Chapter 132 – Rules

Chapter 132 – Rules

Buddha’s Trial Pagoda!

A trace of shock couldn’t help but emerge in Chen Xi’s heart when he saw the white jade pagoda that stood tall in the heaven and earth. According to his knowledge, this pagoda contained a world of its own. It was further divided into four layers within it, namely the Eight-Directions, Four-Symbols, Yin-Yang, and Oneness layers. Every layer was a different heaven and earth, and all the cultivators participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings would be transported into the pagoda to decide the victor.

In other words, this Buddha’s Trial Pagoda was the main battlefield of the Hidden Dragon Rankings.

Supposedly, this pagoda was originally an Immortal Artifact of legend, but due to unknown reasons, it had become damaged and broken, causing it to lose various marvelous effects, and only an empty shell like this remained.

However, although it was merely an empty shell, no one was able to obtain it. In the end, under the refining of the great figures of the older generations of the various sects of Dragon Lake City, the space within it was recovered.

Due to it containing a world of its own within, it was taken to be the trial grounds to test disciples, and the Hidden Dragon Rankings came from this.

At this moment, there was a sea of people in the vicinity of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda. When glancing around, all that met the eye was a dense crowd of human heads. Fortunately, this place was sufficiently vast and spacious, thus it didn’t seem to be crowded when so many people were gathered together.

Before the pagoda was an enormous jade platform that was 300m long and 150m wide. A canopy that seemed to be able to cover that the entire sky was unfurled atop the jade platform. The top of the canopy was suffused with clouds and mist, as thousands of strands of auspicious qi and a myriad of multicolored lights flew out from it and the aura of a treasure shot into the sky.

This thing was transformed from a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, the Six-sun Golden Streamer, that was possessed by the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi. When one was below it, it was like sitting between whistling pines and white clouds. Neither wind, rain, hot, or cold could invade the space beneath it, and it was extremely miraculous.

At this moment, there were over 15 men and women that were extremely dignified sitting on the jade platform below the canopy.

At the center seat was an azure-clad old man. The corners of his mouth held a smile that was warm like jade, his closed eyes seemed as if there were strands of divine light flowing about within it, and he seemed to be extremely mysterious and profound.

The azure-clad old man was the Sect Master of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, Ling Kongzi, and he was similarly a great Rebirth Realm cultivator whose might shook the southern territory!

At both sides of Ling Kongzi were the head figures of the other seven great sects, three great institutions, and six great clans. All of them had deep bearings and formidable auras that revealed their profound and tremendous cultivations.

A woman amongst them was particularly eye catching; she wore imperial robes that were like fire, her black hair worn in a bun, her slim neck snow white, and her white appearance was like a bloomed lotus flower, fine and smooth, causing her to look exceedingly beautiful. But her expression was instead icy cold to the extreme. When her thin and slanted eyes swept past, it was like a cold bolt of lightning tearing through the sky, and there was actually no one that dared meet her gaze.

She was Madam Xing Yun, the Sect Master of one of the eight great sects, the Jade Flower Sect. She was the one and only female leader of the various powers, and her strength was unfathomable and strong in the extreme.

The leaders the other great powers had oppressive expressions and extraordinary bearings. When the 15 plus of them sat up straight on the jade platform, although they were absolutely silent, the formidable might that was emitted from them had instead deterred the surroundings to the point no one dared to make loud noises.

When Chen Xi arrived, the surroundings of the entire pagoda were crowded by a mass of no less than 100,000 people; the occasion was grandness of an unprecedented level, and it shocked the hearts of everyone present.

If it wasn’t for the disciples of the various great powers shuttling back and forth within the crowd and maintaining the order at the scene, the scene would probably be even more crowded, to the point it was watertight.

“Look, the cultivators that are participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time are over there.” Du Qingxi’s pointed at an open area before the jade platform as she spoke with a clear voice.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look. As expected, he saw that no less than 8,000 people were standing in the open space, and there were both men and women with extremely young appearances.

Chen Xi’s group didn’t stay within the crowd and walked over towards the open area.

At the entrance to the open space stood two Darchu Soulguards that carried swords on their backs and wore black clothes. When they saw Chen Xi’s group, one of them spoke out. “Halt, please display your command tokens.”

Chen Xi withdrew the command token he obtained when he registered at the Darchu Soulguard’s great hall right away and passed it over.

“Chen Xi, 6th star of the Violet Palace Realm, 17 years old…” This Darchu Soulguard was stunned as a trace of an unusual expression slip passed the depths of his eyes, and he took out a jade talisman that had been prepared beforehand and passed it over with the command token to Chen Xi.

