Chapter 1320 – Sin City

Inky black snow filled with the energy of sin filled the sky.

Yet at this moment, a wisp of dazzling and blazing light shot into the sky, and it was like the wisp of light at daybreak that tore through the darkness. It illuminated the entire world!

Hiss! Hiss!

One could clearly see that the boundless light emanated a purifying energy, and it swept out like an all-powerful whirlwind as it enveloped the blizzard that covered the sky. The surging black energy of sin was completely incinerated and emanated waves of rumbling.

This scene was too terrifying. The boundless light purified the sin, and it was like a god was judging all sinners, and it carried a grand, blazing, brilliant, and powerful impetus.

Everyone was shocked and felt suffocated.

Everyone including the beautiful woman and the robust middle aged man were dazed by this shocking scene, and they practically didn’t dare believe that such a scene was actually accomplished by a single person.





“How did he notice us?”

“Light! Purification! Could this damnable thing be the…?”

A wave of muffled shattering resounded, and it was accompanied by waves of miserable and shrill cries that suddenly resounded in the surroundings.

After that, everyone noticed to their shock that there were numerous figures falling to the ground from within the blizzard that was purified by the energy of light. All of them had horrifying and savage expressions, and their entire bodies emanated strands of jet black sin.

But in next to no time, these figures were annihilated and purified by the energy of light that filled the surroundings, and then it incinerated their bodies into ashes that dispersed into the air.

After a short moment, the blizzard still remained, yet there wasn’t a trace of sin remaining in the surroundings!

The snow was white like silver, pure and divine, and it wasn’t dark any longer.

Light illuminated the surroundings and enveloped all of them, and it was like they were bathing beneath sunlight, causing all of their hearts to be filled with warmth and tranquility.

After a long time, all of them seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, whereas Chen Xi’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

“Earlier…those villains that were pursuing us were…hiding nearby?” One of them gulped with great difficulty, and his face surged with a wisp of terror.

The expressions of the others turned slightly pale when they heard this, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts. Right, if it wasn’t for that young man from before, we would have been utterly unaware and would have been surrounded!

“If he didn’t act…then…we would really be finished this time…” One of them couldn’t help but take a few deep breaths, yet it was still impossible to conceal the shock in his heart.

All of the others went silent, they were clearly aware that the young man from before had saved them.

When they thought about how they’d eyed him with hostility, all of them felt a wave of remorse.

Only Su Su puckered her cherry lips and muttered. “Even though I lack experience, I still firmly believe that good always comes to those that do good. Just like…just now.”

The middle aged man by her side stood there while staring blankly into the distance, yet he couldn’t find a reason to rebuke Su Su.

It was even to the extent that it was precisely Su Su’s warning that obtained a good impression from that young man from before, thereby making him decide to lend a hand and help them ward off this calamity!

“It looked to me like the young man from before seemed to be…Chen Xi?” An old man hesitated before speaking abruptly. “After all, his appearance is truly too similar to the rumors of Chen Xi. Moreover, he’d grasped the Laws of Light, and Chen Xi utilized the energy of light during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion.”

Chen Xi?

All of them were stunned while they revealed shocked expressions. They recalled the young man that was renowned throughout the Immortal Dimension now, the seventh blazing sun of the Immortal Dimension!

“Was it him? No wonder he was so formidable…” Su Su was stunned as well, and her beautiful eyes flowed with extraordinary splendor.

Helping Su Su’s group was only something Chen Xi had done without any difficulty. After he finished all of this, he didn’t attach any importance to it and turned around to continue rushing towards Endless City.

All along the way, no other unexpected events occurred.

Endless City.

He hadn’t arrived at the city, yet Chen Xi noticed a layer of sin from afar. The sin was like a mist that enveloped the entirety of Endless City. It was like dark clouds were covering the sky, and it caused Endless City to seem like a ghastly place where demons and devils resided.

This sort of scene was extremely terrifying!

Sin had transformed into clouds that blotted out the sky, and it obviously showed exactly how much sin was contained within the city. No wonder it’s called Sin City.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi noticed from afar that there were many figures standing before Endless City. Every single one of them was covered in jet black halos of sin, and they seemed to be villains whose hands were covered in blood.

Chen Xi restrained his aura and concealed the energy of virtue within him, causing him to become completely obscure. Unless it was an existence with a cultivation superior to his own, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to discern his strength.

After he did all of this, Chen Xi’s figure flashed towards Endless City.

According to the information provided by the mysterious woman, Dian Dian, she would naturally come as promised so long as he arrived within Endless City’s Dragonsoul Restaurant within ten days.

Chen Xi deeply believed this because her strength was unfathomable, so it was impossible that she would deceive him.

Right when Chen Xi arrived before the entrance to Endless City, a middle aged man with a sneaky appearance approached him and asked. “Friend, are you entering the city?”

“Yes.” Chen Xi glanced at the middle aged man, and he instantly noticed the ring upon ring of sin that covered the middle aged man. Obviously, this was a villain whose hands were covered in blood.

