Chapter 1313 – Sovereign Tribulation Dao

On the combat arena, the intense battle shook the heavens.

Two figures each executed supreme techniques, and they moved about on the combat arena while fighting without end.

Sword Insight surged.

Divine radiance rumbled.

The might they revealed shook the world and was extremely astonishing.

If it was in the outside world, merely a battle of such extent would be sufficient to obliterate an area of 50,000km, and it would bring calamity to the myriad of living beings in the world.


Chen Xi slashed with his sword and blasted Xiao Qianshui back. His entire body flowed with light like a god that walked out from within the light, and Starclasp was filled with supreme purifying energy, and he revealed an imposing aura of supremacy and peerless divine might.

Compared to him, Xiao Qianshui was similarly on par. The Godstab Immortal Sword carried the aura of calamity and transformed into a river of calamity that surged throughout the surroundings, and he actually fought Chen Xi equally.

Something worthy of mention was that even though Xiao Qianshui’s attainments in the Sword Dao hadn’t attained the realm of Sword God, he was able to fight Chen Xi equally by relying on the aura of calamity. He was extraordinary indeed.

But this sort of situation was something Xiao Qianshui wasn’t able to accept at all!

How can a new student that just entered into Dao Emperor Academy for a few years fight me equally?

It was even to the extent that he didn’t even take Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng seriously in his heart, so how could he have taken Chen Xi seriously?

But at this moment, Chen Xi has utilized the ability of the realm of Sword God and the energy of the Grand Dao of Light to actually fight him equally, so he was naturally slightly furious and felt humiliated from this.


In the next moment, under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, the imposing aura emanated from Xiao Qianshui’s entire body rose greatly once more while his expression was gloomy and ruthless to the limit. Moreover, his entire body was filled with a terrifying vital energy.

At this instant, everyone clearly sensed waves of extremely vast energy of calamity being emanated from Xiao Qianshui’s body, and it was an icy cold and obscure energy that carried a terrifying aura capable of overturning the world.

This was the aura of calamity. It was like the wrath of the heavens had descended and intended to bring disaster to the world!


A sharp sword howl that pierced the ear drums resounded as Godstab erupted with a jet black light that shot into the sky, and it seemed like a torrent of calamity was being condensed in Xiao Qianshui’s palm.

He slashed out with his sword!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Everywhere this Sword Insight passed, space shattered while even a web of cracks split open on the floor of the combat arena, and it was a terrifying and horrifying sight.

Fortunately, at this critical moment, the restrictions in the surroundings of the combat arena were completely activated, and it forcefully resisted the impact of this terrifying force. Otherwise, the combat arena would definitely be destroyed.

This obviously displayed exactly how terrifying Xiao Qianshui’s attack was!

It caused the eyes of many seniors in the surroundings to focus while they felt extremely shocked in their hearts. As for those students present in the surroundings, they’d been shocked to the point their hearts shook, and they practically forgot to breathe.


Chen Xi’s expression remained calm when he sensed the might contained within this strike. The immortal sword in his right hand spun while the energy of light filled it, and it emanated a bright and fierce might that swept out with unparalleled force and shot into the sky before moving to collide head-on with Xiao Qianshui’s attack.

This sword strike didn’t just exceed the restraints of space, it even split space open. Strands of sword lights condensed from the Grand Dao of Light transformed into translucent and divine flames of light that rose up before surging out violently. They were filled with a grand and supreme aura of sacred light that purified the world.


Calamity and light collided. Instantly, space rumbled while the terrifying force of the collision swept towards the surroundings, and this force that was filled with destructive energy rippled towards the surroundings.

When looked at from afar, the entire combat arena was suffused with dust and dirt while radiant light illuminated the sky, causing it to seem as if the end of the world had arrived.

Even if they were clearly aware that the combat arena possessed defensive restrictions, this scene still shocked the nearby spectating students to the point their hearts palpitated while they unconsciously took a few steps back.

All the spectators were shocked. Earlier, the battle between Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng could be considered the greatest battle between blazing suns, but in terms of terrifying destructive force, it was far inferior and less shocking that this battle before their eyes.


On the combat arena, Chen Xi and Xiao Qianshui’s figures split apart, and they stood in confrontation with each other from afar.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before.

A wisp of heaviness had arisen in Xiao Qianshui’s heart instead.

“Unfortunately, even though you’ve grasped the energy of light, it has merely attained the state of the Laws, and you haven’t condensed it into an Allheaven Divine Crest. That strike from before was only a probe, and I’ll allow you to understand what being invincible means next!” Xiao Qianshui took a deep breath while his gloomy face revealed a wisp of a ruthless and ghastly expression.

A probe, huh? A wisp of a piercingly cold arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and he said calmly, “Since you’ve said that, then I won’t hold back after this.”

The intense collision from before was only a probe?

All the spectators were shocked once more when they heard this, and they were instantly speechless.

“Hmph!” Xiao Qianshui suddenly grunted coldly and seize the opportunity to launch the first attack.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

He successively executed over a thousand slashes, and these strands of sword qi instantly overlapped to form countless dense sword seals. Instantly, the aura of calamity surged through the entire sky, and it enveloped down towards Chen Xi.

This aura of calamity was condensed into threads, strings, seals, and wheels. They seemed as if they were material as they shot out violently, and they instantly covered Chen Xi’s entire body and intended to drown him within calamity.

Chen Xi only smiled coldly when he saw this. Instantly, the clouds and wind surged around him while he casually slashed down with Starclasp. Light shot out and shattered, purified, and eliminated all the strands of sword qi that contained the aura of calamity.

At the same time, his figure suddenly spun and flew through the air like an ethereal speck of imperceptible dust, and he instantly arrived before Xiao Qianshui. At the same time, Starclasp soared through the sky and slashed down like the sword of the heavens.

