Chapter 1297 – Blazing Suns Meet

The Dao Development Reserve was extraordinarily bustling and clamorous today.

Even though it was early in the morning, the entire Dao Development Reserve was filled with people long ago. It wasn’t just the instructors and students that were gathered here, there were even others from the other six academies that had come to watch.

Everywhere that met the eye was filled with a dense mass of people and surged with vitality.

As the most anticipated grand Dao discussion in the Immortal Dimension, the Seven Academy Dao Discussion held by Dao Emperor Academy this time received the attention of the entire Immortal Dimension.

Presently, even Darkombat City was filled with cultivators that came from all over. Even though they were unable to personally attend the event, they could obtain news about the situation of the Dao discussion at the first possible moment, and it could be considered as getting a special advantage by being in a favorable position.

It was a competition between the top Golden Immortal Realm experts of the Immortal Dimension’s younger generation, and it was a struggle for supremacy between the students of the seven great academies. Its influence was naturally extraordinary.

Especially because a battle between two blazing suns might erupt during the Dao discussion this time, so would anyone miss such an unparalleled battle?

When Chen Xi and Ye Tang had just arrived at the Dao Development Reserve, a wave of clamorous noise assaulted them, and various sounds of discussions covered the heavens and the earth, causing it to seem extremely bustling.

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and noticed the Dao Development Reserve today seemed unlike before, and there was actually a combat arena in midair at the center of the sky above the reserve.

At the eastern and western sides of the combat arena was numerous auspicious clouds floating there. Tables, chairs, and various fresh fruits of the four seasons, immortal dew, and fine wine were laid out on the auspicious clouds.

An area atop the eastern auspicious cloud belonged to Dao Emperor Academy, and it was the seat of the hosts. When the Dao discussion began, the students that were participating in it would ascend it and await their orders.

As for the guests and the students and instructors of the other six academies that had come to watch the event, they could only stay beneath the auspicious clouds and casually find a place for themselves to watch the event.

Besides that, Chen Xi noticed that at the southern area of the combat arena in midair was actually a 27m tall ancient bronze bell. Surprisingly, it was the Dao Bell of Vie!

Early on when he’d just experienced the recruitment test of the academy and entered Dao Emperor Academy, he’d once seen this bell.

This bell carried the intent of a vie of supremacy amongst experts, and it was personally created for Dao Emperor Academy by the primeval Equipment Emperor utilizing Chaotic Steel. The bell itself was a Void Grade Immortal Artifact that only an existence at the Immortal King Realm could control!

The effect of this bell was extremely simple. When it rang, it reverberated through the heavens and the earth, and not only would it be clearly heard in Dao Emperor Academy, every single corner of the Darkombat City would be able to hear it clearly.

Obviously, for the sake of the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, Dao Emperor Academy had brought out this treasure to announce this grand event to the outside world.

Looks like the academy is extremely confident. At this moment, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile to himself when he saw the Dao Bell of Vie.

After that, he instructed Ling Bai and the others to stay put before he flashed up along with Ye Tang towards the auspicious clouds on the eastern side of the combat arena.

“Look! Quickly! Senior Brother Ye Tang and Chen Xi have arrived!”

“Haha! Chen Xi really did emerge from his closed door cultivation! I knew this fellow wouldn’t miss such a grand event.”

“Unfortunately, Senior Sister Ling Qingwu has gone out to temper herself and isn’t here. Otherwise, our Dao Emperor Academy would definitely crush the other six academies in this Dao discussion.”

“Exactly. I’m actually slightly worried as well. After all, besides Senior Brother Ye Tang, the representatives of our academy this time are all students that have just entered the inner court. Even though their natural talent is matchless, they’re slightly lacking in attainment when compared to the senior experts of the other six academies.”

“Stop worrying excessively. Since the seniors of the academy made such arrangements, then they’re definitely sufficiently confident. We just have to calmly watch the battles.”

When they saw Chen Xi and Ye Tang made an appearance together and fly towards the auspicious cloud in the sky, the originally clamorous atmosphere in the surroundings seemed as if it had exploded. All the students of Dao Emperor Academy were extremely excited, and they cheered for the two of them, causing a wave of voices to shake the heavens.

This obviously showed that no matter if it was Ye Tang or Chen Xi, they’d both become renowned figures that attracted the most attention in Dao Emperor Academy.

“Both of you’ve come.” On the auspicious cloud, Wang Daolu stroked his beard while smiling, and he moved over to welcome them.

“Instructor Wang.” Chen Xi and Ye Tang cupped their hands.

Wang Daolu smiled as he said, “There’s no need for further courtesy. The Dao discussion will be starting after the time for an incense stick to burn. Both of you should get an understanding of the rules before then.”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve and gave Chen Xi and Ye Tang a jade slip each.

Chen Xi directly sat cross-legged behind a table, and he carefully looked through the jade slip in his hand.

The Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time was divided into three rounds.

In the first round, each of the seven academies would send out five of their students, draw lots to choose their opponents, and then battle on the combat arena. The winners would enter the next round, and the loser would be eliminated.

Because there were thirty five people, there would be one lucky student that didn’t have to participate in the battles and directly advance into the second round.

This was an absolutely normal thing. As it was said, karmic luck was a part of one’s strength. After all, even charging into the Immortal King Realm carried the saying that it’s impossible to become a king without karmic luck.

