Chapter 1310 – Face Slapping


A loud and clear slap resounded on the combat arena, and it even overpowered the rumbling in the surroundings as it swept out from the combat arena.

Wang Xuechong was struck to the ground with a thump, and half his face was swollen like a pig’s head and covered in strings of blood. Moreover, even his cheek bones had been shattered by the impact, yet he didn’t let out a shrill cry. He just held his face while staring at Chen Xi as if he’d been struck dumb by this slap.

It wasn’t just him, even the bodies of all the spectators shook while they revealed dumbstruck expressions. They opened their mouths wide while watching this unexpected scene with disbelief.

Originally, Wang Xuechong had revealed the imposing aura and phenomena of an inborn saint, and he’d even easily set-up the Ancient Illusory Devil Thunderzap Formation that was passed down from the primeval times. It made everyone feel extremely worried for Chen Xi to the point their hearts rose to their throats, and they felt that it would definitely be a fierce battle that was extremely dangerous.

No one had expected that right after the battle commenced, Wang Xuechong who stood proudly on the grand path of clouds like a saint that desired to educate the world would actually be slapped flying!

This had truly exceeded their expectations, so how could they dare believe their eyes?

“You…you…you…” Wang Xuechong was struck to the point he was in a complete daze, and he still didn’t dare believe everything that had happened before him. He glared at Chen Xi with an idiotic expression, and he seemed as if he’d seen a ghost.


Chen Xi’s figure flashed. In the next moment, he’d swung another slap on Wang Xuechong’s face, causing Wang Xuechong to roll on the grand path of clouds like a rolling gourd. Moreover, blood sprayed from his mouth while his teeth were struck off into the air, and his entire head was beyond recognition because it was utterly swollen. It hurt to the point he couldn’t restrain himself from letting out a shrill cry any longer.

At this moment, Wang Xuechong had lost every trace of his arrogant, cruel, mighty, and haughty appearance from before!

On the other hand, all the spectators were astounded when they witnessed this. Chen Xi is too strange. He was actually not restrained by the ancient immortal formation at all. It’s simply as if he’s walking through an empty space.

“Idiot! You think you can kill anyone before you with just such a formation? Inborn saint? You look like an inborn idiot to me.” Chen Xi’s icy cold gaze revealed a wisp of pity as he looked at Wang Xuechong. This fellow really is stupid. Is utilizing the Dao of Talismans before me any different than being a clown that’s displaying his incompetence before an expert?

He deserves to suffer misfortune since he encountered me!

Inborn idiot!

When he heard this evaluation, it angered Wang Xuechong to the point he almost exploded with rage. At this moment, he’d come around completely, and he understood that he’d made a mistake this time. The grand formation that he’d originally set up to trap and kill Chen Xi wasn’t just useless against Chen Xi, it had even allowed Chen Xi to seize the opportunity to catch him off guard.

“Bastard! Do you think I only have this ability?” He didn’t dare hesitate and swiftly stood up before he let out a long howl. The green colored brilliance in his eyes erupted with rows of dense and profound symbols, and it completely coiled around his body, causing his imposing aura to raise explosively while he suddenly took the initiative to assault Chen Xi!


A jade ruler suddenly appeared in his hand. It was completely jade green like the sky, and it emanated vast divine might while it seemed to intend to educate the myriad of living beings in the world.

It slashed down at Chen Xi with a raise of his hand!

Chen Xi’s expression remained calm as before when facing this. The pity in his eyes grew deeper before this pity completely transformed into an icy cold and murderous expression.

In the next moment, Chen Xi suddenly pushed forward towards the space before him with his hands.


The spatial energy in the surroundings suddenly started fluctuating before it transformed into a shapeless spatial tide that whistled as it swept towards the surroundings.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, Wang Xuechong suddenly noticed that his attacks were actually dragged, restricted, and dispersed by layer upon layer of spatial energy… In the end, his attacks were completely obliterated, and during this entire process, he didn’t have the chance to dodge or resist at all.

The spatial energy was too terrifying and impossible to guard against, causing him to be utterly helpless against it. At the instant when his figure arrived before Chen Xi, the might of his attack had already been completely crushed and dispersed, and then the jade ruler in his hand was seized away by Chen Xi.

In the eyes of the spectators, Wang Xuechong charged forward while holding a jade ruler, and then he took the initiative to give it to Chen Xi like an idiot…

Everyone was astounded, and their jaws almost dropped to the ground. What exactly is this Wang Xuechong doing?

Only some seniors were able to perceive that while the might of that push from Chen Xi seemed to be simple and calm, it actually contained extremely terrifying spatial energy that transformed into a peculiar and obscure fluctuating force, and it had completely dispersed and obliterated Wang Xuechong’s attack.

This scene similarly caused them to be astounded in their hearts. They’d never expected that Chen Xi hadn’t just grasped the energy of space, his attainments in the Spatial Grand Dao were obviously extraordinary!


Chen Xi held the jade ruler in hand before striking a forceful slap on Wang Xuechong’s face with a backhanded swing of the hand. It caused Wang Xuechong to howl while he almost gnashed his teeth into pieces. Moreover, his figure knelt down uncontrollably while his entire body twitched without end.

The jade ruler was an Immortal Artifact he was extremely proud of, yet now, it was being utilized by Chen Xi, and the strength of a single slap was simply capable of shattering mountains and rivers into pieces. So how could it be bearable?

