Chapter 1321 – Place Of Unrest

Huang Lang’s neck was held by Chen Xi, and a wave of struggling was done in wait, causing him to be unable to help but let out a shrill cry. “Let go! Let me go! Motherfucker…!”


The bones in Huang Lang’s neck were shattered, causing his voice to stop abruptly, and then his head tilted sideway as he died.

“Even though Immortal Stones are precious, you need to keep your life to receive them.” Chen Xi took his storage pouch back before casually tossing Huang Lang’s corpse away.

Li Bao and the others’ eyes couldn’t help but twitch from this ruthless and decisive scene, and then their expressions turned grim. Looks like this kid is a ruthless figure.

“Do all of you intend to take revenge for him or leave right now?” Chen Xi raised his head, and his gaze was like a blade as it swept coldly past them.

“Friend, this is Sin City. Your actions are going a bit too far!” Li Bao who was in the lead grunted coldly while he stared at Chen Xi with a gloomy expression.

“So all of you intend to take revenge for him?” Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before.

Li Bai’s eyes narrowed, and he was slightly unable to see through the young man before him. He said after a short while, “Killing is wrong in the end. Friend, why don’t you give up your valuables, and we’ll immediately let you go. Alright?”

Chen Xi smiled. “What if I don’t agree?”

“You don’t agree? Then we brothers won’t agree as well. Let me remind you again, this is Sin City. You’re just a newcomer, don’t be muddled and throw your life away!” Li Bao revealed a ghastly smile while the aura of sin in his entire body surged violently.

Behind him, his subordinates laughed coldly without end, and their eyes revealed a cruel and bloodthirsty sheen.

In the recent years that they’d resided in Sin City, they’d seen many newcomers like Chen Xi. All of them were extraordinarily arrogant, yet all of them perished in the end.

Chen Xi’s gaze suddenly flowed with a wisp of a piercingly cold and terrifying glow. “I’ll warn all of you once more. I’ll count to three, all of you better fuck off.”

When the words fuck off were spoken, it was like a surging and deafening thunderclap.


Space was shaken by this shapeless soundwave, and it shocked them to the point they became restless. Moreover, many of their faces turned grim, and they were forced back by a few steps from fear.

“Dammit! Who’re you?” Chen Xi’s voice carried a terrifying energy of the Grand Dao, and it shook Li Bao’s heart to the point he experienced hallucinations. He couldn’t help but take a step back, and he instantly shouted in a grim voice after turning angry from embarrassment.

“One!” Chen Xi didn’t answer the question and spoke calmly.

“Attack! All of you! Kill this ignorant bastard!” Li Bao waved his hand, and he roared with a savage and grim expression.



Over thirty Mysterious Immortal Realm experts and a few Golden Immortal Realm experts attacked at this moment, and they charged at Chen Xi from all directions.

“Two!” In an instant, Chen Xi’s figure vanished into thin air, and it caused all their attacks to lose their targets.

Li Bao’s pupils constricted while a trace of a bad feeling arose in his heart. Before he could make any reaction, Chen Xi’s voice resounded once more.


When the word three was spoken, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly appeared out of space, and then he flicked his sleeve, causing numerous strands of murderous sword qi to shoot into the sky. In the next moment, it had enveloped the entire heavens and the earth, and it was like a finely woven net of swords!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Blood sprayed!

Pieces of flesh shot into the sky!

The thirty plus Mysterious Immortal Realm experts that faced the brunt of Chen Xi’s attack were instantly sliced apart, and they didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry. Chen Xi’s sword qi was too swift and sharp, and it exceeded their imagination. They were only at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, so they were simply like ants. How could they possibly resist him?

“What!?” Li Bao was horrified. He annihilated more than half of my subordinates with a single strike? Who exactly is this young man?

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sword qi tore through the sky both horizontally and vertically. In merely the moment Li Bao was dazed, the subordinates at the Golden Immortal Realm that remained were annihilated by Chen Xi’s sword qi, and it was even to the point that their souls were minced into pieces.

“Dammit! I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!” Li Bao’s face turned pale because a ferocious figure that could kill seven Golden Immortal Realm experts in an instant was rare even in Sin City!

He knew that he’d been led into a trap by Huang Lang this time because this young man was no sheep waiting to be slaughtered, the young man was obviously a terrifying existence that concealed his strength! But at this moment…it was too late for regret.

“Kill!” Li Bao suddenly took a deep breath while the energy of sin within his body surged, and he held a blood red spear as he suddenly assaulted Chen Xi.


Space shattered as this spear flashed violently through the sky like raging thunder, and it had completely displayed the strength of an existence at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. It was even to the extent that Li Bao’s attack had achieved a breakthrough, causing even existences at the same realm to probably have no choice but to avoid this attack.

However, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly stopped moving when facing this attack. He gazed silently at the blood red spear that filled his field of vision, and only when it was 30cm away from his chest did Chen Xi suddenly stretch out his hand and grab it with ease.


The blood red spear stopped in midair, and it was unable to move forward in the slightest!

On the other hand, at the other side of the spear, Li Bao’s pupils suddenly dilated while his face turned ghastly pale, and a wisp of terror and astonishment had already uncontrollably suffused his face.

