Chapter 1307 – Domineering And Fearless

From the beginning until the end, this match between Chen Xi and Yan Yun had actually ended in less than ten minutes of time, yet the impact it gave everyone was the most stirring in the second round of the Dao discussion.

The reason was the combat strength Chen Xi displayed. It was truly too heaven defying and mighty, and he’d practically crushed Yan Yun throughout the match until Yan Yun was on the verge of death.

His direct fighting style and domineering ability caused all the students and instructors from Dao Emperor Academy to be extremely excited and delighted.

In the battles before this, they’d felt oppressed for too long and suffered too many blows. At this moment, the sense of loss, rage, annoyance, worry, and anxiety in their hearts was completely vented, and it was naturally extremely satisfying.

Conversely, no matter if it was the students or instructors of Bitter Silence Academy, they had gloomy expressions and revealed rage. Chen Xi has acted too ruthlessly and almost crippled Yan Yun, yet even then, it would definitely require over a year before Yan Yun could be healed completely.

What a ruthless little bastard!

This was similarly the judgment of the instructor and students of Grand Desolation Academy and Vastsky Academy towards Chen Xi.

“I never expected this. I truly never expected that after you advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, your combat strength would actually transform and improve to such an extent.” Wang Daolu clicked his tongue with surprise, and he didn’t hold back his praise at all.

Ye Tang, Zhao Mengli, and the others stared at Chen Xi like he was a freak. His performance on the combat arena earlier wasn’t just domineering, it was simply cruel and merciless!

Chen Xi just smiled when faced with this, and he said, “I told all of you earlier, don’t be too surprised.”

All of them were speechless.

Amidst this clamorous atmosphere, Xiao Qianshui’s sharp and gloomy voice resounded once more. “Hmph! Don’t get too complacent! The Seven Academy Dao Discussion hasn’t ended yet, but your Dao Emperor Academy is already celebrating beforehand?!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly suppressed a great deal of the clamorous noises. Especially when they thought about the fact that the third round was about to begin, the excitement on many students’ faces reduced greatly, and it was quickly replaced by a heavy expression.

Even though Xiao Qianshui’s words were filled with sarcasm and ridicule, it was the truth after all. It was merely the second round of the Dao discussion, and there was a final round after this!

For a time, the atmosphere in the surroundings became heavy and oppressive.

The reason was very simple, even if Chen Xi had attained victory now, the situation was still extremely disadvantageous to Dao Emperor Academy. Because Chen Xi was all alone in the third round, whereas Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, and Vastsky Academy had an entire seven students left after excluding Wan Jiansheng that had renounced his position in the third round!

Coupled with the rules of the third round which allowed students to choose and challenge their opponents freely, the situation would be even more disadvantageous to Chen Xi.

Just think about it, if all the seven students challenged Chen Xi, then what would happen?

“They wouldn’t be so shameless, right?” A student frowned and was extremely worried.

“Shameless? For the sake of the final position of champion, all of them will definitely choose to challenge Senior Brother Chen Xi. So long as they defeat Senior Brother Chen Xi, the position of champion would be in their pockets.” Another student sighed, and he felt that it was extremely likely for such a scene to occur in the third round of the Dao discussion.

For a time, a wisp of worry couldn’t help but arise once more in the hearts of everyone. Even though Chen Xi had advanced successfully into the final round, but…how would he resist the successive challenges of the students from the three academies?

After all, a formidable existence like Xiao Qianshui who wasn’t inferior to Wan Jiansheng at all was present amongst those seven students!

“Chen Xi.” Wang Daolu frowned as he pondered deeply for a long time, and he hesitated before he asked. “Chen Xi…how confident are you?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ye Tang and the others gazed at Chen Xi as well. They were very clearly aware that Xiao Qianshui was the most difficult opponent in the third round.

Even if Chen Xi was able to defeat Xiao Qianshui, there were still another six more students eyeing him with hostility, and there wasn’t a single weakling amongst them!

Most importantly, according to the rules of the third round, resting and recovering during the third round wasn’t allowed. In other words, if Chen Xi was challenged, then he would have to continue fighting without stopping and resting at all.

In this way, the situation Chen Xi was in would be even more disadvantageous.

Chen Xi just shrugged in reply, and then he revealed a relaxed smile. “We’ll only know after I fight them. However, just like I’ve said before, just watch calmly. There are more exciting battles to come.”

His indifferent and composed voice carried a joking tone, yet it caused the hearts of Wang Daolu and the others to become much more confident and calm, and they weren’t as worried as they were before.

The names of the students that were able to participate in the final round had been revealed.

They were respectively Dao Emperor Academy’s Chen Xi; Bitter Silence Academy’s Xiao Qianshui, Helian Qi, and Wang Xuechong; Grand Desolation Academy’s Wu Fangjun and Yue Yu; and Vastsky Academy’s Yu Xiushui and Cai Ta.

A total of eight students.

The most attention drawing amongst them was naturally Xiao Qianshui. According to rumor, his combat strength wasn’t inferior to Wan Jiansheng at all. Besides Xiao Qianshui, the other six were extremely formidable existences as well, and this was obvious from their ability to participate in the third round of the Dao discussion.

However, no matter if it was Xiao Qianshui or the other six, they weren’t well known within the Immortal Dimension in the past, and it was even to the extent that in the information obtained by Dao Emperor Academy, the seven of them weren’t the top existences in their respective academies.

Yet it just so happened that they erupted with combat strengths that exceeded the expectations of everyone during the Dao discussion, and it was undeniable that it was definitely related to the Sovereign Sect.

