Chapter 1306 – Thrashing

The Heaven Hatred Seal!

At this instant, most people recognized this ancient immortal treasure, and all of them were slightly stunned, whereas the expressions of all the students and instructors from Bitter Silence Academy immediately sank.

This damnable bastard is actually using the treasure of my Bitter Silence Academy to deal with a student of my Bitter Silence Academy? He simply deserves death!

“The Heaven Hatred Seal? That’s fine as well. I’ll seize this opportunity to reclaim this treasure!” Yan Yun recognized this treasure as well, and a ruthless expression surged in his heart. The blood red sword qi that covered the sky grew in intensity, and it dyed the heavens dark red as it smashed down fiercely.

It was at this moment that Chen Xi moved as well. His dense black hair fluttered while his gaze was like a bolt of lightning, and he stomped the ground and smashed down fiercely with the Heaven Hatred Seal.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s body was suffused with a brilliant golden radiance, causing him to seem brilliant like the sun that soared into the sky and caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison!

The hearts of everyone shook, and in their daze, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d become a completely different person at this moment. He possessed an arrogant aura of supremacy.

His imposing aura was too dazzling and terrifying, and it caused others to not dare believe that he was the same person!

Amidst the astounded gazes of everyone present in the surroundings, the Heaven Hatred Seal glowed as it transformed into a dark green torrent that was peerlessly violent, and it forcefully smashed open the surging golden light and the layer upon layer of sword qi to directly smash onto Yan Yun’s wide blood red sword.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. A gale rumbled through the combat arena while divine radiance surged towards the surroundings, and the boundless blood colored sword qi shattered inch by inch, whereas, Yan Yun’s robust figure was actually forcefully blasted back to the point of staggering back without end.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Every single step he took backwards caused a hole to be stomped through space while his countenance turned paler with every step. When he took an entire ten steps back, he finally stabilized his figure, whereas his face was covered in shock. What terrifying strength!

In merely a single strike, Yan Yun was forced ten steps back!

When they saw this scene, a wave of gasping instantly resounded in the surroundings.

On the other hand, the bodies of the students and instructors from Dao Emperor Academy shook while their spirits were refreshed. They seemed as if they’d seen a ray of hope within despair, and they felt disbelief and pleasant surprise while the worry and anxiety in their hearts were mostly dispelled.

How formidable!

Perhaps Chen Xi will really be able to turn the situation around this time?


Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all of this. After he blasted Yan Yun back, he didn’t hold back at all and flashed once more before smashing down with the Heaven Hatred Seal.

It felt as if he was smashing down with a myriad of mountains, and no matter if it was his imposing aura or ability, it was countless times more domineering than Yan Yun.

Moreover, after he grasped the Spatial Divine Crest, his speed was extremely swift, allowing him to arrive by Yan Yun’s side with a single flash, and then the Heaven Hatred Seal smashed down towards Yan Yun.

Yan Yun wasn’t able to dodge in time and could only resist it head-on. However, he’d obviously underestimated how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength was, and an enormous bang resounded before he seemed as if he’d been struck by a primeval divine rock, causing intense pain to arise from his arms while the wide blood red sword was almost blasted out of his grip. On the other hand, his figure was forcefully smashed onto the combat arena, causing a mouthful of blood to spray from his mouth while his entire body twitched.

Everyone was stunned and exploded into an uproar.

How domineering!

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi hadn’t utilized any shocking techniques or peerless combat strategies at all. He just simply and directly attacked in a straightforward manner, yet it erupted with a terrifying might that astounded everyone.

This was just the start of the battle! Originally, everyone was worried that Chen Xi would be suppressed by the domineering and ferocious Yan Yun who was like a ferocious barbaric beast to the point of being unable to retaliate. Never had they imagined that it would be Yan Yun himself that was suppressed instead!

This had exceeded the expectations of everyone, and it caused disbelief to arise in their hearts.

“How could this kid’s strength be so formidable?” At the seats of Bitter Silence Academy, the instructor that led the group, Leng Yunsou, was astounded, and he couldn’t help but stand up while still feeling disbelief.

Behind him, all the students from Bitter Silence Academy seemed to be surprised and bewildered as well.

“Not bad. This kid, Chen Xi, really isn’t bad!” Wang Daolu nodded without end, and he really did heavy a sigh of relief in his heart while feeling relaxed.

“I have a feeling that Junior Brother Chen Xi’s ability is far greater than this…” Ye Tang smiled while a divine brilliance flowed in his eyes, and it was suffused with a profound glow.

Zhao Mengli and Zhen Lu nodded endlessly in their hearts as well because the strength Chen Xi revealed at this moment caused them to be extremely shocked as well.

On the combat arena, Yan Yun was actually extremely tenacious. He suddenly dodged Chen Xi’s subsequent attack, and then flashed to pull apart the distance between him and Chen Xi before he roared with a furious and savage expression. “You…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the scene before his eyes darkened, and his field of vision was occupied by a dark green and ancient seal. It caused him to utterly not dare speak another word, and he had no choice but to raise the blood red sword and face the seal head-on.


Another deafening rumble resounded. Yan Yun’s robust figure was smashed to the point his bones emanated cracking sounds while the pores on his entire body flowed with traces of scarlet red blood. Moreover, the veins on his face bulged and were completely dark reddish as if displaying the extreme pain that he suffered.

“Ah!!!” He couldn’t restrain himself from letting out a shrill cry any longer. His voice was filled with extreme pain and rage, and when the students from Bitter Silence Academy heard it, all their bodies trembled while their faces turned grim.

Isn’t Chen Xi…a bit too strong?

