Chapter 1300 – Vie For Supremacy In The Sword Dao

Chen Xi won!

Moreover, he’d won barehanded!

When they saw such a scene, the students of Dao Emperor Academy that were spectating from the surroundings cheered loudly with joy, and even some instructors smiled while praising Chen Xi without end.

Actually, this battle couldn’t be said to be interesting. Especially because Chen Xi had adopted a combat strategy of dodging since it began, he seemed as if he was dancing on the tip of a blade and it truly caused others to break out in cold sweat for him.

The truly interesting part of the battle was the final moment, Chen Xi’s ferocious attack seemed to have been executed casually, yet it truly contained an all-powerful might to defeat his opponent in one go.

Especially that final scene where Chen Xi tore space apart and captured Qin Ling, it was simply peerlessly domineering and overbearing to the limit. His domineering demeanor was bound to be etched into the memories of many people.

Compared to this expanse of cheering, on the auspicious clouds on the western side of the combat arena, the expression of Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng was slightly gloomy. Losing the first battle caused him to feel slightly ashamed.

But there was nothing he could do about it because even he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s ability before the battle began, let alone Qin Ling!

“Hmph! His movement technique isn’t bad, but if he encounters me, then he’s bound to be terribly humiliated!” As he listened to the rumbling cheering in the surroundings, Bitter Silence Academy’s Xiao Qianshui laughed coldly, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi was faintly filled with viciousness.


The Dao Bell of Vie resounded through the nine heavens, and it instantly swept through the entirety of Dao Emperor Academy and spread into Darkombat City — "The first Dao discussion, the victor is Dao Emperor Academy’s Chen Xi, the defeated is Vastsky Academy’s Qin Ling!”

“The second Dao discussion, Dao Secret Academy’s Leng Xi against Windstream Academy’s Lin Miaoxin.”

After Chen Xi and Qin Ling left the combat arena, another man and woman ascended it, and an intense battle unfolded between them.

“You did well in this battle. Quickly make the best use of your time to recover your strength and prepare for the second round.” After Chen Xi returned, Wang Daolu spoke with a smile and instructed him to meditate and recover.

Chen Xi nodded, and he sat cross-legged before a table at one side of the auspicious cloud. Actually, he didn’t exhaust much strength during this battle, and it was even to the extent that he hadn’t utilized his full strength. So resting or not didn’t make a difference.

“Junior Brother, do you want a drink?” Ye Tang turned around and smiled as he passed the wine gourd over.

Chen Xi directly received it and gulped a few mouthfuls down before he smacked his lips and praised. “This wine is pungent and rich, yet it goes smoothly down the throat. It really is good wine.”

Ye Tang roared with laughter, and he felt that this Junior Brother Chen Xi before him really suited his temper.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, I watched your battle from before. You seem to have not utilized your full strength yet?” Ye Tang asked casually. To a figure of his level, the battle that was being carried out right now wasn’t worthy of his attention, so he started chatting with Chen Xi instead.

“Yes.” Chen Xi nodded and didn’t conceal it, and then he said with a smile, “Senior Brother Ye Tang, do you have some guidance to provide me?”

Ye Tang was speechless, and he shook his head as he said, “Even I can’t see through Junior Brother’s current strength, so how can I provide you with guidance? Even if I had a battle against you, I don’t have any confidence in being able to firmly grasp the final victory.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the nearby Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu to be slightly surprised. They’d never imagined that Ye Tang’s evaluation of Chen Xi would be so high.

However, they came to an understanding when they thought about it. Chen Xi had just entered the academy for a few years, yet his cultivation had stepped into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm from the Mysterious Immortal Realm. Such a speed of cultivation could be described as capable of shocking the world.

Because it still wasn’t their turns to enter the arena and spar with their opponents, all of them seized this rare moment of free time to chat with each other, and the topic of their conversation was their cultivation experience.

Even if it was Chen Xi, he felt that he’d benefited greatly from this chat.

Even though everyone had a path of cultivation of their own that couldn’t be replicated, they could still draw experience from each other. As it was said, one should draw inferences and learn from the experience of others.

On the other hand, some unique opinions of Chen Xi’s caused Ye Tang and the others to endlessly click their tongues with admiration. All of them seemed as if they’d benefitted from Chen Xi’s words, and they had a deeper feeling that Chen Xi was unfathomable. Moreover, they felt extreme admiration towards Chen Xi in their hearts and felt that it was absolutely not luck that allowed Chen Xi to attain his current accomplishments.

All of them were peerless geniuses, and it was absolutely difficult to make them admire one of their peers.

Yet now, Chen Xi had accomplished just that, and it was something that was worthy of being proud of.

“Wan Jiansheng has entered the arena!” Suddenly, a wave of agitated voices suddenly erupted from the surroundings of the combat arena.

This scene similarly drew the attention of Chen Xi and the others, so they shot their gazes over to the distant combat arena in unison.

Wan Jiansheng!

One of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, a peerless figure in the Sword Dao!

At this moment, no one could ignore the scene of his imminent battle.

On the combat arena, Wan Jiansheng crossed his arms before his chest while he carried a sheathed sword on his ramrod straight back. The blood red tassels on the sword fluttered, causing him to reveal an even more extraordinary bearing.

He just stood there like that, yet when the gazes of everyone shot towards him, it was like they were looking at a peerless sword that was about to reveal its edge!

Wan Jiansheng’s opponent was a student from Cloudmist Academy, and his name was Zhao Taixing. Zhao Taixing was a top expert renowned in Cloudmist Academy, yet he seemed to slightly dim in comparison before a blazing sun like Wan Jiansheng.

