Chapter 1303 – Battle Between Blazing Suns

As he watched the young man blast through the door as he left, Mo Sang took a deep breath before he instantly seemed to have transformed into a god, and his eyes erupted with violet light that seemed to surge with violet clouds of lightning.

At the same time, a supreme and terrifying aura arose from his body, and it caused the space within the room to roil.

Time and space seemed as if it was in disorder at this instant!

Mo Sang didn’t flee because he’d clearly sensed that a terrifying aura had locked onto him, and sending the young man away was his limit.

“Since you’ve come, then why hide?” Mo Sang spoke with a low voice, and his voice was like the furious howl of a Fiendgod. It transformed into a shapeless soundwave that swept out and instantly shattered the rare tables, chairs, decoration, floorboards, and everything else within the room. Moreover, the soundwave even showed signs of charging out of the room towards the surroundings.

“It really is a bastard from the Sovereign Sect., and I was wondering exactly who would dare to scheme against Dao Emperor Academy.” A clear and melodious voice arose, and along with the arrival of this voice, the violent energy within the room stopped abruptly and seemed to be frozen in time.

After that, a slender, graceful, and mighty figure walked out of space. She wore black palace clothes that were embroidered with golden edges, and her snow white and beautiful hair was coiled up into a bun behind her head to reveal a noble and peerlessly beautiful appearance that seemed like that of a young woman. Moreover, her clear eyes seemed like deep abysses that flickered with strands of golden flames.

Shockingly, this woman was actually the senior of the Phoenix Clan that lived in seclusion in Dao Emperor Academy — Zhao Taici!

“Zhao Taici!” Mo Sang’s face sank while his gaze flickered. “What? That old geezer Meng Xinghe didn’t come? You alone aren’t able to make me leave my life behind! If you aren’t worried about Darkombat City being destroyed, then you can feel free to make a move right now.”

“Is that so?” Her clear eyes were suffused with strands of golden divine flames while a wisp of a cold arc appeared on the corners of Zhao Taici’s mouth. Her fair hand flipped, and an ancient disk suddenly appeared there.


The disk revolved and emanated a myriad of strands of chilly starlight that seemed as if the boundless starry sky had suddenly descended, and it instantly enveloped the entire room.

“Unistar Disk! That old bastard Meng Xinghe actually gave this treasure to you?” Mo Sang’s face sank while his pupils constricted abruptly, and they emanated a wisp of deep fear.

In the next moment, the scene before his eyes flashed, and a boundless starry sky had appeared. Everywhere that met the eyes was a myriad of stars circulating within the boundless universe.

“Looks like I was noticed a long time ago?” Mo Sang’s expression was extremely gloomy while his gaze swept towards the surrounding space like a bolt of lightning, yet he noticed that he was utterly unable to find a path of escape because this was the world within the Unistar Disk!

“You actually have so many questions when you’re about to die? Could it be that members of your Sovereign Sect aren’t concerned about their lives at all?” Zhao Taici’s figure appeared in the starry sky, and she didn’t conceal the ridicule on her peerlessly beautiful face at all.

“Hmph! Even if I die, I’ll be able to bring you down with me!” Mo Sang took a deep breath, and then a wisp of arrogance surged onto his face. It was the domineering confidence of a king.

“That might not necessarily be the case. I’m just slightly curious, was it you that killed the mysterious figure when Misty Immortal Mountain was annihilated that day?” Zhao Taici’s voice was clear and melodious, and from the beginning until the absolute, she displayed absolute control over the situation.

Mo Sang went silent for a moment before he suddenly sneered. “So that’s how it is. No wonder your reaction was so swift this time. It turns out that all of you noticed a long time ago. Unfortunately, it’s too late. The upheaval of the three dimensions has begun from the Prehistoric Ruins, and it won’t be long before the entire three dimensions will be caught in this calamity of the heavens and the earth. None of you…will be able to escape!”

Zhao Taici’s expression remained composed and indifferent. “So what if we can’t escape it? At the very least, we’ll be able to live for another period of time, yet an Immortal King like you is going to perish today.”

When he saw Zhao Taici’s confidence and composure, Mo Sang’s heart sank to rock bottom, yet he said in an icy cold tone, “You can give it a try and see if you can avoid the might of an Immortal King that’s fighting with his life on the line.”

“You intend to detonate yourself?” The ridicule on Zhao Taici’s face grew denser.


Right at this moment, a terrifying dragon roar suddenly resounded in the depths of the boundless starry sky, and then a lofty figure that blotted out the sky dashed out from the depths of the starry sky. Surprisingly, it was a Green Dragon that was filled with supreme pride and monstrous divine might!

Its dragon eyes seemed like a pair of scorching suns that hung in the universe, and they illuminated the boundless starry sky.

“Ao Duxing!” When he saw the green dragon that resided in the depths of the starry sky, Mo Sang had a bitter expression on his face. He finally understood why Zhao Taici was so composed.

A green dragon and a true phoenix!

These two geezers that had lived in seclusion within Dao Emperor Academy for countless years had moved out in unison, and they were within the Unistar Disk as well. Even if Mo Sang as an Immortal King, he felt slight despair at this moment.

“Aren’t…all of you afraid of my Sovereign Sect moving out to annihilate the Dragon Dimension and Phoenix Clan?” Mo Sang took a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice.

“That isn’t of concern to you.” Zhao Taici spoke slowly, and then her clear eyes suddenly erupted with a myriad of strands of golden divine flames. Her figure flashed, and then she’d transformed into a true phoenix that flowed with boundless golden flames. As her wings flapped while laying across the starry sky, she seemed beautiful and noble.