To cultivators, karmic luck was naturally a part of a cultivator’s strength just like natural talent, constitution, and cultivation were.

The first round would eliminate seventeen students, and the remaining eighteen would advance and enter into the second round. This second round of the Dao discussion utilized the same method of drawing lots before battle just like the first round did, and it would further eliminate nine students.

The third round was the main event. The nine remaining students would freely discuss the Dao. No matter who it was, they could issue a challenge to anyone else, and the student that persisted until the end would be the champion of the Dao discussion!

Yes, there was no rankings in the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, and it only selected the final winner.

After reading through the rules, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be lost in thought. According to his experience, the most difficult was naturally the final round.

If one wanted to become eminent during the free Dao discussion amongst the nine students, then it would be extremely difficult to persist until the end.

Meanwhile, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli had arrived successively. They each received a jade slip from Wang Daolu and understood the rules of the Dao discussion as well.

“The rules are very simple, but all of you have to remember that you must make the best use of your time to recover your strength after the first two rounds. Because once the final round begins, then no one will possess ample time to recover.” When he saw Chen Xi and the others had gained an understanding of the rules, Wang Daolu instructed solemnly.

Chen Xi and the others nodded in their hearts when they heard him.

“However, all of you don’t have to be nervous. In the Dao discussions of the past, the students of my Dao Emperor Academy were always able to crush the students of the other six academies. No matter how long their students have cultivated for, they’re far from being able to be a match for all of you. After all, time is unable to determine the ability of a student.” Wang Daolu grinned, and his words carried extreme confidence.

Of course, these words were told to Chen Xi and the others via voice transmission. After all, they were in the eye of the public, and if the other six academies heard what he said, then it would make Dao Emperor Academy seem too arrogant.

Dang! Dang!

A wave of clear and melodious ringing of a bell suddenly resounded. Instantly, the clamorous voices in the Dao Development Reserve was suppressed, and the surroundings became perfectly silent.

“Come, let’s go meet the students of the other six academies before we start drawing lots and discussing the Dao.” When he heard this, Wang Daolu flicked his sleeve and brought Chen Xi and the others along to swiftly leave the auspicious cloud before he descended onto the central combat arena.

At the same time, numerous mighty figures soared into the sky from the other side, and they practically arrived at the combat arena simultaneously with Wang Daolu.

These figures were naturally the instructors of Cloudmist, Windstream, Bitter Silence, Grand Desolation, Dao Secret, and Vastsky Academies that lead the groups of their respective academies and their students.

“Hahaha! Wang Daolu, I wonder what prize your Dao Emperor Academy has prepared this time? Why don’t you broaden our horizons first?” Chen Xi and the others had just stood still when Chen Xi heard a hoarse and roaring laughter resound. After that, a tall and robust old man in a green colored Daoist robe that had a gloomy expression and snow white hair walked over with large strides.

Behind him were five students.

“This is Eccentric Feng, a head instructor of Vastsky Academy. He’s extremely senior and has a rather domineering disposition. He’s an existence that’s of the same generation as the inner court’s Dean, Chi Cangsheng.” Ji Xuanbing’s voice transmission resounded by Chen Xi’s ear, and it allowed him to instantly understand that this group of people were from Vastsky Academy.

After that, Chen Xi noticed that a terrifying gaze that was sharp like electricity swiftly swept over, and it swept past him like a cold gale before finally descending onto Ye Tang.

The sharpness in that gaze appeared briefly, and it was like a sharp sword that was accumulating force while waiting to be drawn. It was ghastly, icy cold, and overbearing, and it seemed to be extremely overbearing and fierce. This caused Chen Xi to frown slightly before raising his eyes to look over.

He saw that the owner of the gaze was a thin and tall young man. The young man wore fitting black clothes, and his jet black hair was combed neatly to reveal a fair and cold appearance.

He carried a sheathed sword on his back. The blood red tassels on the sword fluttered while he crossed his arms before his chest, and as he stood there casually, he seemed like a sharp sword whose edge shot into the sky. He emanated terrifying Sword Insight, and he seemed to be extremely murderous, cold, and fierce.

Wan Jiansheng!

There was no need for Ji Xuanbing to introduce this young man because Chen Xi had instantly determined that the young man was definitely one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, Wan Jiansheng.

The imposing aura emanated by the young man far exceeded his peers. It was murderous, cold, fierce, and overbearing. His entire body seemed like a sword that had been tempered a thousand times, and even though he stood there without moving, he naturally carried an oppressive and cold aura.

Even though this sort of imposing aura was unlike Ye Tang’s, they were extraordinary in their own way. Obviously, they were existences of the same level.

On the other hand, in terms of their imposing aura, the other four students of Vastsky Academy by Wan Jiansheng’s side were inferior to Wan Jiansheng.

At the same time, Chen Xi noticed that Ye Tang’s deep eyes had suddenly lit up before meeting Wan Jiansheng’s gaze, and then the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into a wisp of a wild and carefree smile that was extremely brilliant.

At this moment, an indescribable aura gathered between the two of them. It was like a dragon and tiger had met, the meeting of two blazing suns. Even though they hadn’t fought each other yet, their vital energy was colliding with each other and fighting for supremacy at this moment!

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