Chapter 1296 – Chen Xi, Where’re You Going?

When he saw the tiny cauldron feeling so surprised, Chen Xi instantly understood that the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao was definitely extraordinary. Obviously, since it was something that was from within the River Diagram fragments, how could it possibly be something ordinary?

Sure enough, what the tiny cauldron said next fully explained this.

According to the tiny cauldron, the quintessence of the Grand Dao was born from chaos, it was the source of the Grand Dao in all the worlds within the three dimensions. The so-called 3,000 Grand Daos and myriad of Minor Daos all originated from the quintessence of the Grand Dao.

Moreover, the effect of the Grand Dao’s quintessence was even more shocking, and it could be summarized in a single sentence — The path of gods and saints originate from the quintessence of the Grand Dao.

It was common knowledge that the Saint Immortal Realm was divided into two types. One was Natural Saint Immortals and the other was Artificial Saint Immortals. The difference between them was that the former relied on the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao to attain the Saint Immortal Realm, whereas the latter purely relied on one’s own cultivation to advance into the Saint Immortal Realm.

According to legend, Natural Saint Immortals were existences comparable with the gods and saints of the primeval times. They were capable of moving mountains, filling seas, plucking the stars and moon from the sky, and possessed boundless might.

Artificial Saint Immortals were called Pseudo Saints instead. No matter if it was the strength they possessed or their future path towards the Dao, it couldn’t compare with Natural Saint Immortals.

Of course, even if it was an Artificial Saint Immortal, it wasn’t something that an existence at the Golden Immortal Realm could go against. This sort of existence only had a gap that was impossible to be made up for when they were compared with Natural Saint Immortals.

It could be said that on the path upwards from the Golden Immortal Realm to the Saint Immortal Realm, it was precisely the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao that caused two completely different realms to appear.

Because the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao was rare, practically 90% of the Saint Immortals in the Immortal Dimension were Artificial Saint Immortals.

On the other hand, practically all those that were capable of becoming Natural Saint Immortals were from the top powers in the three dimensions like the seven great ancient clans, the seven academies, and various other powers.

Because practically only these top powers still maintained reserves of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao, and it was impossible for others to get a hold of it.

Of course, there was no lack of place of fortune within the three dimensions where the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao existed. However, it depended on luck, and it was something that couldn’t be sought out and could only be chanced upon by luck.

After he gained an understanding of this, Chen Xi was astounded in his heart as well. He’d never imagined that he would have the luck to obtain a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao from the River Diagram fragments upon advancing into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. It was absolutely a pleasant surprise.

In other words, when Chen Xi charged into the Saint Immortal Realm in the future, he didn’t have to spend time searching for the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao at all. In this way, he would naturally be able to save a great deal of trouble and time when compared to others.

“The benefits definitely don’t end there because it’s a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao that was nurtured by the River Diagram fragments. In terms of its quality, it’s definitely the purest and most ancient. That little bastard really got lucky this time.” The tiny cauldron added with a voice that carried a trace of envy that vanished in an instant.

The tiny cauldron called me a little bastard again. Chen Xi couldn’t help but rub his nose, and then he laughed bitterly and helplessly as he said, “Senior, I’m my main body as well. Isn’t cursing him the same as cursing me?”

The tiny cauldron was stunned and instantly stopped speaking.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s clone turned around and entered the world of stars instead.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, at the instant he entered into the world of stars, his main body that had fallen into deep levels of meditation for a long time had woken as well.

“Looks like he doesn’t need your help,” said the tiny cauldron.

“He has always been me,” said Chen Xi angrily.

“You sound like you’re slightly displeased with me. Looks like you’re still full of energy. Since it’s like this, then return to the world within the nine cauldrons with me again and continue cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form. Oh, it’s time to cultivate the second level…” The tiny cauldron’s voice revealed a wisp of indifference.

Chen Xi’s clone trembled upon hearing this while his expression turned grim. He instantly recalled the extremely unbearable and painful experience he had a few days ago and the practically harsh and abnormal requirements the tiny cauldron had formulated to temper him…

He opened his mouth and was just about to refuse, yet the scene before his eyes flashed, and then he was directly brought away by the tiny cauldron.

The world of stars.

Chen Xi’s main body opened its eyes, and it was like he’d just woken up from a dream. After that, the remaining wisp of a dazed expression in his eyes started to gradually recede like tidewater.

After a short moment, he completely recovered his senses.

I never expected that I would be able to absorb a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao after advancing into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm this time… Chen Xi muttered. As he spoke, he flicked his finger.


A strand of strong wind tore through the sky.

At this instant, the surrounding space started rippling like the tide, and the scene was extremely bizarre.

After that, he flicked his finger once more. This time, the surroundings space emanated swishing sounds like the tide, and the shapeless energy of space roiled, rose, and fell within it. It had transformed into a spatial tide.


Chen Xi casually tossed out a Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact, and it was instantly blasted into powder as soon as it came into contact with the spatial tide. Moreover, even the powder was disintegrated and transformed into nothingness within the energy of space!

As expected, after I absorbed the quintessence of the Grand Dao, my grasp of the Spatial Divine Crest has surpassed the level of Spatial Vibration and Spatial Ripples in one go to attain the state of Spatial Tide! Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, and he was extremely excited.

Earlier, the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao filled his body and allowed his soul to be immersed within it, whereas the various Grand Dao profundities he possessed obtained obvious improvements as well.

