Chapter 1312 – Shapeless Calamity

At this point in the Dao discussion, six of the eight participating students had been eliminated, and all of them were successively defeated by Chen Xi.

Merely such an accomplishment in battle had already caused Chen Xi to become the most dazzling figure present here, and Chen Xi’s name would definitely spread throughout the entire Immortal Dimension as soon as the Seven Academy Dao Discussion ended.

But now, the Dao discussion hadn’t ended.

Because Xiao Qianshui still remained!

Xiao Qianshui had drawn lot no. 6 earlier, and he was originally supposed to be the sixth student to issue a challenge, yet he’d given up this opportunity and allowed Grand Desolation Academy’s Yue Yu to go before him.

No one knew why he’d done this.

But at this point, when they saw that only he and Chen Xi remained, everyone faintly understood, and they couldn’t help but laugh coldly in their hearts. This perverted fellow truly isn’t willing to lose to others in any aspect!

Everyone had perceived that Xiao Qianshui had acted in this way because he wasn’t willing to challenge Chen Xi, and he wanted Chen Xi to challenge him instead.

It seemed as if it was only the difference of being a challenger and being challenged, but if one pondered on it carefully, then the meaning behind it was greatly different indeed.

“Come. Since you so urgently want me to challenge you, then what’re you still standing there for?” On the combat arena, Chen Xi raised his head before his gaze that was like a bolt of cold lightning locked onto Xiao Qianshui, and his calm expression revealed boundless killing intent.

After experiencing the six battles from before, Chen Xi didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment at all because his target had never been placed on them.

Even though battle would exhaust one’s physical strength and Immortal Force, to Chen Xi who possessed the Dark Parasol Sapling and had cultivated his Heart Energy to the Heart Soul Realm, all of this wasn’t a problem.

Conversely, this level of battle was even slightly dissatisfying to Chen Xi because since he advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, he noticed that his combat strength had risen explosively by too much. Even if he didn’t utilize the Dark Parasol Sapling, he was confident in being able to persist until the Dao discussion ended.

All of this came from his recent painstaking cultivation.

“Hahaha! You’ve finally taken the initiative to challenge me! As you wish!” Suddenly, Xiao Qianshui roared with laughter while his green robe fluttered, and then he instantly appeared on the combat arena to stand in confrontation with Chen Xi from afar.

His face was narrow and long while his expression was cold and gloomy, and his entire body emanated a vicious aura that was ghastly and oppressive. As he stood there casually on the combat arena, he was like a god of evil that had descended there, and he emanated a terrifying aura.

“I’ve watched every single battle of yours from before. Truthfully speaking, your strength exceeded my expectations. But the more it’s like this, the happier I feel.” Xiao Qianshui’s gloomy and sharp voice slowly resounded atop the combat arena. “If you’re only a piece of trash, then even if I defeated you, I wouldn’t be able to feel any pride from winning the position of champion in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. Fortunately, you aren’t trash.”

These words carried an insufferably arrogant tone, and it could be considered a form of acknowledgement towards Chen Xi’s strength.

But when it entered into Chen Xi’s ears, it caused him to be slightly stunned before he smiled. “But what you don’t know is that in my eyes, you really aren’t trash because you’re…even inferior to trash.”

The surroundings exploded into an uproar when these words were spoken. They’d never expected that Chen Xi would actually dare to be so domineering and blunt when facing an existence like Xiao Qianshui who was on par with Wan Jiansheng, and it was astounding.

This bastard is really courting death! Let me see how long you can be arrogant for!

The expressions of the instructors and students from Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy sank, and they sneered without end. They were extremely confident in Xiao Qianshui, and they felt that Chen Xi’s actions at this moment were no different from courting death!

Xiao Qianshui was similarly stunned when he heard this, and then he stretched out his scarlet red tongue to lick his lips before he suddenly roared with laughter. “Hahaha! The more arrogant you are, the happier I am. I hope that when the battle starts, your combat strength will be as great as your arrogance.”

When he spoke up to here, his smile instantly became icy cold like a blade as he spoke word by word. “Otherwise, I’ll torture you until you’re unable to leave this combat arena!”

This sharp voice revealed a horrifying aura of ruthlessness.

The expressions of many people turned grim as they clearly realized that once Chen Xi lost in this battle, then this perverted fellow, Xiao Qianshui, would torture him to the point living would be worse than death!

Chen Xi just smiled in return. “Then I’ll wait and see.”

At this point of the conversation, the atmosphere was extremely tense and confrontational. It seemed as if a shapeless undercurrent was surging through the combat arena, and it caused even the air to seem to be on the verge of freezing.

The entire surroundings were deathly silent. No matter who it was, all of them were staring fixedly at the combat arena at this moment, and they were extremely anxious and deeply afraid of missing even the slightest detail.

Because everyone was clearly aware that this battle was bound to be the most intense battle in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, and it was related to the vie for the championship and the reputation of Dao Emperor Academy.

There was one more thing that the others weren’t aware of. This battle was a collision between the forces of Oracle Mountain and the Sovereign Sect!


Amidst this extremely deathly silent atmosphere, the sound of the bell resounded, and it drew apart the curtains to the final peak battle of the final round.


