Chapter 1301 – Unexpected Events Occurring Successively

When one was before an absolute chasm, it was bound to be impossible to surmount.

For example, the battle that was occurring at this moment on the combat arena. No matter how firm Zhao Taixing’s will towards the Sword Dao was, he was a realm lower than Wan Jiansheng in the end. To him, Wan Jiansheng was a chasm that was absolutely impossible to surmount.

“Your Sword Insight is too dispersed!”

“Your sword aura is too flat!”

“Too weak!”

On the combat arena, Wan Jiansheng’s indifferent and clear voice sounded out from time to time, and every time his voice resounded, it would definitely be accompanied by Zhao Taixing’s attacks being crushed.

After that, Zhao Taixing would retreat over and over again while coughing up blood, and his countenance became more and more pale.

Everyone present here opened their eyes wide, and they were shocked in their hearts.

They were shocked by how terrifying Wan Jiansheng’s strength was.

Shocked by how extraordinary Zhao Taixing’s will was.


In the end, Zhao Taixing collapsed and was unable to get up any longer. At this moment, he was bathed in blood while his countenance was ghastly pale, and his entire body seemed as if it had fallen apart as he lay there. He was in an extremely miserable and tragic state.

But as he lay there on the combat arena, his lips moved and revealed a heartfelt smile inside. “Senior Brother Wan, thank you.”

As he spoke, he used the last trace of energy in his body to forcefully support himself up, and then he hobbled down with difficulty from the combat arena.

As they gazed at this figure, everyone was perfectly silent. No one ridiculed him nor did they feel pity for him, all they had was respect, respect towards an expert.

Wan Jiansheng wasn’t affected at all when he saw this, and he turned around indifferently and left.

The curtains of this battle were drawn just like this.

Even though it wasn’t necessarily brilliant, yet it shocked the hearts of all.

Only a single person present here was indifferent towards this, and it was Xiao Qianshui. He sneered in his heart and even felt Wan Jiansheng was an enormous idiot because it was obviously a battle that could be ended with a single sword strike, yet Wan Jiansheng had dragged it on for so long. He felt that it was simply a waste of time.

“This is the will to seek knowledge. Every single Grand Dao is different, yet this will to seek knowledge is the same.” Ye Tang raised his head and finished the wine within the gourd, and then he stood up casually before straightening out his clothes. He carried the green blade on his shoulder as he strode forward, and he arrived on the combat arena with this single step.

It was his turn to enter the battlefield this time!

When they saw Ye Tang’s figure appear on the combat arena, the originally deathly silent atmosphere in the surroundings instantly bustled with excitement once more. Especially the students of Dao Emperor Academy, they shouted and cheered with excitement with voices that shook the nine heavens.

Ye Tang!

He was a blazing sun as well. He conducted himself in a carefree, wild, broad-minded, and heroic manner, and his disposition was free like the clouds in the sky. It wasn’t just in Dao Emperor Academy; he was extremely popular even in the entire Immortal Dimension.

This time, his opponent was a student from Windstream Academy, Qi Wanhou.

Chen Xi didn’t pay attention to this battle. Even if the cheers in the surroundings shook the heavens and the atmosphere was bustling extremely with excitement, it was unable to draw even a sliver of his attention.

Because he knew that his Senior Brother Ye Tang would definitely win this battle.

Most importantly, after he witnessed the battle between Zhao Taixing and Wan Jiansheng, he was deeply moved in his heart as well, and he’d inadvertently obtained some comprehensions.

These comprehensions weren’t a sudden enlightenment, and it was merely a completely new understanding of his own Sword Dao, his desire to seek knowledge, his will, his life, and his path towards the Dao.

Gods were inviolable.

The realm of Sword God made all swords submit, and all swords were suppressed and commanded by it.

This was an extremely high level in the Sword Dao. Even though Chen Xi was already standing in the threshold of the realm of Sword God since a long time ago, he’d never understood this might as clearly as he did at this moment.

What was a Sword God?

It wasn’t emotionless nor supreme. It was a type of great will, a will to not look down while standing at the peak but instead look towards the starry sky that stood higher above!

The peak wasn’t the end.

Perhaps the final profundities lay in the starry sky, and the will to seek knowledge was the bridge to explore the starry sky.

The peak of the Sword Dao was the realm of Supreme Grandmaster, the starry sky was the realm of Sword God, and the will to seek knowledge was the only path towards the realm of Sword God!

The starry sky was boundless, so even if one stood proudly on the peak, how could one compare to it?

This was the realm of Sword God, it made all swords submit to it, and they could only look up to it yet were unable to rival it.

These comprehensions reverberated over and over again within his mind. At this moment, Chen Xi’s heart had become pure, translucent, clear, and untainted, and a unique aura silently suffused his calm expression.

Hmm? Wang Daolu seemed to have noticed something, and he moved his gaze from the combat arena towards Chen Xi. After that, a wisp of extraordinary splendor erupted in the depths of his eyes.

In his eyes, the clamorous noise in the surroundings, the battle on the combat arena, and the roiling clouds in the sky seemed to move away from Chen Xi and were unable to approach him.

Could it be that this little fellow obtained another breakthrough? At this moment, a trace of envy couldn’t help but suffuse Wang Daolu’s heart. He can even obtain a breakthrough while participating in a Dao discussion, this little fellow really is a freak.

Even though he thought like this in his heart, Wang Daolu wasn’t slow in taking action at all. He silently emanated a shapeless force to envelop Chen Xi to avoid him being disturbed.

Along with the passage of time, battle after battle occurred, and each of them had their own varying levels of intensity, causing all the spectators to cry with enjoyment and become completely immersed in it.

Ye Tang naturally won as expected.

