Chapter 1300 – Vie For Supremacy In The Sword Dao

Chen Xi won!

Moreover, he’d won barehanded!

When they saw such a scene, the students of Dao Emperor Academy that were spectating from the surroundings cheered loudly with joy, and even some instructors smiled while praising Chen Xi without end.

Actually, this battle couldn’t be said to be interesting. Especially because Chen Xi had adopted a combat strategy of dodging since it began, he seemed as if he was dancing on the tip of a blade and it truly caused others to break out in cold sweat for him.

The truly interesting part of the battle was the final moment, Chen Xi’s ferocious attack seemed to have been executed casually, yet it truly contained an all-powerful might to defeat his opponent in one go.

Especially that final scene where Chen Xi tore space apart and captured Qin Ling, it was simply peerlessly domineering and overbearing to the limit. His domineering demeanor was bound to be etched into the memories of many people.

Compared to this expanse of cheering, on the auspicious clouds on the western side of the combat arena, the expression of Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng was slightly gloomy. Losing the first battle caused him to feel slightly ashamed.

But there was nothing he could do about it because even he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s ability before the battle began, let alone...

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