Chapter 1309 – Inborn Saint

Eccentric Feng’s voice revealed boundless rage as it resounded throughout the surroundings, and it carried slight exasperation.

When faced with this, Wang Daolu said indifferently and calmly instead, “Brother Feng, don’t worry. This combat arena was established by Senior Dao Emperor all those years ago. When the lives of the students participating in the battles are on the verge of danger, they’ll be directly teleported out of the combat arena.”

Wang Daolu paused for a moment, and then a wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth as he said slowly, “Not to mention that your Vastsky Academy’s student hasn’t admitted defeat yet, right? So the battle naturally must continue.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it infuriated Eccentric Feng to the point he stamped his feet with rage, and his face twitched intensely before he gnashed his teeth and said, “Very good! Very good! Let me see if you dare to be sarcastic when that kid from your academy is in danger!”

Wang Daolu smiled indifferently, yet he didn’t speak any further.

This small incident passed in the blink of an eye, whereas on the combat arena, the originally handsome, clean, and elegant Yu Xiushui had been burnt black, and it was impossible to see his appearance clearly any longer.

He was like a piece of black charcoal that moved about on the combat arena, yet no matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape being burned by the golden flames.

The shock in everyone’s heart grew as they watched, and it was to the point that they felt cold. Chen Xi is too ruthless. Earlier, Yan Yun was smashed by the Heaven Hatred Seal to the point of being on the verge of death. Now, Yu Xiushui has been burned by the Greensilk Palace Lantern to the point he’s impossible to recognize.

Moreover, his extremely miserable gaze caused many female students to be unable to refrain from turning around and avoiding it.


Right when the expressions of all the students and instructors of Vastsky Academy were gloomy to the extreme, Chen Xi’s figure suddenly appeared on the combat arena. Along with his appearance, the golden flames that covered the sky seemed to be like a myriad of streams that returned to their source, and they completely surged into the Greensilk Palace Lantern in his hand.

Instantly, the sea of flames vanished, and the combat arena returned to normal.

On the other hand, Yu Xiushui’s entire body was charred. His head and body were completely without hair and bare. He was like a stiff black log, and he couldn’t refrain from falling down any longer. He gasped rapidly for breath while his voice was hoarse and weak, and it revealed a dense tone of terror and despair. “I admit defeat… I admit defeat.” He seemed as if he’d been possessed, and he sat there while staring blankly, causing everyone to be horrified by this scene.

Obviously, the suffering he’d experienced earlier had tortured Yu Xiushui to the point of being on the verge of collapse.

How ruthless!

What a ruthless little bastard!

Eccentric Feng almost exploded with rage when he saw this scene, and his eyes were on the verge of splitting apart from anger. He wished for nothing more than to immediately charge up the combat arena and smack Chen Xi to death.

All the students by his side were extremely furious as well.

On the other hand, all the students and instructors from Dao Emperor Academy were similarly surprised, and they acutely noticed that Chen Xi’s actions seemed to be overly ruthless and cruel.

Of course, they wouldn’t condemn Chen Xi for this. Conversely, many people felt extremely delighted.

There were even some that couldn’t help but feel worried for Chen Xi because Yu Xiushui was only the first student to challenge him, and the others would challenge him next. Once Chen Xi lost, then they would probably seize the opportunity to take revenge.

Especially Xiao Qianshui, he has a gloomy and warped disposition. If he seized an opportunity to suppress Chen Xi, then he would absolutely not show any mercy.

Only Wang Daolu and the others were clearly aware that there was only a single reason for Chen Xi’s ruthless actions, and it was because the Sovereign Sect was standing behind these three academies during this Seven Academy Dao Discussion.

This was the main point!


Chen Xi raised his leg and kicked Yu Xiushui off the combat arena, and then he patted his clothes before he swept the surroundings with his gaze. In the end, his gaze descended onto Xiao Qianshui and the other five students that were participating in the final round.

“I wonder if the Fellow Daoist that’s participating in the second match intends to choose me as his opponent. If it’s so, then come up here directly so as to avoid wasting everyone’s time.” His indifferent and calm voice drifted towards the surroundings. Even though it didn’t carry an oppressive aura, when it entered into the ears of the instructors and students from the three academies, it was the greatest form of provocation.

“Don’t you dare be arrogant! I’ll fight you!” A student suddenly flashed and descended onto the combat arena. He wore light violet colored clothes and had a gaze that seemed like a bolt of lightning. Moreover, every single move he made was filled with an arrogant and domineering aura.

Wang Xuechong!

Chen Xi instantly recognized him. During the first round of the Dao Discussion, it was Wang Xuechong that injured Ji Xuanbing, and he’d now become one of the eight students that were participating in the final round.

Wang Xuechong had drawn lot no. 2, so it was naturally his turn after Yu Xiushui lost.

“Good.” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold light flashed within it. His entire body emanated a wisp of an extremely murderous killing intent, and this was the first time he’d completely revealed his killing intent since ascending the combat arena.

“You’re courting death!” Wang Xuechong lightly spat out a few words before he suddenly raised his head, and then his imposing aura suddenly changed. It was like an ancient overlord had arrived or a sage that educated all living beings had appeared. His eyes emanated strands of green radiance, and it transformed into profound and mysterious symbols that surged and circulated endlessly around him.

Such a scene was truly shocking.

“What? This kid’s actually an inborn saint? His eyes contain the image of the sky, and it’s utilized to form the supreme profundities of the Talisman Grand Dao! Bitter Silence Academy really concealed their ability greatly!”

“Exactly. This is indeed the legendary Green Sky Eyes. It can see through the sky and develop Divine Crest Laws. Only inborn saints are able to possess such an ability.”

