Chapter 1325 – Darkbale Divine Ridge


A wisp of a dreamlike ray tore through the sky and passed through the layer upon layer of spatial storms in the surroundings as it flashed above the Endless Sea that was covered in danger.

After an entire six hours had passed, while Chen Xi was immersed in a numb feeling from receiving successive pleasant surprises, the ‘handsome’ Dian Dian who wore an embroidered robe suddenly stopped and spoke in a clear and melodious voice. “We’ve arrived.”

We’ve arrived? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he quickly returned to his senses. He looked over and saw that a shapeless barrier lay across the heavens and the earth 300m away, and it completely isolated the Endless Sea.

The barrier of light was like an eggshell, it was translucent, bright, and suffused with divine light. Moreover, it emanated strands of a prehistoric, ancient, and grand aura.

The spatial storms, spatial turbulence, tempestuous waves, and everything else within the Endless Sea had suddenly became quiet before this barrier of light, and it didn’t seem threatening any longer.

The prehistoric barrier!

Chen Xi recognized it with a single glance. It was definitely the barrier condensed from the world energy of the Prehistoric Ruins, and they would be able to enter the Prehistoric Ruins after passing through this barrier.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel somewhat dissatisfied because he’d never expected that this trip through the Endless Sea would be so smooth, and they actually arrived outside the Prehistoric Ruins in a mere few hours of time.

He even desired to stay on the Endless Sea for a while longer. After all, there were countless shocking treasures and rare immortal materials in the sea and leaving just like this was regretful to him.

Of course, Chen Xi was clearly aware that all of this was because of an Immortal King like Dian Dian being by his side, otherwise he wouldn’t even dare to step foot into the Endless Sea by himself.

“Slightly unwilling?” Dian Dian grinned as she glanced at Chen Xi. As she spoke, her entire body emanated brilliant light while a light violet colored rain of light poured down, and in the blink of an eye, her appearance had changed completely.

Earlier, she wore embroidered clothes, a jade belt, and was handsome.

Yet now, a violet colored dress fluttered while her beautiful brows were shaped like willow tree leaves. Her eyes seemed lively while her appearance was gorgeous, and her figure was slender and graceful. Her jet black hair fluttered behind her like a waterfall, and her fair and clean forehead flickered with the glow of wisdom. She revealed beauty that was matchless in the world.

In an instant, she’d turned beautiful and was filled with a sort of intense visual impact that caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be slightly stunned and feel his breath taken away.

“I’m slightly unwilling indeed.” Chen Xi admitted frankly. All along the way here, Dian Dian had helped him gather precious immortal materials that were either greatly beneficial to his future cultivation or possessed unimaginably shocking value. When all of them were added together, their value was simply an astronomical figure. They were priceless.

Dian Dian grinned and said, “All of these are external wealth, and they’re nothing much when compared to the fortune within the Prehistoric Ruins.”

Chen Xi nodded and smiled lightheartedly.

He only felt slightly regretful, yet he wouldn’t become obsessed.

“The world energy of the Prehistoric Ruins is unlike the three dimensions. Coupled with the upheaval occurring within it now and the successive calamities, it’s filled with a great deal of danger. After we enter the Prehistoric Ruins, you must remember not to make a move rashly so as to avoid any mishaps from occurring.” Dian Dian instructed before she swung her fair hand, and a violet battle axe shaped immortal artifact that flowed with divine light was like a violet crescent as it drew out a sharp arc in the air.


A narrow and long rift was torn open on the prehistoric barrier in the distance.

“Let’s go!” Dian Dian’s figure emanated divine radiance as she carried Chen Xi along with her. In an instant, they flashed through the rift and vanished out of sight.

The Prehistoric Ruins.

After the three dimensions were established, it was the only ancient ruins left behind from the prehistoric times, and it maintained the ancient energy of the world and Laws of the prehistoric times.

The ancient style during the prehistoric times was maintained within the Prehistoric Ruins, and numerous ancient sects that were remnants of the prehistoric times resided here. They were called Prehistoric Sects.

The disciples of these sects thinned in number as the years passed. Some sects only possessed two or three members while the most only had a little more than ten members. For example, the sect Zhen Liuqing and Heaven Trampler were from, Integration Sect, only amounted to a total of three members if their master was included.

However, even though these Prehistoric Sects had few members, all of their members were extremely formidable existences, and there was no lack of extraordinary figures at the Immortal King Realm.

At the bottom of it all, it was because the inheritances of the Prehistoric Sects could be traced back to the ancient times just like Oracle Mountain, Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Sovereign Sect. They were renowned and supreme sects in the prehistoric times, and they were like overlords.

However, along with the establishment of the three dimensions and the passage of time, coupled with the numerous calamities that occurred here, these Prehistoric Sects were in gradual decline and were left behind in this Prehistoric Ruins.

In the eyes of the living beings in the three dimensions, these members of the Prehistoric Sects were called Ancient Immortals.

Presently, along with the Prehistoric Ruins being the starting point of the upheaval of the three dimensions, calamities occurred successively within the Prehistoric Ruins while the world energy here collapsed. It caused all the members of those Prehistoric Sects to fear for their safety and start searching for a new way out.

On the other hand, in the eyes of the great figures of the three dimensions, this calamity that was occurring within the Prehistoric Ruins was similarly accompanied by supreme fortune, and it aroused the covetous intentions in their hearts.

However, not everyone could come here and get a share of this fortune.

Just like Chen Xi had guessed, without a strength at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, one couldn’t even enter the Prehistoric Ruins to participate in this search for great fortune that was accompanied by boundless danger, let alone obtain any of the fortune here.

