Chapter 1304 – Severing An Arm

On the combat arena, blade qi flashed out horizontally and vertically while sword qi intersected together, and two figures flickered on the combat arena while a peak battle unfolded between them at unbelievable speeds.

The spectators held their breath in concentration while staring without blinking, and various expressions floated into appearance on their faces.

Some were immersed in it.

Some were astounded.

Some clapped their hands while sighing in praise.

Some were anxious to the point they almost forgot to breathe.

This battle was too dazzling. It was a vie for supremacy between blazing suns, a peak level competition in the Golden Immortal Realm. It could be considered an unparalleled battle that was rare to come by in a thousand years.

Even the seniors whose cultivation had attained the Half-step Immortal King Realm a long time ago praised them repeatedly and sighed while admitting their inferiority while at such a cultivation realm.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards all of this.

He just stared fixedly at this battle with a clear mind that remained calm like the water in an ancient well.

After he witnessed the battle between Wan Jiansheng and Zhao Taixing during the first round, his mind had been moved by the battle, and he’d obtained an even deeper understanding of the realm of Sword God.

Now, his gaze was unlike before. When he witnessed the battle between Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng, he was already able to observe it calmly.

As it was said, the unskilled watched the scene, while the skilled watched the technique. At this moment, Chen Xi was making a comparison of his combat strength through this battle before him. It couldn’t be said to be compensating for his weaknesses with the skill of others, and it was merely a method of indirectly understanding himself.

Ye Tang’s Blade Dao was unrestrained, lively, and free. Every single move he made caused him to seem like a carefree king of the blade that controlled the wind, and he slashed through the restraints of the sky to become unrestrained like a heavenly steed soaring through the heavens.

On the other hand, Wan Jiansheng’s Sword Dao was clean and simple, yet it carried a fierce force that struck directly at the heart. His casual sword strike usually carried a mighty imposing aura of annihilation and destruction.

There was no superior between the two, and the Grand Daos and combat experience they possessed were equally matched. Thus, this battle seemed to last for a very long time, and it was peerlessly brilliant.

However, no matter how brilliant a battle was, there was a time where it would come to an end.

Four hours later, Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted while his slanted brows knit together, and he muttered. His accumulation was still a shred lower in the end…

At practically the exact same moment, the corners of Wang Daolu’s mouth twitched while his expression sank slightly.

“Hahaha! In the Golden Immortal Realm, this battle can be considered to be a peak battle that’s rare to come by in thousands of years, yet the outcome is decided!” On the other side, Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng roared with laughter.

This voice seemed to be extremely sudden, and it caused everyone present to be shocked in unison.


However, before everyone could recover from their shock, divine radiance erupted on the combat arena, and then after a thunderous collision, Ye Tang’s figure stopped moving for a moment before he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. After that, his figure staggered three steps backwards in midair, and his face instantly turned pale.

On the other hand, only Wan Jiansheng’s breathing was slightly heavy, yet he wasn’t injured at all.

The crowd instantly exploded into an uproar upon witnessing this scene, and they didn’t dare believe that Ye Tang would actually be slightly inferior in this battle that was originally an equally matched collision!

“I’m still slightly inferior in the end…” Ye Tang shook his head, and then he raised his wine gourd and drank a few mouthfuls with his mouth that had a trace of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. After that, he smiled lightheartedly and said, “There’s no need to continue. I’m inferior to you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left the combat arena. From the beginning until the end, he wasn’t sad nor felt a sense of loss, and he wasn’t infuriated or annoyed either. He was only carefree and composed.

However, to all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy, they were unable to accept such an outcome.

Why did it end like this?

Why did Ye Tang lose?

Everyone was astounded, frustrated, and felt a sense of loss.

During the first round, Ji Xuanbing was heavily injured and defeated. Now, even Ye Tang was defeated because of a small gap between him and Wan Jiansheng. This was undoubtedly a heavy blow to Dao Emperor Academy’s morale.

How could have such a scene possibly occurred in the Dao discussions of the past?

Could it be that the situation is really going to be changed during this Dao discussion, and the academy is going to be suppressed by the other six academies?

The surroundings were deathly silent, and they were slightly unable to accept this outcome.

“Sorry, I wasn’t able to win over the ultimate glory for the academy.” Ye Tang returned to the auspicious cloud and was extremely apologetic as he bowed to Wang Daolu, Chen Xi, and the others.

“You’ve tried your best.” Wang Daolu patted him on the shoulder in consolation, yet he sighed deeply in his heart. The current situation is utterly disadvantageous for Dao Emperor Academy.

After losing Ye Tang, would Chen Xi, Zhen Lu, and Zhao Mengli be a match for Wan Jiansheng and Xiao Qianshui in the following battles?

“Senior Brother Ye Tang, rest for now. The final outcome hasn’t been decided, so you don’t have to blame yourself.” Chen Xi smiled and passed a wine gourd over to Ye Tang.

Ye Tang received it, yet didn’t drink from it, and he glanced at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought before he smiled. “Junior Brother Chen Xi, since you said this, then I really look forward to the final outcome.”

Chen Xi smiled, yet didn’t say anything further.

Wang Daolu couldn’t help but desire to say something when he saw this, yet his brows raised while his gaze was instantly drawn over by the scene on the combat arena.

It wasn’t just him. At this moment, many people were shocked and shot their gazes over.

On the combat arena, Wan Jiansheng hadn’t left yet, and he was just standing there silently for a long time before he suddenly drew his sword once more.