At the instant the sound of the bell resounded, an extremely fine and long narrow sword appeared abruptly in Xiao Qianshui’s hand. The body of the sword was fine like a finger, over a meter long, completely pitch black, and sharp to the point it was like a wisp of a black flowing light.

“This sword is called Godstab. It isn’t an insult to this treasure by using it against you.” Xiao Qianshui smiled gloomily. Along with his voice, an indescribably terrifying aura suddenly swept out from him and threw the clouds in the surroundings into chaos!

When looked at from afar, he seemed like a primeval god of evil that had descended into the world. His narrow and long eyes flowed with lightning, and it caused the surrounding space to rumble and wail.

This imposing aura was extremely terrifying, and it wasn’t inferior to Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng at all. Moreover, an even more horrifying thing was that the aura in his surroundings faintly emanated a strand of the aura of calamity that aroused nervousness in the hearts of all.

It seemed as if he was a calamity, and if it descended, it would definitely be accompanied by a rain of blood and boundless death!

“Shapeless Calamity Aura! It really is the inheritance of the Sovereign Sect… This kid is definitely related to the Sovereign Sect!” At this instant, Wang Daolu’s face sank, and his eyes flowed with strands of terrifying divine light.

Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow as well when he sensed the aura of calamity that filled the surroundings, and the vital energy in his body seemed to have been stimulated, causing it to circulate silently by itself and rumble.


Starclasp appeared in his hand. In an instant, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d become a completely different person. His clothes and jet black hair fluttered while his handsome face was covered in an indifferent and calm expression.

Especially his eyes, they surged with a scene that was vast like the starry sky, sharp and murderous like a sword, and seethed with terrifying killing intent that was like lava.

This was the first time he’d utilized Starclasp since participating in the Dao discussion, and this displayed that Chen Xi had started to truly battle without holding back at this moment!

Om! Om! Om!

The space in the surroundings were completely shattered by a murderous and fierce aura while the swords of many students in the surroundings even started droning and wailing at this moment as if they were submitting and worshipping a king.

This caused the expressions of many people to change, and they looked at Chen Xi with surprise and bewilderment.

“The realm of Sword God!” Ye Tang who was leaning on the auspicious cloud suddenly sat upright, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi erupted with brilliant light. He didn’t conceal his surprise and admiration at all. “No wonder Junior Brother Chen Xi was so calm and composed. It turns out that he has walked onto the path of a Sword God a long time ago, and he has looked into an even higher path…”

The realm of Sword God!

At the same time, many people in the surroundings discerned this, and they were extremely astounded because Chen Xi had only advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm for a mere few years.

Originally, everyone thought that only his cultivation was extremely abnormal, yet never had they imagined that his Sword Dao had actually attained such an astonishing state.

Sword God!

Amongst all the Golden Immortal Realm experts in the entire Immortal Dimension, how many Sword Gods were there?

On the other hand, Leng Yunsou and everyone else from Bitter Silence Academy were surprised and bewildered because Chen Xi seemed to be able to reveal an unexpected and formidable ability in every single battle. They originally thought that they were already prepared and felt that even if Chen Xi was full of tricks, it would be useless before Xiao Qianshui.

But never had they imagined that Chen Xi didn’t reveal an immortal treasure this time nor was it a ruthless combat strategy, and he’d instead revealed an open and impressive ability, the terrifying might of attaining the realm of Sword God!

“The realm of Sword God? That’s fine as well. Defeating you will be able to display the might of my Godstab Immortal Sword!” Xiao Qianshui’s eyes narrowed while a cold glow shone brilliantly from within, and his aura instantly locked onto Chen Xi while the extremely narrow Godstab immortal sword in his hand stabbed through the air.


Sword Insight shook the heavens as it carried a myriad of strands of the aura of calamity, and it was like a torrent of calamity. Everywhere it passed, space actually withered, shattered, and seemed to have suffered boundless calamities and was on the verge of collapse!

When facing this attack, Chen Xi took a step forward before slashing with his sword. Instantly, boundless light surged into the sky from his body, and it was extremely powerful, sacred, and pure. A purifying energy that contained boundless might surged out, and it sprayed onto Chen Xi’s sword.

With a swing of his hand, Chen Xi executed the Laws of Light that he’d just grasped!

With a single sword strike, light erupted out and swept through the entire combat arena. Everywhere it passed, the surging Sword Insight of calamity was completely shattered, whereas the might of Chen Xi’s sword qi didn’t weaken, and it pierced through space as it struck towards Xiao Qianshui.

“The energy of light! How could you possibly grasp the Laws of Light! Isn’t that Nuwa…” Xiao Qianshui was finally shocked, and his eyes flickered with cold lights. He seemed to not dare believe his eyes as he suddenly let out a sharp and fierce cry, but he stopped abruptly after speaking halfway.

Because Chen Xi’s sword qi had already slashed down at him, and it forced him to have no choice but to flash over and resist it head-on.

In an instant, the sword of light and sword of calamity had collided no less than a thousand times. Sword Insight surged while divine radiance rumbled, and the entire combat arena was enveloped by it, causing the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.

All the spectators in the surroundings felt suffocated because when two peak Golden Immortals were executing their respective supreme Sword Daos, the visual shock and impact was simply unparalleled, and it shook their hearts to the point they couldn’t maintain their calm.

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