Chapter 1302 – Disciple Of The Sovereign Sect

At this moment, the surroundings were deathly silent because of Ji Xuanbing’s defeat. All the instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy had astounded expressions, and they didn’t dare believe their eyes. Moreover, many students even revealed furious and disgruntled expressions.

It just so happened that Xiao Qianshui’s cold laughter and sharp and gloomy voice resounded at this moment, and he mocked Dao Emperor Academy to the extreme. So it instantly lit up the flame of rage of all the students and instructors in the surroundings.

“Bastard! What did you say?”

“Damn! He really deserves to be slapped!”

“Dammit! Truly damnable!”

They burned with rage, causing curses to resound from all directions.

“Hmph! A loss is a loss! Could it be that only the students of your Dao Emperor Academy are allowed to win in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion!? How absurd! Just look at all of your poise! You still call yourself the students of the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension? What an embarrassment!” Xiao Qianshui continued laughing coldly when facing this, and he was extremely overbearing. He sat lazily on the auspicious cloud with one leg crossed over the other, and he seemed to be arrogantly saying ‘What can all of you do about it?’

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of all the instructors from Dao Emperor Academy sank. This little bastard from Bitter Silence Academy is going a bit too far!

Scolding our own students in front of us? He’s simply running wild!

At this moment, the situation showed signs of losing control, and if it wasn’t obstructed, then chaos might erupt.

“Silence!” Right at this moment, Wang Daolu spoke abruptly, and his voice resounded through the heavens and the earth. “A spar is a spar. What would others think of us by making such noise?”

His expression was stern while the space between his brows was filled with oppressive might, and merely these few words seemed like the voice of a saint that descended from the heavens and completely silenced the clamorous noise in the surroundings.

Everyone didn’t dare speak another word yet flames of rage still lingered in their hearts.

Actually, at the bottom of it all, it was related to Ji Xuanbing’s defeat, and they were unable to accept it. After all, such a matter had never occurred in the Dao discussions of the past.

It was even to the extent that many people grumbled in their hearts. Ji Xuanbing’s loss is related to his lack of accumulation, and it would be impossible for such a matter to occur if Ling Qingwu was sent to participate in the Dao discussion.

Even if Senior Sister Ling Qingwu isn’t at the academy now, a senior expert of the inner court could have been sent to participate instead. Aren’t all those existences in the top ten of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings formidable to the extreme?

Even though Ji Xuanbing is an heir from one of the seven great ancient clans, he’s only just stepped foot into the inner court after all. His accumulation isn’t sufficient…

Of course, this was merely what those students thought in their hearts. Presently, Ji Xuanbing had already lost, so they would naturally not complain about Ji Xuanbing’s lack of ability.

In short, no matter how furious they were, this was the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, and it had to be conducted according to the rules. Otherwise, if news of it were to be spread to the outside world, then it was extremely harmful to Dao Emperor Academy’s reputation.

“Qianshui, speak a little less as well.” On the other side, the instructor that lead the group from Bitter Silence Academy berated Xiao Qianshui as well when he saw Wang Daolu take action.

This instructor had black hair and a beard that was split into three locks, and he was rather learned and refined. His name was Leng Yunsou.

Xiao Qianshui grunted and puckered his lips as he said, “Alright. When I enter the battlefield, I’ll use actions to tell them that some defeats are predetermined.”

After the commotion was calmed down, the Dao discussion continued.

Ji Xuanbing was taken away by an instructor to be treated, whereas Zhao Mengli was working hard to recover her strength. She’d experienced a difficult battle earlier and had exhausted a great deal of energy, and it caused others to worry if she would be able to recover completely before the second round.

Ye Tang was drinking wine from time to time while the trace of a carefree smile that always hung on his face had vanished, and there was only a wisp of calmness and pride.

Zhen Lu was sitting solemnly while similarly recovering his vital energy.

Only Chen Xi was silently observing the battles on the combat arena. His deep and dark eyes and handsome face were covered in an expression of calmness and indifference, and no one was able to guess exactly what he was thinking.

After experiencing Ji Xuanbing’s unexpected defeat, the following battles on the combat arena seemed to be flat, and they lacked the clamorous and bustling atmosphere from before.

Two hours later.

The first round was completed, and seventeen students advanced successfully.

Something worthy of mention was that during the first round of the Dao discussion, the students that suffered the most eliminations were from Cloudmist Academy, Windstream Academy, and Dao Secret Academy instead. A total of thirteen students had been eliminated from their academies.

On the other hand, only a single student each had been eliminated from Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, and Vastsky Academy. Similarly, only a single student from Dao Emperor Academy had been eliminated.

The expressions of the instructors and students from Cloudmist Academy, Windstream Academy, and Dao Secret Academy were extremely unsightly when facing this outcome, and they remained silent while revealing gloomy faces, whereas the students and instructors from Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, and Vastsky Academy were cheering with joy. They were chatting happily with each other while feeling extremely complacent, and it formed a clear contrast.

“Senior, it looks to me like the Sovereign Sect is probably standing behind Bitter Silence Academy, Grand Desolation Academy, and Vastsky Academy.” Suddenly, Chen Xi spoke with a calm voice that carried a trace of piercing coldness.

Wang Daolu nodded while a trace of a heavy expression could be seen between his brows. “Earlier, when I discussed the participants of this Dao discussion with Dean Chi, we only paid attention to Xiao Qianshui. But we never expected that besides him, the other students of these three academies would actually possess such unexpected combat strengths as well.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “We were slightly careless this time.” As he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but sigh. We were really careless.

