Chapter 1311 – Origin Disruption Divinelight

Grand Desolation Academy’s Wu Fangjun had drawn lot no. 3.

Wu Fangjun had a seemingly overweight figure, a fair and chubby face, and eyes that were small like peas. His entire appearance seemed extremely ordinary, yet during the second round of the Dao discussion, he’d defeated Zhen Lu and revealed extraordinary combat strength that caused others to not dare underestimate him.

But at this moment, when he encountered Chen Xi’s gaze, Wu Fangjun’s chubby face couldn’t help but twitch, and seemed to be fearful and hesitant.

However, in the end, he gritted his teeth before his figure that was fat like a ball actually drew out a graceful arc as it flashed through the air and arrived on the combat arena.

“I’ll discuss the Dao with you!” When Wu Fangjun spoke, he’d directly withdrawn a bright silver Immortal Artifact, and it tightly enveloped his overweight figure.

This Immortal Artifact seemed like a bowl. It was completely round and translucent, and it was suffused with strands of piercingly cold silver brilliance while it emanated a dreamlike and extremely beautiful radiance.

“The Origin Disruption Divinelight Barrier!” The pupils of everyone couldn’t help but constrict when they saw this treasure. This treasure’s attacking capabilities couldn’t be considered to be formidable at all, but it was a superb defensive treasure that was said to be impossible to be touched by anything.

The reason was the Origin Disruption Divinelight. It was an extremely unique divine light in the three dimensions, and it was capable of dispelling the attacks of all sorts of energies, causing them to be unable to touch it at all.

A few tens of thousands of years ago, there was a famous Origin Disruption Saint Immortal in the Immortal Dimension, and he’d cultivated the Origin Disruption Divinelight to an extraordinary level. During a battle in the Outerealm Battlefield, he’d fallen into the Xeno-race army all alone, yet there was actually not a single attack that could strike him, allowing him to escape completely unharmed!

This was the strength of the Origin Disruption Divinelight, it dispelled all sorts of attacks into nothingness, causing nothing to be able to touch it!

At this moment, when they saw Wu Fangjun activate this treasure upon entering the combat arena, besides feeling shocked, everyone couldn’t help but curse this fellow for being shameless and utterly cowardly.

But Wu Fangjun’s expression remained calm as before when facing this. After he’d witnessed Chen Xi’s formidable combat strength and extremely ruthless methods, how could he dare play around with his life? He was deeply afraid of following in the footsteps of Yan Yun, Yu Xiushui, and Wang Xuechong, and being thrashed by Chen Xi to the point even his own mother couldn’t even recognize him.

“The Origin Disruption Divinelight…” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but smile. This fellow really is smart. After that, he immediately flipped his hand in a casual manner and similarly withdrew a treasure.

This treasure was a bronze bell. It was 30cm tall while its surface was densely covered by profound Dao markings, and it emanated an obscure and mysterious aura. It was precisely the Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact Chen Xi had obtained from the Immortal Court’s Dong Junhou after the inner court exam in the Outerealm Battlefield ended for his outstanding performance, the Soul Descent Bell!

“A bronze bell immortal treasure?” Wu Fangjun was stunned, and he was slightly puzzled. After that, he raised his vigilance and didn’t dare be careless. This kid possesses too many immortal treasures while his methods are numerous and strange. I have to be on guard against him.

In next to no time, the battle began.

Wu Fangjun suddenly flashed at practically the first possible moment, and his fat figure revolved like a madly spinning top while flicking throughout the combat arena.

Bright silver Origin Disruption Divinelight flew about all over his body, and it was extremely dazzling. It caused others to be unable to capture his tracks, and they could only see the brilliant Origin Disruption Divinelight flowing about throughout the combat arena.

This sort of combat strategy was extremely conservative, and he seemed as if he didn’t seek to defeat Chen Xi but not to make a mistake instead.

Chen Xi’s reaction towards this was extremely simple. His figure flashed and started flickering in midair while a pair of wings that flowed with jet black light appeared behind him, and he started to pursue Wu Fangjun’s figure.

The Wings of Disruption!

The treasure was refined from Profound Disruption Divinelight, and it was said to be capable of eliminating the five elements of the heavens and the earth. Even though its quality was low and was unable to compare to an immortal treasure, when it was utilized together with the spatial energy that Chen Xi possessed, he was even slightly swifter than Wu Fangjun.


In practically a few flickers, Chen Xi had approached Wu Fangjun, then the Profound Disruption Divinelight swept out to collide with the Origin Disruption Divinelight, and it actually created a strange stagnate force.

It was like two pieces of mud sticking together to each other, and not only was there no violent collision, it created an extremely great attractive force between them!

No matter if it was the Origin Disruption Divinelight or the Profound Disruption Divinelight, both of them were a type of disruptive light of the three dimensions. They each possessed their own profound effects, but they were both of the same type.

Chen Xi instantly started smiling when he saw this scene because he’d made the right bet. Originally, he hadn’t intended to utilize the Wings of Disruption to deal with Wu Fangjun, and it was only because a flash of inspiration had appeared in his mind upon seeing Wu Fangjun activate the Origin Disruption Divinelight Barrier, causing such a scene to occur.

“Profound Disruption Divinelight! Shit!” Wu Fangjun’s expression turned pale from fear. He didn’t even have the time to react when he felt the scene before his eyes darken, and then a grand bronze bell had smashed down towards him…

The scene before everyone’s eyes flashed, and then Wu Fangjun had been covered beneath the bronze bell.

It was too swift!

As soon as the battle began between them, they’d pursued each other with lightning speed, and their figures flickered as they moved about, causing the eyes of the spectators to be unable to take the entire scene in.

