Chapter 1295 – Quintessence Of The Grand Dao

After an unknown period of time.

Chen Xi who sat cross-legged within the world of stars acutely captured a trace of the critical factor to advance!

This trace of the critical factor appeared suddenly yet appeared after such a long time, and it caused Chen Xi who’d entered into closed door cultivation within the world of stars to wait and accumulate might for an entire two years.

Yet now, the vital energy in his body surged like a volcano that had been accumulating its strengths for millions of years, and it seemed as if blazing golden divine flames were burning on his entire body and emanated a myriad of strands of divine radiance. It illuminated the entire world of stars, and he was like the most dazzling sun amongst the myriad of stars.

Rumble! Rumble!

In his body, Immortal Force that was boundless like an abyss surged and reverberated through the universe like a thunderclap. It emanated a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to tremble, and it was boundlessly vast.

This scene was extremely shocking and greatly exceeded his peers. It was difficult to believe.

“Break!” At the instant he captured the trace of the critical factor to advance, Chen Xi suddenly shouted in his heart, and it was like the furious roar of a Fiendgod, the howl of the gods.


The tremendous Immortal Force within his body surged like a torrent of lava, and it roared as it surged through his entire body. Everywhere it passed, inch after inch of his skin, string after string of his tendons, piece after piece of bones, each and every aperture… His entire body was dyed pure gold, and it was as if his body was constructed by the most dazzling gold.

This force was so boundless and terrifying, and it converged together before surging within Chen Xi’s body like an enraged dragon.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression became extremely solemn and heavy. His firm expression was covered in courage, resoluteness, fearlessness, and the spirit to advance forward boldly.

He was breaking through!

Once he failed, he would at least be injured and might even perish. Even if it was Chen Xi, he didn’t dare be careless at all.


In his body, it seemed like a shapeless barrier had separated him and the heavens and the earth. Yet now, the terrifying surging torrent of energy within Chen Xi’s body was charging fiercely at this barrier with the intention of shattering and crushing it before pushing through it!

If it was an ordinary Golden Immortal Realm expert, then that expert’s barrier would probably have been easily destroyed under the force of this energy. But Chen Xi was unlike them, his foundation was too solid, and the barrier within him was extraordinary as well. It was solid like the barrier that protected the heavens, and even with Chen Xi’s peerlessly thick Immortal Force, it was actually impossible to break it open in a short period of time.

Moreover, every single charge caused rumbling that shook the heavens to arise within Chen Xi’s body. It caused even his soul to tremble without end under the effect of this terrifying collisions, and the space between his brows faintly carried a wisp of an expression of pain.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These sort of collisions continued without end. It was like a tempestuous wave was smashing down repeatedly, and along with the passage of time, the pain on Chen Xi’s face grew in intensity while his body actually started to tremble.

It felt as if a terrifying and violent force was raging within his body, and it intended to charge through the restraints of his body and be released.


Extremely intense pain!

Chen Xi had never imagined that he’d have slightly underestimated the difficulty in breaking through to the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm. The torture he suffered was simply like a myriad of swords stabbing his heart, and this feeling was repeating without end, causing every single inch of nerves within his body to feel a stabbing pain.

But he didn’t dare relax in the slightest and worked hard to maintain the clearness of his mind. Because once he was careless in the slightest, then the terrifying and surging energy within his body would completely lose control…

In the end, when Chen Xi felt his mind was on the verge of collapsing from the boundless pain, he heard a rumbling and enormous bang within his body, and then a trace of a crack was smashed open on the extremely solid barrier.

Even though it was merely a trace of a crack, it caused Chen Xi to instantly feel indescribable comfort. It was like a torrent that had suddenly charged through the floodgate, and the tremendous Immortal Force that was on the verge of exploding had finally found a trace of an opening to vent itself.

The tiniest of holes can destroy a torrent. When a trace of a crack appeared on this barrier, it was bound to be completely destroyed. Reality proved that this was true. Along with the passage of time, the opening in the barrier grew in size, and more and more Immortal Force surged through it.

On the other hand, the wisp of pain in Chen Xi’s expression gradually returned to calm while his entire body was suffused with a clear, smooth, circulating, and flawless aura.

This sort of state continued for a very long time.

Within his body, the rumbling and surging had gradually calmed down while his vital energy that blazed like flames transformed into exuberant vitality that suffused his entire body. Moreover, his soul that trembled without end gradually became tranquil…

Outside his body, his body emanated a layer of a gentle and flawless hazy gold glow that was boundless like an ocean. It illuminated the heavens and the earth and dyed the nine heavens gold.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi who calmly sat there with his legs crossed was actually illuminated like an extraordinary god at this moment, and he wasn’t tainted by a trace of impurities.

He was completely flawless while both inside and out had fused into one!

This was the Brahma Heaven Level. The world within the body had attained perfection, and it echoed with everything in the world from afar as if they were one. It was the state where the ‘heavens and the earth are me, and I am the heavens and the earth!’

At this moment, Chen Xi who’d entered into closed door cultivation within the world of stars for two years had relied on the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling and supreme willpower to finally advance into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm!

But all of this wasn’t the end…

Because at the instant he advanced, his entire soul and thoughts seemed to have been drawn by a shapeless force and fell into the envelopment of an obscure energy.

At that moment, he clearly sensed that it felt as if his soul was immersed within the quintessence of the Grand Dao, and his soul felt comfortable to the point it couldn’t help but tremble.

