Chapter 1322 – Elder Ge Yun

This was a city of sin indeed.

During this period of time where Chen Xi was sitting alone on the first floor of Dragonsoul Restaurant, three conflicts had already erupted within the restaurant. However, they hadn’t engaged in battle when they were picked up and tossed out by the manager.

The customers in the restaurant were accustomed to this long ago, and they weren’t surprised.

‘Friend, do you mind me drinking with you?” Suddenly, a young man in embroidered clothes arrived by Chen Xi’s side, and he spoke while a warm smile hanging on his lips. He had fair skin, bright eyes, and seemed like a handsome and amorous young master.

“I do.” Chen Xi spoke in a neither cold nor indifferent manner. “I’m waiting for someone. You can go sit with someone else.”

The young man blinked yet seemed as if he didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘rules’ at all. He slowly sat down opposite of Chen Xi and grinned as he said, “There are so many bad people here. Could it be that you want me to go drink with those bad people?”

As he finished speaking, the corners of his mouth curled up and carried a pitiable expression.

However, Chen Xi felt a wave of detest in his heart. Isn’t this fellow too feminine? Why act like this when you’re a man? Many bad people? Could it be that he doesn’t know this is Sin City?

But right after that, Chen Xi was stunned. Only now did he realize that this handsome young man before him had a warm and clean look, and when he utilized the Eye of Divine Truth, he was unable to find a shred of the aura of sin on the young man.

“So, it turns out that you came here with other intentions as well.” Chen Xi glanced at the young man while seeming to be lost in thought.

The young man was stunned, and then he nodded with a smile. “Right, I’m waiting for someone as well.”

“Oh? That really is a coincidence.” Chen Xi’s brows raised.

“It really is.” The young man grinned as he poured a cup of wine for himself, and then he placed his hands on his cheeks before staring at Chen Xi and sighing faintly. “Unfortunately, that person is right before me, yet doesn’t recognize me. It’s truly sad.”

Chen Xi’s eyes opened wide while he choked on the mouthful of wine in his mouth, and almost suffocated. After quite a while passed, he finally swallowed the mouthful of wine and sized up the young man before him with a strange expression as if he’d finally come to an understanding.

“Now, you’ve finally realized?” The young man blinked.

“Yes, I have.” Chen Xi nodded. “So, it turns out that you’re a man.”


A mouthful of wine sprayed out from the young man’s mouth, and he glared with Chen Xi with an astounded expression. “A man?”

After that, he was amused to the point of laughing while faint dimples appeared on his cheeks, and his eyes formed into the shapes of two crescents. Moreover, his red and moist lips curled into a beautiful arc. In an instant, he actually revealed a wisp of peerless beauty.

After that, Chen Xi finally knew that he’d misunderstood, and he couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed.

The young man before him was naturally the mysterious woman that called herself Dian Dian. However, it wasn’t Chen Xi’s fault that he couldn’t recognize her because she’d utilized some sort of secret technique to completely conceal her aura and change it, causing others to be utterly unable to discern her true identity.

“Why did you choose this place as the location?” When he saw her stop laughing, Chen Xi instantly changed the topic. Truthfully speaking, he’d never expected that she would actually be here so early, and it was equivalent to wasting ten thousand Immortal Stones on the room for nothing.

“Only this place leads to the Prehistoric Ruins.” Dian Dian restrained her smile and picked up the wine jar before playing with it in her hands. Her fingers were slender, fair, tender, and extraordinarily beautiful.

The Prehistoric Ruins!

Chen Xi’s eyes focused. It really is as I expected. According to the information he obtained from Ling Bai, the Prehistoric Ruins was currently the location where the upheaval of the three dimensions began, and it was filled with destruction and calamity. So heading over there at this moment was undoubtedly no different than taking an extraordinary risk.

Chen Xi couldn’t refrain himself from asking. “Why?”

Dian Dian grinned and said, “It’s naturally for the sake of fortuitous encounters. The Prehistoric Ruins is one of the most ancient territories in the three dimensions, and the energy of the World Laws during the prehistoric times still remains there. It isn’t just that, numerous sects of the prehistoric times are buried there. Presently, along with the arrival of the upheaval of the three dimensions, some places of fortune are about to emerge there.”

She paused for a moment, and then her bright eyes stared at Chen Xi as she said, “This is a rare fortuitous encounter. If we miss it, then the Prehistoric Ruins will be completely obliterated and lost.”

Chen Xi frowned instead. “I’m just worried my strength isn’t sufficient. What if a mishap occurs? The consequences would be unimaginable.”

“Don’t worry, you have me.” Dian Dian’s cherry lips parted lightly as she spoke with a sweet voice, and her face carried a calm and confident expression.

“I still don’t understand what I’ll be able to help you in during this trip?” asked Chen Xi.

“I’ll tell you in detail after we arrive at the Prehistoric Ruins. In short, once the trip concludes, that River Diagram fragment will be yours. At any rate, it already isn’t of much use in my hands.”

When she spoke up to here, her expression suddenly became serious. “We’ll be heading to the Prehistoric Ruins by travelling through the Endless Sea early in the morning tomorrow. At that time, two disciples from Nuwa’s Dao Palace will be joining us. Once we meet, you don’t have to pay any attention to them, and you just have to follow by my side.”

Nuwa’s Dao Palace!

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that this trip to the Prehistoric Ruins would actually be related to Nuwa’s Dao Palace as well.

