Chapter 1305 – Chen Xi Vs Yan Yun

Up until this point in the second round, eight battles had been completed, and during this entire process, the students of Cloudmist, Windstream, and Dao Secret Academy had been completely defeated. None of them had entered the final round of the Dao discussion.

In other words, there three academies only had to watch the battles between the students of the other academies, so they were naturally extremely dispirited and disgruntled, yet they could do nothing about it.

This was a Dao discussion, and everything relied on strength. Since there were victories, then there were naturally defeats.

On the other hand, the situation was similarly extremely disadvantageous to Dao Emperor Academy, and it was even to the extent that the blow suffered by Dao Emperor Academy was even heavier than Windstream, Cloudmist, and Dao Secret Academy.

Because during the battles of the second round, one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, Ye Tang, had been defeated. Moreover, the descendant of the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Mengli, and the leading figure of the Buddha Dimension’s younger generation, Zhen Lu, had lost as well…

Coupled with Ji Xuanbing that had been defeated during the first round, only Chen Xi alone remained amongst the five students from Dao Emperor Academy that participated in the Dao discussion!

In the Seven Academy Dao Discussions of the past, this had never happened. Thus, it seemed to be especially shocking, and it was an extremely heavy blow to Dao Emperor Academy’s morale.

Presently, only the last battle remained in the second round of the Dao discussion, and Chen Xi who represented Dao Emperor Academy would compete with Yan Yun from Bitter Silence Academy. If Dao Emperor Academy suffered another defeat in this battle, then it would be completely eliminated from the Dao discussion and would be unable to participate in the third round at all.

In this way, it would naturally be unable to seize the final position of champion in the Dao discussion.

The situation was extremely grim!

At this moment, the surroundings were deathly silent. The hearts of every single student and instructor of Dao Emperor Academy was extremely heavy, and they were slightly unable to accept these successive blows.

This was a Seven Academy Dao Discussion held on their own territory, and if they were eliminated by the other academies, then it would simply be…indescribable!

Only the area where Grand Desolation, Bitter Silence, and Vastsky Academy resided was filled with cheers. No matter if it was the instructors or students, all of them had relaxed expressions while they revealed the pride that belonged to a victor.

In the Dao discussion this time, they could be said to be elated and complacent. They’d practically swept through the students of the other academies, so even if the Dao discussion hadn’t ended yet, they were already looking forward to the moment they were renowned throughout the Immortal Dimension.

After all, since Yun Fusheng swept through their academies by himself all those years ago, they’d never been so complacent and felt such glory like they had today.

“Haha! From today onwards, the situation where Dao Emperor Academy dominates amongst the academies is going to be undone!”

“I originally thought that the inner court students of Dao Emperor Academy were extremely formidable, yet it turns out that they aren’t really great. Without Ye Tang, they’re simply like a tiger without teeth.”

“In my opinion, even if Ling Qingwu was here, she would similarly be eliminated from the Dao discussion!”

It was the easiest for one to become complacent from victory and glory. After these students from the three academies tasted victory, all of them were complacent and faintly displayed supreme arrogance.

On the other hand, the instructors that led the groups from the three academies stroked their beards as they smiled, and they didn’t restrain their students. They’re young, so it’s only natural for them to take pride in their accomplishments.


Meanwhile, the sound of a bell resounded, and it drew the curtains to the ninth match of the second round.

Similarly, it was the final match in the second round, and it was between Chen Xi and Bitter Silence Academy’s Yan Yun!

“Chen Xi, don’t feel pressured.” On the auspicious cloud, Wang Daolu took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the heavy feeling he had in his heart before smiling as he encouraged Chen Xi.

“Don’t worry, Senior.” Chen Xi nodded. His eyes were deep like the starry sky, and his handsome face was covered in tranquility. It was still like the water in an ancient well, and he didn’t reveal any emotions.

Ye Tang smiled as he spoke from the side. “Junior Brother Chen Xi, no matter the outcome, we brothers will drink to our heart’s content after the Dao discussion ends.”

“How can Junior Brother refuse Senior Brother Ye Tang’s invitation?” Chen Xi smiled.

“Don’t learn from Ji Xuanbing and push yourself too hard.” At this moment, Zhao Mengli couldn’t refrain herself from speaking as well and reminded him. However, as soon as she mentioned Ji Xuanbing, her eyes instantly dimmed down while she seemed slightly sad.

“Exactly. Victory and defeat are only temporary. Compared to the path towards seeking the Dao, it’s only a drop in the ocean.” Zhen Lu spoke in a serious manner.

“Just watch calmly and leave the rest to me. It’s only the second round of the Dao discussion now, and even more exciting battles will appear after this. Don’t be too surprised.” Chen Xi smiled lightheartedly, and then he directly turned around and ascended the combat arena.

“I never expected that this fellow actually knows how to joke as well…” Zhao Mengli was stunned. She stared at Chen Xi’s figure that stood on the combat arena and recalled his flat and composed joke from before, and the worry and heaviness in her heart couldn’t help but increase.

It wasn’t just her, even Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, and Wang Daolu were stunned and seemed to be lost in thought.

On the other side, all the instructors and students of Bitter Silence Academy were cheering Yan Yun on.

“Junior Brother Yan Yun, you really have good luck. You’re actually matched against Chen Xi. This bastard’s reputation in the Immortal Dimension is extremely high now, and if you defeat him, then I believe it wouldn’t be long before you’re renowned throughout the world!”

“Hmph! It’s only a fellow with an undeserved reputation. Junior Brother Yan Yun, you must teach that kid a good lesson in front of all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy.”