In terms of the Sovereign Sect… Chen Xi hated and detested the Sovereign Sect to the extreme!

There was another round of drawing lots before the final round of the Dao discussion began.

It wasn’t for the sake of arranging opponents for the participating students, and it was merely to decide the order in which they fought. For example, the student that drew lot no. 1 would be the first to issue a challenge, and that student could choose any one of the other seven students to be his opponent.

On the combat arena, at this moment, Chen Xi, Xiao Qianshui, and the others were standing there while waiting to draw their lots.

“Chen Xi, I never expected that you would make such a formidable display, and it caused me to be unable to help but arouse a trace of the desire to do battle. You must persist and not be eliminated beforehand by someone else!” Xiao Qianshui gazed at Chen Xi while his gloomy, narrow, and long face was suffused with a wisp of a gloomy and cold smile. As he finished speaking, he couldn’t restrain himself from licking his lips with his scarlet red tongue, and it was extremely ghastly and oppressive.

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t disappoint you.” Chen Xi smiled as he spoke in a light voice. Every word he spoke was clear while his slightly narrowed eyes flashed with a wisp of piercing coldness.

Xiao Qianshui took a deep breath while a sickly red and warped expression appeared on his face before he muttered. “Good, good. I can feel the blood in my entire body burning already. This sort of feeling…is great…”


Many others in the surroundings cursed in their hearts upon witnessing this scene because from the beginning until the end, Xiao Qianshui had revealed a warped, sharp, insane, and abnormal disposition that caused others to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Hmph! What shameless boasting!”

“Don’t waste your breath with him. No matter who it is, it’s impossible to change the fact that Dao Emperor Academy’s destined to lose. You, Chen Xi, are unable to change this as well!”

“We’re determined to obtain the position of champion in this Dao discussion!”

Wan Xuechong and the others swept their cold gazes at Chen Xi while revealing proud expressions, and they seemed as if they were confident and determined to obtain the position of champion.

Looks like these fellows really have joined forces… Chen Xi wasn’t shaken by this at all, and he gazed at them while seeming to be lost in thought.

In next to no time, the drawing of the lots began.

It might have been luck, or it might have not, but Chen Xi drew lot no. 8. This outcome made him destined to have no choice but to wait for others to challenge him.

On the other hand, Xiao Qianshui and the others couldn’t help but laugh coldly when they saw this, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi were filled with pity and a trace of murderous intent.

Why is it like this?

When they found out the outcome, all the instructors and students from Dao Emperor Academy were stunned, and their hearts couldn’t help but tighten.

“These fellows are really ignorant. How can Chen Xi possibly lose?” In the corner of the crowd, Ling Bai rode on Starry’s fluffy snow white back, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he grunted and muttered.

After that, he concentrated on slowly chewing on the immortal fruit in his hand. On the other hand, A’Man, Bai Kui, and Starry’s entire concentration were on the food in their hands, and they couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to everything occurring on the combat arena. They seemed to be extremely heartless.

When Qing Ye who stood at the side saw this scene, he couldn’t help but be amused and speechless, and the worry he had for Chen Xi was greatly dispelled.


The familiar sound of the bell resounded, and the curtains to the final round of the Dao discussion was drawn.

The student that drew lot no. 1 was Vastsky Academy’s Yu Xiushui. He had a handsome and clear face, an elegant bearing, and held a Darkgold Jade Fan in his hand.

At the moment the bell rang, he practically didn’t hesitate to point the jade fan in his hand at Chen Xi, and he raised his brows before he spoke proudly. “Chen Xi, I’ll discuss the Dao with you!”

Even if they were clearly aware that this would be the outcome, the spectators still couldn’t help but erupt into a slight uproar and feel even more worried upon witnessing this with their own two eyes.

Chen Xi just shook his head when faced with this, and he said, “Since you’re so anxious to be eliminated, then as you wish.”

Yu Xiushui laughed coldly when he heard this. “What high sounding sentiments!”

Chen Xi shrugged and didn’t speak any further.

The others immediately left the combat arena, and only Chen Xi and Yu Xiushui were left behind.

For a time, the atmosphere instantly became confrontational and murderous. The gazes of everyone in the surroundings descended onto the combat arena in succession, and it was deathly silent.

“Let’s begin!” Yu Xiushui spoke proudly while his entire body was suddenly filled with a light blue colored immortal radiance that enveloped his entire body. It seemed like a dreamlike glow, yet it emanated a terrifying fluctuation that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Chen Xi casually flipped his palm when he saw this, and an ancient yellow colored gourd appeared. Its surface was inscribed with the patterns of the sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and so on and so forth. As soon as it appeared, it emanated waves of thick Skyearth Qi.

It was one of the ultimate treasures of Vastsky Academy, the Skyearth Gourd!

Earlier, Chen Xi had utilized Bitter Silence Academy’s Heaven Hatred Seal to smash Bitter Silence Academy’s Yan Yun to the point of being bathed in blood and on the verge of death. Now, when confronting Vastsky Academy’s Yu Xiushui, Chen Xi had actually withdrawn Vastsky Academy’s Skyearth Gourd to go against him!

The lips of many twitched upon witnessing this scene. It’s already at a time like this, yet Senior Brother Chen Xi is actually still so domineering and fearless. It caused the members of Dao Emperor Academy to be almost unable to restrain themselves from bursting with laughter, and the anxiousness and worry in their hearts eased up because of this and was dispelled greatly.

On the other hand, the face of Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng instantly sank…

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