Chapter 1315 – Champion’s Prize


Xiao Qianshui was blasted flying, and then he laid limply on the ground like a bloody pool of mush while letting out shrill cries.

The might of Chen Xi’s strike was that terrifying!

The surrounding spectators were in an uproar, and they practically didn’t dare believe it. Even though everyone had confirmed a long time ago that Chen Xi had held back, they’d never imagined that when he really revealed his might, Xiao Qianshui would actually be unable to withstand a single blow.

This was too shocking!

After all, the combat strength Xiao Qianshui revealed earlier wasn’t inferior to Wan Jiansheng and Ye Tang at all. Moreover, he possessed a supreme secret technique like the Sovereign Tribulation Dao, so how could he be compared to an ordinary Golden Immortal?

Yet it just so happened that a monstrous figure like this was easily defeated by three successive sword strikes from Chen Xi, and Chen Xi simply accomplished it as easily as blowing off dust!

All of this couldn’t prove that Xiao Qianshui was extremely weak, and it could only prove that Chen Xi’s current combat strength had far exceeded his peers. It could be said to be unparalleled and unprecedented.

“In the Golden Immortal Realm, Junior Brother Chen Xi is capable of reigning supreme above all and suppressing blazing suns!” On the auspicious cloud, Ye Tang roared with laughter as he sighed with emotion. He seemed to be sighing yet it carried a tone of pride.

When they heard this, Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli were fiercely shocked in their hearts. They were very clearly aware that since Ye Tang said this, then it was equivalent to admitting his inferiority to Chen Xi!

Yet who could have imagined that Chen Xi had just stepped into the Golden Immortal Realm for a mere few years?

At this moment, Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli had extremely complicated feelings, and they couldn’t take Chen Xi to be an opponent of equal level any longer.

Because… Chen Xi had unknowingly surpassed them by too much!

“Formidable! Truly too formidable!”

“He isn’t just formidable. In my opinion, even the blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension will probably dim in comparison before Senior Brother Chen Xi.”

“Cut it out, it’s an offense if such words enter the ears of Senior Brother Ye Tang and Senior Sister Ling Qingwu.”

“Hmph! That Xiao Qianshui was even mouthing off about turning the situations of the past around and defeating Senior Brother Chen Xi and the others in our Dao Emperor Academy’s territory. Now, he was directly thrashed to the point of being half dead instead!”

All the students from Dao Emperor Academy were delighted and seethed with excitement. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi’s handsome and tall figure that stood on the combat arena revealed a wisp of admiration.

Some female students didn’t even conceal their adoration for him, and their beautiful eyes flowed with light and burning fervor.

At this moment, all of them had completely relaxed. They weren't anxious or worried any longer because they knew that along with the defeat of Xiao Qianshui, the position of champion in this Seven Academy Dao Discussion belonged to Chen Xi!

Compared to the bustling excitement over here, Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy were deathly silent. No matter if it was the instructors or students, all of them had stiff expressions and seemed as if they’d lost their souls. They were unable to accept such a scene.

It was too great of a surprise!

None of them had expected that Chen Xi would be formidable to such an extent. It was simply impossible to imagine that someone in the world was capable of possessing such terrifying and heaven defying combat strength in the Golden Immortal Realm.

Even if he was compared to the six great blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, they were unable to cover up his brilliance.

“If it wasn’t for Chen Xi, then in this Dao discussion, we would have…won…a long time ago.” A student spoke weakly with a disgruntled expression.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone else felt sorrow in their hearts while their expressions grew gloomier.

In the Dao discussion this time, one of the six blazing suns, Ye Tang, had been defeated, whereas the leading figure of the Buddha Dimension’s younger generation, Zhen Lu, the heir of the ancient Ji Clan, Ji Xuanbing, and the descendant of a True Phoenix from the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Mengli, had all lost…

Yet no one had expected that when they were about to obtain the final victory, Chen Xi would suddenly rise. Not only had he defeated Yan Yun to enter the final round, he even fought seven students successively and swept through all of them!

“First there was Yun Fusheng that swept through his peers from the three academies by himself; now there is Chen Xi that saved the situation in the Dao discussion all by himself! Hahaha! Outstanding, truly outstanding!” Wang Daolu roared with laughter and was extremely happy.

In the opinion of everyone present here, the outcome of the battle had been decided, and the curtains were about to be drawn.

However, it hadn’t ended in Chen Xi’s opinion.

He arrived before Xiao Qianshui that lay on the ground while being on the verge of death and letting out endless shrill cries, and then he looked down with a calm yet icy cold gaze before he said, “Now, I’ve defeated you.”

His voice was calm and didn’t carry a ridiculing tone at all, and he was only describing a fact that had occurred.

However, when it entered into the ears of Xiao Qianshui, it seemed extremely ear piercing. It caused his entire body to tremble like a ferocious beast that was in a hopeless situation, and his bloodshot eyes stared resentfully at Chen Xi while he spoke in a hoarse and sharp voice. “You spoiled the plan. You’re bound to pay a heavy price. You’ve only won for now, yet it’s bound to bring you a lifetime of pain and torture that’s impossible to forget!”

As he finished speaking, he was practically roaring.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “Idiot. Looks like you haven’t understood your status clearly. You’re only a pawn in the hands of another. Did you think you would be able to leave with your life even if you won today?”