Dao Insights, Laws, Allheaven Divine Crests… At the bottom of it all, all of this could be called the Grand Dao, and it originated from the universe and maintained the order of the three dimensions.

To put it simply, Dao Insight was the initial form of interpreting the Grand Dao, the Laws were the intermediate form, and Allheaven Divine Crests were the advanced form.

This was a process from a superficial grasp to a thorough grasp, and it was also a process where one ceaselessly perceived the essence of the Grand Dao until one sought the end of the Grand Dao’s quintessence. At that time, one could be said to be standing at the peak of the Grand Dao.

At this moment, Chen Xi felt that even though he didn’t possess the ability to stand at the peak of the Grand Dao yet, his entire soul was enveloped by a strand of the Grand Dao’s quintessence energy!

But in next to no time, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to continue pondering about it. Or perhaps, it could be said that he didn’t have the time to ponder about it at all. It felt as if an obscure and ancient quintessence had surged into his entire body, and he’d completely lost all ability of thought.

Only the mysterious River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness droned lightly, and they emanated strands of obscure and strange fluctuations…

Above the Golden Immortal Realm was the Saint Immortal Realm.

It was a process of becoming a god and attaining sainthood. It had broken away from the scope of ‘me,’ and it was a completely new level. During the primeval times, the gods and sages fought for supremacy, and the terrifying might they possessed was something that only experts at the Saint Immortal and above could possess.

Presently, Chen Xi’s cultivation had broken through to the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm, and he’d arrived at the end of the Golden Immortal Realm. His next step was to step into the path of becoming a god and attaining sainthood!

At this moment, Chen Xi had the good fortune of activating the River Diagram fragments, causing his entire soul to be enveloped by a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao. Perhaps it was destiny.

“Ling Bai, Senior Brother Chen Xi…still hasn’t shown any signs of coming out?” On the cliff outside the Sword Room, Qing Ye was slightly anxious because the Seven Academy Dao Discussion was about to begin on the day after tomorrow. But Chen Xi who was about to participate in it was in closed door cultivation and hadn’t emerged until now, so how could he not be anxious?

In these past few days, Qing Ye had come over innumerable times, yet he returned empty handed every single time. Now, along with the date of the Dao discussion approaching, it caused him to be terribly anxious.

“It’s fine. If worse comes to worst, I’ll participate in his place when the Dao discussion begins.” Ling Bai grinned when sitting on Starry’s back, and he was chewing on a bright red fruit as he spoke.

Qing Ye was greatly shocked. “That won’t do.”

Ling Bai answered with a question. “Why?”

Qing Ye’s face instantly twisted together while he revealed a distressed expression, yet he didn’t say anything.

Ling Bai puckered his lips angrily and said, “Alright, I’m just playing with you. If he still doesn’t come out by the day after tomorrow, then I’ll go get him. He definitely won’t miss the Dao discussion.”

Qing Ye heaved a long sigh of relief when he heard this, and then he hesitated before he said, “Wouldn’t it disturb Senior Brother Chen Xi’s cultivation? What if a mishap…”

Ling Bai nodded in a serious manner and said, “Based on what you said, it really is a possibility. It’s the greatest taboo to be disturbed while cultivating in seclusion. At the very least, one’s vital blood will flow in the opposite direction, and the worse might lead to qi deviation. The consequences are very severe.”

Qing Ye was instantly anxious. “Then what should we do?”

As it was said, great concern may lead to confusion of the heart. If it was any normal time, Qing Ye wouldn’t act in this way. After all, even a child knew such a simple principle.

Ling Bai rubbed his chin and acted as if he was in deep contemplation.

“Alright, Ling Bai, stop causing trouble!” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s voice sounded out from within the Sword Room, and then Chen Xi who wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe walked swiftly out of the abode.

“I wasn’t causing trouble, I just wanted to see if Qing Ye would cry from his anxiety.” Ling Bai chuckled and rode Starry as they ran off towards the distance to play.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, you’ve finally emerged!” Qing Ye was pleasantly surprised, and he couldn’t be bothered about Ling Bai teasing him earlier as he cupped his hands towards Chen Xi. He didn’t notice at all that the Chen Xi before him had a completely different aura than the Chen Xi from before.

Chen Xi nodded with a smile.

Qing Ye immediately went straight to the point and told Chen Xi about the Seven Academy Dao Discussion. In the end, he said, “The participants have already been decided now, so I hope Senior Brother Chen Xi will be able to head over in time to participate on the day after tomorrow.”

Chen Xi pondered deeply for a short moment before he nodded in agreement.

The matter was related to the reputation of the academy, and he was named as one of the participants now, so it was impossible for him to refuse. The reason he pondered deeply was because his main body still hadn’t recovered its consciousness from the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao.

However, he couldn’t be bothered about all that now. As a last option, he would head into the world of stars and wake his main body up.

Before long, Qing Ye bid his farewells and left, whereas Chen Xi turned around and returned into the abode.

As soon as he entered the abode, the tiny cauldron asked. “What happened?”

“Logically speaking, my main body advanced into the advanced-stage of the Golden Immortal Realm ten days ago. But at the instant he advanced, he seemed to have been affected by the River Diagram fragments and obtained a strand of the quintessence energy of the Grand Dao, and he hasn’t awakened until now.” Chen Xi’s clone frowned as he spoke.

“What? Isn’t that little bastard’s fortune too heaven-defying!?” When it heard the words ‘quintessence energy of the Grand Dao,’ even with the tiny cauldron’s composed disposition, it couldn’t help but cry out involuntarily with shock at this moment.

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