Chapter 1314 – Chen Xi’s Strength

The tribulation formed from the aura of calamity drowned Chen Xi completely!

When they saw such a shocking scene, many students that were present in the surroundings turned pale from shock, and their hearts rose to their throats.

The might of the Sovereign Tribulation Dao was too terrifying, and it was impossible to dodge like the descent of a true tribulation!

“It’s impossible to obstruct?” On the auspicious cloud, the lighthearted and wild expression on Ye Tang’s face had vanished, and it was replaced by a heavy expression. At this moment, even with his strength, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of terror.

It was even to the extent that he felt that he would be unable to avoid it if he was in Chen Xi’s place.

“Will Chen Xi…be fine?” Zhao Mengli was nervous and uneasy while her beautiful eyes stared fixedly at the combat arena. Unfortunately, she could only see an expanse of black colored tribulation lightning, and she was utterly unable to find a trace of Chen Xi.

This caused her heart to sink, and she was slightly worried.

“The outcome hasn’t been decided yet. Wait a while longer. If Chen Xi’s life is in danger, then he’ll definitely be teleported out by the combat arena.” At this moment, Zhen Lu was rather composed. However, his tightly clenched fist exposed that his heart wasn’t as calm as he seemed on the outside.

It wasn’t just them. At this moment, all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy that were present in the surroundings couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with anxiety, and they didn’t dare believe that such a scene would occur.

If Chen Xi were to lose, then the championship of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time would indeed fall into the hands of the other academies…

They were nervous, perturbed, and uneasy.

These various oppressive emotions transformed into deathly silence, and it caused their chests to feel stifled while they revealed unsightly expressions.

On the other hand, all the students and instructors from Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy exclaimed with shock, delight, and excitement… Is this damnable bastard finally going to be defeated?

Chen Xi had fiercely thrashed Yan Yun, Yu Xiushui, Wang Xuechong, and the others earlier, and it had caused them to be filled with a bellyful of rage. At this moment, when they saw the arrogant Chen Xi was about to be crushed, how could they not be excited and complacent?

“Hahaha! Don’t worry, I won’t allow him to be eliminated so easily!” On the combat arena, Xiao Qianshui whose entire body was covered with the aura of tribulation lightning formed from the aura of calamity roared with arrogant and unrestrained laughter, and it was filled with the pride of a winner.

His words caused the hearts of all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy to twitch while their expressions became even more unsightly.

This Xiao Qianshui is cold, ruthless, and perverted. If Chen Xi falls into his hands, then wouldn’t he be tortured to the point of being unable to live or die?

“Bastard from the Sovereign Sect! You actually act so complacently? If anything happens to Chen Xi, then just you wait once the Dao discussion ends!” At this moment, Wang Daolu was angered to the point he had a livid expression, and he gritted his teeth without end.

With his status, he actually hated a junior so deeply, and it obviously showed how furious he was at this moment.

Xiao Qianshui was even more complacent and delighted when he saw the reaction of all the instructors and students from Dao Emperor Academy, and his sharp laughter roared without end.

Moreover, when he thought about how he was about to publicly trample upon and torture Chen Xi who was a peerless figure in the younger generation and was renowned throughout the world, Xiao Qianshui was excited to the point his entire body trembled, and his narrow and gloomy face flushed red with a ruthless expression.

However, in the next moment, his laughter stopped abruptly.

Because in his field of vision, the tribulation lightning that completely drowned Chen Xi’s figure had actually been silently slashed apart from the center, and it separated to the sides.

After that, Chen Xi’s tall and handsome figure appeared. His clothes and jet black hair fluttered while his expression was calm, and the skin on his entire body was fair and clean. He was actually completely unharmed!

Xiao Qianshui seemed as if he was struck by lightning. His pupils dilated while he looked forward with disbelief, and then he cried out involuntarily. “You…you… How could you have possibly been unharmed?”

At the same time, all the spectators noticed this scene as well. All of their figures stiffened, and they simply seemed as if they’d seen a miracle. They felt an indescribably suffocating feeling fall upon them, and their hearts and minds surged to the extreme.