At this instant, he didn’t think at all and directly abandoned his blood red spear before flashing away with the intention of fleeing because this young man’s strength was too terrifying, and they weren’t existences at the same level at all.

“Sorry, but I need to use your head.” An indifferent voice resounded by the side of Li Bao’s ears, and it caused the hairs on his entire body to stand on end while his soul almost left his body. Under the threat of death, he couldn’t help but intend to beg for mercy.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly heard a muffled sound, and then he noticed to his shock that his body was actually headless…

The reason for this was Chen Xi had attacked too swiftly and directly cut through his neck, causing his head to fly into the sky, allowing him to witness such an extremely horrifying scene.

After that, Li Bao’s vision turned dark as he lost all consciousness.


Blood sprayed like a fountain that shot through the sky, whereas Li Bao’s head was already in Chen Xi’s hand.

There ought to be no one that’ll look for trouble with me while I hold your head… Chen Xi rubbed his chin, and then he didn’t spare another glance to the pile of corpses on the ground before leaving swiftly with Li Bao’s head in hand.

The entire battle had only lasted for a short moment.

In other words, this wasn’t a battle at all, it was a slaughter!

“How ruthless!”

“This young man is probably a newcomer. Unfortunately, that idiot Li Bao became accustomed to acting arrogantly and willfully all these years. He didn’t even investigate that young man’s ability before rashly making a move. Isn’t that like courting death?”

“But it’s good that Li Bao is dead. At the very least, it allowed us to be clearly aware that the young man’s ability is very extraordinary.”

“I’m just curious. Exactly what is the identity of this kid? It would be slightly troublesome if he’s an Immortal Hunter…”

“Go, get someone to investigate.”

After Chen Xi left, numerous figures appeared at the scene, and their expressions were heavy as they gazed at the corpses and blood that covered the ground. They discussed in low voices for a while before they left successively.

No one buried the dead, nor did anyone clean up the battlefield.

Because there were truly too many battles that occurred in Sin City every single day. Every single villain in Sin City was already accustomed to life and death a long time ago, and it was nothing unusual to them.

Chen Xi held Li Bao’s head, and all along the way, it drew the surprised gazes of many. However, not a single person dared to come looking for trouble with Chen Xi.

This was its deterring might.

At any rate, Li Bao was a renowned figure in Sin City, and as an expert at the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, not only were his methods ruthless, he’d gathered a group of subordinates, causing there to be rarely anyone that dared to offend Li Bao.

Now, Li Bao’s head was held in the hands of an unfamiliar young man, and the meaning behind this was too obvious.

After ten minutes had passed, Chen Xi finally found Dragonsoul Restaurant.

It was a restaurant that towered into the clouds, and it was situated at the edge of Endless City. The violent and vast Endless Sea was right beside it.

This restaurant was completely constructed from pitch black and enormous rocks while its surface was covered in mottled stains of dark red blood. When looked at from afar, it was like a black dragon towering into the sky, and it emanated a savage aura.

I never expected that a restaurant of such scale would actually exist in Sin City… Chen Xi briefly sized up Dragonsoul Restaurant before directly walking in.

“Young Master, are you here to stay or to have a meal?” When he saw Chen Xi walking in while holding Li Bao’s head, the corners of the manager behind the counter couldn’t help but twitch, and he hurriedly welcomed Chen Xi with a smile.

“I’ll be staying here for some time, but it won’t be more than ten days.” Chen Xi tossed over a storage pouch, and it was precisely the 5,000 Immortal Stones he gave Huang Lang earlier. However, the latter wasn’t alive to spend it any longer.

“Ten days? This is far from sufficient if you’re going to stay.” The manager took a glance at the storage pouch after receiving it, and then he spoke with an awkward expression.

According to the manager’s explanation, Sin City was unlike the outside world, and the prices here were extremely far from what was normal. The reason was that this place was filled with danger, and there were all sorts of villains moving about here, so merchants didn’t dare do business here at all.

This caused Sin City to be severely lacking in goods, thus the costs would naturally be extremely high.

Chen Xi understood this, so he paid another 5,000 Immortal Stones before he was led to a private room on the third floor.

“Young Master, you have to be careful. My Dragonsoul Restaurant holds no responsibility towards any mishaps that occur here.” Before he left, the manager glanced at the head in Chen Xi’s hand, and he warned with deep meaning behind his words.

“Thank you for the reminder.” Chen Xi smiled and wasn’t surprised by this.

After he rested in the room for a while, Chen Xi thought for a moment and left the room in the end. He arrived at the hall on the first floor and ordered some food before eating and drinking by himself.

I wonder when Miss Dian Dian will arrive. The longer I stay here, the more I’ll be unable to restrain myself from killing people… Chen Xi turned around to look outside the window, and he was able to clearly sense that there were countless villains carrying out evil deeds in the area of 500km around him. They were killing, engaging in conflicts, blood, sin… Various auras suffused the air at all times.

It was the energy of sin, and it was the source of sin.

It was utterly impossible to find a kindhearted person here.

This included the manager that was sizing him up from behind the counter at this moment. The manager’s entire body seemed to be clean, yet Chen Xi was actually clearly aware that this fellow had restrained the aura of sin in his body. However, once it was released, it would be even greater than Li Bao’s.

This was Sin City, a haven where villains gathered.

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