Xiao Qianshui was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something, causing his expression to turn grim before he said in a sharp voice, “This is the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. Could it be that your Dao Emperor Academy even intends to kill me to keep my mouth shut?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it drew the attention of everyone, and all of their gazes focused over. Could it be that Chen Xi intends to kill this fellow?

“The wage of sin is death.” Chen Xi remained indifferent towards this, and he just stared at Xiao Qianshui before he spoke in a light voice. He wasn’t speaking to Xiao Qianshui, but to the Sovereign Sect that stood behind Xiao Qianshui!

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi kicked Xiao Qianshui off the combat arena.

At this point, the Seven Academy Dao Discussion had ended.


The clear and melodious sound of the bell resounded and spread towards the surroundings, and it spread towards every corner of Darkombat City. Along with this ring of the bell, the news of Chen Xi defeating Xiao Qianshui to win the position of champion in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion spread throughout Darkombat City like a gale.

For a time, the entire city was stirred, and it gave rise to a mighty uproar.

If nothing unexpected happened, then it wouldn’t be long before the outcome of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion would spread throughout the Immortal Dimension’s 4,900 continents, whereas Chen Xi’s name was bound to receive the attention of all like the blazing sun in the sky!

The Seven Academy Dao Discussion had ended, yet some things hadn’t.

The students and instructors of Windstream, Cloudmist, and Dao Secret Academy had become utter spectators in the Dao discussion, so they couldn’t help but have complicated feelings. They’d left hastily a long time ago as they felt ashamed to continue staying here.

However, when the instructors and students of Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy carried a boundless sense of loss and rage while intending to leave, they were stopped by a figure that appeared abruptly.

“Everyone, it’s rare that we’re all gathered here today. Why leave so hastily?” The figure was thin, short, and withered. His hair was grey and disheveled while wrinkles ran across his ruthless and unreasonable face like ravines. He seemed to be extremely ordinary, yet when he casually stood there in midair, he revealed a terrifying imposing aura that was lofty like a mountain and boundless like an ocean, causing others to be unable to overlook him.

He was the Inner Court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng!

“Geezer Chi? What do you mean by that?”

“Could it be that you intend to make all of us stay here?”

When they saw Chi Cangsheng make an appearance, the expressions of the instructors from the three academies turned grim. They were very clearly aware that Chi Cangsheng was absolutely a figure that acted without any restraint or fear, and he had an extremely ruthless and unreasonable temper. There was practically nothing that he didn’t dare do.

“Hmph! I’m only making all of you stay to have a gathering. Could it be that all of you’re afraid I’ll eat all of you up? If anyone refuses, then don’t blame me for being rude!” Chi Cangsheng grunted coldly, and he spoke in a direct manner.

Chen Xi was astounded. Before he could think too much about it, he was stopped by Wang Daolu. “Come, leave the rest to this old fellow.”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when Wang Daolu directly led him away.

After that, Chen Xi noticed that all the instructors and students present in the Dao Development Reserve seemed as if they’d received some sort of order and were leaving this place like a receding tide.

Could it be because of the Sovereign Sect, so some seniors of Dao Emperor Academy intend to get even with these fellows? A thought suddenly flashed in Chen Xi’s mind.

Wang Daolu seemed to have discerned Chen Xi’s thoughts and said, “I presume you’ve probably heard some rumors about the Sovereign Sect. The Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time seemed off, and there’re some things that should be investigated properly.”

As they spoke, they’d left the Dao Development Reserve, and only Chi Cangsheng’s unreasonable and resounding roars were still drifting over from afar.

Chen Xi seemed have thought of something and said, “Senior, could it be that there’s some conflict between our Dao Emperor Academy and the Sovereign Sect?”

Wang Daolu shook his head. “Do you know that the greatest enemy of the three dimensions isn’t the Outerealm’s Xeno-race nor the Cosmos Beasts, but the three dimensions itself?”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. “The Sovereign Sect?”

Wang Daolu nodded.

This had exceeded Chen Xi’s expectations. He originally thought that because of the death of the Chaotic Divine Lotus and Evil Lotus, only he took the Sovereign Sect to be his enemy, yet never had he imagined that the Sovereign Sect was the public enemy of the three dimensions!

“The sovereign is without emotion. Since the primeval times, it has given rise to countless vast calamities, and every single one of them affected the three dimensions and caused great upheavals and deaths.” Wang Daolu sighed lightly. “The Sovereign Sect can be found behind most of the calamities in history, so no one can remain unafraid of such a sect.”

It was the first time Chen Xi had heard of such a secret, and he was extremely shocked in his heart. Moreover, it allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the Sovereign Sect.

“In short, you just have to remember that the Sovereign Sect pursues the path of emotionlessness. They sever all emotions and desire. So if you encounter an heir of this sect in the future, you must be careful.” Wang Daolu instructed Chen Xi with a solemn expression, and then he smiled lightly and changed the topic. “Do you want to know the rewards given by the academy to the champion of the Dao discussion?”

Chen Xi was stunned. Only now did he recall that there was indeed a reward from the Dao discussion.

“Please provide me with your guidance.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse a wisp of anticipation. In terms of rewards, it was naturally the more the better, and he would never feel it was too much.

“Come with me and you’ll find out.” Wang Daolu grinned as he glanced at Chen Xi, and then he flicked his sleeve before flashing in midair to arrive before a grand and beautiful palace.

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