Chapter 1323 – The Might Of An Immortal King

Sin City was a place of unrest, it was a shelter for the evil, and its order had collapsed. All the ferocious villains of the Immortal Dimension were gathered here.

There were both strong and weak villains here. Most of them were at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and those that were capable of possessing a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm could already live happily in Sin City.

On the other hand, villains at the Saint Immortal Realm were like overlords in the city. No one dared to offend them, but the most terrifying were existences at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

For example, Elder Ge Yun within his field of vision was an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm that possessed monstrous sin. He was like a supreme king amongst the villains, and he looked down arrogantly upon the city while no one dared to go against his will.

“In a short period of two hours, you killed thirty seven of my foster children and nine concubines. Young Man! How audacious of you!” Elder Ge Yun had his hands behind his back as he stood in midair, and his entire body emanated a terrifying pressure that enveloped this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Wan Jiansheng coughed up blood as he stood alone before Elder Ge Yun, and his pale countenance revealed an unyielding expression.

Even if he was one of the seven blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, he was still like an ant before an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and he seemed so tiny.

At this moment, Chen Xi acutely noticed that the time and space on the street seemed to have been frozen, and the scene in his field of vision seemed as if it had transformed into a static scene.

This is the might of a Half-step Immortal King? Chen Xi was shocked, and he was extremely worried for Wan Jiansheng. Since space has been restricted, how can he possibly escape before this Half-step Immortal King, Elder Ge Yun?

Wan Jiansheng was unable to move indeed. He was like an insect that had fallen into the web of a spider, a fist that was frozen beneath ice, and he could only maintain his standing posture yet wasn’t even able to blink.

He seemed as if he was a confined lamb waiting to be slaughtered, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to tighten.

As for what Elder Ge Yun said about Wan Jiansheng killing thirty seven foster children and nine concubines of his, Chen Xi didn’t care about it at all.

According to his understanding of Wan Jiansheng, Wan Jiansheng would absolutely not kill the innocent.

“There’s no need to struggle. If you’re able to escape under the influence of my Spatial Laws, then I’ll immediately take my own life.” Elder Ge Yun spoke indifferently while his gloomy gaze stared at Wan Jiansheng, and he revealed an air of superiority as if he was staring at a prisoner that was being judged.

Especially his tone, it was filled with absolute control and confidence, and it caused the people in the vicinity to be even more terrified. This was the might of a Half-step Immortal King, and it terrified the soul.

“He’s a friend of yours?” Amidst this silent, anxious, and oppressive atmosphere, Dian Dian spoke abruptly as she glanced at Chen Xi, and her voice was clear and melodious like a tinkling spring.

Everyone was stunned because they’d never imagined that someone would actually dare speak at this moment.

Elder Ge Yun who stood in midair was stunned as well, and he swiftly turned his head. His gaze was like a black bolt of lightning as it coldly assaulted Dian Dian.

Dian Dian seemed as if she didn’t notice this gaze at all, and her expression was calm and composed.

Elder Ge Yun’s brows couldn’t help but raise when he saw this.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded.

After that, Dian Dian started smiling. Her red and moist lips curled into a wisp of a helpless arc. “Then why didn’t you say so at the beginning?”

Along with this voice, she casually knocked lightly towards the air before her.


A clear and melodious sound that sound like glass shattering resounded. The sound grew in loudness until it was thumping, and then it finally rumbled like a tempestuous wave and swept throughout the heavens and the earth.

After that, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the static scene in his field of vision seemed like glass that had been struck into pieces, and countless cracks split open like a spider web and swiftly spread towards the surroundings.


Under the extremely astounded gazes of all the spectators, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to have been instantly shattered into pieces by a supreme force, and boundless spatial energy rumbled endlessly like tempestuous waves.

Exclaims of shock resounded while the surroundings were filled with panic.

At this moment, even Chen Xi’s pupils constricted, and he felt a strand of indescribable fear. With his discerning ability, he was naturally able to discern that the shattered heavens and the earth were actually the energy of space being shattered and destroyed!

“You…exactly who…” Amidst the destruction, Elder Ge Yun’s extremely shocked and furious voice sounded out. He seemed to have been extremely irritated, and there was even a wisp of indescribable terror in his voice.

But right after that, his voice stopped abruptly.

Or perhaps, the entire world fell into absolute motionlessness at this instant. Space, time, dust, light, sound, the blood red bugs at the corners of the walls, the people in the restaurant… Everything seemed to have been frozen, and it transformed into a completely static scene.

This included Elder Ge Yun. At this moment, he was standing in midair like a statue, and he didn’t move at all while his face still carried a wisp of a frozen expression of shock and anger.

He was a Half-step Immortal King!

Yet at this moment, he was actually unable to move at all, and this scene was too shocking and unimaginable.

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart as well. However, he noticed to his surprise that he was actually still able to move!

He turned around and looked at Dian Dian, yet he noticed she was smiling at him with a calm expression. It was as if all of this was just an extremely simple thing that she’d done casually.

It was so casual and easy.

Yet it was so astounding!