“In this way, even if Chen Xi utilizes the energy of space, he’ll probably be unable to conceal his tracks at all…”

All the seniors of Dao Emperor Academy that were silently watching this Dao discussion conversed via intent.

Even if it was Wang Daolu, he frowned at this moment while revealing a wisp of a heavy expression. He clearly remembered that Wang Xuechong hadn’t revealed such a phenomenon during the first round before defeating Ji Xuanbing. Now, he’d actually utilized it to deal with Chen Xi, so his might would probably be even more terrifying.

On the other hand, the instructors and students of Bitter Silence Academy sneered arrogantly without end. Now, let’s see how you escape!

An inborn saint… The coldness in Chen Xi’s eyes didn’t reduce at all, and he was completely unafraid.

At this moment, for no rhyme or reason, he recalled the Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and he said in his heart, If it wasn’t a Dao discussion, I would really want to test the might of the Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword…


On the combat arena, the battle began. Wang Xuechong flicked his sleeve, and then 36 apricot yellow flags soared into the sky before they tore through space. After that, they swiftly stabbed into the combat arena according to a mysterious set-up.

In an instant, lightning clouds roared furiously above the combat arena. Silver lightning twisted while devils roared, and its impetus was extremely shocking and terrifying. This was obviously an ancient immortal formation that possessed shocking might.

On the other hand, Wang Xuechong stood upright on a grand path of clouds. His clothes fluttered along with his hair, and his prideful and domineering face revealed an arrogant expression of absolute control.

“The Ancient Illusory Devil Thunderzap Formation!” Wang Daolu’s pupils constricted once more as he recognized this formation. It was an ancient immortal formation that was passed down since the primeval times, and it had once annihilated countless formidable Fiendgod experts. Even though the formation before him wasn’t as terrifying as the legends, once one fell into it, then it still wasn’t a formation that a Golden Immortal could resist!

This is going to be a problem!

Wang Daolu’s heart sank. He’d never expected that Wang Xuechong would actually conceal his strength so deeply. Not only was Wang Xuechong an inborn saint, he actually possessed an ancient immortal formation like this. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi’s situation is worrying!

It wasn’t just him, even the others in the surroundings discerned that the situation was bad, and they revealed a wisp of worry. It couldn’t be helped. It was precisely because they were too worried about Chen Xi’s situation that it caused them to be unable to avoid being anxious.

“Good! Good! Good!” Bitter Silence Academy’s Leng Yunsou clapped and praised, and he said the word good three times. This obviously showed how complacent and proud he felt.

For a time, the atmosphere in the surroundings seemed to become oppressive. All the students and instructors from Dao Emperor Academy stared fixedly at the combat arena as they wanted to see exactly how Chen Xi would break through the formation. Would he be able to…win this battle?

On the combat arena, lightning roared furiously while a baleful mist surged, and the figures of monsters whistled through the surroundings. It was like Chen Xi was deep within a chaotic and terrifying world that seemed like purgatory itself.

On the other hand, Wang Xuechong who stood proudly on the grand path of clouds crossed his arms before his chest and revealed an arrogant expression while a wisp of a cold smile hung on the corners of his mouth. He stared coldly at Chen Xi from afar while he said, “Even if you control the energy of space, you have nowhere to hide within my grand formation. Moreover, you’ll suffer the assault of the grand formation at all times. Let me see what other abilities you can reveal!”

He stood upright on the grand path of clouds as if he was standing on the platform of the heavens. He seemed to be a very short distance away, yet it was actually like the eternal distance between the heavens and man. If Chen Xi was unable to break through the formation, then no matter how he attacked, he wouldn’t be able to touch Wang Xuechong at all.

“Is that so?” This time, Chen Xi was barehanded, and he didn’t withdraw any immortal treasure. His gaze swept the surroundings while his dark eyes that were deep like a starry sky were suffused with a wisp of pity.

“Hmph! Stop putting on airs when you’re at death’s door. Since it’s like this, then I’ll allow you to taste the might of this Ancient Illusory Devil Thunderzap Formation!” Wang Xuechong suddenly grunted coldly, and it resounded within the grand formation like a thunderclap.

In the next moment, countless thick bolts of violent lightning rained down from above. It was like a dense thunderstorm that rumbled as it swept down towards Chen Xi. Moreover, the violent lightning faintly revealed traces of devils and monsters moving within it, and they emanated savage laughter and revealed an extremely shocking and terrifying impetus as they descended along with the violent lightning.

This sort of scene was simply like the scene in purgatory, and it was filled with a ghastly and terrifying aura that seized the soul and aroused terror in the hearts of all.

The pity in Chen Xi’s eyes grew denser when facing this. He directly disregarded all of these attacks and stepped forward. However, he didn’t walk in a straight line, and he moved according to a profound set of steps. He sometimes moved in a winding manner, sometimes turned back around in a circle, and it was even to the extent that he would sometimes take a few steps back. It was extremely obscure and strange.

In merely an instant, he’d arrived before the grand path of clouds!

Moreover, during this entire process, the violent lightning that rumbled throughout the sky and the savage devils and monsters that howled madly were actually unable to touch Chen Xi at all!

It was as if he was walking through a myriad of flowers yet wasn’t touched by a single leaf.

“How…how…how could this be possible!” The arrogant and cold smile on Wang Xuechong’s face instantly froze while his eyeballs almost dropped out of their sockets. It was simply as if he’d seen something that absolutely couldn’t occur, and he was truly too shocked.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s figure flashed once more, and he suddenly arrived before Wang Xuechong and gave Wang Xuechong a forceful slap on the face. “Idiot! This isn’t how you use the Dao of Talismans!”

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