Chapter 1319 –Immortals Hunters

Chen Xi was similarly surprised that he was actually able to encounter Wan Jiansheng here.

After all, this was the extreme north of the Immortal Dimension, and it was even an uninhabited iceland. So it was really a coincidence indeed that they were able to meet here.

Wan Jiansheng glanced coldly at the corpse on the ground, and then he looked at Chen Xi and frowned as he said, “Do you know her identity?”

Chen Xi said, “The sin on her is too heavy. Even if I didn’t know her, I had no choice but to kill her.”

He was telling the truth. Since he first laid eyes on this woman, he’d sensed a strand of dense aura of sin. Even though it was very well hidden by the woman, Chen Xi had killed many great villains and possessed the Eye of Divine Truth, so how could he possibly be deceived by her?

If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t be so merciless as soon as he attacked.

Wan Jiansheng’s proud and indifferent expression eased up greatly when he heard this, and he said, “She does deserve death indeed. This woman is called Lan Yufeng, and she has another nickname, the Fair Handed Rakshasa. For the sake of cultivating a secret technique, she cruelly murdered 3,600 children, and I’ve already been pursuing her for three days out of righteous indignation. Yet I never expected that she would actually die at your hands.”

Chen Xi was stunned. He thought that there was great enmity between Wan Jiansheng and the woman, yet never had he imagined that Wan Jiansheng had done all this merely out of righteous indignation.

He couldn’t help but admire Wan Jiansheng even more because of this. Even though Wan Jiansheng was proud, arrogant, and possessed an oppressive and icy cold aura, yet he was virtuous and heroic, so how could others not admire him?

Figures that were virtuous and heroic like Wan Jiansheng were extremely rare in the world now.

“Farewell.” Wan Jiansheng didn’t intend to have any more interaction with Chen Xi, and he turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Wait.” Chen Xi hurriedly chased up to him and said, “Senior Brother Wan, are you intending on heading to Endless City?”

Wan Jiansheng frowned as he said, “How did you know?”

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t mind Wan Jiansheng’s unapproachable and cold attitude at all. He pointed ahead and said, “There’s only a single destination if you head in this direction, Endless City.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi said directly. “To tell you the truth, I’m heading there as well. Why don’t we travel together?”

Wan Jiansheng’s brows knit together even more tightly, and he refused decisively. “No, I’m going there to kill and eradicate sin, and my path will be filled with danger. If you follow me, then it’ll probably bring harm to you instead.”

Eradicate sin!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask when he heard this. “Senior Brother Wan, you wouldn’t be intending to head to Endless City this time to deal with all those villains by yourself, right?”

“It’s Sin City. If I don’t eliminate it, then what’s the point of possessing the ability I have? Wan Jiansheng’s reply was similarly simple. “So why can’t I head over there?”

Why can’t I head over there?

It was merely a few words, yet it was spoken in such a natural manner and was filled with the feeling that it was only right and proper for him to do it, so he had to do it!

Right, why can’t he? Chen Xi carefully digested Wan Jiansheng’s words, and he felt even greater admiration for Wan Jiansheng in his heart. In this world, there are some things that clearly can’t be done, yet one still does it. Is it really a very stupid action?

“There are too many unjust things in the world, and I only desire to kill some people that deserve death. Not for the sake of honor or the living beings of the world but only for the sake of not letting down my heart towards the sword…” Amidst the blizzard that covered the sky, Wan Jiansheng that wore black clothes left swiftly. The scarlet red tassels on the sword on his back swayed with the wind, and it was like a wisp of hot blood that fluttered in the heavens and the earth!

Senior Brother Ye Tang’s Dao is to seek freedom, Wan Jiansheng’s Dao is to right injustice. There isn’t a difference in superiority, and both these Daos are rare and valuable because they’ve persisted on them until now… Chen Xi muttered. On the other hand, my Dao is to… stay true to my heart!

If the heart is filled with spirit, then everything will contain the Dao, and where the heart points to, even the boundless universe is only a grain of sand.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and shook his head before turning around and walking into the blizzard that covered the sky.

There was an entire 10,000,000km from here to Endless City. If it was an ordinary person, then it would probably be impossible for the person to traverse this distance in a lifetime. However, to Chen Xi that had grasped the technique of teleportation, he could arrive there in a few hours.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi suddenly stopped teleporting. He swept the surroundings with his gaze before he was shocked in his heart.

The silver blizzard that covered the sky had actually turned black in color. The black colored snowflakes drifted to the sky while emanating a horrifying aura. It was the energy of sin that carried resentful, malicious intent, curses, and various other auras. While one resided within this energy, even an Immortal would be affected, causing the mind to gradually become vicious and ruthless. Moreover, the slightest provocation would cause the immortal to carve out rivers of blood and cover the ground with corpses.

Of course, one could temper one’s cultivation here as well. While one resided within this chaotic land of sin, if one was able to stay true to one’s heart and avoid being shaken, then one would be able to temper one’s will and Dao Heart.

I haven’t even arrived at Sin City, yet the aura of sin is already so dense. This obviously shows that countless great villains are residing and cultivating here… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. The great villains of the Immortal Dimension were unlike those from the Mortal Dimension. All of them were immortal cultivators, and in terms of strength, they were extremely terrifying. All of their hands were dyed red with blood, and they possessed ruthless dispositions, causing them to be even more difficult to deal with than disciples from great powers.