However, this was Endless City, the haven for sinners. Moreover, Chen Xi didn’t come here to eliminate evil and uphold justice, so he didn’t harm the middle aged man.

After all, once he killed the middle aged man, he would probably become enemies with the entirety of Endless City. In that way, it would be extremely easy for disputes to occur, and it was extremely disadvantageous to the objective of his trip.

“Oh, that makes it easy. I presume it’s your first time to Endless City, and you still don’t know the rules here. However, since it’s rules, you’ll become familiar with it soon enough. It’s very easy, and all of it depends on whether you’re understanding.” The sneaky looking middle aged man sized Chen Xi up, and his eyeballs revolved before he stretched out his hand and said, “Pay first… Hmmm, one thousand Immortal Stones. I guarantee that you won’t be bullied upon entering the city.”

“Alright.” Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and noticed many ferocious gazes sizing him up with ill intent. He immediately agreed with a nod, and he took it as paying up to avoid disaster.

The sneaky looking middle aged man couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw Chen Xi pay so readily, and then he scratched his head and said with difficulty, “Friend, I’m sure you’re aware, this is Sin City. I presume you fled over here from the outside world, but you’re an unfamiliar face in the end, and it’s the easiest for unfamiliar faces to cause misunderstandings…”

“Five thousand Immortal Stones, take me to Dragonsoul Restaurant.” Chen Xi frowned as he interrupted the middle aged man’s chattering.

He didn’t mind being misunderstood as a villain that fled to Sin City, but in the end, the middle aged man was chattering so much merely for the sake of Immortal Stones, and he wasn’t willing to waste time on this fellow.

As he spoke, he’d tossed over a storage pouch.

The middle aged man’s eyes lit up, and he stretched out his hand to receive it before he put it away carefully. After that, he said with a smile, “Friend, you really are wise. I’m Huang Lang, feel free to look for me if you need anything in the future.”

As he spoke, he led Chen Xi into the city.

“That kid’s aura is slightly strange. Might he be an Immortal Hunter?”

“I don’t know. But since he came here all alone, he probably has something to rely on. It’s better to continue observing a fellow like this that we can’t see through.”

“Hehe, we have the patience, but that fellow Li Bao might not necessarily have such patience. That fence-sitter, Huang Lang, is working with Li Bao now, and his discerning ability isn’t as great as before. I hope he doesn’t make a blunder this time.”

At the area before the entrance to the city, many people laughed coldly without end as they watched Chen Xi head into Endless City behind Huang Lang.

Endless City was really chaotic, and there wasn’t any order at all.

In a short period of ten minutes since he entered the city, Chen Xi had at least sensed a few murders. The first was two people fighting intensely on the streets, the second was a drunk man who didn’t succeed in teasing a woman and was struck to death by a single blow from her, the third was even more absurd, an old man at the Golden Immortal Realm had actually cruelly torn apart the owner of a restaurant and destroyed the restaurant merely because he felt the food didn’t taste nice.

In short, Endless City was filled with unrest, and it was utterly chaotic. It was filled with dense energy of sin, causing it to be like a purgatory of darkness that was filled with a ruthless and bloody aura.

It was extremely unbridled!

There was no order and laws here, and everything depended on strength. On the streets and in the restaurants, villains covered in sin could be seen everywhere, so the city really deserved its name, Sin City.

“Friend, you seem to have gone the wrong way?” Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and asked in a calm voice.

“How could that be possible? Isn’t Dragonsoul Restaurant just up ahead.” Huang Lang was stunned, and then he hurriedly pointed ahead and explained.

“There are six restaurants 500km ahead, yet none of them are called Dragonsoul Restaurant. A further 2,500km up ahead is a messy expanse of ruins that encompasses an area of 4,000km. Further up from there is a boundless ocean. I guess that’s probably the Endless Sea.” Chen Xi turned around and looked at Huang Lang as he said, “This isn’t the right path. Don’t you think you owe me an explanation?”

Huang Lang’s expression turned grim. Never had he imagined that Chen Xi’s Immortal Sense would cover such a far area, and for a time, he actually didn’t know how to give Chen Xi an explanation.

“Hmph! If you can’t explain, then what’s the point of explaining!” Right at this moment, a cold grunt sounded out from the streets far away. It resounded abruptly like a thunderclap, and along with this voice, over ten figures flashed out explosively from the sides of the street.

These figures had actually been lying in ambush here since a long time ago. There were both men and women that were young and old amongst them, and there were even some other strangely shaped living beings.

Their only common point was that all these ten plus figures were covered in varying densities of sin. Especially the bald middle aged man in the lead, the energy of sin around him had even transformed into black armor that enveloped his entire body, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

“Boss Li?” Huang Lang was stunned, and then he raised his legs with the intention of fleeing.

However, before he could move, Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed Huang Lang from behind. Chen Xi grabbed Huang Lang’s neck tightly as he said, “I paid Immortal Stones to you, so it’s too dishonest of you if you flee now.”

His voice was flat, and it carried a murderous force that struck at the heart.

When this scene appeared before him, how could Chen Xi not understand that these fellows were obviously from the same group, and they’d targeted him!

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