“That bastard seized our Bitter Silence Academy’s Heaven Hatred Seal in the Outerealm Battlefield, he’s truly damnable! He must be taught a lesson this time or he’ll think he can run wild!”

All of them hadn’t concealed their words and allowed many instructors and students from Dao Emperor Academy to hear it clearly. So they immediately felt extremely furious and started successively berating the members of Bitter Silence Academy.

Xiao Qianshui laughed coldly when he saw this, and he suddenly said loudly, “Hmph! Let me see if all of you can still scold us after this battle ends!”

As soon as these words were spoken, many people went quiet and fell into silence, and they recalled the scenes from before. Even Senior Brother Ye Tang was eliminated. Would Chen Xi be able to…reach the end?

Chen Xi remained utterly indifferent towards all of this, and he stood silently on the combat arena. His figure was ramrod straight while his green clothes fluttered, and only his deep eyes surged with extremely piercing coldness.


Meanwhile, Yan Yun had torn through the sky and descended onto the combat arena. His figure was extremely robust like a lofty hill while his appearance was rugged, and the space between his brows was filled with a ruthless and gloomy aura.

When looked at from afar, he was like a ferocious beast that came from the barbaric lands. His entire body was suffused with a ferocious aura, and it seemed as if it intended to swallow his opponent.

“Chen Xi, I’ve heard of you. I hope you won’t lose too terribly today.” Yan Yun revealed a ghastly smile while a ferocious glow appeared in his eyes.


He raised a wide sword in his hand. It was 30cm wide and completely crimson red like blood. Its sharp edges were covered in sharp and fine spikes that were suffused with a bloodthirsty and horrifying glow.

A figure that was robust like a hill, a ruthless and ferocious imposing aura, and a wide blood red sword. As soon as Yan Yun ascended into the battlefield, his appearance was extremely shocking.

Especially at the moment he held the blood red sword, his entire body emanated a baleful aura that shot into the sky, and it was like a barbaric dragon had awakened and shattered the clouds in the sky. His imposing aura was matchlessly overbearing and ruthless, and it caused the expressions of many people in the surroundings to change.

“The imposing aura revealed by this fellow is on par with Wu Fangjun that defeated Zhen Lu and Helian Qi that defeated Zhao Mengli. Will Senior Brother Chen Xi be able to… go against him?” The hearts of some tightened while they muttered without end.

“It looks to be slightly difficult.” On the auspicious cloud, Wang Daolu frowned as well. He noticed that Yan Yun’s imposing aura was too ferocious and ruthless, and he’d never heard that Bitter Silence Academy actually possessed such a ferocious student.

Obviously, Yan Yun was just like Xiao Qianshui, Wang Xuechong, Helian Qi, Wu Fangjun, and Song Yunqiao. He wasn’t a well known figure, yet he erupted with a might that exceeded the expectations of all at this moment.

Thus, it was definitely related to the Sovereign Sect!

“Junior Brother Yan Yun, quickly deal with this kid. Don’t delay us all from carrying out the final round of the Dao discussion.” In the distance, Xiao Qianshui’s sharp and gloomy voice resounded once more, and it caused the expressions of all the instructors and students from Dao Emperor Academy to become even more unsightly.

But at this moment, no one paid any attention to Xiao Qianshui. All their gazes were looking at Chen Xi, and their expressions faintly revealed anxiousness and worry.

Because the defeat of Ye Tang and the others caused them to be lacking in confidence towards Chen Xi at this moment, so they couldn’t help but be anxious, unsettled, and worried.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry Senior Brother Xiao, it won’t take too long!” Yan Yun raised his head and roared with laughter, yet the smile on his face was icy cold and terrifying. He looked at Chen Xi as if he was staring at a corpse, and his gaze was filled with an indifferent and ferocious aura.

“It really won’t take too long.” Chen Xi shrugged and spoke indifferently.


The sound of the bell resounded through the heavens and the earth, and the Dao discussion began.


The sound of the bell hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Yan Yun suddenly stomped on the ground, and his figure that was lofty like a hill rose from the ground before shattering piece by piece of space as he moved.

“Bloodwheel Destruction, Sky Destruction Soul Devourer!” An explosive shout suddenly resounded and shook the nine heavens. Under the astounded gazes of everyone present here, the blood red sword in Yan Yun’s hand seemed like a blade that could split open the sky as it left behind a string of blood red shadows, and it crushed through space while rumbling down towards Chen Xi.

The shadows of his sword were like a sea of blood. They were vicious, murderous, oppressive, and seemed as if they intended to sweep even the heavens and the earth into bloody purgatory. The entire combat arena was drowned within its surging bloody glow!

This strike was extremely terrifying and matchlessly formidable, and it caused the many students in the surroundings to exclaim with shock.

Even the eyelids of the seniors from Dao Emperor Academy twitched. They seemed to have never expected that as soon as this student from Bitter Silence Academy attacked, he would reveal such a formidable attack.

A wisp of a cold smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when facing this scene, and he stood silently on the spot. When the surging bloody glow of the sword qi approached him, he casually flipped his hand, and a perfectly square and ancient seal floated above his palm.

This seal was completely suffused by dark golden divine radiance. Its surface was inscribed with a layer of profound Dao markings, yet the aura it emanated was extremely violent, and it seemed as if it could split the heavens and the earth apart and smash a hole through the Heaven Dao!

It was precisely the precious treasure of Bitter Silence Academy — the Heaven Hatred Seal!

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