Chapter 1308 – Sea of Golden Flames

How arrogant!

This bastard is simply too arrogant!

When they saw Chen Xi withdraw the Skyearth Gourd that originally belonged to their Vastsky Academy, all the instructors and students of Vastsky Academy were angered to the point their eyes almost split open, and they wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi with their gazes.

Yu Xiushui was slightly stunned by this, yet a strange expression flashed in his eyes, and his emotions didn’t fluctuate much.

“Hmph! How shameless! Could it be that your Dao Emperor Academy doesn’t possess any other precious treasures to the point that you have no choice but to rely on my Vastsky Academy’s Skyearth Gourd?” Yu Xiushui spoke coldly.

Chen Xi smiled and flipped his palm. Under the astounded gazes of everyone, he actually put the Skyearth Gourd away!

However, before everyone could recover from their shock, a bronze palace lantern arose from Chen Xi’s palm and revolved above it. The lantern was over 60cm tall while its surface was inscribed with complicated and profound ancient patterns, and it emanated strands of brilliant golden divine flames.

Surprisingly, it was an ultimate treasure of Grand Desolation Academy, the Greensilk Palace Lantern!

“Now, I’m not utilizing your Vastsky Academy’s treasure to defeat you but Grand Desolation Academy’s treasure instead, how about it?” Chen Xi casually played with the Greensilk Palace Lantern while he spoke slowly.

Yu Xiushui’s face sank, and he puckered his lips while keeping silent.

The spectators were both amused and astounded. This is the final round of the Dao Discussion, yet Chen Xi is actually not worried at all?

On the other hand, the faces of everyone from Grand Desolation turned gloomy when they saw their academy’s Greensilk Palace Lantern. This little bastard is truly disgusting!


The sound of the bell resounded, and the battle swiftly erupted.

Yu Xiushui’s figure flashed while his entire body was faintly enveloped by blue immortal radiance, and his entire body seemed to have transformed into a wisp of smoke as he flashed on the Combat Arena while utilizing profound footwork. In an instant, he arrived before Chen Xi, and then the jade fan in his hand slapped open before it swept towards Chen Xi’s neck like a blade.


Space was torn apart while the energy of the Laws flowed. Yu Xiushui’s jade fan was obviously a formidable Immortal Artifact, and it was accurate, imposing, ruthless, and seemed to be able to disregard the obstruction of space. Moreover, its swift, accurate, ruthless, and steady imposing aura was rather terrifying.

“Darkgold Hell Severance!” The instructors and students from Vastsky Academy exclaimed with shock in their hearts. This was Yu Xiushui’s ultimate secret technique, and when executed to the limit, it could exert two times his combat strength. In other words, it was equivalent to two Yu Xiushui’s attacking Chen Xi in an instant!

Obviously, Yu Xiushui had done this because after he witnessed the battle between Chen Xi and Yan Yun, he’d realized that Chen Xi was absolutely not an ordinary expert and was even extremely difficult to deal with. So as soon as he attacked, he’d utilized his ultimate secret technique.


Space shook before Chen Xi’s figure disappeared into thin air right before Yu Xiushui, and it was even to the extent that Yu Xiushui was unable to capture or lock onto Chen Xi’s vital energy.

Yu Xiushui’s face turned slightly grim. He didn’t wait for this attack to be completely executed before he moved according to the stars of the big dipper, and then he suddenly turned around like the sweeping tail of a dragon. The Darkgold Jade Fan in his hand opened and closed like a scissor that could tear the heavens apart, and it completely tore apart and shattered the surrounding space into powder, causing it to transform into a shapeless force that rumbled as it swept towards the surroundings.

However, this strike was unable to force Chen Xi to reveal himself.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d vanished into space. It wasn’t just Yu Xiushui, even most of the students present in the surroundings were unable to capture any traces of Chen Xi.

Only the expressions of the seniors at the Half-step Immortal King Realm revealed slight shock. The energy of Space! This kid has actually grasped the profundities of the Spatial Laws?

To existences at their level, the three supreme Laws of space, time, and life and death were Laws that had to be comprehended. Even though they were unable to completely grasp it like Immortal Kings, they’d more or less comprehended some of its profundities.

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi’s figure flash on the combat arena before moving through and hiding within space while his figure was concealed by shapeless spatial energy, it caused them to instantly understand that Chen Xi had most probably grasped a trace of the true essence of the Spatial Grand Dao!

When they thought up to here, all the seniors of Dao Emperor Academy were shocked and exclaimed endlessly with praise, whereas the instructors that led the groups from Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy revealed surprised and bewildered expressions that were slightly unsightly.

Time was king and space was exalted!

It was a Grand Dao that only Immortal Kings could grasp.

Yet now, the Spatial Grand Dao had appeared in the hands of a young man that was at the Golden Immortal Realm, so how could these seniors at the Half-step Immortal King Realm not be shocked?

Instantly, they even simultaneously recalled Yun Fusheng from all those years ago. At that time, Yun Fusheng had grasped the Temporal Laws’ Shadow of Time, and when compared to Chen Xi who stood before them, both Chen Xi and Yun Fusheng excelled in their respective Grand Dao and could be said to be on par.

Could it be that Chen Xi might become a second Yun Fusheng?

They didn’t know that Chen Xi had already surpassed the brilliance of Yun Fusheng from all those years ago, and he was slightly superior to Yun Fusheng!

The atmosphere in the surroundings was filled with astonishment and shock, whereas on the combat arena, Yu Xiushui’s heart couldn’t help but tighten.

“Chen Xi, get the fuck out here!” He didn’t dare hesitate to execute various abilities in succession, and he emanated a myriad of strands of light blue brilliance that enveloped the entire combat arena before crushing down upon it. Yet in the end, he was still unable to force Chen Xi to reveal himself.