Soul Pledge left its sheath and emanated a clear sword howl. As he listened to the sword howl that shot into the sky, Wan Jiansheng seemed as if he’d made some sort of decision, and a wisp of resolution flashed between his brows.

He suddenly turned around to glance towards Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng.

Eccentric Feng’s face froze, and he seemed to have faintly understood something. He suddenly roared and berated. “Jiansheng! It has ended, why stubbornly hold on to the oath from that day?”

Everyone was dazed and astounded, and they were unable to figure out exactly what had occurred.

Wan Jiansheng remained completely indifferent, and his expression was calm and indifferent as he spoke slowly. “All those years ago, I once vowed that my Sword Dao wouldn’t submit to pressure, be fettered by karma, shackled by debts, or assist evil. If I go against it, then I should use my blood to wash away the filth in my Sword Dao. Now… I’ve gone against it in the end…”

As soon as these words were spoken, many people present in the surroundings seemed to have faintly understood something.

On the other hand, Eccentric Feng’s face sank and turned livid.


Under the astounded gazes of everyone, Wan Jiansheng raised his hand, swung his sword, and severed his left arm!

Fresh blood sprayed while his entire severed arm flew into the sky, and then it collapsed inch by inch before transforming into blood that sprayed through the sky. It formed a horrifyingly beautiful and shocking scene.

Everyone gasped, and they didn’t dare believe that Wan Jiansheng who’d clearly won would cripple himself at this moment and actually destroy his own left arm!


Soul Pledge returned into its sheath. Wan Jiansheng silently sealed up the wound on his severed arm before turning around and leaving the combat arena.

He didn’t return to Vastsky Academy’s seats but left directly!

In other words, he was actually going to renounce his position in the third round after winning the second round, and he wasn’t going to participate in the final round!

“From today onward, I, Wan Jiansheng, don’t owe Vastsky Academy anything!” His cold and indifferent voice drifted through the surroundings, yet Wan Jiansheng was nowhere to be found.

This cold, proud, wild, and domineering peerless sword immortal had severed his left arm, severed his fetters, and paid for his relationship with Vastsky Academy before leaving trippingly.

At this moment, the surroundings were deathly and perfectly silent.

No one had expected that such a scene would actually occur during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, and indescribable shock arose in the hearts of all.

Perhaps it’s precisely because he was willing to sacrifice everything for the Sword Dao that Wan Jiansheng was able to possess his current accomplishments?

Many people guessed that Wan Jiansheng had been forced by Vastsky Academy to participate in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion.

After all, he’d said that this battle had gone against his vow from all those years ago, and when one analyzed the vow, the answer faintly pointed towards Vastsky Academy.

For a time, many people shot suspicious gazes towards Vastsky Academy, and it caused Eccentric Feng’s face to turn gloomy.

Looks like this matter encompassed coercion, karma, and debts… Perhaps Wan Jiansheng noticed that the Sovereign Sect is behind the Seven Academy Dao Discussion? Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and he felt admiration for Wan Jiansheng because there were very few pure sword immortals like Wan Jiansheng in the world!

In this battle, Ye Tang lost while Wan Jiansheng severed his arm and left. This aroused extreme shock in the hearts of all, and after the news was spread through the Dao Bell of Vie, it even caused Darkombat City to be stirred.

Yes, no one believed that such a complicated and shocking incident would actually occur during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion.

No matter what, the Dao discussion still had to continue in the end.

The subsequent battles didn’t exceed Chen Xi’s expectations. The students of Cloudmist Academy, Windstream Academy, and Dao Secret Academy were practically completely crushed and lost every battle.

Conversely, the imposing auras of the students from Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, and Vastsky Academy shot into the sky like a rainbow. They obtained victories all along the way, and it drew the attention of everyone in the surroundings. All of them were surprised and felt that the students of these three academies simply seemed as if they’d taken extraordinary tonics before the Seven Academy Dao Discussion because their performance was extraordinarily brilliant.

Especially Xiao Qianshui. As soon as he entered the arena, he easily dealt with his opponent from Cloudmist Academy in a straightforward and ruthless manner.

It caused all the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy to feel as if there was a rock in their hearts because during the second round of the Dao discussion, Zhao Mengli and Zhen Lu had returned successively in defeat.

Their opponents were Wu Fangjun from Grand Desolation Academy and Helian Qi from Bitter Silence Academy. Just like Song Yunqiao and Wang Xuechong from before, they didn’t possess a resounding reputation, yet they erupted with unexpected combat strength in their battles.

After all, Zhen Lu was ranked in the top ten of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings of the inner court, yet he wasn’t even able to defeat an ordinary student from Bitter Silence Academy, and this exceeded the expectations of everyone.

It was precisely the defeats of Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli that caused the morale of everyone from Dao Emperor Academy to fall to rock bottom. They felt extremely dispirited while their faces were covered in astonishment, frustration, a sense of loss, and anger.

Only Wang Daolu seemed to have expected this, yet he still felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart when he watched these scenes occur before his very eyes.

This time, Dao Emperor Academy had fallen completely into the Sovereign Sect’s scheme, and if this situation couldn’t be turned around in the following battles, then the academy would really suffer a crushing defeat!

When he thought up to here, Wang Daolu couldn’t help but glance at Chen Xi.

Presently, only Chen Xi hadn’t entered the combat arena during the second round. Would he…be able to…turn the situation around?

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