Chapter 1299 – The Might Of Space

Beneath the sky and above the enormous combat arena.

Chen Xi and Qin Ling stood in confrontation from afar.

At this moment, the surroundings were perfectly silent while countless gazes that weren’t willing to miss the slightest detail descended onto the combat arena in succession.

Because this was the first battle of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. Most importantly, one of the participants in the battle was a student of Dao Emperor Academy that was renowned throughout the world, Chen Xi!

No one dared to overlook a new upstart in the Immortal Dimension that rose like a shooting star.

This included the instructors and students of the six academies. Because early on during the exam at the Outerealm Battlefield, Chen Xi had overpowered all of them and killed countless students from their academies. Moreover, he even seized a few ancient immortal treasures of theirs, so how could they possibly forget this ruthless young man?

On the combat arena, Chen Xi was sizing up his opponent.

It was an extremely ferocious young man with a robust figure and thick bones. His long hair was tied into a ponytail that swayed behind him, and he casually played with a delicate little axe in his hands while his entire body emanated a decisive, mighty, and steady aura.

His aura was heavy like a mountain that reached the skies, and it caused others to feel an immovable spirit coming from him.

He was Qin Ling.

According to Chen Xi’s understanding from before, his position in the younger generation of Vastsky Academy could absolutely be ranked in the top three. Even though Qin Ling wasn’t as brilliant as the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, he couldn’t be underestimated at all.

Of course, all of this was nothing to Chen Xi, and it even couldn’t cause the slightest ripple in Chen Xi’s heart.

After all, he’d cultivated behind closed doors in the world of stars for over two years. He hadn’t just advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm; he’d even obtained a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao from the River Diagram fragments. His strength had attained a transformation akin to rebirth, so he couldn’t be compared to before at all.

As Chen Xi sized Qin Ling up, the latter was sizing him up as well.

After a short moment, a wisp of a cold smile suddenly appeared on the corners of Qin Ling’s mouth, and he said in a deep voice, “You ought to still remember what happened in the Outerealm Battlefield, right?”

Chen Xi nodded and said casually, “I killed a few bastards that deserved death and seized some treasures that I should seize. What? You have an objection?”

Qin Ling’s face sank. “Killing! Stealing! Such cruel and bloody actions! Yet you’re actually smug about it? You’re simply shameless!”

Chen Xi smiled and said, “Friend, this is the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. If you want to pursue matters of the past, then you can feel free to come looking for me in private. Speaking of things like this now spoils the mood of this grand event.”

When they heard Chen Xi, all the students of Dao Emperor Academy that were spectating in the surroundings roared with laughter, and someone even yelled. “Are you going to fight or not? If you aren’t, then admit defeat! Don’t waste Senior Brother Chen Xi’s time!”

“Right! Everyone’s time is valuable. We didn’t come here to listen to your nonsense!”

Many people chimed in successively as well.

Qin Ling frowned while his expression turned slightly unsightly. His eyes were suffused with coldness while his imposing aura suddenly rumbled, and then it emanated a heavy and condensed aura of slaughter and ruthlessness.

“Chen Xi, don’t you think being able to be the first to encounter you is an opportunity bestowed by the heavens to me!? This time, I won’t just defeat you, I’ll even avenge my fallen brothers!” Qin Ling suddenly shouted loudly before he stomped heavily on the ground. His entire body emanated surging divine radiance, and he seemed like a furious god as he charged explosively at Chen Xi.


As soon as he moved, the delicate little axe he was playing with in his hand suddenly enlarged explosively, and it actually instantly transformed into a 3m long axe. The axe head was like a crescent and flowed with a myriad of strands of violent brilliance. Everywhere it passed, space was crushed apart, and it carried an extremely shocking impetus.

When they saw this scene, all the spectators that were endlessly ridiculing Qin Ling felt their hearts shake, and they restrained their smiles while they revealed serious expressions.

One could discern the ability of an expert as soon as the expert made a move.

The imposing aura Qin Ling revealed at this moment was boundlessly mighty, courageous, and domineering. It revealed a terrifying ferocious aura, and even if it was in Dao Emperor Academy, such might was sufficient to be ranked at the top twenty of the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings!

“Qin Ling, not bad. Even though Chen Xi is well known, he has just entered the inner court of Dao Emperor Academy in the end. He still doesn’t have sufficient ability to go against Qin Ling.” On the western side of the combat arena and on the auspicious cloud, Eccentric Feng stroked his beard as he smiled, and he nodded endlessly in his heart.

He’d heard of Chen Xi’s reputation as well. Disregarding Chen Xi’s brilliant reputation, Chen Xi was only a new student in Dao Emperor Academy that had only entered the academy for a few years, whereas Qin Ling had cultivated in Vastsky Academy for a thousand years!

How could a new student possibly compare to a thousand years of accumulation?

Unfortunately, he hadn’t heard what Wang Daolu once said — The amount of time one cultivated couldn’t determine the ability of an expert.

You want to take revenge? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?

Chen Xi remained indifferent when faced with this, and his handsome face was completely calm. His figure only flashed when Qin Ling’s attack was about to reach him.


Chen Xi’s figure vanished into thin air. In the next moment, he’d appeared by Qin Ling’s side, and then he formed a sword with his finger before suddenly slashing out with a strand of sword qi.

Qin Ling grunted coldly. The enormous axe in his hand spun as he swung it out horizontally, and it tore a terrifying rift in space while divine brilliance rumbled and surged from it.