This caused Yu Xiushui’s face to turn even gloomier while he even couldn’t help but feel slightly terrified in his heart. Could it be that this fellow has grasped the energy of space?

Since he was able to fight his way into the final round of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, Yu Xiushui was naturally not a dimwitted person. He instantly determined that Chen Xi had either grasped the energy of space, or Chen Xi had utilized an Immortal Artifact that contained the energy of space!

“Coward! Do you only know how to hide?”

“Are you going to fight me or not?”

“Get the fuck out here!”

On the combat arena, Yu Xiushui’s furious roars resounded without end. Accompanying his voice was his attacks that hadn’t stopped at all because he didn’t dare stop attacking as he was deeply afraid that Chen Xi would seize the opportunity to attack him.

On the other hand, when the surrounding spectators saw this scene, all of them were extremely shocked and bewildered. They felt as if Yu Xiushui was performing like an idiot by himself, whereas Chen Xi’s figure had actually not appeared from the beginning until the end.

“Haha! I knew that Senior Brother Chen Xi was concealing his strength. Now it would seem like he really has broadened our horizons!”

“Senior Brother Chen Xi is in a position of absolute advantage in this battle.”

“Do all of you think Senior Brother Chen Xi has grasped the profundities of space? Otherwise, how could his figure have vanished into thin air? I even feel slight pity for that fellow, he’s seems like he’s putting on a monkey show, baring his fangs and brandishing his claws in vain. How laughable!”

Along with the passage of time, Yu Xiushui’s expression was extremely unsightly while his eyes were covered in strings of blood, and he revealed boundless rage and frustration. Moreover, there was even a trace of indescribable panic arising on his face.

Especially when he heard the ridicule and mocking from the surroundings, it caused his face to flush red and warp while he seemed to be on the verge of going mad.

“Yu Xiushui has already lost the match. Ask him to admit defeat so as to avoid him humiliating us even more.” In the distance, Xiao Qianshui frowned and spoke coldly.

He was a student of Bitter Silence Academy, yet he instructed Vastsky Academy to make Yu Xiushui admit defeat, and it caused Eccentric Feng’s expression to instantly reveal displeasure.

However, Eccentric Feng was clearly aware that Xiao Qianshui was right, and he just found it slightly difficult to accept this situation because Chen Xi was just hiding in space, yet it caused a student of his academy to be helpless against Chen Xi. It was truly too aggrieving.

Eccentric Feng took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the emotions in his heart before he said in a low voice, “Xiushui, admit defeat. That’s the energy of space, you aren’t a match for him!”

When these words were spoken by an expert at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, it instantly caused all the students in the surroundings to be shocked. Sure enough, Chen Xi has really grasped the profundities of space!

This was extremely shocking, and it aroused disbelief in their hearts. Especially Yu Xiushui, he almost didn’t dare believe his ears. A senior of my own academy actually asked me to admit defeat?

But it had really occurred right before him, and he had no choice but to accept it. Because he was clearly aware that he was indeed helpless against the Chen Xi who he was unable to locate.

However, he was extremely unwilling to admit defeat. I haven’t even really fought him yet, but I have to admit defeat just like this? If news of this were to spread, then what would the entire Immortal Dimension think of me?


Right when Yu Xiushui struggled in his heart to make a decision, a shocking energy fluctuation suddenly arose within the space on the combat arena, and it swiftly enveloped the entire arena.

After that, numerous brilliant golden flowers drifted out, and they bloomed in space before transforming into a dazzling sea of flowers that covered the entire combat arena.

This scene was extraordinarily magnificent. It was like flowers descending from the heavens while golden lotuses sprouted from the ground, and it was extremely brilliant and blazing. It dyed the entire heavens and the earth in a brilliant gold color, and it was extremely dazzling.

It was the might of the Greensilk Palace Lantern. The golden flowers formed from divine flames possessed terrifying strength, and they even burned and incinerated the surrounding space!

Yu Xiushui was struck by a divine flame flower from being slightly careless. It instantly incinerated his clothes before burning his hair, and it terrified him to the point of being unable to restrain himself from crying out loudly.

But in the next moment, Yu Xiushui noticed to his terror that he was actually unable to make a single sound. It seemed as if a restriction had sealed up all the energy in his surroundings, and this naturally included sound!

I wouldn’t…end up like Yan Yun, right? Yu Xiushui was astounded in his heart, and he actually recalled the tragic consequences Yan Yun suffered earlier. For a time, his expression changed violently while coldness suffused his heart to the point that he felt like he’d fallen into an icy pit, and his soul almost left his body!

Under the effect of this sort of terror, he dodged madly on the combat arena and even tried to speak so that he could admit defeat as soon as possible, yet all of this was done in vain.

In next to no time, under the surprised and shocked gazes of everyone in the surroundings, Yu Xiushui’s entire body was burned by the golden divine flames. He was burned to the point he seemed like a flaming man, and his brows, hair, clothes, and shoes had been completely incinerated. It hurt to the point his features warped together while he howled miserably and revealed a savage expression, yet he just happened to be unable to make a single sound.

He could only jump about and run around all over the combat arena, causing him to seem extremely ridiculous, yet no one was able to laugh.

Because this scene was too terrifying, and it was cruel to the point of almost being merciless. Even the instructors and students from Dao Emperor Academy couldn’t help but reveal a trace of pity. Why did you have to torture yourself?

“What cruel and ruthless methods. Is this still the Seven Academy Dao Discussion? Could it be that your Dao Emperor Academy intends to kill him to keep him quiet?!” Eccentric Feng was unable to restrain himself and suddenly stood up before he roared at the distant Wang Daolu with a grim tone, and his expression was livid and gloomy to the extreme.

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