“Attack!” The true phoenix let out a clear cry that resounded through the universe.

In the next moment, the divine flames of the true phoenix that covered the sky swept through and covered the starry sky.

The battle erupted!

“Martial Uncle Mo Sang, you just said a moment ago that nothing in this world is more important than your own life, yet you…saved the life of I, Bing Shitian, in the last moment when facing danger. Your words really don’t match your deeds. Should I thank you, or should I remember this lesson?” In the teleportation circle of Darkombat City, the handsome young man stood there while recalling the scenes from before, and he still felt extremely terrified in his heart.

Since it was able to make an Immortal King like Martial Uncle Mo Sang be so afraid, could it be that it was the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy that took action?

Surprisingly, this young man was Bing Shitian!

“No matter what, Martial Uncle saved my life in the end. Even though I’m only a follower by Master’s side, but I naturally should send the news of your death back to the sect. Only in this way would I be able to repay the guidance you’ve given me throughout the years.” Bing Shitian took a deep breath while his eyes gazed into the extreme distance, and it was Dao Emperor Academy that stood there.

“Chen Xi… It won’t be long before I come looking for you!” A wisp of ruthlessness and resolution flashed in Bing Shitian’s eyes, and then his figure flashed and vanished in the teleportation formation.

At the same time within Dao Emperor Academy, Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng were standing in confrontation from afar, and they drew the gazes of everyone in the surroundings.

This was an unprecedented battle that was occurring between two publicly acknowledged blazing suns in the Immortal Dimension. No matter who was the final victor of this battle, it would cause a mighty uproar in the Immortal Dimension and shock the world!

At this moment, Chen Xi was sitting upright as well while his gaze locked onto the combat arena as he was deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

“Let’s begin.” On the combat arena, Ye Tang’s jet black hair fluttered while he smiled lightheartedly, and he revealed two rows of snow white teeth and a heroic and unrestrained bearing.

He casually shook the blade on his shoulder, and then pointed it towards Wan Jiansheng.

Hiss! Hiss!

Everywhere the blade pointed, space collapsed and seemed to be torn open inch by inch, and it transformed into a chaotic torrent that swept towards both sides as if it didn’t dare bear the blunt of Ye Tang’s blade.

This scene was extremely shocking. Merely a casual movement of his blade had caused space to shatter and avoid it, and it caused the students in the surroundings to be extremely astounded in their hearts.

This was the force of his blade!

The blade was the Dao, and nothing could stand before the blade!

“The realm of Blade God…” Chen Xi was instantly much more relaxed in his heart when he saw this scene because he recognized that Ye Tang’s attainments in the Blade Dao was sufficient to go against Wan Jiansheng.


At this moment, Wan Jiansheng who wore black clothes and had a cold and indifferent expression finally unsheathed the immortal sword on his back.

The sword rubbed against the sheath and emanated a clear and melodious sound. It resounded through the nine heavens and shook the souls of all.

When the immortal sword was completely exposed in the air, a Sword Insight that was murderous, sharp, and fierce to the extreme suddenly effused out from Wan Jiansheng and threw the surroundings into chaos!

“This is Wan Jiansheng’s sword, Soul Pledge?” When the sword left its sheath, it was like a Suncrow that soared into the sky. Everyone in the surroundings felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and it took them a long time to see the immortal sword in Wan Jiansheng’s hand clearly.

The sword was over a meter long and three fingers wide. The body of the sword seemed like a lake of water that was clean, translucent, and pure. Nothing seemed to be extraordinary about it, yet when it was held in Wan Jiansheng’s hand, it seemed like a scorching sun that emanated dazzling and brilliant light and an imposing aura that shot into the sky.

This was the Immortal Sword, Soul Pledge!

Wan Jiansheng’s sword. It was renowned even in the Immortal Dimension, and it had slaughtered innumerable enemies of his, causing it to be seasoned and tainted with blood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The battle hadn’t even begun yet terrifying explosions rumbled in the space between Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng. It was the collision of their vital energy, and it was astounding to the extreme.

“Senior Brother Wan, please go ahead!” Ye Tang raised his head and roared with laughter. He held his sword as he charged forward, and his blade tore through the sky while it seemed like a vast green glow had transformed into a sharp light that slashed through space as it attacked.

The aura of his sword seemed to be simple and direct, yet it was actually filled with a lively, resolute, and unrestrained aura, and it was just like Ye Tang, carefree and unrestrained.


At practically the exact same moment, Wan Jiansheng moved as well. His sword slashed through the sky, and it was similarly clean and direct, yet it had transformed the complicated into simple a long time ago and was filled with a supremely murderous aura.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In the next moment, the two of them were locked in battle. The edge of the blade and glow of the sword collided and erupted with brilliant light that swept through the sky and enveloped the surroundings. A myriad of strands of violent streams of air erupted and swept through the combat arena, and they fought to the point the heavens and the earth dimmed in comparison!

The aftershock created by a battle of this level was too terrifying, and it completely activated the restrictions on the combat arena. Otherwise, if the aftershocks were to spread out, then the entire Dao Development Reserve would probably be affected by it and be destroyed.

At this moment, the surroundings of the entire combat arena was deathly silent. The gazes of everyone stared fixedly at the combat arena, and only the terrifying rumbling of the sword and blade resounded endlessly in the heavens and the earth.

Exactly who amongst these two publicly acknowledged blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension was stronger? How would this unprecedented peak battle end?

Everyone looked forward to finding out the answer.

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