An enormous bang resounded as the axe head and sword qi collided, and they erupted with a myriad of strands of divine radiance that swept through the entire combat arena.

“Could it be that you intend to fight me barehanded? You’re simply too arrogant!” Qin Ling didn’t wait for his attack to be completely executed before he chopped down towards Chen Xi once more. His attacks carried peerless might and were executed with large swings, and it faintly carried an oppressive imposing aura of total annihilation.


Chen Xi casually slapped with his hand and easily dealt with Qin Ling’s attack. After that, his figure flashed before he vanished once more into thin air, causing Qin Ling’s next round of attacks to hit nothing but air.

To Chen Xi that possessed the Spatial Divine Crest, executing teleportation was like a fish swimming in water, and there was no obstruction at all. Moreover, he could use the energy of space at all times. If it was in the outside world, Qin Ling wouldn’t even be able to touch his clothes.

After all, even though the combat arena was extremely enormous, it was still restricting to experts of their level.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the eyes of all the spectators, Chen Xi was like an ethereal strand of smoke. He flickered repeatedly on the combat arena, and he moved so swiftly that others couldn’t ascertain his exact location.

Under such circumstances, even though Qin Ling’s attacks were executed in large swings, it was easily avoided by Chen Xi every single time. He seemed as if he was dancing on the tip of a blade, and it caused many to break out in cold sweat for him.

“Chen Xi’s combat strategy is slightly risky.” On the auspicious cloud on the eastern side of the combat arena, Ji Xuanbing’s eyes stared fixedly at the battlefield, and he was slightly unable to figure out why Chen Xi didn’t take the initiative to attack yet was using dodging as his combat strategy.

“He’s probing Qin Ling’s strength. At the same time, he’s looking for an opportunity to defeat Qin Ling with one strike.” Ye Tang smiled lightly, and then raised up his wine gourd to take a few mouthfuls before he smacked his lips and said, “Of course, he’s doing this to conserve his strength. After all, it’s only the first round of the Dao discussion. Perhaps in Junior Brother Chen Xi’s opinion, the final round is the time for him to reveal his ability.”

In a few words, Ye Tang had clearly analyzed the situation of the battle, causing Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu to feel extreme admiration in their hearts while the worry they had for Chen Xi was greatly dispelled.

“Have all of you not noticed? Chen Xi has advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm.” Suddenly, Wang Daolu spoke while he couldn’t help but reveal a trace of shock.

At this moment, he finally understood why the Dean would personally order for Chen Xi to participate in the Dao discussion. Perhaps the Dean expected such a scene since the beginning?


Besides Ye Tang who was still smiling silently, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu were shocked when they heard this. This fellow just advanced into the intermediate-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm less than a year ago, yet he actually…advanced once more?

For a time, even they couldn’t help but be envious of Chen Xi. This speed of advancement is simply too abnormal!

Suddenly, Chen Xi’s voice resounded on the combat arena, and it drew the attention of everyone. “So what if I’m barehanded? Defeating you is as easy as flipping my palm!”

His voice had just resounded when Chen Xi’s figure suddenly flashed into appearance from within space, and he arrived in front of Qin Ling before slapping out with his palm. His palm smashed the violet axe in Qin Ling’s hand aside before transforming into a claw that suddenly locked onto Qin Ling’s throat!

This scene occurred too quickly, quickly to the point that most of the people present weren’t able to react to it, and they unconsciously exclaimed with shock.

“Hmph!” At this moment, Qin Ling’s expression turned grim as well. However, Qin Ling who was a veteran in combat possessed an enormous amount of combat experience. At this critical moment, his figure suddenly shrunk back, and then his back struck fiercely toward the space behind him before his figure suddenly vanished into thin air. He’d actually executed teleportation and avoided this extremely dangerous strike.

When they saw this, some people felt regretful for Chen Xi while others heaved a sigh of relief for Qin Ling.

However, the scene that occurred next caused all of their expressions to freeze on their faces. They saw Chen Xi’s right palm that had formed into a claw lightly tear space apart before directly entering into it, and then Chen Xi lightly dragged with his hand and dragged a robust figure out.

Shockingly, it was Qin Ling who’d just teleported away!

However, at this moment, his throat was held by Chen Xi while his face had flushed red from suffocation. He was utterly unable to arouse even a trace of strength, let alone struggle free.

Especially because Chen Xi’s right hand was choking his throat tightly, and the slightest use of strength could take his life. It caused him to not dare struggle violently as he was deeply afraid Chen Xi would arouse killing intent towards him.

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked speechless when they saw such a scene.

Even the seniors that were watching the battle couldn’t help but be astounded, and they were slightly surprised by the all-powerful and terrifying strength Chen Xi revealed at this moment.

Chen Xi on the other hand wasn’t really surprised. He’d once used such a method to kill more than one person because there was always someone that tried to teleport away before him. Unfortunately, none of them were able to succeed.

In the past, it was because he possessed the Eye of Divine Truth that was capable of seeing through reality. Now, he was even more formidable as he’d possessed the Spatial Divine Crest, and it allowed his understanding of space to far exceed his peers.

Under such circumstances, how could Qin Ling possibly avoid Chen Xi’s attack?


Chen Xi casually tossed Qin Ling onto the combat arena before he patted his hands and said with a smile, “Sorry, I wasn’t able to allow you to avenge your junior brothers. If you’re unwilling to accept this, then you can come look for me in private.”

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