Chapter 1318 – Unexpected Meeting

Book Fifteen — Godhood

Brightsnow Continent.

Endless City.

In ten days.

Meet at Dragonsoul Restaurant.

This was the information Chen Xi obtained from the jade slip, and it was concise and comprehensive.

She actually wants me to rush to Endless City within ten days… Chen Xi pondered deeply without end after putting the jade slip away.

According to his knowledge, Brightsnow Continent was at the northernmost area of the Immortal Dimension, and further north from there was an ocean formed from spatial storms called the Endless Sea. Endless City was situated on the banks of the Endless Sea.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, are you going to the Endless City?” Qing Ye couldn’t help but ask from the side.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded.

“Senior Brother, Endless City is at the northernmost border of the Immortal Dimension, and all sorts of experts both good and bad reside there. Another name for it is Sin City. Even the forces of the Immortal Court are unable to take control of Endless City. If you head over there, then you must be careful.” Qing Ye reminded.

Sin City?

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. It was the first time he’d heard this, and he wanted to ask and get to the bottom of it, yet Qing Ye indicated that his knowledge was limited.

“Senior Brother, if you want to find out more about it, then why not make a trip to the Immortal Secret Pavilion. There are all sorts of information there, and you’ll definitely be able to figure it out there.” Qing Ye suggested in a low voice.

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded.

He originally intended to set out right away, but it was precisely because he heard what Qing Ye said that he didn’t dare underestimate this Endless City that was called Sin City.

Immortal Secret Pavilion.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Greetings, Senior Brother Chen Xi!”

“Senior Brother, do you need any help?”

When Chen Xi’s figure appeared within the Immortal Secret Pavilion’s hall, he instantly created a stir in the hall. Many students looked at him with gazes that didn’t conceal their respect at all.

Chen Xi had become accustomed to this long ago. He immediately nodded with a smile before flashing into the depths of the hall.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi is extraordinary. Since he won the position of champion in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, his reputation has spread throughout the Immortal Dimension, and it’s simply like the sun in the midday sky.”

“Of course, just last month, I personally witnessed Senior Brother Chen Xi obtain the first position on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, and he even surpassed Senior Sister Ling Qingwu!”

“It wasn’t just that, just a few days ago, Senior Brother Chen Xi renewed his record on the Passage Stone Stele for the 37th to 72nd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and he took the first position.”

“How formidable! In the past, I had slight doubts and felt Senior Brother Chen Xi was inferior to Senior Sister Ling Qingwu and Senior Brother Ye Tang. Now it would seem like Senior Brother Chen Xi is obviously superior.”

A wave of heated discussion instantly arose in the surroundings when they saw Chen Xi’s figure vanish.

The hottest topic was that during these two months after the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, Chen Xi had respectively obtained the first in the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings and Passage Stone Stele of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

It was precisely because they’d witnessed these accomplishments that many inner court students felt that Chen Xi was absolutely superior to all the other six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, and he could be said to be unprecedented and invincible in the Golden Immortal Realm!

When Chen Xi left the Immortal Secret Pavilion, he felt that his trip here wasn’t for nothing.

The reason was extremely simple, he was surprised by what he got to know. It turned out that Endless City was simply the haven for the villains of the Immortal Dimension, and there were all sorts of experts both good and bad residing there. There was no order there, and countless fugitives roamed about there.

All these villains were at various cultivation realms, and according to rumor, the most formidable were even at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

This city was neighboring to the Endless Sea, and the Endless Sea was filled with spatial storms, spatial rifts, and mysterious black holes and vortexes… Moreover, terrifying natural disasters frequently erupted from it and affected Endless City, causing even the Immortal Court to be unwilling to reside there.

This caused the sinners and villains within the city to be even more fearless. When they were pursued and had nowhere to run, they would take Endless City to be their place of residence.

As time passed, it formed the current Sin City!

Endless City is neighboring to the Endless Sea, whereas, according to the information I obtained earlier, the Prehistoric Ruins seem to be at the end of the Endless Sea. Could it be… that Miss Dian Dian’s objective is the Prehistoric Ruins? Chen Xi moved swiftly as he pondered, and he quickly returned to the Sword Room.

Earlier, when he was in the Immortal Secret Pavilion, he’d once tried to find out information related to the Prehistoric Ruins. Unfortunately, he came back empty handed, and this obviously showed how mysterious the Prehistoric Ruins were.

“No! I’m coming as well!” When he heard Chen Xi was going to leave for a period of time, Ling Bai instantly cried out with the intention of accompanying Chen Xi. Moreover, A’Man, Starry, and Bai Kui chimed in as well. They looked eagerly at Chen Xi as if they were deeply afraid Chen Xi would leave them behind.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly and helplessly, yet he still didn’t agree to it in the end.

The reason was extremely simple. Miss Dian Dian’s strength was unfathomable, yet she actually wanted to work together with him and even provided a River Diagram fragment as the reward. Thus, the objective of this trip was definitely not simple, and it could even be said to be filled with danger.

Under such circumstances, how could he dare bring Ling Bai and the others along?

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had already decided to even leave the tiny cauldron and his clone behind. In this way, even if any mishap were to occur to his main body, he would still at least have his clone as backup.

