Chapter 1296 – Chen Xi, Where’re You Going?

When he saw the tiny cauldron feeling so surprised, Chen Xi instantly understood that the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao was definitely extraordinary. Obviously, since it was something that was from within the River Diagram fragments, how could it possibly be something ordinary?

Sure enough, what the tiny cauldron said next fully explained this.

According to the tiny cauldron, the quintessence of the Grand Dao was born from chaos, it was the source of the Grand Dao in all the worlds within the three dimensions. The so-called 3,000 Grand Daos and myriad of Minor Daos all originated from the quintessence of the Grand Dao.

Moreover, the effect of the Grand Dao’s quintessence was even more shocking, and it could be summarized in a single sentence — The path of gods and saints originate from the quintessence of the Grand Dao.

It was common knowledge that the Saint Immortal Realm was divided into two types. One was Natural Saint Immortals and the other was Artificial Saint Immortals. The difference between them was that the former relied on the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao to attain the Saint Immortal Realm, whereas the latter purely relied on one’s own cultivation to advance into the Saint Immortal Realm.

According to legend, Natural Saint Immortals were existences comparable with the gods and saints...

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