Zhen Lu defeated his opponent as well.

However, when it was Zhao Mengli’s turn, she almost lost.

Her opponent was a young man from Grand Desolation Academy called Song Yunqiao. He wasn’t one of the best students in Grand Desolation Academy, yet he erupted with astounding combat strength in his battle against Zhao Mengli, and it caused waves of excited shouts to arise in the surroundings.

After all, Zhao Mengli had relied on Chen Xi’s Dark Parasol Sapling to break through into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm in one go. Moreover, she even possessed some supreme secret techniques of the Phoenix Clan, so her strength had ascended to the ranks of the top in Dao Emperor Academy. However, she’d almost lost in this battle, so it naturally shocked everyone to the extreme.

Even Wang Daolu frowned when he witnessed this scene. It had slightly exceeded his expectations, and he faintly felt that the information he possessed seemed to not be so accurate.

For example, in the information he possessed, Song Yunqiao didn’t even possess the qualifications to go against the students in the top thirty positions of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, yet the combat strength Song Yunqiao revealed was more than a little bit stronger than expected.

All of this caused a bad premonition to inexplicably arise in Wang Daolu’s heart.

Moreover, after Ji Xuanbing’s battle began, Wang Daolu’s face instantly sank. He had an even deeper feeling that the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time seemed to have faintly moved away from the various situations he expected.

The reason was very simple, Ji Xuanbing’s opponent was a student called Wang Xuechong from Bitter Silence Academy, and he was also a figure on par with Song Yunqiao.

However, such a figure had actually pressured Ji Xuanbing to the point he was suppressed in all aspects!

How could this be possible?

It wasn’t just Wang Daolu who was surprised, even the numerous instructors and students of Dao Emperor Academy that were present in the surroundings had never imagined that such a scene would appear.

The atmosphere became oppressive and strange, and the bustling atmosphere from before had vanished.

Conversely, no matter if it was the senior instructor that led the students or the students of Bitter Silence Academy, all of them had relaxed expressions and seemed to have expected this scene since the beginning.

Could this have been a planned operation? Wang Daolu’s gaze swept past Wang Xuechong, Song Yunqiao, Xiao Qianshui, Wan Jiansheng, and the other students of the six academies, and then he acutely noticed something.

Xiao Qianshui and Wang Xuechong were both from Bitter Silence Academy.

Song Yunqiao was from Grand Desolation Academy.

Wan Jiansheng was from Vastsky Academy.

Xiao Qianshui hadn’t entered into the battlefield yet, but it was undoubtable that he was absolutely a formidable figure on par with Wan Jiansheng.

On the other hand, even though Wan Jiansheng hadn’t fought the students of Dao Emperor Academy yet, they would definitely encounter each other in the subsequent battles of the Dao discussion.

Even though Zhao Mengli had a close victory against Song Yunqiao, he’d erupted with unexpected combat strength, yet now, Wang Xuechong had done the same as well and even pressured Ji Xuanbing to the point of being suppressed in all aspects.

This isn’t normal at all!

“Xiao Qianshui, Song Yunqiao, and Wang Xuechong are all figures with ordinary reputations, and they’re even from Bitter Silence, Vastsky, and Grand Desolation Academies. It would be strange if they weren’t put up to this by someone else.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d been meditating all along had spoken abruptly. His eyes were deep and piercingly cold as he said, “I even suspect that it might be the Sovereign Sect that’s standing behind all of them.”

Wang Daolu was shocked in his heart upon hearing this. However, before he could say anything in reply, an unexpected event suddenly occurred on the combat arena.

Ji Xuanbing was actually forcefully blasted off the combat arena by a sword strike from Wang Xuechong!

Exclaims of shock instantly resounded when the spectators witnessed this scene, and many students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy stood up with disbelief.

In the first round of the Dao discussion, the heir of one of the seven great ancient clans, Ji Xuanbing of the Ji Clan, had actually lost at the hands of a student from Bitter Silence Academy! This was something that had never occurred in the Dao discussion of the past!

Because in the Dao discussions of the past, the students from Dao Emperor Academy that participated in the Dao discussion had never been eliminated in the first round, never!


Wang Daolu’s figure flashed and caught Ji Xuanbing before returning onto the auspicious cloud. When he clearly inspected Ji Xuanbing’s injuries, his expression was extremely gloomy.

Ji Xuanbing was very heavily injured!

Ji Xuanbing’s vital energy was flagging while his countenance was pale as a sheet of paper, and countless ribs on his chest had been broken. He was completely bathed in blood and was in a miserable state that others simply couldn’t bear to look at.

In an instant, even the expressions of Chen Xi, Ye Tang, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu turned gloomy, and their eyes surged with coldness. How ruthless!

“I…already…already tried my best. Yet I never expected…he…would actually be much stronger than expected. I’ve…dragged everyone down…” Ji Xuanbing spoke intermittently, and his voice was sad and hoarse.

Chen Xi held Ji Xuanbing’s hand and took a deep breath before he said word by word, “It’s not your fault. Trust me, I’ll make all of them pay the price!”

Ji Xuanbing revealed a sad smile, and then he opened his mouth with the intention of speaking, yet Chen Xi executed a secret technique that made him fall into deep sleep. He’d suffered an injury that was too heavy, so he had to be healed immediately.

“Haha! I’ve said it since the beginning! The situation of the past is bound to be turned around during this Seven Academy Dao Discussion, and your Dao Emperor Academy will suffer an overwhelming defeat! Now, this is merely the beginning.” Xiao Qianshui’s sharp, gloomy, and roaring laughter resounded from afar.

As soon as these words were spoken, all the students and instructors of Dao Emperor Academy in the surroundings were furious.

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