On an expanse of grey and luxuriant mountains, waves of thunderous beast roars resounded from the depths of the mountains, and it alarmed the divine birds that covered the sky, causing them to flap their wings and fly into the boundless azure blue sky.

These divine birds had gorgeous wings while their figures blotted out the sun. They whistled past beneath the sky, and they seemed like flying clouds that covered the sky in an expanse of beauty.

Rumble! Rumble!

Numerous ancient golden furred apes that were huge like lofty mountains whistled and dashed through the mountains. As they moved, they stomped mountains into pieces, and a single jump shot them up into the nine heavens. They stretched out their hands to capture divine bird after divine bird before opening their mouths and taking a bite. They chewed on the birds with large mouthfuls before swallowing the birds, and they revealed monstrous ferocious might.

However, right at this moment, an enormous hand stretched out from the boundless abyss. Its fingers were like pillars that could hold up the sky, and it was suffused with ancient Dao markings. A light grab of the hand covered up the entire sky!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Before the hand that covered the sky, the ancient golden furred apes that were tall as the sky and possessed ferocious divine might seemed like little bugs that were grabbed in the hand’s palm. Their bodies shattered and transformed into bloody goo that sprayed out from the cracks between the palm’s fingers, and it was like a rain of blood was pouring down and dying the heavens and the earth red.

“Shut up!” Along with a cold grunt of dissatisfaction that resounded through the heavens and the earth, the hand that covered the sky returned into the deep abyss and didn’t make any further movement.

When Chen Xi entered the Prehistoric Ruins under Dian Dian’s lead, the first thing he saw was this world shaking scene, and he was instantly shocked speechless.

No matter if it was those divine birds or the ancient golden furred apes, they were unbelievably formidable. They were the ancient variant species Divinelight Bird and Zhuyan. Yet in the end, they were easily annihilated by the enormous hand that came from within the deep abyss!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded by this scene. Exactly what sort of extraordinarily terrifying existence is residing beneath that deep abyss?

“This is the Prehistoric Ruins.” Dian Dian’s clear eyes glistened and were suffused with divine light. She held her hands behind her back as she stood there, and her entire body emanated a supreme and mighty aura. This aura swept out like she was a king that was deterring all the living beings in the surroundings.

Yes, this was the Prehistoric Ruins!

Everywhere that met the eyes was a scene of desolation and ancientness. Ferocious beasts roamed throughout the surroundings while flying beasts roamed the air, and the ground, sky, and air were all suffused with a primitive aura.

As they stood here, it felt as if they’d returned to the prehistoric times countless years ago. During that time, the gods and sages fought for supremacy while boundless ancient variant beasts and ferocious beasts resided in the world, and it was a primitive and chaotic period.

As he felt this unique prehistoric aura, Chen Xi was extremely dazed as thoughts filled his mind. Even if he was already at Golden Immortal Realm and was only a step away from stepping foot into the Saint Immortal Realm, he felt tiny when residing within the Prehistoric Ruins.

Yes, tiny!

Compared to the Divinelight Birds, Zhuyan, or the enormous hand that came from beneath the deep abyss, his current cultivation was extremely weak indeed.

No wonder that there are very few rumors of the Prehistoric Ruins within the Immortal Dimension since the ancient times until now. Because only existences at the Half-step Immortal King Realm or above can step foot into this place… Chen Xi took a deep breath before his gaze recovered its calm and composure.

He wouldn’t look down upon himself because of this.

He was very clearly aware that this trip wasn’t something that he could participate in, so he wouldn’t get worried because of this and doubt his ability.

Conversely, Chen Xi quickly adjusted his mental state, and he took this trip to be a rare chance to temper himself, broaden his horizons, and accumulate experience. It would definitely be extremely beneficial towards his future cultivation, and he wouldn’t be as ignorant as he was now.

When he thought like this, his heart and mind instantly cleared up and became calm while the gaze he shot towards the surroundings didn’t contain a dazed and surprise expression any longer.

Dian Dian acutely noticed the change in Chen Xi’s mental state, and her cherry lips couldn’t help but curl up into a wisp of an arc of admiration. She immediately said in a low voice, “Come, let’s go to Darkbale Divine Ridge. If nothing unexpected happens, then the Fellow Daoists from Nuwa’s Dao Palace have already been waiting there since long ago.”


As soon as she finished speaking, Dian Dian brought Chen Xi along to tear through space while flying over at full speed.

On the way, Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask curiously. “Exactly how big are the Prehistoric Ruins?”

Dian Dian said casually, “No different than a large world, and there are many independent minor worlds within it. Unfortunately, it won’t be long from now before the Prehistoric Ruins will collapse and vanish…”

Chen Xi was stunned. He was aware that it was because the Prehistoric Ruins was the location where the upheaval of the three dimensions began, so it was impossible for it to survive before this chaos.

After that, Chen Xi thought about something else. Heaven Trampler once heard news about my Father, Chen Lingjun, in the Prehistoric Ruins. I wonder…exactly where he is now?

Would I be able to meet him during my trip to the Prehistoric Ruins this time?

After pondering deeply for a long time, Chen Xi took a deep breath before shaking his head in the end. He stopped carrying any hopes so as to avoid it affecting his mental state.

If they had the fortune to meet, then it was naturally very good.

If they didn’t, then it was enough for him so long as his father was fine.

“Junior Sister Li, look! Fellow Daoist Midnight has arrived.” Right at this moment, a voice that was clear and cold like the ring of a bell resounded abruptly, and it jolted Chen Xi back to his senses from his deep contemplation. Chen Xi raised his eyes and look over, and he saw an ancient mountain floating into appearance in the distance.

There were two figures standing on the peak of the mountain.

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