Chapter 1298 – Qin Ling

Wan Jiansheng!

Ye Tang!

They were publicly acknowledged blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension. When they met at this moment, it instantly caused a change in their imposing aura. Even though it was soundless, yet it caused the hearts of everyone in the vicinity to palpitate for no rhyme or reason.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as before when facing this unexpected event because a competition of auras between these sort of peak experts was like a cool breeze blowing on a mountain to Chen Xi, who’d advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, and it was utterly unable to affect him at all.

“The prize? Haha! Everyone, please wait and see, it’ll definitely not disappoint everyone.” Right at this moment, Wang Daolu laughed loudly as he spoke, and his voice carried a tune of the Dao that reverberated through the surroundings. Moreover, it shapelessly dispersed the competing auras of Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng.

Wan Jiansheng’s eyelids drooped when he noticed this and withdrew his gaze. He was like a peerless sword that had entered its sheath, and the murderous, icy cold, fierce, and overbearing aura that he emanated had vanished completely while he became calm like a lake.

His aura was controlled at will!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart. Wan Jiansheng deserves to be one of the six blazing suns. Merely the control of his aura obviously displays how formidable his strength is.

At the same time, Ye Tang smiled lightheartedly and held up a wine gourd before drinking large mouthfuls from it, and his jet black hair fluttered while he revealed a heroic and wild bearing.

“Brother Daolu’s words really fills us with anticipation.” Eccentric Feng took a quick glance at Chen Xi and the others before laughing lightly, and his fierce face revealed a wisp of a smile that carried deep meaning.

“I’m full of anticipation as well.” Wang Daolu smiled.

Meanwhile, the instructors of the other academies and their students converged as well.

Wang Daolu smiled as he engaged in small talk with the instructors of the other six academies while the students of the academies sized up and observed each other with gazes that carried the hostility and the intent to vie for supremacy.

“Chen Xi, look. Just like the Dao discussions of the past, the students of all these six academies take our Dao Emperor Academy to be their enemy, and they wish for nothing more than to provoke us with their gazes.” Ji Xuanbing smiled lightly as he sent Chen Xi a voice transmission.

Chen Xi nodded. He’d similarly noticed this, but he didn’t have the mood to use his gaze to provoke and compete with the others.

Meanwhile, a gloomy and sharp voice suddenly resounded. “Hmph! The Dao discussion this time is unlike the past. Fellow Daoists of Dao Emperor Academy, all of you have to watch out!”

Everyone was slightly stunned when they heard such provocative words, and they looked over towards the source of the voice. They saw a green robed man standing proudly with his hands behind his back amongst the students of Bitter Silence Academy.

His face was narrow and thin while his lips were narrow and pale. His eyes were long and fine, and they were suffused with a terrifying cold glow that seemed like lightning. Moreover, his entire body was suffused with a vicious aura that was icy cold and emotionless, and it caused the hearts of others to palpitate.

When he noticed the gazes of the students from Dao Emperor Academy shooting towards him, the green robed young man revealed a ghastly smile and a mouthful of sharp and snow white teeth. His voice was gloomy and sharp as he said in a slow manner, “This time, I, Xiao Qianshui, will turn the situation around, and I’ll defeat all of you one by one in your own territory to seize the title of champion!”

He spoke word by word while revealing a calm yet terrifying and gloomy aura, and it seemed like a venomous snake was targeting them from the shadows, causing them to feel uncomfortable.

This green robed young man who called himself Xiao Qianshui didn’t restrain his voice, so it wasn’t just all the seniors and students on the combat arena that heard him, even all the spectators beneath the combat arena heard him as well. Instantly, the crowd exploded into an uproar.

“Who’s this fellow? What high sounding sentiments!”

“Xiao Qianshui? Hmph! He’s just a nobody. Who does he think he is?”

“He’s really tired of living to actually dare to provoke us like this on our own territory. This fellow really deserves a beating.”

“Have all of you heard of this fellow?”

The sounds of animated discussion resounded throughout the surroundings. All the students of Dao Emperor Academy were extremely furious, yet very few of them were able to recognize the young man.

On the other hand, Ye Tang and the others on the combat arena were stunned, yet they didn’t become enraged, and they just felt it was slightly amusing. This bastard really can brag without blushing!

“Brother Ji, do you know him?” Chen Xi frowned because he faintly sensed that things weren’t as good as it seemed. Xiao Qianshui seemed to be too calm and composed, and he seemed like he wasn’t making an empty show of strength.

Especially because Chen Xi acutely noticed that when faced with what Xiao Qianshui said, the expressions of all the students of Bitter Silence Academy remained as they were before, and they didn’t feel anything was wrong with what the young man said. Moreover, even the senior that led the group from Bitter Silence Academy only smiled, yet he didn’t berate or say anything to the young man.

This string of details caused Chen Xi to notice a trace of unusualness, and he frowned without end.

“I don’t. I’d definitely recognize him if he’s someone renowned in Bitter Silence Academy.” Ji Xuanbing shook his head, and then he seemed to have realized something, causing his brows to raise as he said, “After hearing your question, I feel it’s slightly strange as well. This is the Seven Academy Dao Discussion that receives the attention of the entire Immortal Dimension. Bitter Silence Academy definitely wouldn’t send out an idiot to participate in it…” When he spoke up to here, Ji Xuanbing realized as well that the appearance of this green robed young man called Xiao Qianshui was a bit too sudden.