The Grand Dao profundity that obtained the most obvious improvement was definitely the Spatial Grand Dao.

At the same time, the four Grand Dao profundities of Paramita, Oblivion, Darkness, and Light that he’d grasped had been completely condensed into Grand Dao Laws.

At this point, all the Grand Dao profundities Chen Xi possessed had fully attained the height of Grand Dao Laws, and all of this was the benefit that came from the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao!

No wonder the tiny cauldron would lose its composure like that upon finding out about this. This quintessence energy of the Grand Dao really is extraordinarily formidable. If it wasn’t for the River Diagram fragments, then it would have probably been impossible for me to obtain such fortune… Chen Xi took a deep breath and sensed the completely new changes in his entire body. In an instant, he determined that the difference between his previous strength and current strength was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

It was indeed so.

In terms of his cultivation, he’d leaped into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, and his strength had gained an unprecedented and explosive rise.

In terms of his grasp of the various Daos, after he obtained the quintessence of the Grand Dao that came from within the River Diagram fragments, they’d obtained an obvious improvement. Under such circumstances, it would be weird if his strength didn’t improve greatly.

The Laws of Light and Darkness can be fused with the Laws of Yin and Yang to be condensed into the Taichi Divine Crest. However, the Laws of Paramita and Oblivion can’t be cultivated any more… Chen Xi was clearly aware that the Laws of Paramita and Oblivion were the key to forming the Samsara Laws. But he still lacked the profundities of Terminus now, so it was utterly impossible for him to condense the true Laws of Samsara at this moment.

Of course, most importantly, the Laws of Samsara was a taboo that wasn’t tolerated by the gods of the three dimensions. Once someone noticed it, then there would absolutely be no end to his future troubles.

All those years ago, the Third Netherworld Emperor was an extraordinary figure, yet he was still chased after and killed by the gods of the three dimensions in the end. It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi didn’t dare to think about this Law that was a taboo at all.

The Seven Academy Dao Discussion… Let me see exactly what sort of figures the seven academies send out. However, if they want to reclaim the Skyearth Gourd and the other treasures from me, then it’s impossible without sufficient ‘sincerity’… Chen Xi silently meditated for two days. After he felt that his cultivation had been fully consolidated, Chen Xi stretched his body before standing up, and then he turned around and swiftly left the world of stars.

Early in the morning, the sky was clear azure blue while clouds drifted, and the early morning breeze blew lightly, causing the pine trees and bamboos to sway and rustle.

The curtains to the Seven Academy Dao Discussion would be drawn today, and the competition between the top students in the younger generation of the seven academies was about to begin.

It would definitely be bustling, and it was even to the extent that a wave of clamorous noise that reverberated throughout the academy could be heard from afar before the sky had even turned bright.

“Chen Xi, where’re you going?” When Chen Xi walked out of the Sword Room, Ling Bai, A’Man, Bai Kui, and Starry that were waiting here for him since long ago spoke simultaneously. Their eyes were bright like crystals as they gazed at him in unison, and all of their gazes carried anticipation.

Of course, Bai Kui and Starry had roared at him.

Chen Xi shrugged and said angrily, “You already know. Come along with me then.”

After that, Bai Kui and Ling Bai leaped up onto Starry while A’Man accompanied Starry, and they walked by Chen Xi’s left and right as they departed happily.

The reason these four little fellows had eagerly followed by Chen Xi’s side to head to the Seven Academy Dao Discussion was simple — they wanted to watch the show.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, good morning. Let’s go together. Oh, Ling Bai is here as well. Why don’t we have a spar? Hahaha…” On the way, Ye Tang’s figure appeared out of thin air. He greeted Chen Xi before blinking at Ling Bai while roaring with laughter, and he seemed to reveal mischievousness.

Today, Ye Tang’s dense black hair hung loosely above his shoulders while he wore a loose grey robe. He casually held a green blade that was over a meter long on his shoulder, and coupled with his deep eyes, unique smile, and snow white and neat teeth, every single move he made revealed a carefree and unrestrained aura.

This was one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension, the Iron Abyss, Ye Tang. He was free and unrestrained like a wild crane that was alone in the clouds, yet he carried a unique wild charm.

“I can’t be bothered with you.” Ling Bai rolled his eyes, and it caused Ye Tang to roar lightheartedly with laughter.

After Chen Xi greeted Ye Tang, he directly grinned as he asked. “Senior Brother Ye Tang, I heard your opponent this time is Wan Jiansheng?”

“Who cares? It’s fine so long as my opponent’s strength is satisfying to me.” Ye Tang smiled in a carefree manner, and then he frowned as he thought for a moment before he patted Chen Xi’s shoulder with smile. “Junior Brother Chen Xi, I heard your cultivation in the Sword Dao isn’t bad. You must not hold back if you encounter that fellow, Wan Jiansheng. Beat him up nicely for me.”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and laughed bitterly. “Senior Brother Ye Tang seems to be very confident in me?”

Ye Tang slapped Chen Xi on the shoulder and roared with laughter. “Of course. You’re my junior brother, so I naturally think highly of you!”

Chen Xi was speechless. He’d never expected that Ye Tang would actually give him such a reason. However, Ye Tang’s words caused him to feel very comfortable. This is what senior and junior brothers should be, like a family.

As they chatted with each other, the Dao Development Reserve was right before their eyes, and the Seven Academy Dao Discussion this time would be held there!

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