The Immortal King Realm! She’s definitely an Immortal King that stands proudly at the peak of the three dimensions! At this instant, Chen Xi finally firmly believed that this peerless beautiful woman that always smiled sweetly was surprisingly an Immortal King!

Because only an Immortal King was capable of attaining such extraordinary accomplishments in the Spatial Laws and easily controlling the heavens and the earth!

“Cough! Cough!” A wave of intense coughing sounded out, and it caused Chen Xi to return completely to his senses. He turned around and looked over, and he saw that Wan Jiansheng who lay on the street had shot his gaze over here as well and was looking at Dian Dian.

At this moment, his proud and indifferent face actually revealed a rare trace of terror and shock. He seemed to not dare believe that someone would rescue him at this critical moment.

Or perhaps, he was even more shocked by Dian Dian’s otherworldly ability.

“Thank you.” Wan Jiansheng cupped his hands with a solemn expression.

This scene was extremely strange. The entire street, restaurant, and even the heavens and the earth were in an absolutely motionless state. It was like a frozen scene, yet Chen Xi, Wan Jiansheng, and Dian Dian were the only existences capable of moving and speaking.

This was the might of the Spatial Laws.

With Chen Xi’s grasp of the Spatial Laws, it was extremely difficult for him to accomplish this, and this made it even more shocking.

“You have to thank Chen Xi and not me. After all, I don’t know you.” Dian Dian spoke while her beautiful face recovered its composed expression., and her calm and composed bearing actually carried a supreme, mighty, and proud aura.

It was an imposing aura that only existences at the Immortal King Realm could possess, and it was utterly impossible to be learnt by others.

Wan Jiansheng was even more shocked when he heard this, and he seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would have such a good relationship with an Immortal King.

He took a deep breath and cupped his hands to Chen Xi. “Brother Chen, thank you. I, Wan Jiansheng, owe you a life today.”

Chen Xi was stunned and hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Wan, there’s no need for that.”

He was actually smiling bitterly without end in his heart. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d rescued countless people, and it seemed like every single one of them would say they owed him a life with a serious expression.

Of course, this wasn’t an empty promise. No matter if it was Wan Jiansheng or the people of the past, they definitely remembered Chen Xi. However, this sort of method of repayment caused Chen Xi to feel rather pressured.

Wan Jiansheng was obviously not good with words, so he fell into silence once he finished speaking.

Chen Xi looked at Dian Dian instead when he saw this.

“We have things to do this time, so I’ll send him away first,” said Dian Dian.


She waved her hand, and then forcefully opened up a pathway in space. After that, she looked at Wan Jiansheng and said, “Your injuries are severe, so staying behind will only make it even more dangerous for you. Midnight Continent is on the other side of this passageway.”

Wan Jiansheng understood what Dian Dian meant when he heard this. He cupped his hands once more to Chen Xi, and then he didn’t hesitate any longer to immediately step into the spatial passageway before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

After sending Wan Jiansheng off with his gaze, Chen Xi couldn’t help but exclaim with shock in his heart. The abilities of an Immortal King are simply too terrifying. They can even open up a spatial passageway with a swing of the hand. Is there anything in this world that Immortal Kings can’t accomplish?

“These are the Spatial Laws.” Once Wan Jiansheng left, a wisp of that familiar smile she usually had appeared once more on the corners of her mouth, and then she glanced at Chen Xi before she lightly clenched her slender and fair right hand.


In the motionless scene, Elder Ge Yun who stood like a statue in midair seemed as if he’d been grabbed by a shapeless hand, and his entire body instantly shattered into pieces, transformed into blood, and then vanished into nothingness!

It was as easy as crushing an ant!

Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly dilated. That…was a Half-step Immortal King! He was easily annihilated just like that?

This was the strength of an Immortal King!

They’d broken through the restraints of the heavens and the earth, and they’d gazed into the door of life and death!

Once Elder Ge Yun died, the Spatial Laws in the heavens and the earth instantly returned to normal, yet Chen Xi and Dian Dian’s figures had vanished.

After a short moment, all the people in the restaurant returned to their senses. However, all their faces were covered in a wisp of heartfelt shock and terror. Some were even terrified to the point their legs shivered and they wet their pants.

Even though they were unable to move earlier, their could still use their minds, and they clearly witnessed everything that occurred. Especially when they saw Elder Gu Ye who usually possessed monstrous might in Sin City had actually been easily annihilated, all of them almost didn’t dare believe their eyes!

“An Immortal King! That young man was actually an Immortal King!”

“My god! How terrifying! Why would an Immortal King come to Sin City? Could it be that an upheaval is coming?”

All of them cried out involuntarily. At this moment, all these extremely ferocious villains whose hands were covered in blood were actually terrified to the point their faces seemed as if a loved one had left them. This obviously showed how much they were shocked by the scenes from before.

Especially Lu Biao, he was terrified to the point his entire body shivered without end as he fell to the ground, and he muttered with his scarlet red mouth. “I… I actually went to seduce an Immortal King just now… My god… My little heart is about to leave me…”

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