly is one of the four great Immortal Kings of the Immortal Dimension, the Midnight Immortal King?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse a complicated feeling in his heart.

Earlier, he’d once looked up to those four great Immortal Kings just like all the living beings in the world. He was curious about their appearances and to know what sort of existences they were, yet never had he imagined that the Midnight Immortal King was following by his side, and he’d only recognized her now…

“You didn’t ask about my name.” Dian Dian blinked at Chen Xi while grinning lightly, and then she led him onto the ancient peak.

“Daoist Brother Shi Yu, Miss Li.” Dian Dian smiled as she nodded to them, and she sent Chen Xi a voice transmission at the same time. “The one on the left is Shi Yu, Nuwa’s Dao Palace’s Eldest Dao Protecting Disciple, the other on the right is Xiangliu Li, she’s a descendant of the Xiangliu Clan and an Elite Disciple of Nuwa’s Dao Palace. Both of them are at the Immortal King Realm, and we’ll be working together with them this time.”

Chen Xi was fiercely shocked in his heart. Two Immortal Kings!

This caused him to be unable to help but think of Oracle Mountain, and he said in his heart, Besides me, all the thirteen other disciples of Oracle Mountain, my Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters are probably mostly at the Immortal King Realm, right?

Of course, this was only his guess, and perhaps only the disciples of Oracle Mountain themselves would know exactly how high their cultivations were.

“This is Chen Xi, my friend. He’ll be heading to the God Attainment Region with us this time.” As she spoke, Dian Dian introduced Chen Xi in a simple manner.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, Chen Xi felt two gazes sweeping over towards him. It was like being stared at by two supreme gods, and it caused his entire body to feel oppressed as if all the secrets within him were noticed investigated by them.

But in merely an instant, these two gazes were withdrawn, and it caused Chen Xi to almost feel like all of this was a hallucination.

“Eh, wait.” After that, Shi Yu spoke with surprise. As he spoke, the divine radiance that covered his body was restrained to reveal his true appearance. He was actually a thin man in a black robe who had a broad forehead and sideburns that were sharp like swords.

His skin was fair and crystalline while a flying sword eardrop made of bones that was fine like a needle hung from his left ear, and it caused him to carry a devilish, cold, and proud aura.

At this moment, he frowned as he gazed at Chen Xi, and he seemed to have recalled something.

“Is something wrong?” Dian Dian casually played with the soft and smooth hair by her ears, and she spoke slowly. As she spoke, her figure flashed imperceptibly and blocked before Chen Xi.

“Big Sister Midnight, you’re really considerate down to the slightest detail to this little fellow.” Xiangliu Li who stood at the side glanced at Dian Dian while seeming to be lost in thought, and then she revealed a light smile that was like a flower that bloomed after the rain. It was refreshing, beautiful, and extremely moving.

This woman’s clothes fluttered, and she wore an exquisite crown of flowers. Her bearing was graceful and poised while her figure was slender, and she seemed as if she would float off at any moment.

“It can’t be helped. I brought him here, so I naturally have to be responsible for his safety.” Dian Dian shrugged and spoke as a matter of course.

“I remember now. I once took a glance at you from afar in the Outerealm Battlefield.” Meanwhile, Shi Yu raised his head, and as his eyes opened and closed, divine light surged within them while he stared at Chen Xi. Moreover, his face suddenly revealed a trace of a strange and complicated expression. “So, you’re…that kid…”

This answer caused Dian Dian and Xiangliu Li to be slightly stunned, and they weren’t able to make heads or tails of it.

It wasn’t just them, even Chen Xi was stunned. No matter how he wracked his brains, he wasn’t able to recall when he’d met this Immortal King from Nuwa’s Dao Palace while at the Outerealm Battlefield.

“Senior Brother Shi Yu, exactly what have you figured out? Why don’t you tell us?” Originally, Xiangliu Li didn’t pay much attention to Chen Xi. However, when she saw Shi Yu’s reaction, she instantly realized that this little fellow at the Golden Immortal Realm seemed to have a background that wasn’t simple at all.

Shi Yu shook his head, and his attitude was extremely firm. “It’s meaningless. It doesn’t make a difference if I tell you or not.”

He would naturally not tell her that he’d almost seized the Nine Continent Divine Cauldron this kid before him had obtained in the Outerealm Battlefield, and he’d almost fought with the third senior brother of Oracle Mountain, Li Fuyao…

Of course, most importantly, Li Fuyao had told him something at the time. According to Li Fuyao, the kid before him might be related to a disciple of Oracle Mountain that had just reincarnated and returned to the sect.

He wasn’t able to confirm all of this yet, so he was naturally unwilling to speak about it.

However, even then, Shi Yu faintly understood why Midnight Immortal King would bring this kid along by her side to join them this time.

Unfortunately, his strength is really terrible…

When they saw Shi Yu was unwilling to speak about it, Dian Dian smiled while Xiangliu Li couldn’t help but size Chen Xi up once more. In the end, she noticed to her disappointment that there seemed to be nothing special about this little fellow.

On the other hand, when he heard them constantly call him ‘little fellow,’ Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart. Am I really that small?

However, he was clearly aware that even though the three Immortal Kings present here appeared to be young, in terms of the time they’d cultivated, it was countless of years, and it wouldn’t be going too far to call them old seniors.