Du Qingxi’s group of three took out their command tokens, and unlike Chen Xi, their command tokens were bestowed upon them from the clans that stood behind them. This Darchu Soulguard didn’t even look at the command tokens before directly producing three jade talismans and passing it over to them.

“This jade talisman is the Transportation Talisman?” Chen Xi recalled the rules of the Hidden Dragon Rankings. After one entered the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda and encountered a life threatening danger, one only had to crush the jade talisman to be transported out. Once one was killed before one was able to crush the jade talisman, then one could only blame one’s self and no one else.

How could a trial competition not have any fatalities?

“The Buddha’s Trial Pagoda is divided into four layers, namely the Eight-Directions, Four-Symbols, Yin-Yang, and Oneness. All the participating cultivators will be transported into the Eight-Directions Layer, and once one seized sufficient amounts of command tokens from others, one would be automatically transported into the second layer, the Four-Symbols Layer. After that, one would undergo battles again to seize command tokens, pushing on in proper order, until one entered the highest layer, the Oneness Layer, and battle within it. The person that persisted to the end would be the person ranked as the first in the Hidden Dragon Rankings.”

“What’s a sufficient amount?”

“Seizing command tokens is only a method to drive you to carry out battles, and whether you’re able to enter an even higher layer of the pagoda entirely depends on if you’re able to persist until the end. According to the routine practice from previous years, only 2,000 people were able to enter the second layer of the pagoda, the Four-Symbols Layer. These 2,000 people would undergo battles to eliminate another 1,900 people, and only the remaining 100 people were able to enter the third layer, the Yin-Yang Layer. After another round of battles, only the final 10 people were able to enter the highest layer, the Oneness layer and decide the final victor.”

“So that’s how it is. Those that are able to enter the third layer are the top 100 ranked people of the Hidden Dragon Rankings. Those that enter the fourth layer are the top 10 ranked people of the Hidden Dragon Rankings, and then after battling to the end, the last person that remains is the person that’s ranked as the first in the Hidden Dragon Rankings!”

“Exactly, but the situation of the battle this year will probably be more intense than previous years. Didn’t you see how many cultivators are participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time? Over 10,000 people! After entering the first layer of the pagoda, 8,000 plus people need to be eliminated!”

Chen Xi had just stood at the side of the cultivators that were participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings when a wave of discussion entered into his ears, and he couldn’t help but be curious and send a voice transmission to Duanmu Ze. “As long as one persisted until the end, wouldn’t the person be able to enter the second layer of the pagoda, why was there a need to seize command tokens?”

“With more than 10,000 people together, what should be done if everyone didn’t carry out any battles? How would others be eliminated?” Duanmu Ze grinned as he sent a voice transmission. “Seizing command tokens is a method to drive you to carry out battles. Moreover, the more command tokens you seize, then even if you’re eliminated, you can rely on these command tokens and still be able to obtain the generous rewards of the various large sects. Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t desperately seize the command tokens and battle desperately?”

Chen Xi finally understood. Obviously, there were two ways to obtain the generous rewards of the Hidden Dragon Rankings. One of it was to seize the command tokens and exchange for the rewards. The other way was to rely on one’s ranking and win the rewards.

Cultivators that were ranked in the top 100 are able to obtain huge amounts of medicinal pills and cultivation techniques as a reward.

Cultivators that ranked in the top 50 are not only able to obtain huge amounts of medicinal pills and cultivation techniques, they were even able to obtain formidable Magic Treasures as a reward.

Cultivators ranked in the top 10 already possessed the qualifications to be absorbed into the eight great sects, six great clans, and three great institutions to become their core or elite disciples.

Cultivators ranked in the top 3 would instead be taken as closed door disciples by Rebirth Realm cultivators!

The cultivator that was ranked first would not only be able to obtain an extremely huge amount of generous rewards, the cultivator would even be allowed to choose a Rebirth Realm cultivator to be the cultivator’s Master!

“Hahaha! Chen Xi, so it turns out you’re here!” It was at this moment, that a voice was like a thunderclap as it rumbled out, and accompanying the voice was a young man with an imposing build walking over with large strides from afar. It was precisely the little genius of the Xie Clan, Xie Zhan.

Over ten young men and young women in dark green clothes followed behind him, and the same symbol was adorned on their chests. Obviously, these young men and young women were all Xie Clan disciples that were participating in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time.

The entire surroundings of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda originally had an extremely quiet atmosphere because the leaders of the various great powers were seated on the jade platform, yet Xie Zhan’s loud laughter seemed to be extremely conspicuous, and in practically an instant, it drew the attention of everyone present.