Moreover, before the two of them had truly fought each other, Wu Fangjun had actually been instantly enveloped by Chen Xi’s bronze bell, and even the Origin Disruption Divinelight Barrier that was said to be impossible to be touched by anything was completely useless against Chen Xi!

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The Soul Descent Bell trembled repeatedly while strange ringing resounded and shook through the heavens and the earth. It was capable of seizing the soul and seemed capable of shattering and dispersing one’s soul.

Obviously, Wu Fangjun was struggling within the Soul Descent Bell with the intention of escaping with brute force.

However, how could Chen Xi possibly allow him to succeed? Chen Xi tapped the ground with the tip of his toe and appeared on the Soul Descent Bell, and then he smashed down with his foot, causing the Soul Descent Bell to be completely suppressed and stop shaking.

Only the strange rumbling of the bell resounded without end.

“Wu Fangjun… is finished!” The expressions of all the instructors and students from Grand Desolation Academy turned grim while their hearts felt extremely heavy because even an extremely careful and vigilant student like Wu Fangjun had been caught off guard and was suppressed beneath the bell. This had exceeded their expectations, and it allowed them to clearly understand that Chen Xi’s abilities were so numerous that he simply seemed to be capable of anything.

No matter if it was Wang Xuechong’s formidable strength or the Origin Disruption Divinelight Barrier Wu Fangjun utilized in this battle, they seemed to be utterly unable to do anything to Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent that they were completely suppressed by Chen Xi!

Where did this little bastard get so many strange abilities?

They were unable to figure it out no matter how they wracked their brains.

On the other hand, cheers erupted in succession from the students of Dao Emperor Academy, and they cheered without end for Chen Xi. Chen Xi was simply like a god that suppressed the world with a single bell, so how could they not be excited?

After a short moment, the Soul Descent Bell went silent, and there wasn’t a single sound coming from within it.

Chen Xi’s figure flashed before he put the Soul Descent Bell away to reveal Wu Fangjun who resided within it.

At this moment, Wu Fangjun’s fat figure lay limply on the ground. His face was disfigured while white froth foamed from his mouth, and he seemed like he was born with a mental disability. His soul still being intact could be considered to be an extremely fortunate matter for him.

However, when this scene entered into the eyes of all the spectators, it caused them to be astounded and shocked to the extreme. They seemed to have never expected that the method Chen Xi utilized to obtain victory in this battle would still be so direct and domineering, and it simply seemed as if nothing unexpected had occurred before he’d defeated his opponent in one go!

When they looked back to all Chen Xi’s battles, since the battle he defeated Yan Yun in until now, he’d practically never revealed a situation where it was an intense and equally matched battle.

His opponents had either been smashed, burned, slapped to the point of kneeling, or directly knocked out by the Soul Descent Bell. From the beginning until the end, the style he revealed could be described in a single word — crushing!

All powerful as if he was sweeping through dried leaves!

This indirectly proved that Chen Xi was much stronger than every single opponent he faced, and he wasn’t just slightly stronger. Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to accomplish this by merely relying on a few treasures.

After the instructors and students from Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy witnessed this battle, they’d finally understood this.

They’d underestimated Chen Xi!

In the past, they felt that the only student worthy of them attaching importance to in Dao Emperor Academy was Ye Tang, but now, they finally realized that Chen Xi was much more terrifying than Ye Tang!

His combat strength was terrifying, his methods were ruthless, and he acted without any fear. He was simply a cruel and merciless little devil, and practically all the students that were defeated by him were heavily injured and on the verge of death.

This sort of understanding caused them to not dare underestimate Chen Xi any longer. Especially the students who were participating in the final round of the Dao discussion, they simply seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy, and their expressions became heavy.

On the other hand, in the opinion of the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi took their breath away. He was extremely shocking and outstanding like a dazzling star that was emanating its eternal radiance!

No matter what, the Dao discussion had to continue in the end.

Before long, the fourth challenger entered the combat arena, and it was Grand Desolation Academy’s Helian Qi. As expected, he similarly chose Chen Xi to be his opponent.

Helian Qi was a tall, thin, and cold young man. During the second round of the Dao discussion, he’d defeated Zhao Mengli and revealed extraordinary combat strength.

However, all of this was utterly insufficient before Chen Xi. After ten minutes had passed, Helian Qi was thrashed to the point of laying limply on the ground. His face was swollen while he himself had fainted before he was kicked off the combat arena by Chen Xi.

All of this was similarly shocking to everyone. The only thing that aroused the curiosity of all what exactly how formidable Chen Xi’s combat strength actually was and where his limits were.

No one knew the answer.

The fifth challenger was Vastsky Academy’s Cai Ta.

The sixth was originally Xiao Qianshui, yet for an unknown reason, he gave up this chance and allowed Grand Desolation Academy’s Yue Yu to challenge Chen Xi first.

The outcome was similarly as expected. Cai Ta’s legs were broken, and he knelt on the ground while letting out shrill cries as he admitted defeat, whereas Yue Yu suffered an even more horrifying fate. Chen Xi seized the whip in Yue Yu’s possession before whipping her to the point she turned pale and her flesh and skin split apart. She cried hysterically for a long time before finally wailing as she admitted defeat.

Yue Yu was a beautiful female student, yet Chen Xi had actually acted without any mercy and was as ruthless as before. It caused the students of Dao Emperor Academy to feel that Chen Xi really didn’t know how to appreciate a beauty because he’d obviously ruthlessly destroyed this beauty.

However, the attitude of the female students towards this was unexpectedly uniform, all of them supported Chen Xi, and they cursed the male students for being hypocrites and players. All of them felt that Chen Xi was a true man!

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