This allowed him to deeply understand that the fortune she planned to obtain during this trip was definitely not minor at all!

“Since the heirs of Nuwa’s Dao Palace have appeared, then what about the other sects?” asked Chen Xi with a frown on his face.

He didn’t name Oracle Mountain and the Sovereign Sect, but he believed that Dian Dian would definitely be able to understand the meaning behind his words.

“I’m only aware that the Sovereign Sect seems to have sent out some members. However, they aren’t our allies.” Dian Dian’s lips curled into a smile that carried deep meaning. “As for Oracle Mountain… I don’t know.”

This smile caused Chen Xi’s heart to thump. He faintly felt that Dian Dian had probably guessed his identity. But since she didn’t state it explicitly, he wouldn’t take the initiative to admit it himself.

For a time, Chen Xi was slightly silent.

He needed some time to digest all this shocking information.

According to his knowledge, entering the Prehistoric Ruins from the Immortal Dimension wasn't as simple as just traversing the Endless Sea. They still had to pass through a barrier condensed from the world energy of the Prehistoric Ruins.

This barrier was utterly impossible to pass through without a cultivation at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and Ling Bai and the others were only able to head to Darkombat City to look for him because Heaven Trampler had helped them break open this barrier.

Looks like no matter if it’s Nuwa’s Dao Palace or the Sovereign Sect, the strengths of their experts heading to the Prehistoric Ruins this time will definitely be no less than then Half-step Immortal King Realm, and it’s even to the extent that there might be existences at the Immortal King Realm! When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at Dian Dian who sat before him. However, he noticed that the latter was staring at him with a smile, and this caused him to be stunned before suppressing the questions within his heart in the end.

He stopped thinking about all this because so long as she was able to guarantee his safety, then even if he wasn’t able to obtain anything from this trip to the Prehistoric Ruins, it was sufficient so long as she gave him the River Diagram fragment as agreed upon.

“Young Brothers, both of you are truly handsome. Why don’t we have a drink?” Right at this moment, a crude and robust man walked over. He had an extremely fierce appearance, a long beard, bell-sized eyes, yet he spoke with an extremely feminine, fine, and terrifying voice.

Especially his dressing. He wore green clothes and red shoes while his hair was coiled into a bun, and his mouth was scarlet red, causing him to seem extremely shocking. His waist swayed as he walked, and he seemed extremely strange.

Chen Xi and Dian Dian exchanged glances, and a wave of detest surged in both their hearts. This fellow is simply too disgusting!

“Haha! Lu Biao is at it again!”

“How disgusting! If his strength hadn’t attained the Saint Immortal Realm, I’d have fucking killed him a long time ago!”

“However, this fellow really has a good nature. No matter who curses him, he actually doesn’t retaliate. I wonder what he did in the outside world to be forced to flee to Sin City.”

“Who cares? Quickly watch the show. These two young men are really unfamiliar, so they’re probably newcomers. Perhaps this horny fellow, Lu Biao, will take them to his bed. Haha!”

The crowd in the hall roared with laughter, and they fearlessly swept their gazes over there.

A Saint Immortal?

Chen Xi was stunned. He’d never expected that this disgusting fellow that seemed like neither a man nor a woman would actually possess such ability.

Dian Dian had an unperturbed expression, and she grinned silently while looking at Chen Xi.

“Young Brothers, don’t listen to their nonsense. I, Lu Biao, really love making friends. Especially handsome young brothers like the two of you. I really sincerely like the both of you.” An extremely delicate and feminine voice came out from Lu Biao’s mouth, and then he bent down and sat at the side of the table while looking at Chen Xi and Dian Dian with a delicate smile on his face.

Goosebumps arose all over Chen Xi’s body, and he almost impulsively raised his sword to kill the fellow.

Right at this moment, Dian Dian seemed to have noticed something, and her watery eyes swiftly swept towards the street outside the window.


At this instant, space fluctuated violently in the sky above the street, and then a figure staggered out from within. His black clothes were tainted with blood while his proud and indifferent face was ghastly pale. One could clearly notice that his left shoulder had a bowl sized bloody hole, and fresh blood was streaming out uncontrollably from within.

Shockingly, this person was Wan Jiansheng!

However, he’d obvious suffered a heavy injury, and he was even forcefully forced out from within space while fleeing for his life.

Chen Xi suddenly stood up.

What happened?

Earlier, he was wondering why there was actually no news of Wan Jiansheng after he entered Endless City, yet never had he imagined that Wan Jiansheng would appear before him in such a manner.


Right after Wan Jiansheng staggered out of space, another wave of spatial fluctuation arose, and then a gloomy, thin, and tall old man that wore a Daoist robe walked out from within space.

As soon as he appeared, a terrifying pressure effused out, and it caused even Chen Xi to feel extreme pressure.

The Half-step Immortal King Realm!

Chen Xi’s expression instantly sank as he determined the old man’s cultivation. That pressure was even more terrifying than that possessed by a Saint Immortal, and he’d experienced it countless times in the past from the seniors of Dao Emperor Academy, so how could he be unable to distinguish it?

“Elder Ge Yun!”

“He actually made an appearance…”

“That fellow actually offended Elder Ge Yun, he’s truly courting death!”

The spectators exclaimed with shock as they recognized the identity of the gloomy and thin old man, and all their expression revealed deep fear and reverence.

Obviously, this existence called Elder Ge Yun was a terrifying and influential figure within Sin City.

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