After all, amongst the five students from Bitter Silence Academy that were participating in the Dao discussion, Yan Yun’s strength was extremely outstanding. However, since the battle began, he actually didn’t have the strength to resist Chen Xi at all!

On the other hand, the students and instructors from Dao Emperor Academy couldn’t restrain their excitement and happiness any longer upon witnessing this scene, and many students even shouted with cheers for Chen Xi.


On the combat arena, an extremely sharp wave of explosions arose in space. Chen Xi held the Heaven Hatred Seal in hand as he smashed it down once more, and he acted without the slightest hesitation and seemed domineering as if he intended to pursue Yan Yun until he exterminated Yan Yun.

You’re going too far!

Yan Yun’s eyes almost split apart when he saw this, and he was infuriated to the point his chest almost exploded. The ferocity in his bones was stimulated, causing him to suddenly roar once more while the vital blood within his entire body surged, and his imposing aura was actually forcefully raised at this instant.

Obviously, he’d utilized some sort of secret technique that stimulated his potential.

“Bastard! Fucking die!!” Yan Yun’s eyes were bloodshot while he held the blood red sword with both hands and charged forward. He was like a blood red beam of light that shot into the sky, and the body of the sword erupted with a myriad of strands of bloody glows that swept up into the sky.

This strike was terrifying and horrifying to the extreme. A bloody baleful aura surged and seemed to intend to taint the sky, and the aura emanated from it even seemed capable of devouring one’s soul.

It was indeed so because this was Yan Yun’s trump card. He originally intended to utilize it in the final round of the Dao discussion, yet never had he imagined that he would be forced into such a wretched situation by Chen Xi.

At this moment, he couldn’t care about everything else. There was only a single thought in his mind — utterly defeat this damnable bastard before him!


Unfortunately, the trump card that Yan Yun felt was his strongest was simply harmless in Chen Xi’s opinion. Moreover, just like before, Chen Xi still held the Heaven Hatred Seal and smashed it down in a domineering and unreasonable manner, and it actually smashed Yan Yun’s right arm apart with a single strike, causing the blood red sword to fly from his grasp.

It didn’t stop there. Because the impact was too violent, Yan Yun suddenly opened his mouth before a large mouthful of blood sprayed from within it, and his entire body was directly smashed onto the ground before his entire body convulsed intensely as if he was having a seizure.

He simply seemed miserable to the point others couldn’t bear to watch.

The spectators exploded once more into an uproar, and the surroundings were filled with clamorous noise. Chen Xi’s extremely domineering display had completely lit up the hot blood in the bodies of all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy, and they were extremely excited.

“I… I…” At this moment, Yan Yun was utterly dazed. His face was covered in terror while his body shivered, and he opened his mouth with the intention of admitting defeat.


However, right at this moment, the space around his mouth fluctuated before the Grand Confinement Dao Arts forcefully sealed his mouth. No matter how he struggled, he wasn’t able to make a single sound.

This caused Yan Yun to be filled with even more terror while his eyes that gazed at Chen Xi who was walking step by step towards him was filled with boundless astonishment and terror. Moreover, it was even to the extent that…he faintly revealed a begging expression in his eyes.

“Stay your hand! The outcome has been decided, so there’s no need to continue the battle. My Bitter Silence Academy admits defeat in this battle!” Bitter Silence Academy’s Leng Yunsou didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest when he saw this, and he suddenly spoken in a grim voice.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t heard Leng Yunsou at all. Chen Xi walked forward with a calm and indifferent expression before he swung the Heaven Hatred Seal in his right hand, and then smashed it over and over again onto Yan Yun. He struck Yan Yun to the point Yan Yun’s bones were broken while blood sprayed into the air, and Yan Yun’s body was curled up and twitched without end from pain.

When they saw such a blood and cruel scene, many people gasped without end. This fellow, Chen Xi, is really ruthless! This is the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, could it be that he intends to smash Yan Yun to death with the precious treasure of Yan Yun’s own academy?

“You’re simply…simply going too far!” Leng Yunsou was angered to the point of trembling, and his aged face was covered in a murderous expression. He truly wished for nothing more than to kill Chen Xi with his gaze because if a party to the battle didn’t admit defeat, then no one could stop the battle on the combat arena.

“Instructor Leng, calm your rage. I’ll take revenge for Junior Brother Yan Yun. Since he dares to act in this way, then I dare to return it tenfold to him!” The nearby Xiao Qianshui’s narrow and long eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this scene, and they glowed with a bloodthirsty and cruel glow.

Leng Yunsou was stunned, and then he frowned before he said via voice transmission in a low voice, “You must not take his life. It’s best if you can cripple him.”

Xiao Qianshui smiled gloomily and didn’t give him a definite answer.


After he smashed the Heaven Hatred Seal down for the last time and saw Yan Yun was at death’s door, Chen Xi stopped and stood up before kicking Yan Yun out of the combat arena.

Brother Ji, I promised this to you. But…this is far from sufficient… Chen Xi took a deep breath as he muttered in his heart, and then he shook his head before turning around and leaving the combat arena.

At this moment, the surroundings were in an uproar and filled with clamorous noise. There were those that exclaimed with admiration, those that cheered, and those that clapped and roared with laughter. Of course, there were many that were furious, like the instructors and students from Bitter Silence Academy.

Chen Xi returned to the auspicious cloud amidst this expanse of clamorous noise. His expression was calm, composed, and indifferent as if he’d just done something that was extremely ordinary.

However, the gazes everyone shot at him had already become completely different!

The curtains to the final match of the second round of the Dao discussion had been drawn amidst Chen Xi’s domineering thrashing of Yan Yun, but this Seven Academy Dao Discussion hadn’t ended yet…

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