Chapter 1299 – The Might Of Space

Beneath the sky and above the enormous combat arena.

Chen Xi and Qin Ling stood in confrontation from afar.

At this moment, the surroundings were perfectly silent while countless gazes that weren’t willing to miss the slightest detail descended onto the combat arena in succession.

Because this was the first battle of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. Most importantly, one of the participants in the battle was a student of Dao Emperor Academy that was renowned throughout the world, Chen Xi!

No one dared to overlook a new upstart in the Immortal Dimension that rose like a shooting star.

This included the instructors and students of the six academies. Because early on during the exam at the Outerealm Battlefield, Chen Xi had overpowered all of them and killed countless students from their academies. Moreover, he even seized a few ancient immortal treasures of theirs, so how could they possibly forget this ruthless young man?

On the combat arena, Chen Xi was sizing up his opponent.

It was an extremely ferocious young man with a robust figure and thick bones. His long hair was tied into a ponytail that swayed behind him, and he casually played with a delicate little axe in his hands while his entire body emanated a decisive, mighty, and steady aura.

His aura was...

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