The Immortal Dimension isn’t really great. The more I understand it, the less different it is from the Mortal Dimension. Eternal life? At the bottom of it all, if one desired to attain all of this, then it depended on one’s strength.


Chen Xi’s figure didn’t stop here and flashed into the black blizzard that covered the sky.

Not long later, Chen Xi saw a group of figures from afar. It was over ten immortal cultivators that consisted of both young and old members, and the leader was two Golden Immortals.

He was able to discern that this group had suffered a heavy injury, and some of its members had damaged armor and were tainted with the traces of blood. Moreover, their expressions more or less revealed vigilance and heaviness.

These are probably Immortal Hunters that rely on killing villains to obtain great rewards… Chen Xi was stunned, and then he quickly recalled that the information he obtained from the Immortal Secret Pavilion had mentioned that even though Endless City was called Sin City, in the eyes of Immortal Hunters, it was a place where wealth gathered because the Immortal Court would bestow them with an enormous reward for every single villain they killed.

This was a business where one lived on the edge of a blade. It was extremely dangerous, yet the rewards were equally high.

Normally, Immortal Hunters would act in groups, and they wouldn’t take risks within Endless City. They would instead choose the area outside Endless City to seek an opportunity to kill villains that passed by.

In this way, the risks would undoubtedly be reduced greatly.

This group before him was covered in a ferocious and bloodthirsty aura, but they didn’t have the aura of sin on them. So they were definitely Immortal Hunters.

Wan Jiansheng is killing villains out of righteous indignation, whereas these people are hunting villains for benefit. Comparatively speaking, the difference amongst them is obvious. However, even though their methods are different, all the people of the world seek benefit. Thus, since the actions of these Immortal Hunters still kill villains, they do really deserve to be encouraged… Chen Xi pondered as he flew forward.

After cultivating to a realm like his, one would start noticing the traces of the Grand Dao in everything. As it was said, one had to understand one’s self, and one could comprehend supreme and deep profound truths from these minor details.

This was how one could move from the path of one’s self to the path towards becoming gods and saints.

It was utterly impossible to advance into the Saint Immortal Realm and obtain the extraordinary ability to spread the Dao throughout the world by merely meditating behind closed doors.

This was a type of experience and accumulation. For example, these Immortal Hunters were acting for the sake of benefit while Wan Jiansheng acted out of righteous indignation, and both of these carried a type of force. It was the force of ‘benefit’ and ‘righteousness!’

These two things seemed to be shapeless, yet they affected the situation within the three dimensions. Just like how the saints educated the people in the Dao. Righteousness, courtesy, benefit, morals, trust, honor, shame, kindness… All of these shapeless forces of education were the true foundation of the order in the three dimensions.

The path towards becoming a Saint Immortal was to comprehend this path of education, and only then could one attain the Dao and become a Saint.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait a moment. The infamous Sin City is right ahead. Don’t continue heading forward, otherwise your life will be in danger.” A beautiful woman in the group noticed Chen Xi, and her beautiful brows immediately raised before she warned Chen Xi.

A robust middle aged man at the side was shocked, and he said via voice transmission in a low voice, “Su Su, this fellow’s origins are unknown. He might be a villain that’s fleeing to Sin City. Your actions are too rash!”

The young woman called Su Su was stunned, and then she stuck out her tongue before she said with slight embarrassment, “I just… I just felt that he didn’t seem like a villain.”

“Oh you! You still lack experience. What you see isn’t always the truth.” The robust middle aged man sighed, and then he glanced at Chen Xi and said, “He possesses a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm, and his strength is obviously not weak. We can’t make any rash judgments before we figure out his background. Who knows if he’s good or bad?”

Su Su was instantly reprimanded to the point she lowered her head and was extremely embarrassed.

Chen Xi wasn’t in a rush to leave this time. He stood in midair and glanced at Su Su and the robust middle aged man. Even though he was unable to hear their voice transmission, based on their expressions, he’d roughly understood what they were speaking about and a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth.

“All of you seem to have suffered a pursuit earlier?” asked Chen Xi.

“How did you know?” Su Su blurted out. As soon as she finished speaking, she was embarrassed once more and looked shyly at the robust middle aged man beside her.

The middle aged man revealed a vigilant expression as he waved his hand, causing the others to be on alert before he said coldly, “This matter isn’t related to Fellow Daoist. Please leave quickly.”

The atmosphere was instantly slightly murderous.

Chen Xi shrugged when facing this, and he glanced at the beautiful woman before he said with a smile, “You warned me earlier, so now, I’ll help you deal with some trouble. Take it as…me returning a favor.”

“What do you intend to do!?” The robust middle aged man’s face sank as he shouted explosively. He felt that Chen Xi was going to play some sort of trick, and he seemed as if he would attack at any moment.

At the same time, the others became vigilant as well and accumulated their strength while waiting to attack. They seemed as if they’d taken Chen Xi to be their enemy.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all of this. He suddenly turned around, and his clothes and long hair fluttered as his handsome and tall figure stood in the black snow that covered the sky.

After that, magnificent and boundless energy of light rumbled out from his body and shot into the nine heavens.

At this instant, it was like a blazing sun had risen into the sky, and it illuminated the world!

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