Earlier, they were anxious and worried about Chen Xi’s fate.

Now, Chen Xi had actually appeared before their eyes while remaining completely intact, and he wasn’t harmed at all!

The contrast from this had caused their hearts to rise and fall greatly, and they felt as if their hearts were tortured to the point of being on the verge of stopping. But all in all, they still mostly felt pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand, the instructors and students from Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy similarly felt disbelief and shocked, but their hearts had instantly dropped from excitement to rock bottom.

“How…how could this be possible? How did that damnable bastard do it?” A student from Bitter Silence Academy was unable to control his emotions and cried out involuntarily.

A single sentence instantly drew out the rage of all the students and instructors from Dao Emperor Academy.

“Little bastard! Do you know how to speak?”

“Dammit! After this Dao discussion ends, I’ll definitely teach a lesson to a little bastard that’s full of shit like you!”

“You actually dare to curse at our Senior Brother Chen Xi in our Dao Emperor Academy’s territory? Motherfucker, just you wait!”

The student from Bitter Silence Academy was instantly scolded to the point his expression was extremely unsightly, and he was furious to the extreme. However, he didn’t dare retort. It couldn’t be helped. He had no choice but to be worried that he would incur public wrath and be unable to leave Dao Emperor Academy.

“Is that all you’re capable of?” On the combat arena, a wisp of ridicule appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as he gazed at Xiao Qianshui, and the fair and slender tip of his finger still had a strand of tribulation lightning coiled around it, yet the tribulation lightning wasn’t able to injure him at all.

At this moment, Xiao Qianshui had recovered from his shock. However, he was still unable to believe it. How could he possibly remain unharmed before the tribulation lightning formed from the aura of calamity?

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t tell Xiao Qianshui that since he’d started cultivating, his fate had been concealed from the workings of the heavens because he possessed the River Diagram’s fragments, and he’d been taken to be a Variant by the Heaven Dao. Even when he overcame the lightning tribulation to advance into the Earthly Immortal Realm, he had no choice but to cultivate the secret technique, Immeasurable Virtue, obtained at the top level of the Talisman Dimension’s Grand Deduction Tower in order to conceal his aura.

It could be said that he didn’t have a trace of the aura of calamity in his entire body, otherwise he would have died a long time ago, and it would have been impossible for him to attain his current accomplishments!

It was precisely because of the Immeasurable Virtue technique that the tribulation lightning wasn’t able to harm him at all!

“This is absolutely impossible! I don’t believe it!” Suddenly, Xiao Qianshui roared towards the sky, and the aura of calamity in his entire body seethed before spraying out from Godstab Immortal Sword. It transformed into layer upon layer of black tribulation lightning that shot down violently once more.

This time, Chen Xi stopped holding back.


A wisp of sword qi flashed through the sky, and then wind and lightning appeared abruptly!

It was the might of the Tempest Divine Crest!

This was a sword strike formed from the merging of the Sword of Wind and Sword of Lightning from the inheritances obtained from the Infinite Divine Talisman, and it was executed via an Allheaven Golden Crest that contained the aura of wind and lightning while assisted by the supreme might of the realm of Sword God. Its might could be said to be like a tempest that shook the nine heavens!


The layer upon layer of tribulation lightning were shattered into powder, whereas Xiao Qianshui’s entire body was blasted flying like a cannonball, and he couldn’t refrain the blood in his body from suddenly spraying out from his mouth.

This strike was extremely terrifying, and the might of wind and lightning swept through the surroundings!

The entire crowd of spectators were stirred. None of them had imagined that the situation would be turned around so quickly, and it could be considered to be full of twists and turns!

“You…you…you were concealing your strength since the beginning?” Xiao Qianshui stood there while his gloomy face was pale and suffused with a wisp of surprise and bewilderment.

“You only realized now?” At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to be extremely calm, and he didn’t pursue Xiao Qianshui. He said, “Exactly, I just wanted to see exactly where you learned some of your abilities from. Now it would seem like it’s nothing great.”

Where was the place Chen Xi spoke about?