Chen Xi glanced at Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, and Zhao Mengli, and he noticed that they’d realized something wasn’t right as well because their expressions carried a trace of bewilderment.

Looks like it’s extremely likely that this Xiao Qianshui is a trump card Bitter Silence Academy prepared? But the Dao discussion hasn’t even begun, yet this fellow directly provoked the academy. Isn’t he slightly lacking in patience? Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, but he quickly shook his head and paid no further attention to Xiao Qianshui.

At the same time, Wang Daolu glanced at the green robed young man, and he recalled some secrets that Zuoqiu Taiwu had told him that day, causing his brows to faintly knit together.

“All of you must watch out for this Xiao Qianshui. According to the information we’ve obtained, his strength is probably not inferior to Wan Jiansheng.” In the next moment, Wang Daolu’s voice transmission resounded simultaneously in the ears of Chen Xi, Ye Tang, and the others. “The Sovereign Sect might be behind this, so all of you must be careful.”

Chen Xi and the others were shocked in their hearts upon hearing this. This was absolutely a shocking piece of information because an unknown student of Bitter Silence Academy possessed a strength comparable to Wan Jiansheng, and this was indeed something that could shock anyone.

If it was only that, then it wouldn’t be sufficient to shock Chen Xi too much. The thing that truly shocked Chen Xi was that it involved the Sovereign Sect!

After all, the fall of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, the Chaotic Divine Lotus, and the death of Evil Lotus was greatly related to the Sovereign Sect. Chen Xi hated and detested this supreme sect of the three dimensions from the bottom of his heart.

But Chen Xi had never expected that the forces of the Sovereign Sect would appear in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion!

Looks like this Xiao Qianshui might be a pawn the Sovereign Sect placed within Bitter Silence Academy? No wonder he dared to boast like that… This time, compared to Wan Jiansheng, I’d rather face this fellow instead! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while the depths of his gaze faintly surged with a wisp of piercing coldness.

“Now, let the drawing of the lots begin.” While Chen Xi was in deep thought, Wang Daolu spoke with a loud and clear voice, and it instantly caused the spirits of everyone present here to be refreshed.

The Seven Academy Dao Discussion was finally about to begin!

After that, Wang Daolu flicked his sleeve, and a copper drum appeared. There was a total of 35 lots within the drum, and besides a single blank lot, the surface of the other 34 lots were respectively inscribed with the numbers 1 to 34.

When they drew their lots in a moment, the two corresponding numbers that were at the two ends of the list would compete with each other.

For example, the opponent of the student that drew lot number 1 would be the student that drew lot number 34, lot number 2 would correspond to lot number 33, and so on and so forth.

At the same time, the numbers on the lots represented the order that the spars would be held. It started from 1 to 17, and there would be 17 spars.

On the other hand, the student that drew the one and only blank lot wouldn’t have to participate in the first round and directly advance.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the copper drum was rather profound. During the drawing of the lots, the students of the various academies wouldn’t draw the students of their own academies as their opponents.

In other words, the opponents selected by the lots of the students from the various academy could only be decided from the students of the other academies.


Wang Daolu casually tossed the copper drum, and it revolved as it floated up into midair. The drum rumbled without end in midair while the 35 lots swished about without end. Moreover, they were enveloped by a shapeless force that could completely isolate any sort of detection.

“I’ll go first!” Xiao Qianshui strode forward with large strides, and then he casually grabbed a lot with his hand. After scanning it briefly, he couldn’t help but frown without end. “Why’s it a blank lot…”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present here was astounded. Isn’t this fellow’s luck too good?

The thing that caused everyone to feel the most speechless was that this fellow had clearly drawn the blank lot, yet he actually seemed to be unwilling to have drawn such a lot. He simply deserves a beating!

“It can’t be helped. My luck is too good. I can only spare all of you in this round.” Xiao Qianshui revealed a ghastly smile to Chen Xi and the others as he held the lot in his hand, and then he turned around and left with his hands behind his back.

“Hmph! You better hope you don’t encounter me!” Ji Xuanbing frowned, and he really couldn’t bear the sight of this young man.

Ye Tang roared with laughter and patted Ji Xuanbing on the shoulder. “Calm down.”

After Xiao Qianshui finished drawing his lot, the other students came forward successively and started drawing their lots. No one fought to be the first because the outcome would be the same, and there was no benefit to gain.

In next to no time, the drawing of the lots was completed.

To Chen Xi’s slight surprise, he’d actually drawn lot number 1. In other words, the first spar in the first round would occur between him and the student that drew lot number 34.

That student’s name was Qin Ling, and he was from Vastsky Academy!

When he thought about Vastsky Academy, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile because it was an old opponent of his. Early on while he was undergoing the inner court exam in the Outerealm Battlefield, he’d once killed many lousy students of Vastsky Academy.

On the other hand, Ye Tang, Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing were rather lucky. Even though the order of their lots were different, they hadn’t encountered Wan Jiansheng as their opponent.

In other words, at the very least, the battle between Ye Tang and Wan Jiansheng had to wait until the second round.


The sound of a bell resounded through the nine heavens, and it announced that the curtains to the Seven Academy Dao Discussion was drawn at this moment!

On the combat arena, everyone else had left a long time ago. Besides Chen Xi and Qin Ling, there was no one else on the arena. Both of them stood in confrontation from afar, and they instantly drew the attention of everyone that was present here.

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