However, this was the opinion of outsiders. At this moment, Zhao Taixing didn’t reveal even a trace of fear as he faced Wan Jiansheng, and he revealed an extremely formidable cultivation in the Dao Heart and will.

At this moment, the surroundings were perfectly silent.

On the other hand, a confrontational atmosphere silently effused out from the combat arena.


Zhao Taixing made the first move. He actually cultivated in the Sword Dao as well, and he withdrew an immortal sword. The sword was completely silvery white and suffused with a snow white and dazzling glow. At the same time, the aura effused from his body suddenly became murderous, cold, and fierce, causing the space in the surroundings to emanated sharp noises that tore at one’s eardrums.

When they saw such a scene, everyone in the surroundings was filled with anticipation. They opened their eyes wide and weren’t willing to miss even the slightest detail because this was a collision between top Sword Immortals, and it was rare to come by in a thousand years!

However, to the surprise of everyone, Wan Jiansheng remained indifferent when facing Zhao Taixing that was accumulating strength, and he continued to carry the sheathed immortal sword on his back and wasn’t anxious to make a move.

He just stared at Zhao Taixing and observed him for a moment before he said in an indifferent tone, “Do you know the consequences of using a sword against me?”

Zhao Taixing’s eyes narrowed, and he went silent for a moment before he said, “I do. I’d either die or have my confidence crushed while a wisp of a shadow that’s impossible to be eliminated will cover my heart, causing me to be forever unable to ascend to the peak of the Sword Dao.”

Wan Jiansheng said, “Then why do you still choose to use a sword?”

Zhao Taixing raised his head, and he suddenly revealed a firm expression. “This is a Dao discussion, and I want to discuss the Sword Dao with Senior Brother Wan. I don’t care about the outcome, and all I desire is a battle!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it aroused a trace of a complicated feeling in the hearts of all. They seemed to have been moved by this extraordinary and firm spirit towards the Sword Dao and perhaps they felt a trace of admiration towards him.

“This kid isn’t bad. If I have the chance, I’d like to invite him for a drink.” Ye Tang spoke with a serious expression, and it was a rare moment where he spoke seriously.

Chen Xi nodded in his heart as well. Even though Zhao Taixing’s reputation couldn’t compare to Wan Jiansheng, and it even dimmed in comparison, yet his firm will towards the Sword Dao was very rare and precious.

Perhaps a figure like this wouldn’t soar into the sky with a single jump, yet so long as he doesn’t perish while moving step by step on his path, then he would be bound to establish glory of his own.

This was the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. All those that participated were the top students in the younger generation of the Immortal Dimension. It wasn’t difficult to notice a common characteristic amongst them, and it was that all of them had something they persisted on…and pride!

Perhaps, there were all sorts of gaps between each and every one of them, but it was undeniable that the students who were able to participate in the Dao discussion this time were capable of standing proudly above most of their peers while residing anywhere else in the Immortal Dimension.

“Make your move.” Wan Jiansheng remained indifferent as before, and his lips that were thin like the edge of a blade lightly spat out three words.


Zhao Taixing didn’t speak any further before attacking. His figure flashed while his snow white sword tore through the sky. In an instant, it seemed as if large snowflakes were drifting down from the sky, and every single snowflake carried a wisp of extremely fierce and swift sword qi!

The veil of sword qi was like snow, and it pressed down from the sky!

At this moment, even many students that were observing from outside the combat arena clearly felt bone piercing coldness assaulting them, and their entire bodies couldn’t help but tremble.

But in next to no time, along with the activation of the restrictions that covered the combat arena, this bone piercing coldness vanished without a trace. This sword strike was actually capable of activating the restrictions of the combat arena to defend against it, and it obviously showed how extraordinary the might of Zhao Taixing’s Sword Dao was.

“Not bad, it’s the Supreme Grandmaster Realm.” Chen Xi determined Zhao Taixing’s cultivation in the Sword Dao with a single glance. It wasn’t because his gaze was discerning, but because he’d experienced this realm. Presently, he was standing in the threshold of the realm of Sword God, so he was naturally able to easily determine the strength of Zhao Taixing’s Sword Dao.

“Flashy but without substance.” Wan Jiansheng frowned instead when facing the snowflakes that covered the sky, and he pressed his fingers into the shape of sword before slashing casually as if he was casually creating a painting.

A strand of sword qi that was pure, clean, fierce, and swift tore through the sky.

In an instant, it annihilated the snowflakes that covered the sky!

When they saw such a straightforward and otherworldly scene, everyone present was shocked and almost didn’t dare believe their eyes.

A casual strike actually possessed such a might. Wan Jiansheng really deserves to be a formidable figure ranked amongst the six great blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension!

“The realm of Sword God!” At practically the exact same time, Chen Xi and Ye Tang recognized the true might that was contained within this strand of sword qi, and both their eyes narrowed slightly.

As it was said, gods were inviolable. Once one attained the realm of Sword God, all swords would submit. If one couldn’t go against Wan Jiansheng with one’s cultivation realm, then one was bound to be in a suppressed state!

Moreover, that casual strike from before clearly displayed how terrifying the realm of Sword God was.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Meanwhile, Zhao Taixing’s figure took three steps back uncontrollably, and a strand of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. However, his eyes instantly became extremely bright.

The realm of Sword God!

Isn’t it exactly what I’ve been bitterly and diligently seeking all these years?

“Again!” Zhao Taixing wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth while his long hair fluttered, and his expression was firm and fearless as he held his sword and attacked once more!

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