Chen Xi didn’t mention it directly, yet Xiao Qianshui was very clearly aware that Chen Xi was definitely speaking of the Sovereign Sect. This caused him to be unable to maintain the calm in his heart, and his expression was even more surprised and bewildered.

On the other hand, when the surrounding spectators heard Chen Xi, they couldn’t help but be dumbstruck. Earlier… Chen Xi has actually been concealing his strength all the time? And he did this merely for the sake of finding out exactly how great Xiao Qianshui’s ability was?

“Junior Brother Chen Xi really is extraordinary! Hahaha!!!” On the auspicious cloud, Ye Tang roared with laughter.

He’s extraordinary indeed. He’s simply an incomprehensible freak! Everyone else was astounded and endlessly exclaimed with surprise in their hearts as well.

“Hmph! What shameless boasting!” As he looked at Chen Xi who seemed composed, Xiao Qianshui couldn’t help but feel a trace of uneasiness. He didn’t dare hesitate and charged explosively towards Chen Xi once more.

He’d given this strike his all, and the sword qi that covered the sky transformed into a thick and shocking strand of tribulation lightning that caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shade.


Chen Xi remained still on the spot when facing this strike, and then he casually slashed with his sword. In this strand of sword qi, Yin and Yang fused, black and white converged together, and it was a sword strike that had fused the Sword of Yin and Sword of Yang that came from the Infinite Divine Talisman!

This sword strike was vast and brilliant, and it seemed as if it wanted to divide the heavens and the earth, good and bad, dawn and dust, and black and white to return a peaceful universe to the world!


After a collision that shook the heavens and the earth, Xiao Qianshui was defeated once more, and his figure staggered back while he coughed up blood repeatedly. It was the second time he’d been blasted back by Chen Xi, and it had caused his face to be covered in astonishment and disbelief.

All the spectators were shocked as well because the difference in the combat strength Chen Xi displayed previously and now was simply as if it was two different people revealing this combat strength!

This allowed them to finally firmly believe that perhaps Chen Xi was telling the truth earlier. The reason Xiao Qianshui could fight him equally earlier was entirely because Chen Xi hadn’t utilized his full strength at all!

“Is that all you’re capable of?” On the combat arena, Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he repeated these words once more. “Looks like you aren’t a personal disciple from that place, otherwise, how could you possibly be so weak?”

The reason he said this was extremely simple. As far as he was concerned, he was the weakest personal disciple from Oracle Mountain, yet Xiao Qianshui was actually even inferior to him. Thus, it was definitely impossible for Xiao Qianshui to be a personal disciple from the Sovereign Sect. Because as one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, the personal disciples of the Sovereign Sect ought to not be as weak as Xiao Qianshui.

Xiao Qianshui’s narrow and long face couldn’t help but twitch when he heard this, and it seemed as if these words had stabbed fiercely into his heart, causing his expression to instantly turn extremely gloomy.

“Bastard! Talk after you’ve defeated me!” After he finished saying these words, Xiao Qianshui’s figure vanished once more.

In an instant, tribulation lightning surged once more on the combat arena, and its impetus grew even more terrifying.

Chen Xi was finally getting slightly impatient when facing this, and a cold light appeared abruptly from his sword. The Five Element Divine Crest suffused it and seethed within it as it transformed into a murderous and icy cold streak that suddenly vanished in the air.


In the next moment, boundless rumbling resounded on the combat arena. The terrifying tribulation lightning were crushed apart inch by inch before they shattered into pieces, and they seemed as if they couldn’t withstand a single strike. After that, a wisp of all-powerful sword qi that seemed capable of making all sword submit shot down while filled with supreme might!

Xiao Qianshui’s face turned grim, yet he didn’t have the time to dodge, and he could only face it head on. After that, his entire body seemed as if it had been struck by a primeval dragon.

Crack! Crack!

Under the astounded gazes of all the spectators, the bones in his entire body were instantly shattered while fresh blood flowed in streams and soaked his entire body. Moreover, his face was smashed to the point of sinking by an enormous force, causing him to be beyond recognition!

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