Of course, he wouldn’t constantly address them as senior. At any rate, he was a disciple of Oracle Mountain, and he couldn’t seem lower in status while before disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace!

In next to no time, Shi Yu moved his attention from Chen Xi and said frankly, “According to my deduction from before, the God Attainment Region will emerge once more into the world three days from now. However, it’s slightly difficult this time. It isn’t just the Sovereign Sect, many prehistoric sects have targeted the God Attainment Region as well. At that time, disputes will definitely be unavoidable.”

God Attainment Region? Chen Xi was stunned. Even though this name was extremely new to him, he instantly determined that the fortune these three Immortal Kings planned to obtain after arriving at the Prehistoric Ruins was definitely within the God Attainment Region.

“Have you figured out exactly who has come?” Meanwhile, Dian Dian’s expression turned serious, and her composed expression carried arrogance and confidence.

“Two of the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect, Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao.” It was Xiangliu Li that replied. Her starry eyes seemed illusory and were suffused with layer upon layer of rippling divine radiance as she said slowly, “Suiren Ting is ranked at the 2nd amongst the seven disciples. He’s a descendant of the Suiren Clan, and he possesses the Sovereign Sect’s Overlord Sage Path Pagoda. His strength is on par with Daoist Brother Shi Yu.”

“Jiang Lingxiao is ranked at the 5th amongst the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect. Her origins are mysterious, and her strength is undeterminable. According to my estimations, her strength is definitely at the Immortal King Realm and can’t be underestimated.”

The seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect!

A descendant of the Suiren Clan!

The Overlord Sage Path Pagoda!

All of these words were so unfamiliar to Chen Xi, yet it allowed him to faintly possess a deeper understanding of the Sovereign Sect. Even though his understanding was still blurry, it wasn’t blank like it was before this.

“Suiren Ting, Jiang Lingxiao…” Dian Dian’s beautiful brows knit together lightly. “If it’s only like this, then merely our strengths are sufficient to firmly surpass them. Could it be that there’re some other secrets?”

Shi Yu nodded. “Suiren Ting’s group arrived much earlier than us. According to the information I obtained, the Prehistoric Sect, Void Heaven Sect, Sect Master Le Qianchou has agreed to work together with them.”

“Le Qianchou? How’s that fellow’s strength?” Dian Dian was stunned.

According to her knowledge, during the prehistoric times, the Void Heaven Sect was an overlord. However, the sect was extreme, and its disciples acted in an unbridled manner. The technique passed down within the sect was a technique to enslave the myriad of living beings in the world. In the end, it enraged an extraordinary figure of Oracle Mountain, and he destroyed the sect and all its disciples. Moreover, even its inheritance was almost completely destroyed. At that time, this matter shocked the world.

However, Dian Dian had never imagined that the Void Heaven Sect was actually fortunate enough to survive, and a Sect Master of the Void Heaven Sect, Le Qianchou, had made an appearance now.

“This old fellow’s natural endowment is horrible. He cultivated for no less than a few hundreds of thousands of years before he merely stepped into the threshold of the Immortal King Realm. He can’t be considered to be difficult to deal with, but he’s slightly troublesome.” Shi Yu frowned and said, “Le Qianchou has a vast network of relationships, and he’s in contact with many Prehistoric Sects. I’m worried that the Sovereign Sect will use Le Qianchou as a pawn to rope in even more Prehistoric Sects to participate in this.”

Dian Dian seemed to have thought of something as she said. “This is slightly troublesome indeed. However, having more numbers may not necessarily allow them to have an advantage. There are many Restrictions of the Gods within there, and it isn’t so easy to deal with them.”

Chen Xi was unable to interfere in their conversation at all, and he was completely dazed by it. He could only play the role of a spectator and silently remember some useful information.

For example, besides them, the Sovereign Sect’s heirs, Suiren Ting and Jiang Lingxiao, and the Void Heaven Sect’s Le Qianchou were amongst the other powers that were heading to the God Attainment Region this time as well.

Besides that, the ‘Restrictions of the Gods’ existed within the God Attainment Region.

These pieces of information were useless to Chen Xi for now, but perhaps it would be of use once they entered the God Attainment Region.

“Forget it, let’s not mention all of this today so as to avoid it dampening our spirits.” Shi Yu suddenly changed the topic. His gaze shot towards Xiangliu Li that stood by his side, and his proud and clear face actually revealed a wisp of a gentle expression. “It’s Junior Sister Li’s birthday today. Even though we aren’t at the sect now, we should naturally celebrate such an important day.”

Xiangliu Li was stunned. Her glistening and clear eyes suddenly erupted with a wisp of a strange glow, and she seemed to be rather delighted that Shi Yu was actually able to remember her birthday.

“Oh? Then I have to wish Miss Li happy birthday. This is a Phoenix Spirit Hairpin, take it as my birthday gift to you.” Dian Dian’s beautiful brows raised before she flipped her palm, and then a gorgeous jade hairpin that emanated brilliant golden light appeared there. Its surface was inscribed with various auspicious patterns, and it emanated strands of golden flowing lights and auspicious qi. It was extremely beautiful.

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