Fortunately, Wang Xuechong’s combat strength was shocking and coupled with the fact that Chen Xi had no intention to kill him in one go, so such a scene had appeared.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

At this moment, Chen Xi didn’t speak any further. He held the jade ruler and struck Wang Xuechong over and over again like a senior teaching a lesson and punishing a disobedient and stubborn student.

On the other hand, Wang Xuechong knelt on the ground. His knees seemed as if they’d been restrained, and he was struck to the point his entire body twitched, blood flowed in streams, his skin and flesh split open, and he let out shrill howls without end.

It hurt to the point he was on the verge of fainting, but when compared to the pain of the flesh, the aggrievance in his heart caused him to be on the verge of exploding with rage, and Wang Xuechong simply wished for nothing more than to slit his own throat and commit suicide.

“Chen Xi, I’ll kill you! Kill you!!!!” Under the stimulation of this sort of extreme humiliation, Wang Xuechong couldn’t help but roar with a sharp, furious, and grim voice, and it was filled with boundless resentment and anger as it resounded through the surroundings.

All the spectators had been shocked speechless by the scenes that were occurring before their eyes. At this moment, when they heard Wang Xuechong’s roar, they were horrified in their hearts as well and gasped without end.

“If it wasn’t for the rules of the Dao discussion, do you think you’d still be alive?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed while coldness surged within them. He suddenly raised the jade ruler in his hand before smashing it towards Wang Xuechong’s neck, and he forcefully knocked Wang Xuechong out.

Wang Xuechong really had fainted. His entire body had split open while blood streamed out from within, and countless bones in his body had been shattered. He lay on the ground like a mangled corpse, and only the trace of weak breathing from his nose proved that he was still alive.

Everyone was shocked by this scene!

Chen Xi’s actions are simply too satisfying!

All the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy felt like this. Earlier, they were worried about Chen Xi who’d fallen into the Ancient Illusion Devil Thunderzap Formation while facing an inborn saint like Wang Xuechong, and they felt that he was in an extremely dangerous situation.

Never had they imagined that the development of the situation would be utterly unlike their expectations, and it was even to the extent that this battle was even more relaxed than the battle with Yan Yun!

Chen Xi’s actions of face slapping, forcing Wang Xuechong to kneel, and then continuing to slap Wang Xuechong with the jade ruler even made many students of Dao Emperor Academy cheer loudly with delight while feeling extremely excited.

Conversely, it was the expressions of the students and instructors of the three academies that changed. Some were astounded, some were worried, some were furious, some felt disbelief, some were terrified and horrified, and so on and so forth.

Yan Yun had lost, and he’d been smashed by the Heaven Hatred Seal to the point of being at death’s door.

Yu Xiushui had lost, he’d been completely charred by the Greensilk Palace Lantern and was beyond recognition.

Now, Wang Xuechong had been slapped, forced to kneel, and knocked out. These three examples and the tragedies that occurred successively caused their hearts to shake without end. The strength Chen Xi revealed was too bizarre and shocking, and it had completely exceeded their expectations.


Just like before, Chen Xi kicked Wang Xuechong out of the combat arena like a dead dog.

At this point, the second match of the final round had ended.

On the other hand, all the spectators in the surroundings of the combat arena still hadn’t recovered from the shocking and bloody scenes from before.

In the opinion of the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy, all of these were unexpected miracles that had been personally created by Chen Xi before their eyes. It made them feel excited, delighted, shocked, and overjoyed.

On the other hand, the three academies felt that Chen Xi was a maleficent existence that concealed his strength deeply, and he gave them a heavy blow over and over again…

But in Chen Xi’s own opinion, this was only the beginning!

At this point of the final round, Yu Xiushui and Wang Xuechong had been eliminated one after the other, and only Dao Emperor Academy’s Chen Xi, Bitter Silence Academy’s Xiao Qianshui and Helian Qi, Grand Desolation Academy’s Wu Fangjun and Yue Yu, and Vastsky Academy’s Cai Ta remained.

In other words, the worst case scenario for Chen Xi was that he still had to fight another five opponents.

The situation was still rather severe.

But Chen Xi’s display from before caused all the instructors and students from Dao Emperor Academy to arouse a trace of hope. Even though the hope was extremely tiny, they didn’t feel perturbed or have a heavy feeling like they had before this.

Presently, the only worrying thing was Chen Xi hadn’t obtained a moment of rest since he started fighting. They wondered whether his combat strength would be affected from the exhaustion of his strength or if he would be able to persist until the end.

Only Zhao Mengli was clearly aware that Chen Xi possessed the Dark Parasol Sapling, so his strength would absolutely not be exhausted from successive battles. The only thing that truly had to be worried about was whether Chen Xi’s Heart Energy could persist until the end.

Of course, the existence of a figure like Xiao Qianshui was similarly a threat that couldn’t be overlooked!

No matter what everyone in the surroundings thought in their hearts, Chen Xi was still calm as before at this moment. He didn’t leave the combat arena and once again swept Xiao Qianshui and the others with his gaze just like he’d done after defeating Yu Xiushui before this.

He seemed to be silently saying. “Who’s coming out for the third match? If you intend to choose me as your opponent, then quickly get over here!”

Under the attention of such a calm gaze, the expressions of Xiao Qianshui and all the other students that were participating in the final round turned gloomy while their eyes revealed a cold and fierce expression.

How arrogant!

This kid is truly too arrogant!

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