A single Xiao Qianshui was already a variable, yet now, so many formidable figures have appeared. Yet it just so happens that all of them don’t possess resounding reputations. However, they’re erupting with unexpectedly terrifying combat strengths during the Dao discussion now. It would truly be strange if this wasn’t planned from the shadows by someone else.

“Who cares if it’s a hidden or obvious scheme? Since they dared to scheme against us, then it’s hardly justifiable if they don’t pay the price…” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

The second round of the Dao discussion begun in next to no time.

It was still in the form of drawing lots. However, there was an extra person amongst the possible opponents, Xiao Qianshui.

Chen Xi drew lot number 9, and his opponent was the holder of lot number 10, Yan Yun, a student from Bitter Silence Academy.

According to the order of battles, Chen Xi would fight in the last match for the second round of the Dao discussion.

Yan Yun, Bitter Silence Academy… Chen Xi put the lot away, and a wisp of coldness surged in the depths of his eyes.

But in next to no time, he couldn’t be bothered about considering all of this because the curtains to the first battle of the second round had been drawn. Surprisingly, the two sides to the battle were Dao Emperor Academy’s Ye Tang and Vastsky Academy’s Wan Jiansheng!

A battle between the two blazing suns!

When they found out about this, the spectators instantly exploded into a mighty uproar. No one had imagined that this battle between blazing suns that was anticipated by the entire Immortal Dimension would actually occur so quickly, and it was about to begin during the first match in the second round of the Dao discussion.

Doesn’t this mean that one of them wouldn’t be able to enter the third round of the Dao discussion?

The third round of the Dao discussion was the final vie for supremacy in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. At that time, the final victor would be decided, and that student would become the champion of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion!

Presently, the battle between the two blazing suns was being carried out beforehand in the second round of the Dao discussion. This meant that no matter if it was Ye Tang or Wan Jiansheng, they were bound to lose their chance at becoming the champion before the third round began.

Wang Daolu’s brows knit together even more tightly when facing the outcome of the drawing of the lots, and he couldn’t help but be worried. If Ye Tang loses, then our Dao Emperor Academy will be in danger!

Because besides Wan Jiansheng, those other six academies still have Xiao Qianshui. Once Ye Tang loses, then who would be able to go against the both of them?

Zhen Lu?

Zhao Mengli?

Chen Xi?

Wang Daolu was unable to ascertain it, and it was precisely because of this that he would feel worried.

But no matter what, the situation was already like this, so there was no room for him to continue considering it.

“The first match of the second round, Dao Emperor Academy’s Ye Tang versus Vastsky Academy’s Wan Jiansheng!”

This piece of news spread out of Dao Emperor Academy at the first possible moment, and it caused a mighty uproar in Darkombat City.

At the same time, in a VIP room within Immortal Love Restaurant, a grey clothed middle aged man was holding a wine cup while leaning by the window. He was silently staring into the distance while his eyes were suffused with strands of violet light, and he seemed to be able to see through space and the world.

“Haha! It’s fate. The operation is only a step away from success!” Suddenly, the grey clothed middle aged man laughed lightly. He had an ordinary appearance and wore common clothes, yet when he revealed a wisp of a smile on the corners of his mouth, his disposition instantly changed. He became poised and haughty, and he seemed to possess a supreme aura of arrogance and confidence.

“Martial Uncle Mo Sang…” Meanwhile, a young man entered hastily into the room and intended to report something. However, he was interrupted with a wave of the grey clothed middle aged man’s hand. “I know. There’s no need to speak any further.”

As he spoke, the grey clothed middle aged man turned around and finished the wine in his cup before smacking his lips, and then he pondered deeply before he said, “At this moment, Dao Emperor Academy has definitely noticed some clues. Nevermind, let’s leave right now. If we still don’t leave, then we probably won’t be able to leave once the Dao discussion ends…”

“Martial Uncle Mo Sang, aren’t we going to wait a while longer?” The young man was stunned. He wore clean and neat clothes, had a handsome appearance, a composed disposition, and as his eyes blinked, they emanated strands of ethereal light.

“Wait to be sought out by those old fellows from Dao Emperor Academy?” The grey clothed middle aged man called Mo Sang glanced at the young man.

It was merely a glance, yet it caused the latter’s heart to thump, and he went silent as a cicada in winter before hurriedly bowing as he said, “Disciple realizes his mistake.”

Mo Sang sighed, and then he suddenly asked. “Shitian, you’ve been following by my side for some time now, right?”

“Disciple entered the sect four years ago, and I was fortunate enough to be a follower under Master’s command. During the second year, Master arranged for me to serve by Martial Uncle’s side, and it has already been three years now.” The young man replied respectfully.

“Exactly. You ought to be clearly aware that when our Sovereign Sect does things, then no matter if it succeeds or fails, we must first guarantee that our own lives…aren’t in danger.” Mo Sang patted the young man on the shoulder, and then said slowly, “After all, nothing in this world is more important than your own life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to teleport away. Right at this moment, a shapeless energy fluctuation suddenly appeared within the room, and it enveloped down towards Mo Sang.

“Shit! It’s the aura of an Immortal King. Shitian, leave quickly! Tell your Master, that if I, Mo Sang, die, then it’s definitely Dao Emperor Academy behind it!” In an instant, Mo Sang’s expression turned grim, and he grabbed the young man by his side before swiftly tossing him out of the room.

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