“Chen Xi?”

“So it’s him! But didn’t the rumors say that the Xie Clan’s Young Master has enmity with Chen Xi?”

“Hmph! That fellow Xie Zhan did that intentionally for the sake of allowing everyone to see Chen Xi’s appearance. After all, the Su Clan has promised heavy rewards. Anyone that’s able to defeat Chen Xi in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda will be rewarded with 500,000 kgs of spirit liquid and three top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures!”

“How ruthless of him! Isn’t this making use of others to kill a person?! I’m afraid so long as Chen Xi entered the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, he will encounter the converging attack of countless people! It’s difficult for a pair of fists to go against two pairs. No matter how formidable he is, he will surely be defeated and withdraw from the Hidden Dragon Rankings.”

“Withdraw? The Su Clan had probably made the preparations to kill Chen Xi since long ago, how could they possibly allow him to flee? It will probably be difficult for this fellow to escape from the calamity this time.”

Not only were the surrounding people discussing Chen Xi, even the various leaders on the jade platform had shot their gazes towards Chen Xi. Amongst them, Su Zhentian’s expression could be said to be exceedingly gloomy, and the killing intent in his eyes wasn't concealed in the slightest.

Su Zhentian completely didn’t intend to conceal it. Because the matter of Chen Xi annihilating six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator of the Su Clan was known to all the great powers of Dragon Lake City. What meaning was there in trying to conceal it?

“Your older brother promised to not look for trouble with me again.” Chen Xi paid no attention to the discussions in the surroundings, and he looked at Xie Zhan who laughed complacently before him as killing intent instantly emerged in his heart.

“I’m just greeting you.” Xie Zhan shrugged and had a harmless expression. “Did I look for trouble with you?”

Chen Xi paid no further attention to this person, he’d already decided in his heart that once he entered the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, he would surely exterminate this fellow first. Chopping weeds but not removing the roots was full of future troubles, as expected.

“Are you thinking of making a move against me in the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda? You’ll forever be unable to do so. Most of the people here will fight to kill you and receive the rewards from the Su Clan. Even I am extremely moved by those rewards.” Xie Zhan spoke sarcastically. As soon as he finished speaking, he brought along 10 plus Xie Clan disciples behind him to turn around and leave, and he seemed as if he was afraid he’d be misunderstood to be related to Chen Xi and become a common target.

“Big Brother!” After Xie Zhan left, a joyful shout sounded out, and an exuberant youth with a heroic bearing that wore the royal blue colored robes of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect ran over excitedly.

The youth’s appearance was 70% or 80% similar to Chen Xi between the brows, yet his disposition was completely different. Chen Xi was indifferent like water, relaxed and extraordinary; whereas he instead possessed an oppressive heroic spirit, and his entire body carried a fierce aura that was like a sharp blade, causing him to be like an unsheathed treasured sword with its edge completely exposed.

This person was naturally Chen Xi’s younger brother, Chen Hao.

A trace of a smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he saw his younger brother, then his gaze focused as Chen Hao’s body emitted a faint Firesoul aura that was completely pure, vast, and mighty, and the exuberance of Chen Hao’s flesh, blood, vital energy, and qi had simply achieved an astonishing degree.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but say in surprise. “Your Master has already helped you reconstruct your body?”

“Yes!” Chen Hao nodded fiercely, and his face was covered in killing intent as he spoke. “Brother, I already know of your situation. Isn’t it only going against 10,000 people? I don’t believe we can’t defeat them with the both of us fighting side by side.”

“This is your younger brother? What high sounding sentiments! Tell me, what extent has your cultivation attained?” Duanmu Ze walked forward and grinned as he asked.

Chen Hao glanced at him, and then Chen Hao turned a deaf ear to Duanmu Ze.

Chen Xi had to explain from the side. “He’s my friend, Duanmu Ze.” Then, Chen Xi pointed towards Du Qingxi and Song Lin and said, “They’re my friends as well. This is Du Qingxi and the other is Song Lin.”

“A friend of my brother’s is a friend of mine.” Only now did Chen Hao nod and say. “I’ve already cultivated to the 7th level of the Violet Palace Realm, and my cultivation in the Martial Dao has attained the Dao Insight Stage. The Dao Insight I comprehended it the Righteous Sword Dao.”

Duanmu Ze’s body went stiff as he asked. “How old are you?”

“Is age very important?” Chen Hao frowned, then he recalled that this person was his older brother’s friend, so he could only answer. “I’ve just turned 15 this year.”

Duanmu Ze gasped and cried out involuntarily. “A freak!”

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