The reason he did this was extremely simple, it was for the sake of obtaining the River Diagram fragment!

Presently, Chen Xi already possessed five River Diagram fragments, and he only lacked four more to complete the River Diagram. So he was naturally unable to refuse such temptation.

After all, since the moment he’d stepped onto the path of cultivation, the River Diagram fragments had helped him on countless occasions. No matter if it was the Eye of Divine Truth, his experiences in the Talisman Dimension, or when he comprehended and cultivated, the River Diagram fragments had assisted him at all times.

If he was unable to complete it, then Chen Xi couldn’t avoid having regrets.

A day later, Chen Xi left the academy by himself and didn’t alert anyone else.

Brightsnow Continent.

This continent was at the extreme north of the Immortal Dimension, and it was covered in snow and ice all year round. The air here was filled with extremely abundant icy Immortal Energy, and it was extremely suitable for immortals that cultivated water element cultivation techniques to cultivate here.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

In an expanse of snow, piercingly cold winds blew like the wailing of ghosts, and it resounded through the heavens and the earth. It swept up the snowflakes to cover the sky, and it tainted the heavens and the earth in a murderous and icy cold aura.

The air here was too cold to the point it formed ice baleful qi that filled the surroundings, and even an ordinary immortal would probably be unable to endure the assault of this ice baleful qi.


Space fluctuated before a handsome and tall figure walked out from within. His clothed and long hair fluttered while his handsome face was covered in a calm expression, and he was exactly Chen Xi that had rushed over here from Dao Emperor Academy.

The energy of space really is extraordinary. It allowed the speed of my spatial teleportation to obviously become much faster… Chen Xi sighed with emotion before he swept the surroundings with his gaze.

Even if he was standing on this land of ice that was covered in snow, the ice baleful qi wasn’t able to affect him at all. Conversely, along with his breathing, the roiling ice Immortal Energy in the heavens and the earth surged like a clear torrent into his body instead. It was like his entire body was bathed in snow, and his entire body felt refreshed from the inside out.

This is definitely Brightsnow Continent, and there isn’t any human habitation in an area of 50,000km around here. According to the map, this should be the Darklight Iceland that’s 10,000,000km away from Endless City… Chen Xi sized up the surroundings and roughly determined his exact location.

However, just when he intended to make a move, a wave of intense energy fluctuation suddenly arose from afar, and it seemed like someone was rushing over here swiftly…

“Help! Young Master, help me!” Suddenly, space trembled before a graceful and beautiful figure appeared. She had an unkempt appearance, disheveled hair, and her clothes were soaked in blood. Moreover, her beautiful face was completely ghastly pale and covered in terror.

Chen Xi’s brows raised. He’d never expected that he would actually encounter a woman that was fleeing for her life in this desolate iceland.

“Young Master, you must save me. Please stop that person for a while when he chases over soon. I’ll definitely repay you generously once I escape.” The woman seemed to be extremely anxious, and she glanced at the area behind her with terror. After that, she didn’t wait for Chen Xi to answer her before she turned around and fled once more.

Obviously, she didn’t entrust Chen Xi with her hopes of being saved at all.

“Wait!” Chen Xi’s figure flashed and obstructed the beautiful woman’s path.

“Young Master, what is it? Quickly move aside, otherwise, I’ll probably endanger your life as well!” The woman was stunned, and then became even more anxious while the space between her brows was filled with terror and anger.


At this moment, Chen Xi actually didn’t waste his breath and swiftly drew Starclasp before pointing it coldly at the woman as he said, “Wait a moment. It wouldn’t be too late to leave after that.”

The woman’s face turned grim, and she said in a sharp voice, “Could it be that you’re a friend of that damnable bastard?”

Even though she said this, she actually didn’t hesitate at all to swing her fair hand, and a bright silver jade hairpin flew into the air. It emanated a myriad of layers of misty silver radiance as it whistled explosively towards Chen Xi.

She actually took the initiative to attack!

Moreover, this attack was ruthless, direct, and carried a ferocious aura as it smashed through space. Obviously, she intended to take Chen Xi’s life with a single strike.


Chen Xi’s reaction towards this was extremely simple, he swung his sword.

In an instant, a wisp of sword qi appeared and easily slashed apart that silver radiance that covered the sky. After that, its momentum didn’t reduce and slit her throat before she could even react, causing blood to spray into the air!

The beautiful woman’s head flew into the sky while her eyes were open wide. Even until the moment of her death, she didn’t dare believe that she would lose so quickly because it only took an instant!

You actually placed your hopes on me, you deserve to suffer this misfortune… Chen Xi put his sword away and let out a light sigh before he gazed towards the distance.


Right at this moment, space fluctuated before a thin figure appeared out of thin air. He had a murderous and fierce appearance, and his expression was indifferent. His clothes were black colored and fitting while he carried a sheathed sword on his back, and the sword had blood red tassels that swayed in the cold wind.

Only his left arm was empty, causing his figure to seem slightly inharmonious.

Surprisingly, it was Wan Jiansheng!

He glanced at Chen Xi with slight surprise and seemed to have never expected that he would encounter Chen Xi here. After that, he shot his gaze towards the corpse on the ground and said, “You killed her?”

Chen Xi nodded with a smile.

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