Xiao Qianshui struck out in an arrogant and overbearing manner with a flap of his hand.


An enormous bang resounded as his sword destroyed Chen Xi’s attack. However, to his surprise, the sword qi of light that was shattered didn’t disperse, and it instantly transformed into strands of needle shaped lights instead before shooting fiercely towards him once more.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiao Qianshui was caught off guard and felt as if his body was struck by a sledgehammer. The sword lights that were shaped like needles actually contained energy that was vast like an ocean, and it was abundant to the point it was impossible to resist. Even if he dealt with them one by one, it shook his figure to the point of staggering slightly while his vital blood roiled.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi moved over through space once more, and then he slashed down once more with his sword. It was like a blade of light that was crystalline, translucent, sacred, and filled with extreme might.

Xiao Qianshui’s face instantly sank. He executed his ability with all his might and dodged this attack immediately.


However, before he could launch a counterattack, Chen Xi had actually stepped through space once more, and he seemed to be pressing down upon Xiao Qianshui step by step while in hot pursuit.

“God dammit!” Xiao Qianshui dodged once more and dealt with this strike while in a slightly sorry state. After that, his expression turned gloomy to the extreme. He was like a god of evil that was filled with boundless rage, and his aura grew even stronger because this sort of situation where Chen Xi had the initiative and he could only resist was absolutely not something he could tolerate!

“Shapeless and boundless, calamity in the form of tribulation!” Xiao Qianshui suddenly let out a fierce and long howl while his entire body seethed with surging black clouds and mist. He was actually like the tribulation clouds that appeared when cultivators faced a tribulation, and he was icy cold, murderous, emotionless, and filled with an extraordinarily destructive aura.

One could vaguely notice that a violent and thick aura of calamity existed within the surging tribulation clouds, and it actually condensed into strands of black colored lightning that rumbled, surged, and was extremely shocking.

Tribulation lightning!

“The Sovereign Tribulation Dao!” In the distance, Wang Daolu’s face sank while he lightly spat out a few words. He’d recognized this sort of technique, and it was an inheritance from the Sovereign Sect.

This technique transformed calamity into tribulation. Once it was executed, not only would it might be akin to the descent of heavenly tribulation, it was capable of drawing out the aura of tribulation within the target’s body, causing the person’s blood to flow in the opposite direction and fall into qi deviation!

The aura of tribulation was the aura accumulated within the body after a cultivator stepped onto the path of cultivation and experienced numerous heavenly tribulations, and it was normally impossible to notice.

In the three dimensions, no matter if it was cultivators or immortals, all of them had experienced tribulations on their path of cultivation! It could be said that the Sovereign Tribulation Dao possessed extraordinary lethality towards all the cultivators in the three dimensions. So long as one had overcome a tribulation in the past, then it was impossible to avoid the might of the Sovereign Tribulation Dao.

Only those that had attained the Saint Immortal Realm and exceeded the path of cultivating themselves and stood on the path towards becoming gods and saints were able to completely cleanse their bodies of the aura of calamity.

In other words, only existences at the Saint Immortal Realm and above possessed the ability to avoid being affected by the Sovereign Tribulation Dao, whereas practically all the cultivators in the three dimensions below the Saint Immortal Realm would more or less be threatened by it.

At this moment, Chen Xi was only at the Golden Immortal Realm, so who could he possibly avoid the threat of the Sovereign Tribulation Dao?

At this moment, when they witnessed the aura of tribulation lightning formed from the aura of calamity that circulated around Xiao Qianshui, it wasn’t just Wang Daolu, all the seniors from Dao Emperor Academy that were observing this battle and even the instructors that led the groups from the various academies were shocked, surprised, and anxious.

The Sovereign Tribulation Dao!This is a secret technique inheritance from the Sovereign Sect!This indirectly proved that Xiao Qianshui was definitely closely related to the Sovereign Sect, otherwise it was utterly impossible for a student of Bitter Silence Academy to come into contact with such a supreme inheritance.

In an instant, the gazes of many seniors present in the surroundings towards Leng Yunsou had changed. Xiao Qianshui was from Bitter Silence Academy yet had grasped the Sovereign Tribulation Dao now, so how could Bitter Silence Academy possibly be unaware?

Leng Yunsou’s expression was slightly gloomy as well while his gaze flickered, yet what he was thinking in his heart was unknown.

Actually, if one observed carefully, then one would notice that the expressions of the instructors from Vastsky and Grand Desolation Academy were rather normal, and they clearly knew about this since the beginning.

However, this matter involved the Sovereign Sect, so all of them puckered their lips and kept silent while treating this matter with indifference.

All of this only occurred in an instant.

On the other hand, on the combat arena, Xiao Qianshui had an arrogant and haughty expression. His clothes fluttered while his entire body was enveloped within the black colored tribulation cloud, and he seemed to be icy cold, emotionless, and indifferent to the extreme.

It felt as if he’d suddenly lost all emotions, and he’s truly transformed into one that wielded the tribulation lightning.

The Sovereign is without emotion!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as well when he witnessed this shocking scene, and his icy cold gaze surged with strands of piercing coldness. This is the inheritance of the Sovereign Sect?


At this moment, Xiao Qianshui didn’t speak any further. A wisp of a cold and cruel smile appeared on the corners of his mouth before he stabbed lightly with the narrow Godstab Immortal Sword, and a myriad of strands of tribulation lightning appeared out of thin air.

The tribulation lightning was like a waterfall that poured down!

In an instant, the entire combat arena was covered by it. This was the Sovereign Tribulation Dao, it was like the descent of the wrath of the heavens, and it was a true tribulation!

Moreover, Chen Xi’s figure had been drowned within it as well.

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